Raevnell Aubergine Darque was reborn Midsummer's day 1964. He was born into a relatively common beginnings until the Return. It was then his eyes were opened to his true Fae Spirit as his Chrysalis changed him that late Summer of '69. Shortly after the Accordance War his parents were killed in an strange accident. A lawsuit on this accident, arranged by a Sidhe lord on Raevnell's behalf, made sure his future would be at least monetarily secure. Then this wealthy and powerful Sidhe lord took the newly orphaned young Sidhe Raevnell under his wing.

He was trained as in his house, Gwydion, from these early days of a 7 year old Childling. He was treated as a noble Squire would have been in ages long ago. Being taught courtly etiquette, the ways of noble leadership, the use of sword and armor, and the art of horsemanship including mounted combat. Such is the way of Gwydion, so it was with Raevnell. This was his private education with the rare contact with the Banal world outside his Lord's Freehold.

As he grew older and near the time of accepting his noble and birthright title, something of a loss stirred within him. A reminder of days past, of his Sidhe past, of a Lady he was bonded with and how he swore an Oath of Truehearts to her. This burned within him as he sought answers to Her and where She might be in this age. He turned his seekings into the Dreaming. Spending more and more time within that realm.

Other Gwydion raised an eyebrow at this young lords' obsession. Surely such could wait awhile, for it had been 600 years, and right now Raevnell had a new duty to his house now. This brought Raevnell to wrath against his only family he knew and turned away from them in his seeking of Her. They gave him the namesake, the Forsaken, as he willingly turned to the Unseelie, and even rumored, of the Shadow Court for help in this personal quest. His heart, his will and his sword will ever serve Gwydion, the Sidhe, and all the Commoner Kith, but he shall forevermore be a Dark Falcon to his own house.

Raevnell sought Her for nearly 20 years until the events of the  fall of 97 have brought him to full memory of the Lady Kydwyn. Through his Dreaming searches and contacts in the Shadow Court he was able to at last find his long lost Kydwyn. With subtle magics and meetings he worked to win her back to his side and back to her Sidhe blood. At last the time was right, Kydwyn and Raevnell escaped the clutches of Duncan Valen and his own brother, Lord Alexander Gilland . The Lady Kydwyn has been fully restored to her Sidhe heritage during their shared adventures .

Character and Storyline created by: Kidwyn and R.Hardgrove © 1997
Images by Luis Royo

The Midi on this Page is : The Celts by Enya
Sequencer Unknown

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