Mage CrossOver Rule Modifications by Lady Autumn.
You are welcome to take them for use in other games, please give Lady Autumn credit. =) Thanx.

::Gathers all the mages up in a little corner::

I know these rules do restrict mage alot...but they're all by the book. Mages do best when they are subtle and act together. Face it...if ya run around messing with a bunch of Methuselahs...yer moreN likely gonna get yerself squashed.
By the same tolken, creatures that mess with mages frequently get ganged up on...and land mysterious fates...the origin, of which, remains unknown to them.

In general, mages and other supernatural creatures offer each othe r some healthy respect. Mages don't really care about the Camarilla or Blackhand... no more than a Democrate in Wisconsin worries about a Liberal in South Carolina. They may take an interest...but seldom run off to another state to make changes.

In the event of a creature attacking or embracing a mage...mages generally get *very* uptight...and very deadly. Even if they didn't know the mage, they're likely to assist in retribution... just as if it was they're own cousin who was attacked. Even the Nephandi have been known to hop in and help the Traditions... granted it's for their own agenda of gaining trust so they can corrupt the people they appear to be helping.

  • Be subtle.
  • Be discrete.
  • Be coincidental.

Unless, of course, yer Maurader, but then you best be seeing Stormtroopers or giant squid when you're running amuck.


  1. Mages are hereby resricted to only rolling their traditions sphere (or chosen sphere if not a tradition mage) without provolcation.
    Examples: A Verbena, who's sphere is Life, is likely to be attuned to a walking dead guy coming into the bar. A Virtual Adept, who's sphere is Correspondence, is likely to simply note that someone walked in -nothing more. A Dreamspeaker, who's sphere is Spirit, is likely to note that a Garou who entered the bar has strong ties to Gaia and /or the Wylde.

  2. ONLY your tradition or chosen sphere may use a per-awar roll for level 1 spheres. All other spheres must be Arete rolls.
    Ex: A Celestial Chorus may roll perawar for Prime1. She must roll her arete for Life1.
    ~Your preware roll must be noted as ##Pre-aware (Prime)##

    All other rolls simply state the sphere, level, and specific task. Ex. ##Spirit1- sense reality deviant##
    This is so that your target understands OOC what you are doing.

  3. Your pre-aware roll will only give you a general *feeling* about a character based on your specific paradigm. It won't tell you anything specific.
    Ex: A Dreamspeaker who rolls perawar on a garou for spirit only knows the garou has a link to the Wylde...nothing more. For all the Dreamspeaker knows, that garou could actually be a Verbena mage , Kinfolk, etc. A Verbena that rolls perawar for life wouldn't know if her target was a Vampire vs a Mummy.

  4. Any role other than per-awar for your specific sphere must be justified IC. This means you either have to interact with the character or the character has to do something notable...such as a masq break...before you go noseying about in their business.
    ***Yes...I understand that Mages are most noted for their perceptive powers and that their perceptions are their first line of defence. Keep in're character *cannot* get embraced in IBN without your consent.

PERCEPTION PART 2: All you Vamps, Garou, Werethingies, and even you mortals...please note:

  1. ~You cannot, in general, sense a mage rolling per-aware for their traditions more than you'd sence someone using their eyes or ears.

  2. ~you CAN sense *anything else a mage does*- scrying windows, genetic scans, etc....
    You may roll the following:
    Perception +Awareness (for vampire it's perception + alertness)
    The dif is 6 if you are the target, 8 if someone else is.
    1-2 success just gives you a feeling.
    3 successes let you know something is definately going on.

  3. Your perception roll does *not* take a turn.

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The Magician from the Rider -Waite Tarot Deck


  1. *All* attacks that manifest as physical damage/change may be dodged.
    Roll perawar or peralert at a dif of 6...only 1 success needed. This warns you of the incoming attack. So if a mage attacks you with lightning, which would normally be a dif of 10 to dodge because of it's speed, you may forsee the attack and dodge before it actually manifests.

    --If the attack manifests as visible, such as a lightning bolt, roll dex+dodge.
    --If invisible, such as a transformation spell, you roll dex only.
    --The dodge deducts from the damage calculation, not the successes So if a mage gets 3 success on a lightning attack...for a total damage of 6, and you get 3 successes on a get a total damage of 3***

  2. . *Any* damage noted in the mage book as *unsoakable* CAN be soaked. Use your Fortitude rating alone, as this is a supernatural form of soaking.
  3. Mind attacks that do damage *cannot* be soaked with anything...see next e-mail for specifics.
*All* Mind magick may be resisted/dodged with a WP roll at a dif 6.
  1. roll pre-aware/pre-alert to detect the magick at a dif of 6. You need 1 success

  2. Roll your wp.

  3. As with a physical dodge, you don't dodge the original successes. You dodge the results.

Ex: If a mage scores 2 successes for a total of 4, you need 4 successes on your WP roll to completely nullify the spell. You may spend WP points after you roll your WP to nullify any remaining successes.

**Exception to Soak rule**

Few Mind attacks actually do damage. BUT *Physical Damage from Mind attacks are always aggrevated and unsoakable* So whatever is left after the WP roll is what is used to calculate full damage.

This isn't as bad as it sounds:
~Most Mind attacks cause no damage.
~Mind attacks from mages calculate less damage than other attacks
~WP is usually a much higher rating than Arete and can be used as a dodge only.


  • Mind attacks that do damage cannot be counteracted with IronWill.
  • All other Mind attacks have an unmodifiable dif of +3
  • So the most mild and subtle of mind magick starts with a dif of at least 6 for characters with IronWill.




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