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Daegan O'Rourke

Cassius Augustan
Dr.Khanada Cates
Michael Youngblood
Rebecca Youngblood
Christopher Hoyt
Robyn MacAllister
Dom Marcell
Stormy OBrien Daniel Ni WintersHeart
Mike Biehn Siabhra
Rufio Alyssa Valen
Tess Kahalo Lydia O Conor
Tomas Ferentti
Vincent Marl
Julian Toros Onyx Monkey
Blade Xavier Sindy Beanie
Lady Kidwyn's Friends and other Demon's Page

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Some of the Characters listed on this page have pages on Lady Kydwyn's WebSite - Those characters are the creation of other players please contact them before copying their works. Thanks!. All of my personal Characters (Pc and Npc) are listed on the Kudos and Credits page.