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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - D
EMHAcronym for Emergency Medical Hologram, a holographic replacement for a starship's medical officer in the event the Ship's Medical Officer is incompasitated or killed . The EMH is a combination of a holographic projection and forcefields, like most objects created on the holodeck. An EMH is superior to Holo Deck characters, in that it can learn and grow with experience.
Eichner RadiationRadiation emitted by subspace phase inverters. The entity Ian is one source of this radiation.
Electrostatic ForcefieldUsed as contamination field in the brigs aboard starships, and probably too for emergency forcefields and portal forcefields.
EPSAcronym for Energy Plasma System, the power distribution network used aboard Federation starships and Starbases. Plasma is diverted throughout the network to supply the main power generator and other systems such as SIF, life support, computers, shields or weapons.
Escape PodSmall vessel that is released from a starship in case of an extreme emergency, also referred to as a lifeboat. All recent Federation starships are equipped with escape pods, a Galaxy-class vessel has about 400 of them. Escape pods are equipped with RCS propulsion only. The escape pods can evidently be reintegrated into the ship. It is obvious that the escape pods do not offer as good a chance to survive, in particular during a battle. So evacuation is the last option in case the ship is out of control. Yet, this applies in the same manner to sea ships. The term autonomous survival and recovery vehicle (ASRV) is used for the Galaxy-class escape pods. Escape pod or lifeboat are just generic terms. ASRV is the specific name of these small craft. This would explain that ASRV's were first used as late as 2337, although previous starships already did have lifeboats, such as the Constitution refit (lifeboat sign in the cargo bay.)
Eugenics WarAt the end of the 20th century a secret war was fought against a group of genetically enhanced humans. Most people of that era were led to believe that much of the destruction was due to natural disastors and accidents, i.e. the attack on the Chenerbal nuclear power plant. Much of the Eugenics war was blamed on non existent Terrorist groups Once the enhanced criminals were finally defeated by join international government agencies they were placed on an experimental colony ship, Named the Botany Bay. They were launched into space in cryogenic suspension. The war could not be kept secret, and in the last quater of the 21st Century the Joint World Commission issued a eighty seven page statement dealing with the broad details of the War, and its end results.
Event HorizonSpherical boundary around a black hole inside which any form of mass or energy is inevitably trapped, unless it can move faster than light. A hypothetical event horizon can be assumed and calculated for any mass value. It is possible to survive within the event horizon at least for a few seconds, provided that it is a huge black hole with around a million sun masses. A person crossing the event horizon in a starship would notice nothing but a distorted view of the outside world at first. However, while falling towards the center, the starship and its passenger would be virtually stretched and finally torn apart because of the strong gravitational force gradient. An external observer outside the event horizon would perceive the starship and its passenger move slower the closer they get to the event horizon, corresponding to a time dilation. Eventually, they would virtually seem to stand still exactly on the edge of the event horizon. Anyway, the starship would become invisible to the observer because of the red shift of outgoing radiation.
Excelsior Class Starship class of the late 23rd century deployable in many ways, which is a successor of the obsolete Constitution class. In the meantime, however, the Excelsior class itself has been used for almost one hundred years. At the beginning, the prototype of the class served as a testing platform for the transwarp project. Despite the failure of this project the series production of the Excelsior class began shortly afterwards and the class became the most successful one of the fleet. After the discontinuation of the production in the mid 24th century, there are still currently hundreds of ships of this class, equipped with a standard warp drive, in active service, some of which have been commissioned many decades ago. Therefore, despite only moderate propulsion and defensive potential, the Excelsior class belongs to the most reliable ones in Starfleet.
ExocompSmall robot designed for multi-purpose tasks in hazardous environments. Exocomps are equipped with microreplicators for generating whatever tool is currently needed and an extensive neural system to allow independent decisions. In 2369 they were regarded as sentient lifeforms.
Exogenic FieldEnergy field surrounding a particular class-L planet located in the Rutharian sector. This particular exogenic field had high gravimetric stresses and was composed of subspace metryon radiation, generated by unstable elements in the planet's core.
Exo-skeletonFound in many species Body covering. The exoskeleton serves as armor and is directly connected to the organic body. We see an example of this in the artificial Exo-skeleton of the Borg Drones.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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