NAME: Angelus De'luvia
PLAYER: AngelusVxV
CLAN: Brujah
SIRE: Unknown
MENTOR: Vargus
NATURE: Survivor
CONCEPT: Brujah Leader
BLOODLINE INFO: To counteract having Obeah, any time feeding, frenzy, or on command the vampires face contorts giving them a more demonic look. It is a result of imposing the 'good' nature of Obeah upon such a beast striken clan.
EQUIPMENT: Two Sig Sauer P220s (6/5B/3/7/J/30),
xxxxxxxxxxKatana (6/str5L)
QUOTE: " Oh my god it talks. And be cause it talks it thinks. ::upity tone:: And you can't stand that. Run and hide behind your guns and swords. It won't make a difference. This town the people, you, me, everyone is going to die."-Carpenter, Tzimsce Ghoul


PRELUDE: Angelus was born in 1535 AD, in what is now London. His embrace was a violent one. Hewas staggering home one night from the local pub back to his farm. Half way there he began to notice he was being followed. After a few minutes Angelus was sure of it, he was being followed. As best he could he tried to quicken his pace but the alcohol only impaired him. It against his will, to be embraced, but his sire left him for dead.

Against all odds he survived, living the only way he knew how, by instinct. Feeding on blood. He thought himself a God before the cattle called mortals. 338 deaths in 2 years were attributed to his inexperience and lack of a sire, until one day a man appeared. This man spoke of a beast, and it was possible to quell this beast. He offered that if Angel could beat him in a fight, he would lay down arms and let Angel diablerize him. Even though he was a monster, he still held his honor to a challenge. He could not pass it up. Angel lost.

So he was forced by agreement to become the mans 'apprentice'. Being Salubri and wanting to find his way on the path of Golconda he thought one way to repent would be to attempt to wing someone such as Angelus to the same humanitarian standards the Salubri uphold.

For 162 years he studied under Vargus, learning to calm his beast and repenting for his own sins asthey were. Vargus and Angelus went out in the woods for his final lesson. The teaching of Obeah. It was that day unknown to them they were on Black Spiral Dancer territory. His master was slain almost immediately from the surprise attack. There were two of them. The leader apparently felt it a test for the other to take on Angelus on his own. After a more than interesting battle, Angelus was sent into Torpor and left thought dead. Vargus' ghouls found his body and put it in safe keeping for fifty years.

He has been awake now for 230 years.(making his total age 442) Due to having Obeah, it created a counter effect.

Claws: Summary
Retractable claws:(implants: 3 BP to activate Str+2 agg)

In 1998, Angelus was captured by the techies they wanted to use vampires for experiments. They wanted to see if they could be implanted with blades, guns, and other mechanical things and it not kill the kindred. They also intended upon implanting controlling chips at the base of the vampires brains to keep control of them. Angelus just happened to be able to escape using these new implants before the control chip could be put in.

From each hand three claws(10") come out from his knuckles.(Think wolverine). Cause 1 auto damage to Angel for extending them. The damage is agg if he fails his fortitude roll.


During a technocracy raid on the Brujah haven in London, Angelus had been taken alive as was most of the Brujah that were there at the time. The fight was long and extensive. There were dead brujah and technocrats everywhere at the end. When Angel woke he was in cell, along side his clans mates in separate cells. Each day on the hour a single one would be taken from their cell into a lab/surgical room. The room was very high tech, most of the things were beyond mortal science levels for the time. Angel assumed that the others were brought to this room as well. He was hooked up to all sorts of monitors, heart, brain, a monitor to record how the blood was used to power his own powers and what kept vampires "alive". After those tests were done, he began to notice many of his clanmates were being brought back to their cells horribly mutated. Some of them stank of the Wyrm, others had metallic implants which most of them protruded out of the skin.

As for Angel on what he could figure was the first day of the second month he was brought into the same old room, by the same old people, expect there was a new face. A new face with new instruments on a surgical tray. Along those were pieces of metal. There were six long blades that looked like they attached to an exoskeletal apparatus of two hands. He was injected with a sleeping agent and the last thing remembered seeing was the new face leaning over his hands with a scalpel. When he woke there were a large number of technocrats hovering around him. One mentioned that the surgery was over and a complete success only a possible 12% rejection rate. He was ordered to push blood to his hands and to close his hands into a fist then think about forcing the blades he'd seen earlier out of his knuckles. He did just that and three long blades pushed through his skin on each hand. He wasn't prepared for the pain and it caught him by surprise, he gave a small yelp. They looked pleased. Angel had been a "model" captive so they hadn't used any kind of restraints other than leather ones. Big mistake. He used that and the fact he had these new weapons along with Potence to pull himself free from the leather binds. All hell broke loose. Angel began to slaughter the scientists all at once, the room looked like it had been painted red originally. He'd made his way back to the cell block and flipped the release on the cells. The entire facility was in chaos within 10 minutes. Angel himself had taken two considerable wounds by the time he was on the ground floor, but it was immeasurable to the damage he'd done so far. He was very pleased with the skill and the damage these claws did.

The exit to the outergrounds was hell. He'd gone in with a group of 7 Brujah, two of them being a almost as strong as he was(8th gen) and at the end 3 of them escaped with minor enough wounds to get away and clear.


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