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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - H
Hailing FrequenciesA broad range of (subspace and normal radio) communication frequencies which is used to contact other Ships and Bases, Hailing messages are usually sent in multiple frequencies, including radio, in various languages, when an unknown alien ship is encountered.
Harmonic ChamberChamber in which harmonic waves stabilize Omega molicules.
HeadingFlight vector which is relative to the center of the galaxy. A heading consists of the two coordinates azimuth (horizontal angle) and elevation (vertical angle). Heading 000-mark-0 represents a direction towards the galaxy center.
HoloemitterDevice that projects photons and forcefields that make up a Hologram. These are not only on holodecks and holosuites, but most Federation ships have them installed in their Sick-Bay to allow the use of EMH systems. Some of the newer Starships in the fleet, like the Prometheus and Galaxy Dreadnought classes have them installed though out the ship to allow the EMH to treat wounded on any deck.
Hologram Esentually a collection of photons and force fields that take the appearance and feel of 'real' objects and people. They can be used for entertainment and practical purposes, such as the EMH.
Holomatrix Combination of all computer (sub)routines from a hologram. The holomatrix forms the personality (if a person is simulated), appearance and function of a hologram.
Holo-matterA simulation of matter using force field and holo-imaging technology within the holodeck. Disintegrates when removed from the holodeck.
Hyperonic RadiationA form of deadly radiation.
Hyperspace Concept of an additional spatial dimension, used to describe a folded 3-dimensional space. While the term hyperspace is not used in Star Fleet termanology often, in contrast to most other scientific groups, it is included in the wormhole theory.
Hypospray Medical device that allows subcutaneous or intravenous injections without syringe. The hypospray evoporates the medicament and ejects it under high pressure so as to penetrate the epidermis without damage.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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