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About this Game:

This game is alot like "that" burger place, -we make it our way.--Kid

The Storytellers use White Wolf source books and tweek it to meet our gaming needs -That being said this game may not be for you if you need to roll dice or adhere to the rules at all times. Here you will find that the supernaturals have gathered and garnered allies and contacts among the different races -even if the werewolf has to stand upwind of a vampire to keep the stench of the Wyrm at bay. Here in Perth even the arrogant Sidhe have discovered the benefits of an alliance; one does not have to "like" someone to get along with them. The Sidhe also discovered that the Dreaming has anchor points on earth in this magical country where the silver troad is nearly always visable at night.

In this game we do not simply kill characters off because of a whim or boredom - there has to be a dynamite storyline and the players must agree. There are consequences to actions taken such as robbing a bank or using Dominate on another person... You will be asked what sort of consequences you as a player would find acceptable to play out... by either your opponent of the moment or an ST. We find this stops a good deal of confusion and time spent in rules debates and gives us more time to do what we are online for - Role playing!

We are not a democracy; -just a benevolent dictatorship -Liam Moore


PBN's Rules of Conduct:

1.) Have fun.

2.) Be Safe: Role players tend to be pretty cool - but you should practice Online Safety & Nettique

3.) Just say no. If a scene makes you feel uncomfortable -simply do not particpate.

4.) Remember you are online - all we see is text and emoticons to represent you. There is no voice or facial expression to add to your words to understand your mood, unless you tell us.

5.) Flaming will not be allowed. Check your anger at the door of your computer room.





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