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The first rule of Ireland by Night: Duncan Valen is God. =) we understand this and accept it.


Our rules of conduct are short and sweet.

Treat all players with respect and courtesy. No flaming in IMs, Emails or in Chatrooms. OOC bashing will not be tolerated. Gossips will be banned from the game. No passing of ims without the permission of both parties involved that's like taping a personal conversation and playing it for someone else -don't do it.

Remember: It’s only a game

If your character is embarrassed by a peer, a plot falls apart, if a rival wins the day-- it's just a game. Don’t take things too seriously, as that will spoil not only your fun but also the fun of everyone around you. Leave the game behind when it ends.

And have fun!

Not “win.” Not "Go out and kill everyone else". Just have fun, because in Masquerade its not about how the game ends, its about everything that happens to you along the way.

Any player causing disturbances or breaking the rules will be asked to leave the game immediately and not allowed return.

Ohh yeah one more thing using OOC information will get you tossed from the game after a 2nd warning, 3 times your out! If you would like torque, vexx or otherwise piss off the Sts unravel a good SL with OOC info. Grrrrr!!

No exceptions.

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"Combat is the usual intent behind Physical Challenges. Essentially, combat involves two characters in "physical" conflict. The players agree what the outcome of the challenge will be, each player bids an appropriate Trait  and the contest is resolved, determining the victor. The following rules allow for variances to those basic rules, such as situations using surprise or weapons.

The agreed outcome of a Physical Challenge usually involves the loser being injured. This is not, however, the only result possible. For instance, you could say that you want to wrest a weapon from your opponent's hands or that you are trying to trip him. The result can be nearly anything the two parties agree upon, whether that's simply raking someone with claws or dramatically throwing someone through a window. The results may also be diffent for both participants."

From WW's M.E.T "The Masquerade" Page 87

Simply put you need to talk things over with the intended victim. Agree on the outcome of the battle for whomever looses the contest.


There are somethings that can not be resolved without combat, death a character may happen as a result of it. IF this fight is agreed upon by the character's muns, then take it to a private room. Log it & have an ST in attendance if possible. Use WW rules. Free Form will not be accepted for a death match /final death.

This type of combat must be cleared with the STs first and discussed with the Mun's involved before proceeding. Any violation of this rule will result in being invited to leave the game.

If a character/mun continuously violates the rules or is purposely disruptive to play an NPC Justicar will drop the character into Torpor till the matter can be reviewed by the STs.

The STs have the final say.


Aggravated Damage: From Claws, Knives, Swords, Fetishes,Talismen, Magic, Cantrips, Gifts, Disciplines or Arts etc.. , are limited to + 2 damage.

Explosive devices, Incinerary devices, Fire, Sun Light and Silver still does the same aggravated damage as listed in the various game and source books. When WW information conflicts use the lowest aggravated damage listed.


This means the big swords we are all so fond of, chain mail, guns, hand granades rifles, shotguns etc ...If you produce them in public the civilians are going to freak, run for cover just like IRL. The NPC cops might carry you away to jail (The Sts will make the call). This doesn't mean ya cant use weapons it just makes it a bit more of a challenge because you must take care that the mortals do not see your weapons

MILITARY CLASS WEAPONS: vehicles, aircraft, water craft equipment and heavy artillary -Must have Story teller approval

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Before using one of them against any character discuss it before the scene with the mundane of the targeted character. Make sure that the person understands what your character intends to do. The character targeted must that consequences may follow if it is refused.


VAMPIRES/WEREWOLVES: know Mortals on site (unless they have the merit Pale Aura).What they DO NOT KNOW is if the Mortal is a hunter, mage or has a fae seeming. A roll needs to be made to find out after sometime has been spent trying to figure them out.

MORTALS- MAGES - CHANGELINGS discovering a Vamp,Werewolf, Were Critter, Mummy etc. Sorry but ya cant recognize them on site ~ some are using abilites/or disciplines to masq themselves even from other supernatuals.
Perception+ Specialized knowledge. (ie kindred ,garou,) ~Diff of 9 ~ Minimum of 3 sucesses.
~~ 1 sucess if they broke the masq infront of the character rolling perception. It has to be logged and a St must b present.

ALL characters need to check the site for Crossover rules and modifications.

Equipment such as IR glasses :
The user must announce that he/she is using a device. A roll of Perception +Science ~ Diff of 8 to determine the degree of shading that is evident.
The usual rating of sucesses
1 means ~um oops mortal.
3 means ~your are pretty sure its a vamp .
5 absolutly no doubt.

Recognizing the Fae or other critters check da boards for updates, and rule modifications.

The Immortals recognize each other but perception or the appropriate rolls have to be made to discover more such as type, motive, aura etc.

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The different types of supernatural races all have an ELYSIUM equivalent. Respect the law of the area declared as neutral ground. Donot commit any form of Violence or destroy Art, Nature or whatever is declared as sacred.

There will be consequences for violation of these place.


" The rules of the Elysium are quite simple. No violence is permitted on the premises against other Kindred, immortals, mortals, or physical objects. On pain of final death, no art is to be destroyed. Elysium is considered neutral ground, with no conflicts between Kindred or other beings are allowed. Thus, while intrigue and verbal sparring can be quite fierce, it cannot escalate to the point of violence. "(From VtM 2nd Ed )

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IBN was created to be a haven for our characters that cannot play anywhere else because the characters have become too powerful. The core group of players have had these characters in play since 1995 often playing together in other chronicals with newer characters. To those returning welcome and Huzzah! the Retirees hath returneth.

Characters of 4-6 Generation or over 2000 years in existance should not be involved in direct combat unless s/he is an Assamite or True Black Hand. You should have pawns ( Throw-Away Charries standard creations rules) to do your dirty work.
Ancients, Methuselahs and Elders are truely a challenge to play correctly.

Any player of this caliber who abuses their power will be asked to leave the game.

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Torpor is a deathlike sleep common among the undead, particularly among ancient vampires. Torpor may be entered voluntarily or involuntarily (through wounds or loss of blood). Vampires may ignore the nightly need for blood, as they are effectively in hibernation.

Torpor from Loss of Blood: Characters with zero blood points begin to loose health levels each time the rules call for them to spend blood. This when a vampire falls below Incapacitated in this fashion, she enters torpor. There they will remain until someone feeds her at least one blood point of blood. If this happens they may rise (see Awakening below), regardless of their humanity rating. This revivification works ONLY for vampires who enter torpor from blood loss. A vampire with zero blood must be fed before being able to awaken.

Torpor from Wounds Suffered: When a vampire falls below Incapacitated from wounds inflicted, they enter torpor. Once in torpor, a character remains dormant for a period of time depending on her Humanity rating. Sabbat characters use their Path of Enlightenment rating to determine the length of torpor. Vampires who enter torpor due to wounds must rest for a period depending on their humanity/path rating (see table).

Following the period of rest, the character may spend a blood point and make an Awakening roll (see Awakening below) for them to rise.

    Humanity-Path /Topor Length
  • 10/1 day
  • 9/3 days
  • 8/1 week
  • 7/2 weeks
  • 6/1 month
  • 5/1 year
  • 4/1 decade (10 years)
  • 3/5 decades
  • 2/1 century (100 years)
  • 1/5 centuries
  • 0/Millennium+

Torpor - Voluntary: How often has we told ourselves, "I wish I could fall asleep, and wake up in 100 years to a better time?" Well, vampires can do this. This state resembles the character's normal daily rest, but is deeper form of slumber and should not be entered into lightly. A vampire in voluntary slumber may rise after HALF the mandatory time period for involuntary torpor, but must make an Awakening roll to do so.

Awakening: The vampire must make a Humanity/Path roll (difficulty 8) and attain 5 success to awaken. If the awakening roll is failed, the character may try again the following night, adding those success to the previous to reach 5. A botch at anytime deducts all success and the player must start awakening rolls over, beginning the following night.

Mortals and Ghouls have NO torpor rating, they simply die.

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All of the Characters have some sort of Code. In all of the codes of conduct runs a thread of similarity. Keep the mortals and other Supernatural beings from knowing what your character is whether she be a Faery, Garou, Kindred  or some flavor  or mortal. If your character is Mortal keep the superanturals from knowing your secrets.

Respect the secrets of the Supernatural beings. Take care when you speak in public places you never know who will hear you...even in the Elysiums.

All players are expected to keep the Masquerade. This simply means if you are not Kindred but you are somehow associated with them that you speak in quiet whispers (qw) in all things regarding the Kindred. If you have a mortal friend, lover, ward or associate keep it secret from most the Kindred in the game. etc etc

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The Ban Sidhe -  or how Kidwyn looks after an in room rules debate. -grinzZ-RULE MONGERING AND IN GAME RULES DISCUSSION:

::Kidwyn pulls out her soap box and stands on it:: - "ah hem"
The story will out weigh and limit the rules 98.9%time. WW rules are not the final say. THE ST"S ARE. Rules serve as a guideline, and can be changed to suit the needs of the game~provided that the rule(s) changed are consistant and the same for all characters in the game

If you are caught up in the rules and think they are written in stone I invite you read the following that is included most if not all of White Wolf game and source books:

"Remember that in the end there is only one real rule in Vampire: there are no rules. You should fashion this game into whatever you need it to be-- if the rules get in your way , then ignore or change them. In the end, the true complexity and beauty of the real world cannot be captured by rules, it takes storytelling and imagintion to do that. Indeed,these rules are not so much rules as they are guidelines and you are free to use, abuse,ignore and change them as you wish."

I'm not advocating a total disreguard for the rules. Rules provide order. In Combat, sparing, etc. When provided with the rule, the book & page, The rules will most likely apply.

Given a choice between creative license and the rules the rules can stand to bend some.


If you disagree with a an ST's call please discuss it in IMs or take it to a Private Room or talk to one of us via phone. DO NOT DISRUPT THE SCENE. EVERYONE makes mistakes from time to time.  We can work it out.

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You are free to create and run them as you see fit, following the guidelines below. Involve one group or all.
Please send the details.  During play you are responsible to keep the STs informed about what is going on.
Send email and logs of play. Do not keep your Friendly neighborhood ST's in the dark.

  • No Gehenna plots -yet. We have to review the new books as they come out.
  • No Demonic take overs of a group of people . ~ one or two people is kewl, with detailed plot line.
  • True faith merit or Numina ~needs ST approval for use.
  • No Hack and slash

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