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"Come in Little One. Come in.
You mustn't scrape at the door as if you were some mongrel pup
begging for scraps. You are Rom and the Blood of the ages flows in your veins."
~WOD Gypsies~


1906- June 21 Tatyanna and Katarina were born to a Romanian 14 year old noble woman. and her Gypsy lover. Her father hunted her down and in a rage killed her gypsy for "despoiling his only child. Grandpa was no charmer, he gave the new borns to a wetnurse and governess. He sent his daughter to family in Prague, where a second cousin married the girl. Rosemerta remained to raise the twins in the Baron's home where family rarely visited the baby girls.

BIRTH MARKS: In the gloaming the old women took the babes into the woods weaving in and out of the trees making certain they were not followed. In the fading light they traveled on till they reached a camp fire where an old gypsy woman tended the fire. her long silver hair hung over her shoulder in a thick braid. Gesturing to an old worn blue velvet bag she asked Rosemerta to place the objects for the ritual. Rosemerta put Katarina in to the Baba's arms, then took from the bag and unwraped a small copper bowl setting it near the fire and filling it with cool water from from a water skin, then did the same with a yellow fan with white feathers, a sphere of onyx, and last she unwrapped a an obsidian mirror surrounded with pieces of meterorite. Baba asked for the second born child first and gave Tatyanna back to Rosemerta, and the wet nurse put Katarina into Baba arms. The old woman whispered to the infant while laying the wide eyed girl down by the low burning fire.

Chanting softly Baba called to the elements reaching into the strands of time until water bubbled up from the earth puddling then streaming around the infant Katarina. This stream still flows in those wood to this very night. A necklace of mother of pearl and aquamarine was place around Katarina's neck. Baba spoke softly over the child. "This one will be a great perfomer and bless our people with knowledge. She will be guided by the element of water. Changing but never changed."

Now was Tatyanna laid near the fire and Baba began to chant again calling again to the elements. Leaves fell from the trees all about the women and the two babes. The old woman laughed "a trickster are you little one. Eartth claims this one.. the yesterday, today and tomorrow show their secrets to this little one." A necklace of amber and jet was place around Tatyanna's neck. "She will help guide the Phuri Dae with the Sight. Patterns of life and death, physical and spiritual will lay down before her." Then Baba burried a small token of silver in the earth she chanted a geasa to set the childs footsteps in way she should go. The fire died out at the end of the chant. Quickly the women gathered up the ritual objects then went their separate ways Rosmerta and the wet nurse with the babes in her arms back to their home. Baba with her blue bag traveled to where the Spirit led.

1908- The Twins are kidnapped by their governess and hidden within a Kumpania. The militia suspects and harasses the Gypsies of the Phuri Dae - Kumpania Ven Droma. After a year of harassment, the Noble family gave up on the girls. The King of the Clan decided that Rosemerta should not disclose who the girls parent's were.

1909-1922 The girls adapted to life in the Kumpania enjoying the freedoms of the open road. They spoke in their own language -Twin Speak. It let them have their secrets..they did almost everything together..always finding the other when separated. The girls knew each others thoughts as they learned from the members of their clan. The Blood was evident in both the girls at an early age. Katarina was a graceful and sensual dancer - the Gaje threw money when she danced. Her mind was quick with numbers many times keeping the Gaje from "robbing" the family. Kat learned to pick the locks of those places the family wanted to "borrow" from -they always left or did something useful for payment. Katarina was so charming and sly that when she asked people for money, they gave it to her. Rosemerta beat her for taking money without payment, but the Gypsy King said that Katarina had a natural gift and why shouldn't the Gaje give her their money just to behold her beauty? Katarina became very good at panhandling. A sweet smile, a coy expression..as she grew older she made the blood in the Gaje run hot! Katarina could warm the coldest heart.

Tatyanna learned to dance but not so well as Katarina, often she play the violin while her sister danced. Taty drew from the Blood of the Phuri Dae making the Sight strong and true in her by the time she was 11 her reputation as a fortune teller was such that the family and Gaje came asking for their fortunes to be told. They knew when the Gypsies were coming and paid well for Taty's fortune telling. Rosemerta taught the girls about plants how to blend potions and perfumes. Grandmother taught them the history of the Rom and Romani about the Shumulo.The cold dead. Vampires. OF Myths and legends. Not to Piss off the Fair Folk and not to go out alone on a full moon night. They learned by repeating the stories until the stories were memorized.

The children were hidden when the Shumulo came around and warded each sunset to prevent the Vampires from carrying them off. Rosemerta explained to them that the vampires wanted the power of their blood so that they could use their old gifts for evil. The family did not speak of the Blood to strangers and so the girls didnt either.

The twins learned mostly from mimicking the actions of others. It would be a very long time before they would learn how to read and write.

1922- TWICE BITTEN -Tumnimos: The Kumpania was traveling the Winter Road taking horses the men had broke and saddle trained over the spring and summer to one of their most beneficial customers. A lord who lived high in one of the mountain passes. As luck would fail, three of the horses died, or so Lord Ruthven[1] claimed. And so soon after the sun had set he rode into camp to settle the dead. He was enchanted by the lovely twins...Katarina twirling making her skirts fly high as Tatyanna played the violin in the small band of troubadours. The girls were oblivious as he argued with the Gypsy King and the other men about the dead animals. To sate the Shumulo's anger and to protect the Kumpania the King gave the twins to the demon in repayment. It was the trickery of the old man that got the girls to go peacefully..Rosemerta their faithful protector was in drugged sleep as they rode off with the handsome duke thinking they were going to perform in his castle.

7 nights passed the girls had entertained in the Dukes castle..Katarina was mesmerized by powers she could not understand and Taty was drugged so the Sight would not warn her of their fate. Each dawn he locked them in the guest room promising the Kumpania would come to get them soon. He gave the girls gold coins and jewels. Kat could not pick this lock, it was too complicated. Taty was no help- it was like she didnt care about their captivity. Taty kept saying the family would come and all would be well. Kat was not so sure....

A winter storm left the castle dark as if night, and the Shumulo was awake during the day. His children were "murdered" by Hunters over 100 years before. It had taken him many months to decide if he wanted to embrace new chylder and many months since he had chosen the twins. It was time he decided. His ghouls prepared a feast and brought up old vintage wines from the cellars. He had the ghouls lay out fine clothing for the twins...and goblets of sweet wine laced with drugs for them to drink as they got ready for the evening and to return to their family. They were so excited as they dressed and brushed each other hair...Taty applied cole to Kat's eyes Kat made sure the lines of Taty's lipstick were straight...and they drank wine and ate the sweet treats... --laughing as they lay on the bed together telling tales of their adventure to each other-practicing to tell the stories to the family. They laughed and flirted with the vampire as he climbed between the lovely girls. Asking them who would be first. Kat and Taty playfully argued which should be "first. Neither of them had the wits to ask "first for what?" No matter, Taty would be first..because she was the oldest twin by a few minutes. The girls were no strangers to kissing games.. teasing..and leaving a man wanting... the duke mesmerized the drunk girls..and took them at his leasure.. skillfully arousing them...their blood would be sweeter for it. Taty and Kat wrapped their arms around him, stealing kisses, Kat froze next to the duke when she realized he was draining the life from Tat... the sisters hands found the other. He promised not to kill Taty if Kat would willingly give herself to him... The girls rose together at the next sunset...betrayed, frightened and without the gifts of the Blood. New gifts replaced the old. They had each other. They would survive.

1929- America was in the mist of the Great Depression. Madmen ranted every we here. But it was a remarkable year, a year of new found freedom for the girls. The "innocent girls" had gained his trust Ruthven for whatever reason did not blood bond them again. He lost interest in raping and torturing the girls. Such a trite mortal desire that did nothing to make him "feel" remotely human. Little by little they were free to think their own thoughts. One night when the girls had charmed him Ruthven let slip how the blood bond bound those who drank their blood. Silly Elder! He should have just given them Dixie cups and straws. Instead the girls invented a "ritual" that culminated with them drinking their sisters blood -effectively bonding them to each other protecting them from stronger vampires who would surely take advantage of them. Did not always the strong prey upon the weak?

With the freedom of thought came the realization of what the Shumulo had robbed them of The Blood and their birthrights. Anger became rage and rage became a tree of bitterness inside the girls. They stayed with Ruthven learning, reading books in his extensive library. Teaching themselves to control the beast within.. Not to take more blood than was needed and lengthen the time between feedings- a frenzy or two taught them better than anything not to wait too long. And they plotted. Had Ruthven been good to Taty and Kat they might have found it in their cold dead hearts to forgive him.

1932 - November 1st Rosemerta died of old age on the high winter road. She is burred in the forests she loved. She left her beloved daughters her small intricately carved box of Indian Rosewood her most precious treasure the only thing Rosemerta always carried with her. It belonged to her ancestors many generations ago. It would be 13 years before the Twins would receive Rosemerta gifts. Ruthven the Terrible reveled in the knowledge the girls adopted mother was dead expecting to torment them they did not grieve openly for The Blue Rose.

1939- Nazi Germany was gaining more power and purging the earth of so called undesirables. Ruthven made certain the Nazi's found the Kumpania...and most of the family was sent off to Concentration camps. There Kumpania was not the only one to suffer because of Ruthven. It was the final straw. But the girls did whatever Ruthven asked. While they learned from his books how to destroy him. He was a monster. He had made them monsters. He had to pay for his crimes. The King had sold the girls to save the family and this they could forgive. But not this man who had used tier bodies, polluted their blood and destroyed their family.

1941- On the exact day of their Becoming 9 years prior. He came to their room....and he did not leave. The detals are a part of another story...Niether girl took his life force into them fearing they would become the heartless monster he was. They expected to perish when their sire did..but the legends were not true and the girls survived. The ghouls fled the castle carrying with them whatever they could. One remained out of loyalty to the girls who had always treated him with kindness.

1945-1946-The girls waited each night in the spot on the Winter Road where the Kumpania camped. Late in Winter when the crocus push through the snow, three wagons instead of the usual 9 made their way up the winter road. It was an uneasy reunion. Now the children Kat and Taty had grown up with were now the elders and the twins still looked 16. It took many years for the Kumpania to trust them. But undead or alive Taty and Kat were family...a large casque of gold and jewels probably helped change their minds along with other necessary provisions.

When the twins returned to the Kumpania Baba Rosemerta's box would be given to them. None of the contents removed for fear of the awesome curse attached to the box, its contents and respect for the old woman. The box is passed down to daughters. Images drawn over the centuries of past members of the kumpania and places the family traveled. a piece of jewlery from each succession of women also was in the box. Kat and Taty wept and held each other as they looked through its contents reciting the stories that went with each one. A set of tarot cards from the 1500s that always answer the quarrants question. With the box Cat recieved Rosemerta's belly dancing cymbals and several beautiful rings meant to get the girls through any hard time.

The Twins traveled with the Kumpania protecting them by night and the family protected them by day. Kat and Taty did not drink from their family...at times a small bowl of one of the members blood was offered to Taty so she could better "See" into the future to guide the Kumpania. Or to Kat as a payment for her beautiful dance and company. As blood was the gypsies life it was also the Vampires "life" a gift no one took lightly.

1946-1951 -As WWII ended Russia claimed the Balkan countries. Mother Russia had long arms her control was felt in the high country and even the most desolate places. The twins convinced the Kumpania that it was time to find a new country it had become unhealthy to be a gypsy in Russia controlled Romania...and so began the journey to America. 3 families -12 members of the Kumpania made the journey. Wooden wagons hundreds of years old were given to sister clans in exchange for provisions. Once they were in the States the old way of traveling was replaced by trucks and travel trailers when they arrived in America. Promises of mild winters made the family travel south. Settling first in Arkansas the Family found work on several farms repairing farm equipment, tending children and other tasks American families did not wish to do themselves. Payment was often bartered when their clients were too poor to pay cash. The Kumpania of the Winter Road was an accepted part of the community- until the KKK burned down one of their trailers are. The family demanded justice but justice was blind. They "borrowed' a brand new travel trailer and truck rig off of the lot of the local KKK leader -thanks to Katarina's lock picking skills and one of the brother's abilities to hot wire anything with an engine. An eye for an eye right? A new tractor was "gifted" by old Scotty Keith to the small community of farmers.

1951-1965 -Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Sin City, & Arizona

1966- 2007 Hello California & the West Coast

2008: The Big Easy -Katarina opened a curiousity shop on Burbon St. Taty helped Kat by reading tarot cards and telling fortunes. The shop was moderately successfull..then a call came from Family back home of course, the Girls made arrangements at once to travel to their beloved Romania leaving their shop in the capable hands of their cousin Joephina and her husband Georgio. While in Romania the girls discovered relatives that had survived WWII that had missed the meeting of the Kumpania Ven Droma in 1948. And these Relatives pointed them to Rome...where family members were known to have gone once they were released from consentration camps. Kat remained with the Kumpania once again to travel the High Winter Roads to the resting place of Rosemerta. Taty went on to Rome to seach for lost relatives.
Kat will join her when the time is right.

Appearance: 16 -20 years lissom breathtakingly beautiful women with seemingly sweet dispositions -almost everyone trusts them and often tell them their secrets. Most times the girls keep their own counsel and wisely do not share the secrets of others. The grand seduction is a game both the girls play.

Foot Notes:
1. Lord Ruthven is in the same noble family that sired Dracula, but he's not the same man, um vampire. nor is he Old Clan Tzimisce.

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