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The Sidhe do not survive the embrace, nor can they be ghouled with the exception House Ailill, Leahaun and Scathach- and then its extremely rare.

The Vampire who embraces a Sidhe/any fae is forever changed by Faery Blood. The Vampire gains a permanante derrangement- the Storyteller decides which one.

If the faery survives the embrace, banality is reset to 7, and she is overcome by the Mists. This will cause the changeling to forget themselves and everything since their chrysalis. Embraced changelings may temporarily regain these memories if enchanted.

To embrace a changeling is risky. For the vampire, see rules on drinking fae blood, multiple rolls must be made as so much blood is being ingested. For the changeling, roll perm banality pool against a diff of 10, at least 1 success must be achieved with no willpower roll allowed. Success means the changeling lives. Failure or botch means the changeling dies.

There are other ways to control a the embrace its not likely a Changeling will survive Vampire blood the exceptions are listed. However all kiths except the Sidhe can be made a ghoul.

"Don't do it man! It won't be pretty..."

"Totally trippendicular mannn..."

"Like a box of chocolates you never know what you'll get."

That's fae don't know what's going to happen....

Vampires that sup on Changeling blood are Enchanted as long as that blood is in their system (last in-last out rule) and be afflicted with a randomly generated effect for the duration of the enchantment. (roll one die, and use the corresponding effect below, taken from Dark Ages) They must also make a Courage roll (difficulty: # of blood points taken +3) or enter Bedlam stage 2 and additionally gaining a temporary derangement related to the kith or its legacies. A botch on this roll puts them into stage 3 Bedlam and a permanent derangement to be determined by the Storytellers.

The exceptions are Gangrel, Kiasyd, Malkavians and Ravnos. Members of these clans get to reduce the amounts of enchantment and consequences by half... except in cases of Botching the roll or gaining a permanante derrangement.

  1. Violent, intense hallucinations - like LSD. Duration: 10 minutes for each point ingested.
  2. Enters torpor for a duration decided by storyteller.
  3. Falls completely in love with the next person they see (other than the faerie)
  4. Falls immediately in love with the changeling. Treat as mega-dose of Presence.
  5. Permanently gains 1 point in appearance, but loses 1 in perception.
  6. Becomes overcome with emotion. Breaks out into tears of blood whenever music is heard. 1 night per point, 2 for Toreador.
  7. Immediately gains all the effects of Heightened Senses, cannot be turned off. +2 diff to any wits rolls for the duration. 1 hr per point.
  8. Character can see through all faerie glamour including Ravnos Chimerstry. Lasts 1 night per point ingested.
  9. Character can see through all faerie glamour including Ravnos Chimerstry. Lasts for 2 RL Months.

lPlayers are encouraged to be creative in employing tricks and stunts. Changeling is a game of wonder and adventure, and combat deserves dramatic treatment. Kithain are the masters of melee combat in the World of Darkness, and they fight not only with deadly skill, but unmatchable style.
Posting should reflect this.

Fencing: The Art of the Blade
You must have Dex + Melee dice Pool that equals 5 or better to take this specialty. And you must have this specialty to use a blade.

A non-violent means to solving a problem

Masquerade - Linda Ravenscroft

Changelings take aggravated damage from claws and teeth, per normal systems. They can inflict aggravated damage via any Art that does damage direct to the target (such as Primal 4), soakable per normal rules for that system. Healing Aggravated Damage, (Heather Balm) can heal aggravated damage. *It is the same level art as Holly Strike, the changeling simply chooses if they are hurting or healing*


  1. Level 2 (Aura Perception) will reveal a changeling for what they are. Requires 3 successes. Occult 4+ or previous in game verification to have a clue what it means. Aura appears as bright flickering colors as the Glamour surrounds them. This chicaneric aura mask makes reading their emotions at a difficulty of 10 (8+2)

  2. Auspex 2 does NOT allow a vampire to see the fae seeming. Only that there is something different and special

  3. A strong Auspex (Lvl. 3+) also counteracts those Chicanery powers that create illusions or conceal objects or individuals from sight.


Ravnos do not know about the side effect of their power, and No Changeling would ever tell. However, the following is to satisfy the rules doctors among us. =)

Anything created with Chimestry is considered to be an Incidental Chimera, capable of doing Chimerical damage to any Changeling. Horrid Reality will only do Chimerical damage to Changelings, not perceived real. The problem that Changelings have with Chimestry, is that after the Vampire cancels the illusion, it continues to exist in the Dreaming. If it was an illusion of a sentient being, then it will be a sentient Chimera. The Chimera will generally last only a few days (ST's call) or until it encounters high levels of Banality.

  1. Chimerstry may be used to inflict chimerical damage against Changelings (if a Ravnos even knows what they are doing That means Changeling Lore gained through RP in IBN.).

  2. Sluagh using Sharpened Senses may see through Chimerstry based illusions via a Perception+Awareness at a difficulty of Chimerstry Rating +3.

  3. Horrid Reality can create the semblance of cold iron (again, the lore better be there to justify using it); A changeling 'killed' this way follows the normal rules of being hit with cold iron.


  1. Most changelings are affected by Obfuscate normally.

  2. Sluagh can see through it with a Perception+Alertness (difficulty of Obfuscate+3).


The Dominate power of Possession is not as effective on changelings, who are not truly mortal; if a changeling target achieves three successes more than the vampire on the resisted roll, the attempt is broken. If the changeling achieves five more successes, he becomes immune to Dominate attempts from that vampire as if the vampire botched.

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