Every town has one... a creepy old house usually occuppied by a misunderstood wizened old man or woman with an odd sort of pet or two... that has become an urban faery tale. No one but children believe such things but we still wonder as adults if we really saw the woman kill her husband... or if the Gas man is burried in the back yard under the roses...

Our town is no different children sing rhymes about Black Orchid Peak and the witch who lives there... They tell a tale of a City Utlities guy who disappeared there and eaten by some thing really big and furry. Of course no one believes the kids...and no one checks it out;--at least not officially.

Truth is often stranger than fiction. The witch is a woman by the name of Tamar Oldham who can hardly speak above a whisper. She is willow thin with long flowing red-black hair. She usually wears all black and black nail polish. The stereo typical Goth.

Late at night the light burns bright high in the tower room.where she studies ancient tomes and current urban legends, the Enquirer- you'd be surprised what you can learn from the gossip rags. She has several pets, a black cat (Chaz) to make the neighbors wonder, a pet Tarantula named Edgar . Did Edgar eat the Gas Man? Well, maybe. Tamar will not say either way.

She enjoys the solitude the urban tales give her. Her neighbors mostly leave her alone to study and grow prize winning black orchids in the conservatory behind the old house. (That's where the spider lives the children claim). Now and then a child will master her fear long enough to explore the stairs of the house and sometimes make it inside the old place. They come back to their friends with wild tales of flowers that talk, a spider who listens to Rap on an IPOD. Glass jars with a head, or fingers inside, and fresh graves in the floor of the conservatory -to make their friends quake with fear.

Truth or Illusion? we'll probably never know.






Black Orchid Peak -image and the story of Tamar are orignal works by Kidwyn 2006
Black Orchid Peak: built by Dr. Thomas Oldham for his new bride Althea Daly. 6 bdrms /6 baths /formal dining room /breakfast nook /well appointed kitchen /formal living room /family room off of the 2story conservatory /Tower room study with floor to ceiling built in libary. Basement storage and laboratory. Separate carriage house. Hard wood floors through out.
-1928 Godfrey Land Developement.
Places in Faery:
Black Orchid Peak
The Castle
The Black Swann Inn
The Fair Grounds
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