Kali is a love chyld of the 60's. She grew up with her mother in the Haight Asbury district of San Francisco. Some of her mom's freind's claim Kali is the daughter of a famous musician. Kali doesn't much care one way or the other. He didn't care enough to help with the bills let alone spend time with her.

Kali rebeled against authority early..school sure as hell wasn't her bag either. Kali's grandpa a retired Berkly professor designed a curriculum that was more suited to Kali's personality. Her Mom and Grandmother taught her the hearth wisdom of their ancestors. Common sense, family myths as well as the lore of India and America . Granny taught her practical herbalism 101 and how to use them for cures and amulets - and how to grow her own weed. The old lady kept a distillery/brewery in the basement under the old victorian house. Pretty good brew too..,and a table wine that beat any in Napa or Sonoma. Kali produced her first wine when she was 9. it took a blue ribbon at the State fair in Sacramento -Juniors exihibition.

Kali takes things apart and puts them back together again the way some kids do puzzels. Needing a bigger challenge and with The Idiots Manuel to Volkswagon repair - you know the one - on page 12 it says "This is a wrench ." "This is a screw driver." "This is a socket wrench." "Always keep a big hammer near by." And explains the finner points of duct tape. Kali lit into fixing up her mom's classic 1953 1/2 -micro mini camper van. Still fairly nice on the outside even if it was rattle can psychodelic over chartruse with the big 60s' flowers on the sides and the concert and national park stickers on the back window. The inside was homey with love beads strung for a divider between the drivers seats and the living area.

At least her Mom knew where she was for the next few months... In Gramps garage learning math, science, abit of physics - even a smidge of history doing engine repair.

Kali also hung with a medieval role playing group over in Golden Gate Park. It was there she learned a bit of the hearth lore of the ages, rudimentary hunting and falconry skills.

On Kali's 18th birthday - lightening struck - the family curse...they all hoped she would avoid. Kali began prophecizing coming events... the floods of 86 ...then the San Fransico earthquake 89 the warnings so clear and frightening she tried to tell the proper authorities of what she had seen... she knew the Cypress freeway would collapse even a close guess of how many would die - 42...then the man who lived for 8 days died... making it 43. The city fathers brushed her off as a kook. There were other enigmatic "messages" that Kali has yet to figure out.

It was just to much for her - on her 21st birthday in 89. packed up the VDub and set out on a quest to find someone who better understood her "wonderful" gift. She headed north to the Ashton, Oregon for the Shakespearian festival...it was there that Kali met up with fate. One night while playing her guitar and singing to make some traveling cash she met a a man with a feral appearance...he dropped a bill or two in her guitar case then invited her to dinner.... The Gangrel embraced her leaving her soon after to fend for herself facing the "becomming" alone. Kali moved northward struggling with being one of the undead until she ran into Kat's hunting party on Mount Raineer.

Kali learned to survive from Kat Tarannis. The old mountain woman adopted her teaching the ways of Clan Gangrel and the Sisterhood. Sometimes in ways Kali felt was cruel - till she had to call upon those disciplines and they worked without her having to think much about them.

Now one of the Sisterhood of The Valkeries - the death angel was sent to deliever a wayward favored child of a tremere back to the maker. Eric, the Sire of the now extinquished child ritualized Kali's V'Dub windows in partial repayment of the boon owed her. " You can never trust those damned Warlocks." Kali said to Kat, when retelling the story... "So I had sunproof window coverings made..".

Kali moved to Perth on the advice of an old friend..

Vampire the Masquerade
Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 10th
Sire: Unknown
Nature: Suvivor
Demeanor: Sensualist
Sect: Camarilla? Anarch?

Date of Birth: 6-28-69
Date of Death: 1989
Apparent Age: 21
True Age: 39
Nationality: Indian (India)
Race: Kindred
Gender: Female
Wt: 110lbs
Ht: 5'0"
Eyes:Amber Green.
Hair: Raven
Haven: 1953 1/2 -micro mini VW camper van
Strength 2
Stamina 3
Dexterity 4
Charisma 3
Manipulation 2
Appearance 4
Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 3
Alert 3
Athletics 1
Brawl 2
Dodge 4
Empathy 2,
Intimidation 1
Animal Ken 2
Drive 3
Etiquette 2
Firearms 1
Melee 2
Performance 3
Repair 4
Stealth 1

Investigation 1
Law 1
Linguistics 1
Medicine 2
Occult 2

Secondary Abilities
Cost: I/2 point at Creation 1 freebie point after.
Carousing 2
Brewing/Distil 3
Panhandling 2
Sense Deception 3
Masquerade 2
Falconry 1
Hunting 2
Ride 2
Meditation 3
Hearth Wisdom 3
Herbalism 2
Morality/Humanity= (Conviction + Self-Control)- Age.
Will Power total of courage dotss+ freebies. WP cannot exceed 10.


Animalism 1
Celerity 1
Protean 4
Fortitude 1

Generation 3
Age 1
Herd 1
Contacts 2

Conviction 3
Self -Control 4
Courage 4
Morality/Humanity: 7Will Power: 8Blood Pool: 15
Merits: Flaws:
Prophetic ability 4pt
Sanctity 2pt: adds 2 dice for any roll to try to tell if kali is lieing,
Baby Face 2pt
  Light sensitivity 5-,
Addiction 3- ( the heathen devil weed. Kali must drink the blood of some one under the influence to maintain at least 2xs a week)