Whadda I roll now?

Handy little pages to help when you are in the heat of battle and the books don't have an index. This lists some of the dice pools needed and or the book and page number where you can find it. This info is 3rd Edition.

Its not pretty but it should be printer friendy approx. 2 pages Verdana TT Font 8points.
Thanks to Khanada SC for this file. Hope this helps! - Kidwyn

General BS:

  • To fire a gun = dex + firearms (diff6 damage varies) (head shot for lethal diff8)
  • To fight w/a sword = dex + melee diff6 dam=str+2 (add Potence after the damage roll) If opponent is not using a longer weapon as well they lose 1 die from their attack roll. · For damage and diff on guns & melee weapons, see pg214 VtM. ADD SUCESSES FROM HIT TO DAM ON GUNSHOTS. Add Potence to successes for swords/claws. Cannot botch a damage roll. Halve bashing dam for vampires. Mortals may soak with stam at full bashing. Mortals may NOT soak lethal. For Electric, fire, etc. damage, see pg 227, V:tM, Sunlight pg232 · Claws = brawl + dex  (diff6) dam = str + 1 · Punch: Dex+ Brawl diff6 damage=strength Kick: Dex+Brawl diff7 damage=str+1 ·
  • Fast draw = dex + fast draw (diff = 6 if not too hidden. Need 3 successes)·
  • Soak= stamina + fortitude ( diff = 6) Agg damage can only be soaked with Fortitude. WATCH FOR MORTALS!! ·Heal: 1 BP(or up to generational level) and a doing nothing in a turn (to act and heal roll stam+survival diff8. Fail=lose all blood expended without effect. Botch loses that plus additional BP and additional HL)
    Agg damage
    = 1 full day of rest and 5 BPS (then 5BPs and 1 WP for every additional level) ·
  • Humanity: Conscience diff 6. Failure=loss of 1point humanity +conscience. Botch=loss+derangement.
  • Rotschreck: courage. diff =4:light cig,5:lighter flame & sight of torch,6:bonfire & obscured sunlight,7:being burned,8:direct sunlight,9:trapped in burning building. Successes indicate how many turns you can stay in the presence of this, Fail =flee in terror(frenzy), botch =flee + derangement. ·
  • INITS = add success of 1 10sided dice to wits + dex rating (minus wound penalties) Highest goes first. If equal, compare inits rating to determine order. DELARE IN REVERSE ORDER (BUMP STATS) *
  • Dodge= dex + dodge (melee or brawl =diff 6, firearms depend on cover) Dodging is considered an action! ·
  • Sneaking up: dex + stealth (diff= perception + alertness of target) ·
  • Performances: appropriate attribute + ability (diff depends on how receptive the audience is.) 1=polite applause,2=approval,3=genuine appreciation,4=vigorous applause,5=ecstatic reaction, 6=immediate sensation,7=masterpiece. Botch =instrument breaks or is booed off stage. ·
  • Moving: without celerity: walk=12yds+dex rating, run=20yds+3x dex rating. You may move half your running distance and still take an action in combat. ·
  • To Lie: Charisma or Manipulation + Subterfuge (diff6) vs. contested roll of intell /perception + empathy (diff6 -5 if Sense Deception) 1succ= a little suspicious, 2=suspicious but not sure, 3=detects lie ·
  • Awakening:Perc + Auspex rating (diff8) to notice, then Humanity roll (diff8) to stay awake 1 turn per success (while awake can roll no more dice than humanity rating)
  • Hacking, Investigation, Research, Tracking, Fast talk, Carousing, Interrogation, Intimidation, Seduction: Pg. 205-207 VtM ·
  • Aborting Actions: If you have not taken your turn already, you may choose to change your stated action to defensive (block, dodge, parry). Roll WP diff6 (or spend a WP point). ·
  • Multiple Actions: Subtract die=to # of actions from the first pool. Subtract one more for every action thereafter. If you declare your character spends an entire turn defending normal penalties do not apply.  Full dice pool for first action and the loss of one dice cumulatively for each subsequent action. ·
  • Defensive Maneuvers:  Action is a resisted roll against an attack roll.  Unless the attacker gets more successes in his action he misses.  Block: Dex + Brawl Lethal and Agg cannot be blocked unless with Fortitude and / or Armor.  Dodge: see above* if you remain covered or prone, cover rules apply during attacks.  See pg. 212 VtM.  Parry: Dex + Melee If you are parrying a brawl attack with a melee weapon and the defender rolls higher roll base damage +parry extra success for damage. ·  Disarm: Roll attack at +1 Diff. If successes exceed opponents strength score opponent takes no damage but is disarmed.  ·
  • Multiple Opponents:+1 diff for each after first (max 4) Sweep: Dex + Brawl/Melee diff 7  Damage = Str  Opponent rolls Dex + Ath diff 8 or suffers a knock down. To get back on their feet following a knock down dex + ath diff4 must use multiple action or -2 to inits · Aim: +1 die per turn spend aiming max = Perc scope adds 2 or more.  Target must be no faster than walking. · Auto Fire: +10 dice to hit +2 diff for recoil.  Clip must be half full to begin with · Multiple Shots: Reduce 1st shot by # of shots fired.  Each additional shot is reduced by an additional die. · 3 Round Burst:+2 dice to hit +1 diff for recoil ·
  • Targeting:  Large = Limb / Briefcase +1 diff normal damage, Small= hand, head   +2 diff +1 damage  Precise = eye, heart, lock +3 diff +2 damage ·
  • Stake:  Dex + Melee Target heart 9 diff must score 3hl damage for success.  Target is conscious may use Auspex but not move or spend BP ·
  • Ambush: Attacker rolls Dex +Stealth vs. Perc + Alert if Attacker scores more successes she gets 1 free action against the character, + adds extra successes to attack pool.  On a tie the attacker goes first but the target may defend. ·
  • Flank and Rear Attacks:+1 die for Flank, +2 dice for Rear attacks ·
  • Blinded: +2 die to attack rolls vs blinded targets.  Blinded characters are at +2 diff on all actions
  • Strength feats:auto succ unless diff exceeds dice pool for str + potence. Roll WP diff 9 to add to dice pool. (pg. 213 VtM.) i.e.: break a chair=2, break a wooden door=3, break 2x4 (400lbs)=4, metal fire door(650lbs)=5, throw motorcycle (800lbs)=6, flip a sm. Car (900lbs)=7, 3” lead pipe (1000lbs)=8,punch thru cement wall (1200lbs)=9, punch thru 1” sheet metal (2000lbs)=11, break lamp post (3000lbs)=12, throw car (4000lbs)=13, throw van (5000lbs)=14, throw truck (6000lbs)=15
  • Frenzy: Roll self-control against varying diff.(see below) Must score 5 successes. May avoid frenzy for one turn per success under 5.  After those turns, you may roll again. Behaves with animalistic abandon. No logical thought occurs and all reactions are instinctive and emotional. Can spend WP to resist for 1 turn (offers a little control to the path the frenzy takes, but does not stop it!) benefits: ignore # of health level Dice penalties equal to stamina rating don’t have to make as many WP rolls, difficulty of all dominate against the character is 2 greater and the character is immune to Rotschreck. Botch indicates gain of derangement.

Smell of blood (when hungry)

Diff 3

Sight of blood (when hungry)

Diff 4

Being harassed

Diff 4

Life threatened

Diff 4


Diff 4

Provoked into anger

Diff 5

Taste of blood (when hungry)

Diff 5

Lover in danger

Diff 6

Outright humiliation

Diff 7


1st: The Masquerade- Thou shalt not reveal they true nature to those not of the blood. Doing such shall renounce they claims of blood.
2nd: The Domain- Thy domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word while in thy domain.
3rd: The Progeny- Thou shalt only sire another with the permission of thine elder. If thou createst another without thine elder's leave, both thou and thy progeny shall be slain.
4th: The Accounting- Those thou creat are thine own children. Until thy progeny shall be released, thou shall command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure.
5th: Hospitality - Honor another's domain. When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the one who ruleth there. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing.
6th: Destruction- Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine elder. Only the eldest among thee shall call the blood hunt.

THE ESCHEAT  -Changeling
These traditions here are the most basic and fundamental laws of Kithian Society. These laws were constructed during the Sundering as a way to ensure fae survival in the face of inexorable change. Passed down and enforced by the nobility, the Escheat's tenets are respected by both Seelie And Unseelie Courts. Unlike Oaths and other magical bonds these are enforced by law, tradition and custom. Although, sometimes the Dreaming and Glamour will step in more dire circumstances and trangressions.
The Right of Demesne - A lord is the king of his domain. He is the judge and jury over all crimes, large and small. His word is law. A noble expects obedience from his vassals and respect from all others. In return, a noble respects lord’s superior to him.
The Right to Dream - Mortals have a right to dream unhindered by our needs. THe Dreaming will die if we steal directly from the font. No one is allowed to use Glamour to manipulate the Creative Process. Although you may inspire creativity in the mortal mind, it is forbidden to give direct instruction or to infuse a mortal with raw glamour.
The Right to Ignorance- Do not betray the Dreaming to Banality. Never reveal yourself to humanity. Not only will human kind hunt us down for our wisdom and our power, it will overwhelm us with Banality and destroy our places of power. The more humanity knows, the more ardently it will seek us, draining the world of Glamour and petrifying our essence with its basilisk's gaze.
The Right to Rescue - All Kithian have the right to expect rescue from the foul grip of Banality. We are in danger together and must strive together to survive. Never leave anyone behind. Kithin are required to rescue other Fae or any creature of the Dreaming trapped by those who serve banality.
The Right to Safe Haven - All places of the Dreaming are sacred. Kithian cannot allow Fae places to be endangered. All those who seek refuge in such places must be admitted. Freeholds must be kept free of both Banality and worldly violence.
The Right to Life - No Kithian shall spill the lifeblood of another Kithian. No Kithian shall bring salt tears unto the earth. No Kithian shall take from the Dreaming one of its own. Death is anathema. (The Dreaming severely backs up this tradition by infusing the murderer with banality)

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