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Caer Redwoods:
The Northern Palace
of Pacifica

Caer Redwood is perhaps best known as the home of the Cauldron Pool, a natural stone pool said to have once touched been by the Cup of Dreams itself. The pool * is pleasantly warm and bubbles come up from some underwater vent giving the impression that it is boiling.

The Cauldron Pool is said to have both healing and prophesying powers. It is also said that queen can heal anyone whom is immersed in it. Located in a redwood forest near Mill Valley, the Northern Keep of the Queen of Pacifica is hidden in a rough, overgrown, thickly forested area.

It is very hard to find in perpetual mists. It is protected by archers posted on platforms grown into the sides of the trees. The now -elite Redwood Archers have made a reputation for themselves by melting out of the greenery and peppering attacking forces with dozens of sharp tooth-arrows before fading back into the trees.

Polished petrified wood does not catch fire easily. Description: The central keep is a single stump of a giant redwood that has petrified over the centuries. It's rooms and hallways were carved out by patient boggan and nocker stonemasons. Because of the potential for fire in the forest, open flames are not permitted at Caer Redwood. Instead visitors collect their own glamour rush lights (the shells of chimeric glow beetles caught in crystal globes) to light their way through the hallways and tunnels within the Caer.

The dinning area is a lichen chamber, where thousands of crystalline shelf lichen transforms every word spoken into a music note of pleasing tone and quality and dinners are served with reddish clear-resin plates and cups. The Queen's own room is tunneled directly into what would have been the heartwood of the old, incredibly giant redwood stump. Every petrified interior surface is polished to a mirror -bright surface. The floors are strewn with pine needles for decoration, aroma and traction.

The Grand Ballroom of Trees is a great platform secured high above the forest floor by tremendously thick braided root-fibers sealed in resin. The canopy of the forest serves as roof to the great ballroom. Guests arrive by the stairs grown into the sides of one of the supporting trees, by winged chimera or through the complex pulley and counterweight system devised by the queen's nocker Engineer Corps. (Who incidentally also built the ballroom itself and currently occupied devising to correct their original design to keep the supporting trees from falling over.)

"From Immortal Eyes: The Toy Box" A Changeling the Dreaming Sourcebook From White Wolf Publications.
*Extra successes are granted by the waters of the pool for healing and prophesying.*

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