Some things that might be helpful to the Newbie. Keep Checking back often on this page because we'll keep adding lots of groovy helpful information for all the genres.

Almost every one in Ireland By Night (IBN) will be happy to help you and will answer questions. We enjoy helping people learn this game and learn some basic computer skills to help you play better.

This is a list of basic chat room roleplaying syntax: (big word for stuff). The examples are in orange.

- are used around out of character statements. ((Goodnight all.))

::action:: - used to denote characters movements. ::walks to the bar and takes a seat::

<< story teller interjection>> - also non playing characters (NPC"s) these are used to make the story more intersting
<> please note that these symbols make a message disappear in AIM chat rooms.

## power## - denotes the use of a supernatural advantage discipline, ability, merit of flaw. You can do this a few different ways. You can list say the power and the level of it.

##obtenbration 3## -Or you can simply say the power itself. Either way is sufficant. ##nightshades##

The Dice Command.
We use only 10 sided dice in this game. (don't forget the little dashes, they are important). Example: You wanted to roll 3, 10 sided dice. You would type this as you would anything else, and send it to the chat.
//roll-dice3-sides10 The online host will say that your Screen name roled 3, 10-sided dice and it will tell you each number you got from each roll.

Figuring out the dice pool:
So now you've got the command down and you're scratching your head wondering what ability goes with what attribute for which discipline. Never fear -we too have that problem often... so here's a handy dandy cheet sheet .

So ya wanna use a blade
And look ready cool in text...here's sometips on Fencing.

Don't know what a Methuselah is?-- Diab-la-what?--- What the heck did that mean?
Click here: Lexicon -VtM Dictionary

Stuck making up your character's history and CS?
Try answering these questions.

Its a Blue Klingon with horns! -Angus passes out on the floor- Changeling Lexicon

Acronyms you will see used regularly:

AFK away from keyboard LOL laughing out loud
BRB be right back LMAO laughing my ass off
BBL be back later m mutter
BBS be back soon OOC

out of character

BtB by the book ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)
eg evil grin ROR rules of the road
g grin s. soft, softly
GMTA great minds think alike TIA thanks in advance
HTH hope this helps TTFN ta-ta for now
IC in character ty thank you
IMHO in my humble oppinion vqsw very soft quiet whisper
IMNSHO in my not so humble oppinion w whisper
IRL in real life weg wicked evil grin
j/k just kidding wb welcome back
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