Do you enjoy weaving a tale? Setting the stage, adjusting the lighting, tinklering with placement, creating characters? Are you a Bard or Seanachai by nature? Then this might be something you will enjoy.

A storyteller for RPG is not about power. Its about service to make a game enjoyable for others. A chance to test your craft.... Contact Kidwyn or Duncan Valen.

IBN STORY TELLERS ARE: Tomas Ferentti, Kidwyn and Duncan Valen.

No ST will design a character to destroy another character. It happens in other games it will not happen here. STs & Players involved in this activity will be asked to leave the game.

Character sheets are OOC info ONLY. CS's are a tool for the ST to create a better story line. They are not to be general info or cheat sheets passed among players to defeat another.

If you change or modifly a rule please do the following :

  1. Make sure that the players understand that a ST ruling will follow.

  2. Notify the all of the ST's as a group by email.
    Subject line: *St Ruling please reply ASAP* cut and paste the part of the log or IM pertinate to the subject & characters involved.

Expect feed back from the ST group as a whole.
ALL IBN ST's, & Judges have a voice in any change or modification. When necessary we can put it to a vote by the ST's or to the general membership.

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You know this senario... You are asked to join a game and told your character sheet and Background story is accepted. Everything seems kosher...and then 3 weeks or so afterwards, (sometimes longer) for whatever reason, you are asked to reduce your character sheet. and your Background even comes under scrutiny. Its done to lure good RP-rs into a game. It's just not kosher and will not happen in IBN.

So here's how we do it.

  1. Read the CS. Then Read the Background.. compare them.
  2. Highlight the areas you wish to discuss.
  3. Write down questions about things that do not fit or work smoothly together.
  4. Write down any concerns you have about the character, too strong,not strong enough, better explanation of certain things.
  5. Write down possible solutions to any issues.
  6. Send this info to the other Sts with the CS and Background.
  7. Ask the player to respond to your questions...
  8. Approval happens once all three STs respond and agree to accept the player/character.
  9. The player agrees to go by the rules of IBN.
  10. CS and History are posted on this website or a link must be provided to the Characters' website where the CS and History are posted.
  11. Process complete.
IBN Created: 31-October-03 Updated: 29 December, 2003