Welcome to Kidwyn's new home on the web.
October 2, 2008AOL has decided to close Hometown for good on October 31, 2008. Such a trick eh?- so Kidwyn relocated here. The Site is not completely up and running.
October 10, 2008The Link on her old site leading here is fixed. Many of on this new site do not work or the links lead to old pages.
October 31, 2008Hometown has really closed for good, leaving many to ponder why we paid so much for so long.. On the possitive side, Kid's site needed to be redesigned and updated.
November 2, 2008Kidwyn's new front page is completed.
November 10, 2008The Vamp Fest page is completed. I hope to add more pages for VampFest as old friends send their memories and images. Plans to add pages for ELYSIUM are in the works - I recently found the boxes of old 3.5 diskettes and I'm crossing my fingers that the files are still in tact.
November 26, 2008Still working.
November 27, 2008Happy Thanksgiving
December 25, 2008Happy Holidays. Nothing new added yet.