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F. A. Q.

For Inquiring Minds...

Updated: Wenesday, April 30, 2008

1) What is Changeling: The Dreaming?
Changeling: the Dreaming is a complex, challenging game. Changeling the Dreaming was produced by White-Wolf from 1996-2000. White-Wolf abandoned the game, for what ever reasons. And here we still play it.

2) What is a Changeling?
A changeling is one of the Immortal Gods of old, who were displaced by the coming of organized religion and science. Time and persecution turned Mankind from the "Old Ways" and they forgot about the "Old Ones". Those mortals who did not forget either were hunted or became hunters. The Old Ones crossed the veil leaving behind the Commoner Fae and the House of Scathach in Realm of Man. They entered Arcadia, hidden in a realm White Wolf calls"The Dreaming." Once in Arcadia the Sidhe became arrogant, bored and petty. They committed crimes against one another and became exceedingly cruel and so while millions watched Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the Moon, Arcadia spewed their wicked souls back into the Realm of Man -without their true forms or memories to be born and share souls with a mortal, the mortal soul supressed when the Fae come of age -( kinda like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".... without the pods. =). Will the Fae pass the testing of the dreaming and become mortal again?

3) Which books do I need?
You'll need Changeling: the Dreaming, The Players Guide and the Storyteller's Handbook. Since the books are out of print your best bet in finding used and sometimes new books is Amazon.Com, Ebay, Local used book stores and your local comic book stores. PDF copies (scanned copies) try DriveThru RPG as of April 30,2008 most of the books for Changeling the Dreaming are still available there.

4) How do I make a character?
4/30/08- As the Character Creation section is not yet completed and posted, it is a good idea to read this F.A.Q and the Cross Over Rules first and check out the Library Section. Then write background story for your character, then make a Character sheet. Character Sheets must be accompanied by a background (Biography or Timeline style). Files must be submitted in .doc, .rtx, or .txt files. Be preapred to negotiate. Existing Characters may be accepted IFF a background history is provided thatt justifies what is on the Character Sheet.

  • PBN FAE is accepting only Seelie Court Characters.
  • PBN FAE does not accept Antagonist Characters: No Unseelie Court, Shadow Court, Red, White or Green Court Characters.
  • The ST provides enough Bad Guys and Gals to keep your Character very busy.

5) What are Faery Kiths?
In the simplest terms a kith is simular to clan, pack, or tradition- each one has a specific appearance, birthright, birth flaw, art, realm etc that only those belonging to the kith will have.

Kiths are born of legends and folk tales. Each kith has its origins in a particular race or region. Once Faeries were restricted to living among the lands and people of its birth. Modern kiths have transcended those barriers, and now exist throughout the world. Some families have carried faerie blood for generations but changelings are no longer restricted to being born to those families. Fae blood does as it pleases and there is no rhyme or reason to the lineage of the kith. A pair of changeling twins might be born a pooka and a troll. for example then skip several generations. There is no way to predict that a child will be born to faery.

6) What are Gallain?
1.)Dark Kin of the Fae..known as "The Outsiders" "The Others" The Gallain may be Kithan but their origin, customs and magical ways are not understood.
2.) Any inscrutable being of the Dreaming.

7) What are the Arts?
The Arts are various ways to shape Glamour - Faery Magic.

8) What are Realms?
There are two answers to this question:
1) The planes of existance in the game - Realm of Man andThe Dreaming.
2) The aspects of reality the Fae have influence over.

9) What is Fae Society like?
Fae society operates within a Feudal System with Kings, Knights, Barons, Countesses, Dukes, etc. with factions, political traditions, legacies and secret societies . It is the Crusades and Arthurs Court meets the 21st century.

Fae society is divided up into Three major courts courts:

  • The Seelie Court (the Blessed) favor the Old Ways of the Fae and the Dreaming -still true to honor and inspiring humans to be creative and dream dreams. They protect the Dream Realms and the Autumn Realm from the darkness of Endless Winter and the darker beings he Shadow Court would release upon the world.

  • The Unseelie Court (The Cursed) puts Fae before the needs of Mankind. They are the "true rulers of the Earth" without the constraints of the old feudal system mankind is allowed to exist only for the Unseelie's pleasure.

  • The Shadow Court: Strive to protect the past, but at the same time, prepare for a new age. The Midnight Court is an alliance that hides behind the Unseelie court. This alliance believes that The Nobles of the Seelie Court has made a mess of things Faery by surrendering to the Changeling Way and raisng humans on a pedestal of near worship. Their goal is to bring about Endless Winter -even if it means destroying the Seelie Court.

There are many different factions and secret societies -too many to list here.

10) What is Arcadia?

Arcadia is considered the true home and the original paradise by nearly all Changelings. Unfortunately it is Paradise lost.

11) What is Banality?
Anything that removes the wonder from a child's eyes, anything that teaches us not to believe in magic or in faeries is a source of Banality. It describes to what extent the mundane world has tainted the character's ability to dream, and to find wonder in the things around him. Each Changeling has certain things that remind them of this, and hence make the workings of their Enchantments difficult.

When some body says: "I don't believe in faeries" A faery does not fall down and die.

12) A. What is Glamour?
The living force of the Dreaming. Faery Magic.

B. How does a Changeling obtain Glamour?
Through one of the four paths of Ephiphany:
1.) Reverie - inspiring creativity in a mortal dreamer.
2.) Rapture- self-inspiration and creativity.
3.) Ravaging - theft.
4.) Rhapsody-the pathway of destruction.

13) What are the Mists?
The Mists of Forgetfulness protect and hide Changelings from those that would hunt them. The Mists of Forgefulness makes the changelings forget who they really are until they enter areas of where glamour exists. It is created by the Dreaming to protect Danu's children and grandchildren..... when anyone encounters glamour in progress the mists make seem like it was only a dream, each night making the details more and more fuzzy and unclear.

This is not the Vale of Mists. See the Lexicon in the library section.

14) What are the Houses?
When the sidhe returned from Arcadia, they came bearing the banners of thirteen noble houses noble houses that had been gone from Earth for centuries. Only one house of sidhe, House Scathach, remained behind when their brethren fled to Arcadia; they are now considered impure and inferior by most of the new arrivals.

All sidhe characters must belong to one of these houses, and any commoner character who is a servant or other recognized member of a house may write its name and add "(affiliation)" on the line for House. However, commoners do not receive the Boon or Flaw for the house.

In PBN Characters may belong to one of the 9 houses.

15) What is Enchantment?
Enchantment is a spell wherein a Changeling imbues another person orbeing with Glamour thus allowing that target to interact with the Dreaming and making the target more vulnerable to Faerie Magick.

16) What are the Adhene?
The Adhene are Fae made of pure Nightmare. Nobles of the Formorians. When Ravnos, a very powerful vampire, died a large amount of mystical energy was freed throughout reality which unleashed and created the Adhene.

17) What are Agendas?
For the Dauntain (Autumn People) Agendas are the powers that Dauntain have gained through their association with banality. Agendas are soul-killing, dulling, mind-numbing powers that suck the life and vigour out of things. Unlike Fae Magick, Agendas do not require some bunk to activate them and draw their power from the plentiful banality in reality.

18) What is the Rhapsody?
The Rhapsody is forbidden. By Rhapsody one of the Changelings infuses a person with so much glamour, lighting him up like a Roman Candle. The person then must fevertly create his last and greatest form of art work (the Appropriate roll) + number of Glamour points invested. In the end the person is drained permanently of all creativity and independent thought. He will be drained of all glamour by the Changeling.

19) What is the difference between Chimerical and Mundane reality?
Chimerical and Mundane realities overlap each other, they are not seperate places or parallel dimensions. The Mundane world is what you and I see or the mortal characters..However .Small children, Changelings or The Enchanted see The Chimerical overlapping the Mundane. Like rose colored glasses or the way a child sees a closet...in the day its a small room filled with clothes and toys....afterdark it becomes filled with monsters and other frightening things - in the chimerical realm- those monsters may come to life - the monster under your bed is real! There are the extremes of impossible beauty and grotesque monsters. It is the journey down the White Rabbit's hole.

20) What is the Changeling Way Ritual?
It is a process/cantrip/ devised by the fae stranded in the mortal realms after the Shattering. The stranded fae learned through trial and error how to implant their spirits into the bodies of infants and young children, fusing themselves with their hosts mortality without displacing the human soul. By beginning their lives in human flesh changelings could avoid being destroyed by Banality. The draw back was the fae had to force their memories and knowlege of their true nature into stasis until it could safely immerge during Chrysalis.

21) What is Chrysalis ?
The Chrysalis is the metamorphosis that occurs in Changelings that strengthens their Fae Nature while weakening their banality and mortal nature as they venture deeper into the Dreaming. The Daoine Maithe under go tremendous changes magically, mentally, and physically.

22) Who or what are the Lost Ones?
The Lost Ones are the closest relatives to True Fae that exist in the mundane realm-do far as we know. Unlike Kithian, the Lost Ones erected a wall of glamour and power sealing themselves off to a certain spatial location. Lost Ones are tremendously powerful and are easily a match for the most potent Magi or Vampire Elders. Lost Ones have complete control over their own little reality in that location. However, Lost Ones may not leave that location but may easily create servants to spy for them. Many Lost Ones are mad with their years of confinement and their sheer exposure to raw Glamour.

23) What are the the Síocháin?
Changelings who have achieved a balance between Banality and Glamour, between their mortal and fae natures. They
have accepted both entirely and regained their immortality. Perhaps the Síocháin are proof that exile on Earth is to teach the fae to live in both worlds and to balance their faerie and mortal natures. It is the Nobilities fear of death and arrogance that prevents most from accepting their duality and regaining their immortality.

24) Why can't Changelings possess Attributes or Abilties over 5 without Arts or Birthrights?
The answer is simple. All Kithian, and most related Gallain, possess a banal shard. That banal shard gives them mortal limitations to fit in mortal reality. The reason why Chimera and True Fae do not follow this rule is because they do not possess a banal shard.

25) Do True Fae exist in the WOD?
Depends on who you ask. In the source book War in Concordia you'll find they come from Arcadia to help their brothers and sisters in the mortal realm. My personal take... yes, the True fae are here, however they do not advertise the fact they are in the mundane world.

Changeling and other Supernatural Beings

1) Vampires are um, dead. Therefore they are Banal. How can they interact with Changelings?
This question comes up often. It is addressed both here in F.A.Q. and in the Cross Over Rules as well. Dead does not equal Banal. Vampires "think" that means somehow, someway Vampires are still sentient beings. Each vampire is different, except perhaps the Tremere. If your vampire character has a humanity rating lower than 6. He's too banal to hang with the fae. Lower than 6 means that you're vampire is not remotely human in his or her behavior and his attitude would be: Fae? You must be joking. Faeries do not exist. It's not possible. Got it? Awesome! And not to worry. Just because your character says he does not believe in Faeries - "we" won't fall down and die. =o>

2) Can Changelings use countermagick against Mage powers?

Yes. Changelings must roll their glamour rating at a difficulty of seven and must have more successes than the Mage. Equal successes results in a draw. Both characters are uneffected. They may both undo anything produced by magic (wards, golems, etc) and the direct effect of magick (fireballs, telekinesis, etc).

3) What is the connection between House Ailil and the Nephandi?
House Ailil and the Nephandi wove ancient magical pacts binding themselves to each other in the Mythic Age. Ailil's children may make a Perception roll difficulty 8 to determine or sense a Nephandi within a one mile radius.
Whether this is a sign of taint or simply magical pacts is unclear.

4) Can Magi sense Faeries?
Yes and no. A mage or anyone who has encountered one of the fair folk in the past may make an Awareness roll diff 9 to sense a Faerie in his presence.

5) What are the effects of a Vampire or any supernatural drinking Fae Blood?
Fae Blood is very potent and can have an adverse effect on Vampires or any blood drinker.
See CrossOver Rules :Changeling Blood for Blood Drinkers

6) My character has the Merit: Fae Affinity, what are the effects?
Fae Affinity is both a merit and a flaw as such is both blessing and curse brought about by ancient codes of honor and pacts with mortals and other supernaturals. In game terms, you may see the Fae Mien and any Chimera in the company of a Fae. Your character is easily enchanted but may not be so against his or her will.
MERIT: no doubt your character has earned the frienship of a Faery or two or may be well known to the Fae in his city or surroundings.
FLAW: your character- has inherited a faery pest or three. Someone who has decided your character needs the "blessings" or perhaps "curse" till a "lesson" is learned.

7) Can Changelings interact with Wraiths?
Yes and No. Certain species of Fae and certain powers allow interaction with Wraiths examples follow below.
Eshu: occasionally may glimpse Wraiths.
Perception + Kenning Roll diff 7 to see Wraiths. Clarity depends on sucesses. To speak with a Wraith the Slaugh may spend a point of glamour.
Menehune: may freely speak with Umbral and Wraith Spirits.
All of Native American Fae: may enter the Umbra and thus converse with Spirits.
Shadowcourt or Unseelie Fae: may also travel along magical pathways called the Black Paths of Balor to enter the Shadowlands.
Keremet: may freely interact, see, and talk to wraiths and may enter the Shadowlands.

8) Can Changelings detect the Vampiric Discipline: Chimerstry?
Yes. Changelings may easily detect Chimerstry with a simple Perception + Kenning roll diff 7 within a one mile radius.

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