Happy Holidays to One and All.

Welcome to: Andrea, Naz, James, Keith, Michael, Chaz, Alex & Rob

What happened to Ireland by Night? Didn't it start?
Besides choosing to start at the begining of the holiday season, Duncan Mun's computer is not working ( A Moment of Silence for his Mother Board, please.) Tomas Mun is busy and I've come up against some interesting we've put off starting the game.

Ireland by Night will start on Monday Night, January 5th at 7pm PST.
( Hopefully our illustrious and infamous prince will be with us by then) The website is coming along...
Business pages are going up slowly... site map lists some of the businesses in town.
Game info is up for the vampire genre.

Wow small emailing list. Why?

We want to start with a small core group of players develope a strong SL then start inviting friends to join. If IBN stays small cool... or if it grows that's also fine. IBN is not in competition with other online games.

Will you accept my character as is?

  • Read the Character Creation Rules.
  • Provide a good background for your character.
    characters will not be accpeted without backgrounds/histories that reflect in detail their character sheet. Timeline backgrounds are perfectly acceptable.
  • Be prepared to negotiate.
  • Existing Characters tweek your sheets as needed.
  • New Characters.
    • Vamp Charries will find those stats here.
    • Werewolves: max stats: Rank 1-3 Renown 1-3 - 100 freebies
    • Mage max stats: Arete 2-4 -100 freebie points.
    • Changeling max stats TBA.
  • Chances are we will be asking you to ADD points to your character sheet.

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The Sts of IBN make every attempt to approve sheets and not to ask you the player to reduce your CS after it has been accepted.

However, if there is something on your sheet that does not work well with the game or prevents you from joining scenes we will be happy to discuss possible solutions with you. Sometimes a character just does not work in that unlikely event, we will ask you to create another character.

What's a throw away charrie?
These are the pawns/soldiers/ cannon fodder of the Ancients and Elders. They are in addition to the charries you already have in IBN. The stats to make this charrie are found here
These charries also gain XP from play just as your regular characters do.

Why should I make one?

Hmm, good question. Most Elders and Ancients have childer, retainers, ghouls etc that would be tossed into battle first. It is not likely the Old ones would enter direct combat, but it does happen. If you want to risk your elders or ancient characters, go right ahead and send them into combat. However we strongly advise that you make one of these charries, (pull a ready made one out of a source book) for nights we are in the mood to rock and roll. You do not have to participate in Combat scenes.

Anyhow think that's it for now...

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