The Lost Boys The Blood Bond 101A

From the ST's Corner in the Elysium News 1998. Questions and wild nights of rules lawyering sent me running to the Source Books and Websites and sending letters to the boys@ whitewolf for answers. From the Evil St now comes the response. If you disagree - cool. But send the name of the book and the page number where you found the information. Yep you can teach Storytellers new tricks. So on with the show! - Kidwyn

Definition of Terms:

Blood Bond or Blood Oath:
A mystic servitude to another vampire as a result of drinking the Blood of a Kindred on three separate occasions separated by 24 Hours. (that's real time ) It can be any amount of blood even a sip.

Regnant/Master/ Dominator:
One who has a blood bond over another kindred, through given said
Kindred blood three times.

Thrall/ Slave/ Vassal:
A vampire who is held under a blood bond, and thus under the
Control of another Kindred.

Facts about the Blood Bond.
1) Duration: one year and one day after the third time the thrall
drinks the Regnant's blood. And one year and one day for each time the Thrall
drinks there after. Yup, 4 drinks from a vamp and its 2 years bonded...drink again
and its 3 years.

2) It is possible for a weaker blood to hold regnancy over a more
potent blood. 13 gen can hold regnancy over a 7th. BUT the
Regnant needs to reinforce the bond more often.

3) The Chylde cannot blood bond the Sire.

4) Camarilla Vamps can only have ONE Regnant

Sabbat Vamps are blood bound to a pack ( 5 or more ) and have a Vinculum
(Rating of the strength of his or her bond to the group) This means that the
Sabbat candidate has participated in theTzimisce Ritual to break any other
bonds the Sabbat initiate must have the participated in Vaulderie

Francis Ford Coppula's Dracula 5) Creative Blood Bonding

A) If the Thrall drinks 3 times from another Vampire. The first
Regnant still holds power over the Thrall.
Example: Susie Q strolls into the Elysium - Blood Bound already, but
Handsome Harry decides to give her 3 sips of his blood on three
separate occasions. Susie has had a light snack and Mr.Vampie is light 3 blood
points. But Susie Q is still bonded to her original Regnant.

B) A Thrall is bound to one Regnant.

C) The Thrall cannot be bound to through the Regnant to the Regnant's Master/Sire.
Ladies and Gentlemen a Thrall has only one master you cannot drink from one
Regnant and be bound through that Regnant to another. The Regnant may follow
the orders of her Master and control her thrall accordingly.

6 ) The Blood Bond DOES NOT allow the Regnant to gain the Discipline of Dominate.

7) Weakening the Bond.

Hatred will weaken the bond, but the hatred of the Regent must be justified IC
Thru neglect or improper treatment over the course of several posts.
Hate is a slow intense emotion.
A: Neglect Means :
1: Regnant asks the Thrall to do something that is against her innate
a) direct conflict with a prey exclusion merit.
b) must be backed by nature, concept, demeanor, flaw, merit,
something in the characters background sheet. In other words
there has to be a reason for it.

2: the thrall is beaten repeatedly or psychologically demeaned.

3: the thrall is turned out as a prostitute or some extreme action.

Please note.
No one should be intimidating another player OOC for any reason. If you feel
That you are being intimidated or forced to do something that you don't want to do
OOC with your character or you personally contact the storytellers. It will be
kept confidential we will try to provide some solutions for you. Do not keep
silent about it.

Breaking the Blood Bond. "The" Question asked most often.

I : The thrall must stay away from the Regnant for one year and one day.
Even one minute before this time period is up and the Thrall must start again.
This means absoluley NO contact.

A : Contact means:
1: Seeing the Regnant even from a distance.
2: Speaking to the Regnant on the Telephone.
3: Use of any mind discipline between Regnant and Thrall
a) Presence 4 Summons
The Thrall needs to be prevented from going to the Regnant
b) Auspex 6 Telepathic Communication
The thrall is in trouble. I can't think of any way to block this one.
Except bribe the dice gods. =)
c) Thaumaturgy Ritual Level 1: Communicate with Sire.
The thrall cannot use this ritual.

B:Please also note that your character's Nature will greatly
effect the ability to break the bond. A Child or Fanatic may
not be able to break the bond while, a Conniver, Deviant,
or Loner can break it a little easier than most

B: Breaking the bond:
1: Character must have ST approval.
2: Must be role-played.
3: It cannot be done with posts.
4: No Short-cuts.
5: Cannot be purchased with Xp.

ll: Breaking the blood bond by becoming Sabbat.

A: The Character must submit to the Tzimisce Ritual, Vaulderie,
Creation Rites.

B: No short cuts. This isn't always the best way to go and
definitely not the safest.

C: The Character must drink from the bowl 3 times as in blood bonding.
3 separate nights -24 hours apart.
1:If your character has drank from his Regnant more than three times
a) The Sabbie Candidate must drink an equal amount of times at Vaulderie.
6 points of blood each time
Roll 1 - 10 sided die if you score less than 6 you must drink an
Extra night for each failure.
b) If your character drank 5 times then s/he must drink on 5
separate occasions.

D: The blood in that bowl must come from 5 Sabbat members.

E: Afterwards the new Sabbat candidate must roll do determine
his or her vinculum or blood bond to the pack.
Roll 1 - 10 sided die Add 2 to the Score that is your vinculum rating
The maximum vinculum rating is 10
Keep it a Secret ! Shhhhhhh!

III. Breaking the Blood bond through other means.

While some would argue the bond cannot be broken we find that to be well, horse pucky.
Mages, Changelings, Demons, Tremere and even Mortals possess ways to break the bond.
It's not easy but it can be done and yep the rules above apply to however you choose to
break the hold the Regnant has over the Thrall.

The Regnant's Powers over the Thrall

The Regnant :

1) Can dominate the thrall ONLY if the thrall can hear the Regnant
~ no eye contact necessary. The Regnant MUST roll to use
Dominate IFF the Regnant HAS the discipline.

2 ) Sense the Mood and Emotions of the Thrall.
These are strong emotions & Moods ONLY. Rage/ Lust for power,
person, or object / Terrified/ Profound Grief/ Intense Joy / Severe

3) Knows where the Thrall is IFF s/he has held the bond over a long
period of time or can sense if the Thrall is in extreme danger and
use the blood bond as a homing device to find the thrall.

Regnant rolls the following dice
Perception + alert 3 successes to know specifics of the danger
Perception + alert (or empathy or search) Diff 8 to locate the
Thrall. Again 3 or more successes.

4 )May NOT order the Thrall to do something that is against her
innate nature.
Simply put if its something the thrall wouldn't do under any
circumstances the Regnant can't make the thrall do it.

The Thralls Lot :

The Thrall

1) Can Resist Dominate.
roll WP Successes must be greater than or equal to the
number of times the thrall has drank from the Regnant The ST
decides the length of time from one turn to one scene.

2 ) Can attack his regnant.
Must roll WP each turn of combat to get the nerve to burn on WP
point per turn in addition to the regular combat rolls.

Successes must be equal to the number of times the thrall has
drank from the Regnant. Once your character is out of Wp
s/he must stop fighting or dodging and mindlessly obey the
Regnant untill s/he regains Wp.

3) Can prevent the Regnant from sensing the Thrall's moods and
emotions by rolling self control.
1 successes = 15 minutes
2 successes = 1hour
3 successes = 4 hours
4 successes = 7 hours
5 successes = until end of scene ( one night of play.)

5) Can block the Regnant from locating the Thrall.
Roll Stamina + stealth ( u must have this on your sheet to use it )
Diff 8 successes must equal the amount of times the thrall has
drank from the Regnant.
The Regnant will know the thrall is attempting to do this.

6) May not like the Regnant but will do what the Regnant asks.

7) Is obsessed in one way or another about his or her Regnant.

8 ) Will rush to protect the Regnant.

9) Must roll self control or Wp and burn one wp per
15 minutes to resist drinking again from the Regnant.