There is another version of the tale.
That is the tale the women tell each other,in their private language
that the men-children are not taught, and that the old men are too wise to learn. And in that version of the tale perhaps things happened differently. But then, that is a women's tale, and it is never told to men.

~"Tales in the Sand" SANDMAN #9~
Gentle Reminder: The following is OCC to all players reading as you must learn these things by Role playing with the characters who are included in the post.-

Tuesday 1 July 2008

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The Scene: Kat's Shop on Bourbon St.

Just 4 steps up off of Street Katarina's is fine establishment.

This window and a Baywindow on the other side of the stairs show the goodies that can be found inside.

Kat has the best Wiccan, Pagan, Occult and Gypsy supplies in town.

In an alcove Taty reads the cards or does various types of readings.

Come inside for a spell.

NyteEternal(9:52:48PM): ::Kat approached the shop, the darkness gathering around them, the store was special in that it was open at night. They had signed the lease, got things in and finally were getting ready to open, she unlocked it and stepped inside,

NyteEternal(9:52:57PM): an unecessary breath taken as she inhaled deeply::

NyteEternal(9:53:59PM): ::The Big Easy had welcomed them, as all cities did, wherever they went, this was simply the next stop in their quest for World Domination ((lol))::

XvTatyanna(9:58:50PM): -up the street came Taty, her black lace skirt swirling around her ankles, silver bells jingled on a chain around her ankle, she wore a crimson bustier, that let a bit of her tummy show, a silver chain with moonstones circled it,

XvTatyanna(9:59:02PM): her sandles made a soft clopping sound

XvTatyanna(9:59:27PM): as she approached the door and climbed the small stair case--there were rings on all of her fingers, it was the quarter, she fit in perfect as she waved to the LARP'rs in costume heading into Marie Laveau Occult Shop just up the street from them--

NyteEternal(9:59:36PM): ::She flipped on the lights, music, lit the incense, they were open for business::

XvTatyanna(10:00:40PM): -entered the store, the karma bells ringing on the door---it looks fantastic, Katty... you

XvTatyanna(10:00:46PM): have outdone yourself.

NyteEternal(10:00:58PM): ::She abhored shoes, she was barefoot, the long gypsy skirt in bright colors hiked up as she climbed up on the counter, she smiled benignly at her twin::

NyteEternal(10:01:02PM): I have, haven't I?

NyteEternal(10:01:07PM): ::laughing as she looked around::

XvTatyanna(10:01:21PM): --nods--

NyteEternal(10:01:43PM): ::There was a rasied stage, table and large pillows thrown around:: That is for you to read at

XvTatyanna(10:01:44PM): its perfect... - turns slowly taking in all the merchandize--

NyteEternal(10:02:48PM): ::part of the atmosphere was for show, the tourists ate it up, part of it was actually for them, where the line crossed was sometimes hard to tell::

NyteEternal(10:04:24PM): ::the store was built to order, several alcoves so dark, one would wonder why they were there at all. The scents of the herbs, oils, and strange concoctions with foreigh names wafted thru the air and swirled around them. Books

NyteEternal(10:04:58PM): some old, some new lined the walls. Rune stones, karma oils and whatnot on the various shelves.::

NyteEternal(10:05:38PM): :: a large wishing well type fountain near the register, the new age music was piped in thru a Bose stereo. Very little expense had been spared, for only the best brought in money::

NyteEternal(10:06:13PM): ::picked up a rubber band and pingedher sister in the back of the head::

XvTatyanna(10:06:20PM): -slips out of her sandles and steps up on the stage.. the low table and the beautiful textiles...she loved the inlaided burl wood antique table hexgon shapped drapped in a runner over the top the color of the summer night sky with its starry constallations a Scarlette candle scented with ginger sat on a pewter pedestal, ---

TheNewXtremeWW(10:06:27PM): :Dustin move along the streets of New Orleans, his eyes moving around every so often. His back pack kept on his back. The zipped left open abit at the top. He brushed the gravel dust from his shirt as he crossed the street heading

TheNewXtremeWW(10:06:36PM): to the magic shop. Slowly stepping inside::

NyteEternal(10:07:10PM): ::teenage girls proceeded him inside by seconds, looking for a spell book to make the objects of their desire fall madly in love with them::

NyteEternal(10:07:59PM): ::Kat was ever the consumate actress, and she played gypsy exceptionalolly well, greeting them, taking the prettiest by the hnd, her fingers stroking the young girls inner wrist as she led the trio to the area they were looking for:

NyteEternal(10:08:43PM): ::Seperating the young girl from her friends by leading them to Tat, offereing a discounted reading, since it was their grand opening and all::

NyteEternal(10:09:52PM): ::there were a few people filtering in, she barely noticed the man as he came in, so interested was she in the girls::

XvTatyanna(10:10:10PM): --just before the girls opened the door Taty turned firing back a rubber band that had bound a set of tarot cards the clients could handle--

NyteEternal(10:10:43PM): ::her tongue had been stuck out at her sister, then licked plump lips as the girls entered::

NyteEternal(10:10:50PM): ((now we are all caught up. LOL))

TheNewXtremeWW(10:11:16PM): ::He moved around the shop slowly, tittering here and there, obviously his interest in the hop was more than just a...standard curiosity...He would put an earbud from his iPod into his left ear, as he moved about the shop::

NyteEternal(10:12:07PM): ::She put aside her hunting, since there were too many people in here now, but instead set about enticing the girl, walking up behind her, whispering in her ear:: a special boy perhaps?

XvTatyanna(10:12:08PM): -gives Kat a sly look and a wink-- (lol) she remained quiet, letting Kat greet her customers-- she sat on the sofa and sank into the pillows-

NyteEternal(10:12:45PM): ::her voice soft and husky, her hands settling on the girls hips, a strangely intimate gesture, but then again, Kat was an intimate type of person::

NyteEternal(10:13:59PM): ::the girl nodded slowly. Kat reached past her, fingers brushing her breast as she pulled a spell book down, and placed it in the girls hands:: this, my little one. He will fall madly in love with you.

NyteEternal(10:15:22PM): ::it was a standard printed by the dozens book about love, lust and desire. But it was what she wanted and she smiled as she held her new prize, joining her friends near Taty, to find out her fortune. Kat moved back to the counter

NyteEternal(10:15:41PM): to ring up a middle aged woman who was buying incense by the bulk::

TheNewXtremeWW(10:16:40PM): (is anything in this room truely magical?)

NyteEternal(10:16:57PM): ((you have to check and find out IC, you are a mage, you should know that))

NyteEternal(10:17:35PM): ::As the woman chattered about her grandchidren back in Des Moines, she nodded in the appropriate areas, her eyes finally landing on the young man::

XvTatyanna(10:17:44PM): -taty sat up her table, moving the crystal ball to the northern part of the table and lighting a candle-- Taty licked her red lips and rubbed her hand over the small crystal ball that rested on the head of three dragons--

XvTatyanna(10:19:23PM): -- She patted the sofa next to her-- come little one... lets see if he's the right one for you? -glancing to her friends- come sit down.. don't be shy-

NyteEternal(10:19:44PM): ::She picked up three stones and placed them in the woman's hand:: this is for the children, they will be protected by them. Thank you for coming

NyteEternal(10:20:28PM): ::the woman beamed, and left the store, Kat approached the man:: is there something you are looking for perhaps?

TheNewXtremeWW(10:23:38PM): ::He would turn almost too quickly smiling, his long black hair framing his face:: Ahh, nothing in particular...

NyteEternal(10:24:27PM): ::She leaned back against a set of shelves, watching him::

NyteEternal(10:24:37PM): Everyone wants something sir. It's part of our nature.

TheNewXtremeWW(10:25:38PM): ::He smiled alittle:: Well, now that you mention it...I need you sell those? ::Not expecting her to be persistant, and expecting to be shown to kiddie shit::

NyteEternal(10:26:49PM): ::She pushed off the shelves, taking his hand::

NyteEternal(10:26:56PM): ##aura Perception##

TheNewXtremeWW(10:27:07PM): ::touchy folk here...::

OnlineHost(10:27:09PM): NyteEternal rolled 7 10-sided dice: 4 10 7 9 9 2 1

XvTatyanna(10:27:12PM): --the teens sat down on the sofa and scooted up close to Kat-- she shuffled an ancient deck of tarot cards--- You want to know if this is the one? -she touched the girl's jean clad thigh-and she nodded yes--

XvTatyanna(10:27:33PM): and she turned up the first card-- we shall soon find out-- she turned up the ace of hearts-- a very good sign

NyteEternal(10:27:37PM): ::damn near saw into his very soul::

XvTatyanna(10:27:42PM): ... -and taty told the girl what she wanted to hear-- the star was next then the King of Spades followed by the King of hearts-

NyteEternal(10:29:07PM): ::She had been leading him toward the side of the store with run of the mill stuff, and suddenly she stopped, looking up at him::

NyteEternal(10:29:40PM): We have........special stock.......if you are interested?

TheNewXtremeWW(10:30:46PM): ::He blinked a moment at her pause, then he tilted his head. his eyes watching hers:: Ahh, sure.

XvTatyanna(10:30:52PM): --the girls were giggling with taty hanging on her every word, taty was mysterious, pausing just long enough--

XvTatyanna(10:33:46PM): -- the cards did not lie and Taty spoke softly-- ahh he is beautiful....-canting her head, holding the card up for the girls to see- he's blond and his birthday falls in the summer...

XvTatyanna(10:33:49PM): he is confident..perhaps on the football team...yes?

NyteEternal(10:34:38PM): ::it was in the back corner, odd boxes, bowls, containers of every shape and type, some obviously very old, some newer. It was subdued lighting here, strong light would take away from the power of the some of the items, she did let

NyteEternal(10:34:46PM): go of his hand as she stopped::

NyteEternal(10:34:57PM): Now, what do you need? ::a quick glance at her sister::

NyteEternal(10:35:43PM): ::She pulled her hair back up off her neck, and tied the bottom of her blouse tight around her midriff::

TheNewXtremeWW(10:36:16PM): ::He watched her for a few moments:: Roots of a tree that feeds off of the ground in a cemetary...

NyteEternal(10:37:22PM): American or European soil?

NyteEternal(10:37:33PM): ::she stated this like asking if he wanted creamin his coffee::

TheNewXtremeWW(10:38:21PM): I don't think it will matter...Price difference?

NyteEternal(10:40:15PM): ::She smiled, fingers reaching to drag on his jawline:: You are very attractive. For you...we will work a deal.

XvTatyanna(10:40:25PM): -- the girls giggled and hugged Taty when they were finished --Taty walked them to the counter and took their money and placed it in the till--

NyteEternal(10:40:27PM): :Already ground? Or full roots?

XvTatyanna(10:40:27PM): good luck with your young man, Sara.... come again -warm seductive smile, that sent a shimmer of gold through her amber eyes--

NyteEternal(10:40:55PM): :: a look to her twin again, a sly smile to her::

TheNewXtremeWW(10:41:02PM): Full roots...i'll need to stew them...::She looked like she knew something, then a gently Mrowl? from his backpack was heard::

NyteEternal(10:42:03PM): ::She bent over and pulled out a long low box, opening it::

NyteEternal(10:42:46PM): These, they came from a cemetary here in town. Before katrina. They are very powerful. ::a smile at the cat's protest, she lifted two roots out to him, wrapped in tissue paper::

TheNewXtremeWW(10:45:06PM): ::He smiled alittle:: Those will do...*Mrowl* ::The little head of the orange and black tabby poked through the hole in the bag left by the zipper::

NyteEternal(10:45:29PM): ohhhhhhhhhh

NyteEternal(10:45:32PM): A kitty

NyteEternal(10:46:29PM): ::She resisted the urge to pet the creature, cats and vampires as a rule didn't mix::

NyteEternal(10:46:31PM): What's her name?

TheNewXtremeWW(10:47:29PM): His name is Henry...and he is hungry. You have someplace I can put him to eat?

XvTatyanna(10:47:38PM): -her expression mirrored her twin-- awww.. -okay maybe he wasn't so bad, any man that really liked cats generally wasnt, but hey he was still um prey--

XvTatyanna(10:47:41PM): Taty walked behind him and petted the cat's head-- then walked back to the reading corner and straighted it up, placeing a gorgeous amber filled geode next to the box the cards were kept in--

NyteEternal(10:50:07PM): umm, we have a back room. Or the kitchen.

NyteEternal(10:50:37PM): ::the kitchen was for the mortals who may one day work there, personally they didn't need a kitchen or bathroom, but the mortals were silly things::

XvTatyanna(10:50:51PM): -gives her sister that "damn you are GOOD look--

TheNewXtremeWW(10:51:29PM): ::He would nod alittle. His eyes trailed after her sister:: twins? Really? ::He brought the backpack around taking Henry out of it setting him to the ground::

NyteEternal(10:51:50PM): I am allergic, you may want to carry him to the kitchen.

NyteEternal(10:52:12PM): ::She started back and just expected him to follow:: I have some tuna. Cream?

NyteEternal(10:54:00PM): ::her skirts rustling as she moved, the cat would be attracted by the sound and movement::

XvTatyanna(10:54:13PM): --identical twins -even-- busied herself with tourists that came into the shop, opened mouth and awed at all the different occult stuff-- Taty let them look a while, smiling inwardly---

NyteEternal(10:54:48PM): :She looked down as the cat pounced her ankles;: or he can come on his own

TheNewXtremeWW(10:54:49PM): ::He would smirk alittle:: I have some dry food for him...::He would move with her. the cat following, giving him such a dirty look at the mention of dry food::

NyteEternal(10:55:45PM): ::the kitchen with the same subdued lighting and small, but cozy, she found a bowl and a can of tuna and opened it, dumping it in. Another bowl with some cream and then she looked at him:: A soda?

NyteEternal(10:56:09PM): Oh, I am Katarina. ::no last name, just Katarina:: My sister is Tatyanna

TheNewXtremeWW(10:56:25PM): ::He shook his head:: No..I'm fine...::Henry would not want to leave:: ahh, I'm Dustin...

NyteEternal(10:57:05PM): ::She squatted and placed the bowls in front of her, holding a piece of tuna to the cat::

TheNewXtremeWW(10:57:50PM): ::Henry was all too trusting, for some reason unaffected by them being vampires. He would begin eating the tuna::

TheNewXtremeWW(10:58:00PM): He does like his tuna...

NyteEternal(10:58:20PM): ::She looked up, pushing a piece of hair behind her ears:: most cats do.

NyteEternal(10:58:46PM): ::she licked the oil from her fingers:: Shall we finish your shopping? He'll be perfectly safe in here, if we shut the door.

TheNewXtremeWW(11:01:17PM): ::He blinked a moment, then looked from the cat, then back to her, then he nodded. As he walked he paused and looked to the cat:: hmm...::He then walked out to leave him to eat::

NyteEternal(11:02:08PM): ::She followed, walking out and smiling broadly to Tat::

NyteEternal(11:02:43PM): ::She pointed to his butt silently and flashed an ok sign, foredinger meeting thumb::

NyteEternal(11:02:49PM): forefinger*

TheNewXtremeWW(11:03:36PM): ::He would look back to her:: So how much.

NyteEternal(11:04:21PM): What else do you need?

TheNewXtremeWW(11:05:12PM): mmm...not sure's all very...trial and error?

NyteEternal(11:06:07PM): You will come back?

NyteEternal(11:06:14PM): We could run a tab.

NyteEternal(11:06:24PM): ::She very much wanted him to come back::

TheNewXtremeWW(11:06:55PM): ::He smirks:: depends on the price...

NyteEternal(11:07:35PM): They are very powerful, and will work well for you. They will last a long time, you dont need much. $25.

TheNewXtremeWW(11:08:53PM): ::He nods:: Then I will be back...idiots on the edge of the city wanted 100 for it...

XvTatyanna(11:09:11PM): --taty joined them, on the other side of the mage, very very close, her scent that of jasmine and vanilla--

NyteEternal(11:09:15PM): Theirs is more for tourists.

NyteEternal(11:09:30PM): Who have that kind of money.

NyteEternal(11:10:15PM): Taty, this is Dustin.

XvTatyanna(11:11:14PM): hello Dustin --the little bells jingled as she moved--

TheNewXtremeWW(11:11:38PM): ::He grins:: Hello...Taty...::Then looked to Kat:: and Kat...

TheNewXtremeWW(11:11:48PM): ::he was obviously...nervous::

NyteEternal(11:12:24PM): He's going to run a tab.

TheNewXtremeWW(11:12:50PM): No I actually have cash on me...

NyteEternal(11:13:18PM): oh I am so sorry.

NyteEternal(11:13:22PM): I misunderstood.

TheNewXtremeWW(11:15:08PM): ::He would look between them both, now reaching for his pocket, to take out his wallet::

NyteEternal(11:15:29PM): ::her eyes again sought out her sisters, they had business to take care of, and had to figure out who the prince of the city was, more importantly, where he was::

NyteEternal(11:15:46PM): ::She thought a moment, then turned and walked toward the register with the roots::

XvTatyanna(11:15:46PM): -- so close his arm brushed up against her--

To Be Continued

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