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Ireland by Night is a Cross Genre Ancients and Elders Game set in current time 2004. This means we have Methuselahs (gasp!) Justicars, Immortal beings and worse running around...We do have our limits -sorry Caine!

This troupe of players game together for fun and we take our fun seriously. This is not the usual White Wolf Game. We make no claims of being "White Wolf Pure". While it is based on the rules..(sometimes loosely) we strongly believe that the myriad of White Wolf sourcebooks are inspirations for creativity -the rules help keep order to the game, but they will not be allowed to interfer with the story; we will bend, tweek or ignore those rules which do not work in our part of the WoD. Those modified, tweeked and ignored rules are posted on this site and apply across the board to all characters.

You must be at least 18 years old to play in this game. This is a game of personal horror, it is at times sexual and violent in nature.

We suggest that you read the House Rules, and Character Creation pages before deciding to join this game. This may not be the game for you. There are several excellant online role playing games that are White Wolf Pure that you will find listed on our Site map page.

* The game is closed .*


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