Carpe Noctem InK and Web Design

For the time being this is a fictional character's web design company in several role playing games.
Last not so fancy update was made: 08-AUGUST-2009
Storytelling games or SIMS played live or by email no video gaming equipment needed =0)

The games listed below accept mature, responsible players who play well with others over the age of 18. Over 21 is perferable.
If you enjoy building a story and character developement these are great games to join.
They ain't HALO or World of Warcraft.

White Wolf Game - OWOD
[Old World of Darkness Vrs 2nd and 3rd Edition]
House of Youngblood [Private Game-Closed] WW

Highlands After Dark [game closed 2005]

Ireland By Night [game closed 2004]

Los Angeles: Rage Against the Machine [Reopening 22-September -2009]
Players Wanted! Contact:

Kingdom of Dreams [Mature players only 21+ 08-Aug -2009]
Contact: Raven Demitri, Kidwyn
Perth By Night Established December 2001 - by Ms. Raven. Currently accepting fresh blood...MuwaH!
Contact: RavenDemitri

USS CORTANA Star Trek SIM -Players Wanted! 08 -Aug- 2009

Most of these were created by me. Some were created by friends - look for the authors name.
All of them are copyrighted as for permission before using 'em.
We spent a great deal of time researching and developing at some of the characters listed here have been around since 1993
My Characters:Friends:

Andais Di Marco 2004

Angelus De Luvia 1997.
Powerhouse - who does not tear up a game.

Alyssa Valen 1998
Power is like being a lady. If you have to tell someone you are
You aren't.

Duncan Valen 1995
A Bruhahaha. Really. Fun guy to RP. Likes to make things go boom. Trouble is, most prince's don't appreciate him... well, until they have to get their princely hands dirty..suddenly they remember his contact number. Sometimes Duncan collects his payment first...
Callista Millner 2003
She likes her day job.
Kaitlynn Tarannis 1996
Kali Kamna 1997
Created for a good friend -Lydia
A hippie chick who almost remembered the 60s...Kali -that is. =o)
Kidwyn 1993
my alter-ego. Started as an English Lit Assignment in the summer of 1993. A mortal pretending to be a vampire pretending to be a mortal..who found out later she was fae.
Her story was inspired by movie "VictorVictoria", Gone with the Wind and a hundred old movies and books... Galadrial of Lord of the Rings fame. Anyway....The fae twist came in when another player thought he had me trapped. -grins- It worked out because she had fae blood to begin with...never know when those merits and flaws will come in handy!
Kisakata Rieszie 1998
My attempt at a Japanese woman of Samurai class. Inscrutable. Talented. Toreador.
Ryan and Rowan ShadowHawk 2003
Another joint effort..A brother and Sister act. He's totally insane, exceptionally dangerous and she's sane and crafty and equally dangerous... can we say LaSombra?
Bastard Children of a bygone King...

Stormy O'Brien 2001
The Mage Version
Stormy OBrien
The Chief Science Officer


Tatyanna and Katarina
[Concept originally Samantha's who play's Katarina]


Xia Kela 2001
Requested to make a powerhouse of an enforcer for a Justicar. Alyssa was too powerful. Sour Grapes. Never got to play her in the game.


Created: Sometime in 2006.
Updated: 08-AUGUST- 2009