Welcome to Guilty Pleasures... I'm Erin the manager for the VIP Club on the first floor of the club :: leans forward pushing your pint of Guiness towards you.::.

Our skilled staff is eager to make your evening at Guilty Pleasures a memorable one.

Guilty Pleasures is a Techno Goth Club as you enter you are stoped by Bouncers who make sure you have ID and stamp your hand if you are over 21, or you wont be able to get a drink -

Winter Hours: 5pm-4am.

-The public section of the bar it has a rave like atmosphere. There is old mahogany and black granite bar to the left behind it neon signs of various liquor and beer companies. and a huge dance floor to the right with one of the best sound stages & systems in Dublin. Live music nightly starting at 9pm and playing until 3am..sometimes later... Local talent and world renown.

-as you look around you will see black leather car seats that are siting along the wall and teens are there makeing out and doing other not so good deeds-

- the smell of sweat and love makeing is heavier the deeper you get into the shawdons of the club- blood dolls are known to hang out in this area...


VIP CLUB: Open to Kindred and their Guests only.

Gabe Dimon
GM of
Guilty Pleasures

Ann and Jann
Black Light Menu-Kindred Only
The Bouncers
Frank, Keith, & Mike
The Bouncers

'Tender '

Duncan Valen
The owner of
Guilty Pleasures
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