Character Concept

This is the most important part of creating a character is the background, it tells the story of who your character is, her life long experiences, how she became, and blends well with the character sheet. Together it creates your new persona. Below you will find handy list of questions to jog your thoughts, explanations and examples of concepts, clans, nature and demeanor and other useful things for your charrie.


These questions to help you create a character. They are not personal questions.

  1. Who are you?
  2. Whats your name first middle and last ?
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Date of Death
  5. How long have long have you been kindred ?
  6. What is do you look like?
  7. Height
  8. Weight
  9. Eye color
  10. Race ?
  11. Skin color, texture?
  12. How do you dress?
  13. what religion or code did you follow?
  14. Where did you grow up?
  15. Go to school ?
  16. What did your high school look like ?
  17. Did you travel ? how much? where?
  18. Are you a runaway?
  19. Did you play in sports drama belong to any clubs?
  20. How did you spend your early years ?
  21. Were you a good person?
  22. where you popular, shy , wild , gangster, ?
  23. Did you have a family, brothers sisters aunts uncles cousins etc
  24. or live alone ?
  25. When did you realize you were first being stalked?
  26. what made you first believe in vampires? werewolves, fairies supernatural?
  27. Where you afraid? disbelieving ?Angry ?
  28. Was the Embrace painful for you ?
  29. Did you get a kinky pleasure out of it ?
  30. Was your first experiance battleing the beast within like ?
  31. Did it frighten you or did it feel right?
  32. Who was your sire ?
  33. What was your sire like?
  34. Was your sire brutal, arrogant, aloof or wise?
  35. What do you know about him or her?
  36. How long did you stay with your sire?
  37. Did the 2 of you get along?
  38. How long was your *apprenticeship*?
  39. Where did you live?
  40. Where did you go?
  41. Why did your sire choose you ?
  42. Do you have broodmates ?
  43. Were you brought together thru chance or design?
  44. Did you get along with the brood ?
  45. Are you united in purpose and attitude?
  46. How long have you been together in the city?
  47. Were you presented to the prince ?
  48. Did the prince welcome you or was he reluctant?
  49. Did you bribe him or threaten ?
  50. Are you on the run from the prince?
  51. Is he your enemy?
  52. Where is your haven ?
  53. Where does do u live and hide during the day.
  54. Whom or what do you feed upon?
  55. Do you have a territory (domain ) you protect?
  56. Do u share your hunting ground compete with others for the same squishes?
  57. Do you ever kill when you feed?
  58. How do you feel about killing humans?
  59. What about killing Kindred?
  60. What motivates you on a night-to-night basis?
  61. What are your goals?
  62. Who are your enemies ?
  63. Do you desire to return to your old life?
  64. What do you search for ?
  65. Have you spent any time in torpor?
  66. How long?
  67. Was it voluntary?
  68. How comfortable are you with modern technology and customs?
More information can be found in
Vampire: The Masquerade Sourcebooks.
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