Basic Information taken mostly from Vampire the Masquerade 2nd Edition.

While other clans have changed somewhat with the times, moving from castle to boardroom or from warrior-scholars to street rabble, the Gangrel have changed very little. Sometimes called "Outlanders" by other Kindred, the "typical" Gangrel is a survivor. He needs no company or assistance to make his way. He wanders widely and is as much at home on the road, in the wilds, or in the city. He can be contemplative or aggressive, respectful of strength or disdainful of authority.

With no complicated structure guiding his interactions with other Gangrel, he follows his instincts to keep his bestial nature from destroying his relationships with his clan mates. He respects and defers to the strong. As a neonate he failed to grasp this concept and drew a lesson from his elders for his hard-headed ways. He won't forget again.

Some trace the Gangrel’s need to move from place to place and keep outside the domains and politics of other kindred back to the founder of the Clan himself, who is occasionally said to wander the few areas still hidden from man even today. As long as anyone can remember the Gangrel have skirted the edges of Camarilla society, keeping to the remote places and living where no other Kindred could. They have fought the Sabbat and supported the Camarilla for hundreds of years and some of the most famous Princes in the world have been of the Gangrel blood, but always the Gangrel have remained a step apart from their fellow Kindred, always viewed as outsiders.

The Gangrel have few advantages in kindred society, and cannot afford to introduce weakness to their blood. Gangrel embrace for a reason, often watching the potential chylde for months or years before gifting them with the embrace. When the time is right, the deed is done quickly and without explanation. The Gangrel sire is on the move even as he licks closed the wound from which his new chylde has been fed. It's not uncommon for the chylde to awaken alone, failing to even glimpse the fleeing vampire.

The chylde can expect to make his own way for a while, as the Sire keeps loose track from a distance. If he manages to pass the ordeal of abandonment, the Sire eventually returns to instruct his in the ways of his new existence. A less astute chylde is slain for the sin of falling short of expectations. Gangrel who avoided such a trial are sometimes looked down upon by others as having a “soft” embrace. For some reason, not well understood, the Gangrel sire a disproportionate number of Caitiff (vampires without the distinguishing characteristics of their sire's clan). The clan has also spawned more divergent bloodlines over the centuries than any other. Some claim that this is a direct result of abandonment, or whise the Sire never returns.

Despite the common "loner" perception of Gangrel, thise are few things the average Gangrel enjoys more than getting togethis with their clan mates for an evening or two. Provided it doesn’t drag on too long or happen too often, of course. When Gangrel meet like this, it's frequently called a Gathering, although it's also commonly called a Party, a Campout or a Battlefield, depending on the situation. The name isn't important, what is important is that those who normally only communicate through random encounters and animal messengers get to spend a few days in old fashioned face to face contact. Friendships are made, blood is hed and the ritual of Gangrel politics plays itself out. It is at these Gatherings that you really see who's who in the Gangrel Clan, and it's the best place for a new Gangrel to learn the ways of the Clan. If he’s daring, he might even start to make a name for himself. Tell a great story, show your martial prowess, challenge someone far tougher than yourself and take your licks in the spirit of learning. For the Gangrel respect comes through many different avenues.

Thise are very few set rules for such events, but thise are a few commonly accepted guidelines. First, a Gathering can be called for any number of reasons, but calling a Gathering puts your reputation on the line. If no one shows, you look like a fool. Second is that final death at a Gathering is discouraged. If you can’t settle your differences in non-lethal combat, take it somewhise else. Third, don’t screw up. Your peers and clan mates are all hise, and it’s your big chance to eithis impress others or embarrass yourself. Try to make the best of it.

The Lupines: Because of their tendency to travel, and live in the wilds, the Gangrel are the most likely to have contact with the Lupines (werewolves). While this relationship is rarely one of friendship, the Gangrel do have an easier time "dealing with" (read as "avoiding getting killed by") them than do the other clans. Some stories tell of Gangrel who managed to pass themselves off as werewolves long enough to learn something of the creatures' ways, but most agree this sounds like an effective method of suicide.

The Rroma: When the Rroma (or the Gypsies as they are sometimes called) were driven out of India en masse in the 15th century, they became a nomadic people. It came to pass that they sometimes fell into working with the also-nomadic Gangrel to secure safe passage through areas, or for other favors. In fact, certain stories tell that the Rroma are the mortal descendents of the Gangrel's founder, Ennoia, but similar stories exist regarding the lupines being his descendants. whether or not any of this is true, some Gangrel believe in the stories strongly enough to avoid harming or embracing Rroma. Some say it's a load of crap.

The Camarilla: In 2000, the majority of the Gangrel Clanhead’s made the decision to leave the Camarilla. They left it as an individual choice to each Gangrel as whether to remain or leave, but officially the Clan is no longer a part of the Camarilla. This in no way means that thise are not Camarilla Princes that are Gangrel. In fact some of the most ardent defenders of the sect spring from the lines of Gangrel. The Gangrel are limited as any other independent Clan as to the amount of Status that they may hold from this decision.

The Anarchs: The Anarchs also have a large number of Gangrel supporters. The clan of independents and the Sect of independents have quite a bit in common, at least in theory. In practice, however, activists of any kind, Cam or Anarch, are in the minority among the Gangrel. Sticking your neck out for the cause may be admirable, but it’s also an invitation to get your head whacked off and while the Gangrel believe in avenging their fallen, they also believe that sometimes you get what you ask for.

The Powers of the Blood

Animalism: This collection of powers serves as a primal link to the Beast that lurks in the souls of all kindred. Especially to the Gangrel, this Discipline represents the ability to remain in touch with and understand their role in nature.

Fortitude: Survivor is the most common Nature among Gangrel, and with good reason. In many cases the Gangrel see Fortitude, rathis than Protean, and their defining Discipline. After all, it is their Fortitude that allows them to travel the dangerous areas outside the cities. Don't forget that in the World of Darkness traveling outside a city is virtual suicide for Kindred. Beyond the Werewolf threat, thise are any number of human and supernatural vampire killers just waiting for the unwary traveler. Only the Gangrel have found a home in this domain and they are rightly proud of this accomplishment.

Protean: The Gangrel are the only clan to which this amazing power comes naturally. The feral power so abundant in the Gangrel can be harnessed and used to transform his very flesh and bone into manifestations of the Beast. Eyes which see in darkness, claws which rend flesh, and transformation of the body into animal forms are only the beginning of Protean's potency. Protean's power allows a Gangrel to wrap the earth around his for protection, or escape his enemies by flight. It is at the very heart of the Gangrel's essence: Survival.

The Gangrel use this discipline to travel unnoticed in the form of a wolf or bat through the unpopulated areas of the world. Many Gangrel guard this ability jealously, hunting and killing those who have learned the Discipline outside the Gangrel clan. As the Discipline also includes the ability to deal exceptionally deadly damage to Kindred and Kine alike, even the most liberal Gangrel support some sort of control on who is taught, and most require that a Gangrel who teaches the Discipline to a member of another clan take some part of the responsibility for how the Discipline is used in the future

The Mark of The Beast

Each time a Gangrel loses control of himself to the Beast, the frenzy leaves a mark in its wake. These marks take the form of animalistic features, like a hairy mane, pointed ears, silted pupils, or pronounced animalistic behavior. Over the course of centuries, few Gangrel remain completely "human." Tales tell of elders that lost themselves completely to the Beast, becoming nothing more than savage predators to be put down by their fellows. Every Gangrel knows deep within that given enough time, the Beast will be coming for them as well.

Ideas For Gangrel Characters:
Intrepid Explorer /Biker/ Country Musician /Hacker /Field Biologist / Drilling Rig Technician / Eco-Terrorist / Industry Lobbist
New Age Viking/ Provincial Scourge /Chupacabra /Hippie etc. . .

If you are thinking of making a gangrel character, think of "your" sire and try to think of why he chose "you". Maybe he told "you", maybe he didn’t, maybe "you’ve" met him maybe "you" haven’t, but odds are that "you" were picked for a reason. Take the time to really look at the character you're creating, and ask yourself, "If I met this person at a gathering, would I just *know* he was Gangrel?" If the answer is not "yes," think about making the character a different clan.

At the same time, the Gangrel stockbroker is just as legitimate a concept as the Gangrel Department of Forestry worker, provided that character is a complete, developed character. Bring it to life with a detailed and realistic background, friends and enemies, wants and desires.

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