Recent Castle History

The Ancient Castle stands proudly over looking the park like grounds that surround it. The carriage house, servants quarters and caretakers cottage, actually made up of several small castles and castle stones found thoughout Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The castles date back 800 years or more and the stones pre-date the castle. Valen Faust purchased the lot and had them shipped to Perth via the Dailey Cooperation.

Construction began as soon as the ship arrived and the castle stones were off loaded to the construction site in March of 2003. New Frontier brought in master stone masons, stain glass crafters, wood smiths, iron workers and the list goes on. Mr. Faust insisted on the finest materials and world class craftsmen.

The Castle and grounds are decorated to match the times in which they were built, yet has modern conviences skillfully worked in -such as a modern kitchen and indoor plumbing.

Mr. Faust gifted the property and the castle and other buildings surrounding it to the Dailey Corporation owners are Kidwyn Irene Dailey and James Francis Michael Dailey of Dublin, Ireland.

The property is set aside as a nature preserve as well as for educational proposes. Any roads built in the area must meet the criteria set by Abandon and the Dailey Corporation. Ms Dailey to have the complete and final say in anything that shall be going on in the surrounding acres preserved around it.

Negotiations are underway between Dailey Corporation and the City of Perth to open the castle to the children of Western Australia in the form of field trips and weekends spent in Medieval times.

For more information, please contact the Dailey Corporation and leave a message with public relations or simply stop in to their shipping yard just past the Old Swan Brewery.

Caisleán Scáth agus Solais: The Castle project began by in 2003 by New Frontier Construction Company. Completed 10/2007. The Castles amenities list includes: 3 master bdrms, 22 bdrms and 26 bathrooms, a chiefs kitchen, formal dining, 6 tower rooms, a grand ballroom, 3 parlours, library, 3 office suites. Great room, rec room. Mr. Faust had the castle contructed to be simular to Lismore Castle. It sits near the center of 102 acres of land also purchased by Mr. Faust. The Castle and grounds were gifted to Dailey Corporation.

Entrance to the Castle property is by invitation only.
Places in Faery:
Black Orchid Peak
The Castle
Castle Floor Plan
The Black Swann Inn
The Fair Grounds
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