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ACAactuator conductor assemblyDCAS dilithium crystal alignment supportMI/C matter inlet/conditioner
ACBAnnular Confinement BeamDCS dynamic compression segments MJLmicron junction link
ACFatmospheric containment force field DETH Directional Exhaust Thrust Housing MRImatter reactant infuser
AU(Astronomical Unit) unit of measure of long distances (the distance from Earth to the star Sol)




Electromagnetic Field
  (nanocochrane - one billionth of a cochrane)
A/Gaccelerator/generator EPAelectroplasma assemblage NCCNAVAL CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT
AGPaxially granulated polymer IBE ionizing beam emitter NXNaval Experimental Vessel
ahunit of measure of gravitational strength (1ah is equal to the strength of the gravitational field of Earth) ICHimpulse counteraction housing  
APFMasymmetrical peristaltic field manipulation IDBpact dampening bolsters   
ARIantimatter reactant infuser IPS impulse propulsion system OTT optimal transitory threshold
CCFcontinuous cycle fractioner IRLIn real lifePDCpower distribution channel
 cochrane measure of subspace field stressISF inertial stabilization field PADD Personal Access Display Device
DAC driver actuation convolutor M/ACM matter/antimatter counteraction module PDM plasma division manifold
DACSdeflector array control system M/ARHmatter/antimatter repercussion housing PIEprimary impulse engine
  LCARSlibrary computer access and retrieval system PIM plasma infuser module
  MDST main deuterium storage tank TA/T/TSthreat assessment/tracking /targeting system
  MFG/Cmagnetic field generator/collector  
  MHDS magnetohydrodynamic system VISORVisual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement,
Ablative armor Hull armor employed for the most recent Starfleet vessels such as the Defiant, Prometheus, and Galaxy Dreadnought classes. Ablative armor is an additional reactive plating imposing a counterforce to incoming weapon fire, by dissipating its energy.
ACBAcronym for Annular Confinement Beam,a spatial matrix generated by the primary energizing coils of a transporter system. The ACB determines the geometry for the subsequent scanning and dematerialization process.
Acronyms A word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words, as Wac from Women's Army Corps, OPEC from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or loran from long-range navigation.
Airlock Area which can be pressurized and depressurized, to provide controlled access to open space. An airlock consists of at least one chamber with one inner and one outer door. The Cardassian airlocks at Deep Space Nine have two chambers.
Akira ClassStarship class of medium sized, maneuverable and heavily armed vessels used for escort and battle missions, primarily constructed in the mid 24th century. Beside the classic round saucer section, these ships have two catamaran-like sections which two warp nacelles are attached to. There is a big weapons module above the connection of the two secondary hulls, emphasizing the military use of the class. The external navigational deflector, that is connected to the bottom of the primary hull, is another typical feature of Akira class vessels.
Alpha Wave InducersThe Alpha Wave Inducer is a device meant to induce a commatose state without drugs in most humanoids. It is not meant to replace natural sleep, and cannot be used frequently. It is an electronic version of an anesthetic. Subject enters a deep dreamless sleep during which surgical procedures can be carried out without causing pain to the subject.
Alternate Timeline Any timeline which is different from the currently valid timeline, in particular a timeline which does not exist any more because of a time traveler or another method used to alter history. An alternative timeline is equivalent to the "normal" course of time, since only an external observer not affected by timeline changes is able to perceive the difference. The concept is similar to a parallel universe. Parallel timelines depend on each other which is inevitably connected with paradoxes.
Ambassador ClassLarge starship class introduced at the beginning of the 24th century, that has been constructed for almost 50 years with only slight changes in design and technology. Being a successor of the Excelsior class, the Ambassador class is classified as multi-mission explorer. Vessels of this class are used for scientific missions as well as diplomatic missions and battles and therefore have remarkable offensive and defensive capabilities. Its series production being stopped already by 2330, the Ambassador class belongs to the discontinued classes and is now mostly used for diplomatic missions. The former tasks of these vessels are taken on by the more modern and even bigger Galaxy class ships, that were designed to be the successors of this class.
AndroidHumanoid shaped Artificial Life Form, basically consisting of a Positronic or, in most, a Neo-positronic Brain and many micro computer systems, actuators and sensors inside a human-like body. Androids are intentionally designed this way so as to work in the same environment and to perform similar tasks as humans. They are acknowledged as a sentient artificial lifeform in the Federation.
AntigravAnti-gravity units that allow to handle heavy cargo. Antigravs are available as hand-held devices and in form of pallets. Antigravs are probably based on the same principle as the gravity generators on starships. Either antigravs generate a reverse gravity field that compensates for the existing natural or artificial gravity, or they are capable of shielding a volume from gravity
Antigrav ThrustersThrusters utilizing antigravity to ascent a ship from a planetary surface. Intepid class ships are equipped with antigrav thrusters. The landing pylons provide additional stability while being on the surface.
AntimatterComplementary form of matter in which the single particle has the same mass but reversed charge. As the two come together the mutual annihilation of matter and antimatter releases an enormous amount of energy and is employed to power a starship's systems.

Antimatter Generator
Device located on deck 42 on a Galaxy-class vessel which serves to generate antimatter for the warp drive in case the ship cannot be resupplied in a refuel facility. In normal operation mode onboard antimatter generation is not efficient, more energy is necessary to produce antimatter than the energy content of the obtained antimatter. The only reason for this energy conversion is that the matter/antimatter reaction provides much more power than a fusion reaction. This power is required for the warp drive, while the other ship systems may alternatively be powered by the impulse (fusion) reactor.
Antiproton A naturally occuring antimatter version of a proton that is capable of penetrating the Romulan Cloaking Device. Also used in Hellfire torpedoes.
ArchAn arch is a holodeck interface system which contains the scenario of the running program.
AssimilationBorg term for forced integration of lifeforms and technology into their Collective. For humanoids, and other species assimilation implies transformation into a drone, completely losing their individuality. Nanoprobes are key components in this process. Technology is assimilated by combining and gradually merging existing Borg and new technology. Assimulation is the only process for technological advancement for the collective. Ii is the method used to determine the defenses of other species They capture a species ship and assimulate the crew, learning as much of that species secrets and adding them to their store house of knowledge. The Borg Collective, however, is helpless against Species 8472 that cannot be assimilated.
Atmospheric SystemPart of the life support systems that provides breathable air and comfortable temperature and humidity on a starship. Class-M atmosphere is the standard setting on Federation starships, implying 26°C temperature, 45% relative humidity and 101kPa air pressure with a composition of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% trace gases. Part of the starship volume can be switched to other environmental conditions. Oxygen is produced by photosynthetic processing of CO2 in the hydroponics lab.
Auto Destruct Extreme measure to prevent a starship from being captured by an enemy, also referred to as self destruct. The auto destruct can be initiated by the captain, acknowledged by voice recognition and personal command code. In most cases it is necessary that the first officer or other senior officers confirm the auto destruct. A silent count-down can be selected in order not to warn enemy forces that are already aboard. Capt. Janeway is the only starship captain who is authorized to destroy her ship all alone without other officers confirming
Barzan WormholeUnstable wormhole situated near the Barzan-system. The wormhole is formed by radioactivity that built up in a ring. A probe was sent through the wormhole, and confirmed that the wormhole connected the Alpha Quadrant with the Delta Quadrant. The wormhole was bought from the Barzans. However, the wormhole appeared to be unstable. A Ferengi ship was sucked up when it came too close. They were later discovered in the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager, but once again entered the wormhole and disappeared. This wormhole is very unstable.
Battle BridgeSecondary command center on Galaxy-class starships, located atop the engineering hull. The battle bridge serves as replacement for the main bridge in case of heavy damage or as control center for the engineering section in separated flight mode (saucer separation).
Bearing Flight vector which is specified relative to the ship's orientation. A bearing consists of the two coordinates azimuth (horizontal angle) and elevation (vertical angle). Bearing 000-mark-0 represents a direction straight ahead.
Bendii SyndromeA rare, usually fatal disease that afflicts a minority of elder Vulcans over the age of 200, debilitating their emotional control; there is no known treatment. Characterized by gradual loss of emotional control; victims exhibit sudden burst of emotion and irrational anger. Diagnosis is made by culturing tissue from the patient's metathalamus-- a process which takes several days. A dangerous side effect of Bendii's Syndrome is that the loss of emotional control can be telepathically projected to others. Vulcans are capable of resisting the emotional projections, but if the afflicted person is in the presence of non-Vulcans the emotions can cause outbreaks of violence.
Berthold RadiationForm of radiation, deadly for humans.
BiobedThis is an orthopedically-designed hospital bed that includes medical sensors and display units for diagnosis and gas and fluid connect points for treatment of patients. The primary biobed, typically located in the center of a starship sickbay, is equipped with an additional overhead sensor cluster and a containment field generator and serves for surgical and other intensive-care procedures. The bed is raised to allow the doctor to comfortably examine the patient. It has a graphic display at the head which gives the patient's current status. Restraining fields are available on some models, but are rarely needed. They also have a button to detach the bed from its wall hookup, and initiate the small hovering devise, which allows the bed to be used as a stretcher for transportation.
BiochipsCybernetic implants surgically imbeded into bodies of the Borg. They serve to enhance their physical abilities and synthesize any organic molecules needed by their biological tissues. The Borg are dependent on the implants, and would die if the biochips are removed.
BiofilterPart of the transporter system that recognizes and filters out potentially hazardous viruses and bacteria from the matter stream. The biofilter is normally used only in transport to the ship.
Biomemetic Gel A medical substance, the sale of which is prohibited by Federation law. Even attempting to obtain it is a felony (presumably unless one is a doctor). This is because in the wrong hands, it can be used to make biogenic weapons, to conduct illegal replication experiments, or to develop organic explosives. Altovar attacked Dr. Bashir when the doctor caught him stealing it, after having refused to give or sell Altovar some.
Bioneural CircuitComputer processor based on biological components, also referred to as bio-gel packs. Bioneural circuits are employed in the most recent Federation starships, such as the Sovereign and Intrepid classes. Starfleet uses the original human brain structures in the form of bioneural circuits instead of just imitating them with microelectronic (or isolinear) technology. The gel packs containing biological components and may be infected by viruses or bacteria.
BioshipStarship type employed by Species 8472, made of the same kind of biomatter as the species itself. Modified Borg nanoprobes are the only known defense against the species and their ships, when the Borg failed to assimilate them. If stuck but a nanoprobe weapon they cease functioning and shatter.
Black HoleAlso referred to as quantum singularity, an enormous concentration of mass the gravity of which is so strong that even light is not able to escape. The radius inside which this effect becomes evident is called event horizon. The existence of black holes has been confirmed by real world physics. There are different types and sizes of black holes, some of them actually existing, others assumed possible. Their common characteristic is the strong gravitational force that causes any kind of mass/energy to fall towards its center, once it is inside the event horizon. The mass concentration in the center is possibly beyond the current laws of physics. Even the elementary particles that form the atom nucleus under normal conditions might be crushed and further compressed to an unknown degree, with a density close to infinity, which is referred to as singularity.
Blood FeverA neurochemical imbalance caused by the Vulcan Pon farr mating drive. The Vulcan telepathic mating bond, particularly if used on a non-vulcan, causes potentially fatal hormonal changes, which have devestating physiological effects. the only two outlets known that alleviate the blood fever are those offered by the ancient marriage or challenge - ritual. The victim must either complete the mating bond or engage in potentially lethal combat.

Body Armor
/Combat Jacket

Marine Phaser Armor that protects up to setting 16, and pockets for equipment.
Borg Alcove"Rest position" for a drone aboard a Borg cube, serves for regeneration and omnidirectional interconnection. Usually each drone is assigned to a specific alcove.
Borg ImplantCybernetic component of Borg drones. The implants control, enhance and supplement their biological functions. They also provide their biological parts with the required nutritive substances. The Borg are dependent on their implants. While Hugh's connection to the Collective could not be severed, most of Seven of Nine's implants could be removed through the efforts of the EMH.
Bussard CollectorDevice usually attached to the forward end of the warp nacelles that serves to collect interstellar hydrogen atoms for fuel replenishment, also referred to as Bussard ramscoop. The Bussard collector consists of a set of coils which generate a magnetic field. The Bussard collector is named for the 20th century physicist and mathematician Robert W. Bussard. The Oberth class and the Excelsior class (original design) have Bussard collectors though they are not visable from the out exterior of the ship. The upgraded Excelsior variant has visable Bussard collectors.
Captain's yachtLarge shuttle docked beneath the saucer hull of a Galaxy-class and Sovereign-class starships, usually employed for diplomatic missions. -
CarbrodineOrigin unknown. Becomes explosive when mixed with infernite
CardiostimulatorA defibrillator that can restart a stopped heart but will not damage surface tissues
Cargo transporterLow-resolution high-volume transporter system for non-biological objects
CastridiniumNaturally occurring, this is the hardest substance known to Federation Science.
ChronitonsParticles, that are in a state of temporal flux. Chronitons are used to create a temporal vortex for timetravel, and are also involved with cloaking devices. Another use is as a torpedo charge by the Delta Quadrant race called the Krenim
Chroniton TorpedoKrenim weapon that employs a temporal invariance to penetrate shields. This weapon is obviously related to temporal incursion. It is not evident how the small temporal shift allows the torpedo to pass through a Federation shields as if not there. It is speculated that they are out of phase
Chronometric Particle Similar to chronotons with a different temporial variance flux
Cloaking DeviceTechnology of Romulan origin used to render a starship invisible to the eye and to sensors, also used by the Klingons, Breen, The Order, USS Defiant, and ships in the 4th Fleet. The cloaking device generates a space distortion which causes light and sensor rays to travel around the ship, so nothing is reflected from its surface.Cloaking the ship consumes large amounts of power, therefore the simultaneous use of the warp drive was not possible with the early cloaking devices in the 23rd century. Furthermore, the use of weapons is usually not possible while the cloaking device is activated. The space distortion necessary to bend light rays is equivalent to an enormous mass concentration and would certainly crush the ship and crew, so additional measures must be taken to compensate the effect inside the distortion. Other than in the Dominion War the Federation is not allowed to develope or use cloaking technology
CloningTechnique to grow a new body that is genetically identical to an existing lifeform. In the Gamma Quadrant the Vorta are a complete race of cloned individuals. Any Vorta can simply be recreated by the Founders if their predecessor is dead or regarded as unreliable
CMOThe chief medical officer is a senior staff-level position, typically held by a lieutenant commander or commander who is a Doctor of Medicine with surgical skills. CMOs aboard a starship or starbase are directly in charge of the sickbay or infirmary, commanding medical department personnel and activities. The CMO's primary duties are the oversight and maintenance of the overall health and physical fitness of crew and passengers.

In addition to the normal duties of an officer, the CMO also has the power to relieve an officer or crewman, including a superior one, of their duties if in the officer's professional judgment, he or she is medically unfit. Typically, the CMO is expected to have the support of a senior command officer and/or detailed medical documentation to justify this course of action. (TOS: "Doomsday Machine"; TNG: "Lonely Among Us"; VOY: "Year of Hell, Part II")

Officers likely to be assigned as the CMO over long-duration missions of exploration, have scientific training in disciplines outside of medicine, allowing them to take on major, extended research projects; or to better participate in a wider variety of encounters. (TOS: "The Immunity Syndrome"; TNG: "Clues", "Suspicions").

Chief medical officers were also referred to as the "ship's surgeon" in the 23rd century. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Chief medical officers have been seen with a variety of ranks. They can hold any rank in the lieutenant grades, but are quite often seen as lieutenant commanders. Chief medical officers are eligible to take the Bridge Officer's Test for promotion to full commander. At this point, they are considered capable of assuming command of a starship. (TNG: "Thine Own Self")

CMO info from the Star Trek Wiki

Cochrane MeasureA measuring system for subspace field stress. The unit of measure is employed to measure the power of a warp drive as well as of other devices which employ a subspace field, such as the impulse drive and the FTL computer core. The cochrane value equals the velocity ratio v/c for the given warp factor. Warp 1 and v/c=1.1 is achieved for a subspace distortion of 1 cochrane. Values smaller than 1 cochrane correspond to sublight speed. At Warp 10, finally, the cochrane value becomes infinite, and so does the apparent velocity. The unit was named in honor of Zefram Cochrane who built the first Terran vessel to achieve warp speed. Cochrane - Unit of subspace distortion named after Zephrem Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive. 1 cochrane is the distortion required to propel a ship at lightspeed (warp 1). Thus, to travel at warp 2 (10x lightspeed), a distortion of 10 cochranes is required. The unit cochrane is also used for the intensity of matter/antimatter-reaction in a warp core.
CommunicatorPersonnel subspace communication device, originally hand-held, later in the 24th century integrated in the Starfleet badge; the latter is also referred to as comm badge. The communicator serves to establish a voice contact to another person or computer and provides lock-on contact for the transporter. The comm badge is usually programmed with a crew member's individual bioelectric data, which is verified through a dermal sensor. The communicator will sometimes fail if used by an unauthorized person

Constitution Class


The Constitution class is a series of Starfleet vessels first put into service in the mid-23rd century.ships of this class support multiple roles, generally used for exploration and diplomacy, but also equipped for combat with armaments consisting of at least two photon torpedo launchers, two main phaser banks, and a number of secondary phasers.

While it is not widely known, Constitution-class vessels were capable of a saucer separation. Unlike the later Galaxy-class starship though, it was not designed as a battle ship it was meant to be used in the event of extreme emergency (The Apple (TOS episode)). Once separated the saucer relied on a battery back-up system and minimal engine power until they are rescued.

In TOS episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Captain Kirk said There are only 12 ships like the Enterprise in the fleet." In the Star Fleet Technical Manua[2] --14 ships are listed for this class.
USS Constitution NCC-1700USS Enterprise NCC-1701 USS Farragut NCC-1702
USS Lexington NCC-1703 USS Yorktown NCC-1704 USS Excalibur NCC-1705
USS Exeter NCC -1706USS Hood NCC-1707 USS Intrepid NCC-1708
USS Valiant NCC-1709 USS Kongo NCC-1710USS Potemkin NCC-1711
USS Constellation NCC-1017USS Republic NCC-1371  

[2] Star Fleet Technical Manual-Joseph, Franz (1975). . Del Ray. ISBN 0-345-49586-1.

Constellation Class

The Constellation class is a class of starships once used by United Federation of Planets's Starfleet. The Constellation class is a contemporary to the refitted Constitution class and Miranda class as seen in its similar primary hull and virtually identical warp nacelles. A Constellation class starship is composed of a saucer-shaped primary hull with two backward-angled pylons at the aft end. The pylons rise vertically from the ventral side and dorsal side and each supports two warp nacelles at its end. The class was likely first produced in the late 23rd century and was mostly obsolete and underpowered by the mid-24th century. As of the 2370s, the Constellation class is no longer in production.

The know ships of the Constellation Class are as follows:
USS Constellation NX1974/NCC-1974USS Gettysburg NCC-3890
USS Gihlan NCC-9731USS Hathaway NCC-2593
USS Magellan NCC-3069USS Stargazer NCC-2893
USS Valkyrie NCC-2590USS Victory NCC-9754
Containment Field A specially shaped forcefield used to isolate dangerous materials like antimatter or biohazard specimens. Containment fields are used in antimatter storage pods to protect a ship against contact with the extremely volatile antimatter. Somewhat different containment fields are used for quarantine isolation and for containment of dangerous biological specimens. The containment fields used in the warp drive on the Constitution Class needed to be phase locked within three percent in order to avoid instability, but by the time of the Galaxy Class, multi-phase containment fields were able to operate considerably above that value. - -
Cordrazine A powerful stimulant that will usually revive a stunned or unconscious patient completely. Cordrazine is "tricky stuff" - overdose can lead to delusional paranoia, and the drug is addictive. A treatment of 25cc is considered to be a deadly dosage and usually used only as a last resort in life-threatening situations.
Cortical stimulatorMedical device that stimulates brain activity in case of severe injuries.
CryostasisState of low biological activity in a human body, achieved by preserving the body in a cooling chamber. Cryostasis was is usually used as a technology for long-range spacetravel or to preserve a genetic pool. Another method is cryonics, meaning that the bodies of patients with incurable diseases are frozen after their deaths, hoping they might be revived in the future.
Dark MatterForm of matter that exists as particles which don't emit any (electromagnetic) radiation, making it invisible and hard to detect. Some physists believe that dark matter can function as an energy source for starship drives. Dark matter exists in the Mar Obscura nebula. Dark matter appears to have some exotic properties. It makes objects continually phase in and out of our universe. This property has caused depressurization on board of starships, because the hulls phase in and out.
D'DeridexRomulan starship class of the middle and late 24th century belonging to the warbird type. With a length of more than 1 km, an incredible offensive potential approximately matching with the Galaxy class, a highly sophisticated cloaking device and an inexhaustable quantum singularity energy source, the ships of this class seem to be predestined for battle. However, concerning speed and maneuverability, warbirds are inferior to almost all federation vessels because of their size. Therefore they are unsuitable for escort missions and fast attacks. Dechyon - An artificially created class of particles that travel below the speed of light.
Defiant Class Experimental starship class equipped with the latest technologies, originally constructed to fight against the Borg. After the prototype, the USS Defiant (the only Defiant class vessel to be equipped with a cloaking device), had proved to be successful in the fight against the Dominion in 2373, the series production of the class started. Due to its small size, the unequalled maneuverability and the powerful engines the Defiant class vessels are mainly used as escorts or scouts. Moreover, because of the unusually high defensive potential, they can get through almost every attack without any problems.
Deflector DishStarship device, used to create a deflector field and the deflector beam. Deflector beam - Beam generated by the deflector, pushing away distant objects which lay in the course of the ship. Deflector field - Gravimetric field, which is the mechanism after a deflector shield. A deflector field pushes away objects/projectiles near a ship and absorbes energy beams. This costs energy, so when the shields deflects a projectile or absorb an energy beam, the shields lose energy. The field is created by the graviton sources of the deflector. The energy output is phase-synchronized through a series of subspace field distortion amplifiers (field strength of 625 millicochranes). The normal graviton energy of the Galaxy Class deflector field is 1152 megawatts at maximum. Creating an energy peak can rise the energy to 473,000 megawatts for 0.17 seconds. During a battle, the maximum energy is 2688 megawatts.
Deflector ShieldThis is a force field created around a starship, space station, planet or other facility that serves for protection against natural hazards and enemy attacks. This shielding system is often simply referred to as shields. Phaser and disruptor fire cannot directly penetrate the shields, unless the shield frequency is known and exactly matched. Without matching, weapons may weaken the shields by draining energy from them and their respective energy sources. Transporters cannot be used when the shields are in place. In contrast to the shields, the navigational deflector. usually provides a forcefield which focuses on single obstacle such as an asteroid.
Delta RaysType of radiation produced by older engines. Delta rays refer to moderate energy electrons which have been kicked off a nucleus by the passage of a nearby high energy charged particle.
Denorios Belt Area of space between Bajor and Cardassia with very high neutrino activity. The Denorios belt is the location of the Bajoran wormhole
Dermal RegeneratorMedical device used to seal wounds or burns and restore the original skin structure. Dermal regenerators are standard equipment of Starfleet and other civilizations in the 24th century. The hand-held dermal regenerator is supposed to support and accelerate the natural healing process of the skin tissue. There is an improved regenerator installed in sickbay on newer ships and being fitted on older ships that is capable of more than just emitting healing rays and it is equipped with a microreplicator, so larger injuries can also be treated without leaving scars.
DeuteriumIsotope of hydrogen, includes an additional neutron. Deuterium fuel is used for the fusion reactor (impulse drive) as well as for the matter/antimatter reaction (warp drive)
Dilithium CrystalComponent of the warp drive inside which the matter and antimatter streams are converted to an electroplasma stream in a controlled mutual annihilation. Dilithium is the only known element to be non-reactive to antimatter when subjected to a high frequency electromagnetic field in the megawatt range. The efficiency of the reaction inside the crystal depends on its quality. While naturally occuring crystals had to be used in the 23rd century, monocrystalline dilithium can now be produced by means of epitaxy.
DisruptorEnergy discharge weapons, used by Klingons and Romulans. Disruptors are available as shipboard and hand-held weapons. The function principle of disruptors is probably similar to phasers, however, further information on this issue is "classified"
Doppler CompensatorPart of the transporter system that compensates for relative motion of the origin and the destination of the transport. Without this device, the Doppler effect would lead to a wavelength shift, thereby distorting or even duplicating the transport pattern
DreadnoughtSelf-guided Cardassian missile that was captured and reprogrammed by the Maquis. The Dreadnought (so called by the Maquis) is charged with 1000 kilograms of matter and 1000 kilograms of antimatter. Combined with an impact speed on full impulse (150,000 km/sec, half lightspeed), this causes an explosion which can destroy a small moon. The Dreadnought is very large, even larger than a shuttle craft. It is divided in multiple rooms. The computer's artificial intelligence is highly sofisticated; it can even lie and divert you and can engage in conversations (even in small talk). It can hail ships on its own. When you enter Dreadnought, the computer scans your DNA structure to identify you. Its warp systems are highly advanced. The Dreadnought has a warp core, with a maximum speed of warp 9 and masks its warp trail with an electromagnetic field. Weapons are fired independently. Dreadnought has thoron shock emitters and when you fire on Dreadnought, it emits plasma waves.
DrydockFacility in which starships are maintained and repaired, usually located in a planet orbit on a starbase
DuotronicsComputer technology used aboard Federation starships from the mid-23rd to the beginning of the 24th century, invented by Dr. Richard Daystrom. Daystrom was also responsible for a further development, the multitronics computer. The experiment, however, failed in 2268 because the M-5 multitronics computer was given consciousness through ingrams planted in its program from Dr. Daystrom. The Duotronics was eventually replaced by isolinear technology in 2329.
EMHAcronym for Emergency Medical Hologram, a holographic replacement for a starship's medical officer in the event the Ship's Medical Officer is incompasitated or killed . The EMH is a combination of a holographic projection and forcefields, like most objects created on the holodeck. An EMH is superior to Holo Deck characters, in that it can learn and grow with experience.
Eichner RadiationRadiation emitted by subspace phase inverters. The entity Ian is one source of this radiation.
Electrostatic ForcefieldUsed as contamination field in the brigs aboard starships, and probably too for emergency forcefields and portal forcefields.
EPSAcronym for Energy Plasma System, the power distribution network used aboard Federation starships and Starbases. Plasma is diverted throughout the network to supply the main power generator and other systems such as SIF, life support, computers, shields or weapons.
Escape PodSmall vessel that is released from a starship in case of an extreme emergency, also referred to as a lifeboat. All recent Federation starships are equipped with escape pods, a Galaxy-class vessel has about 400 of them. Escape pods are equipped with RCS propulsion only. The escape pods can evidently be reintegrated into the ship. It is obvious that the escape pods do not offer as good a chance to survive, in particular during a battle. So evacuation is the last option in case the ship is out of control. Yet, this applies in the same manner to sea ships. The term autonomous survival and recovery vehicle (ASRV) is used for the Galaxy-class escape pods. Escape pod or lifeboat are just generic terms. ASRV is the specific name of these small craft. This would explain that ASRV's were first used as late as 2337, although previous starships already did have lifeboats, such as the Constitution refit (lifeboat sign in the cargo bay.)
Eugenics WarAt the end of the 20th century a secret war was fought against a group of genetically enhanced humans. Most people of that era were led to believe that much of the destruction was due to natural disastors and accidents, i.e. the attack on the Chenerbal nuclear power plant. Much of the Eugenics war was blamed on non existent Terrorist groups Once the enhanced criminals were finally defeated by join international government agencies they were placed on an experimental colony ship, Named the Botany Bay. They were launched into space in cryogenic suspension. The war could not be kept secret, and in the last quater of the 21st Century the Joint World Commission issued a eighty seven page statement dealing with the broad details of the War, and its end results.
Event HorizonSpherical boundary around a black hole inside which any form of mass or energy is inevitably trapped, unless it can move faster than light. A hypothetical event horizon can be assumed and calculated for any mass value. It is possible to survive within the event horizon at least for a few seconds, provided that it is a huge black hole with around a million sun masses. A person crossing the event horizon in a starship would notice nothing but a distorted view of the outside world at first. However, while falling towards the center, the starship and its passenger would be virtually stretched and finally torn apart because of the strong gravitational force gradient. An external observer outside the event horizon would perceive the starship and its passenger move slower the closer they get to the event horizon, corresponding to a time dilation. Eventually, they would virtually seem to stand still exactly on the edge of the event horizon. Anyway, the starship would become invisible to the observer because of the red shift of outgoing radiation.
Excelsior Class Starship class of the late 23rd century deployable in many ways, which is a successor of the obsolete Constitution class. In the meantime, however, the Excelsior class itself has been used for almost one hundred years. At the beginning, the prototype of the class served as a testing platform for the transwarp project. Despite the failure of this project the series production of the Excelsior class began shortly afterwards and the class became the most successful one of the fleet. After the discontinuation of the production in the mid 24th century, there are still currently hundreds of ships of this class, equipped with a standard warp drive, in active service, some of which have been commissioned many decades ago. Therefore, despite only moderate propulsion and defensive potential, the Excelsior class belongs to the most reliable ones in Starfleet.
ExocompSmall robot designed for multi-purpose tasks in hazardous environments. Exocomps are equipped with microreplicators for generating whatever tool is currently needed and an extensive neural system to allow independent decisions. In 2369 they were regarded as sentient lifeforms.
Exogenic FieldEnergy field surrounding a particular class-L planet located in the Rutharian sector. This particular exogenic field had high gravimetric stresses and was composed of subspace metryon radiation, generated by unstable elements in the planet's core.
Exo-skeletonFound in many species Body covering. The exoskeleton serves as armor and is directly connected to the organic body. We see an example of this in the artificial Exo-skeleton of the Borg Drones.
Fluidic SpaceRealm of Species 8472, a parallel universe filled with a biological fluid.
Food Processor Ship system providing the crew of a late 22nd - 23rd century Federation starship with food. The food processor is the predecessor of the replicator that has been introduced in the 24th century.
Food Replicator Replicator that replicates food and drinks from coded recipes schematics and bio genetic matter using a materialation process that employs localized transporter beams
Forced Quantum Singularity DriveEnergy source, used in Romulan starships as warp core. Energy is drained from a quantum singularity or artificial black hole. These method of supplying power has also been dectected in the Delta Quadrant and was used in the operation of the Hirogen Communications Network.
ForcefieldGeneric term for an artificially generated electromagnetic or gravitational field. There is a wide variety of forcefields for different purposes, for instance the deflector shield, the navigational deflector field, the IDF, the SIF or the artificial gravity. Containmaint fields are forcefields used to contain dangerous materials. Other types of forcefields are employed to lock a starship brig or a shuttlebay while the mechanical door is open. Forcefields can easily be shaped so as to provide a flat surface and an abrupt border. The force of real electromagnetical or gravitational fields, however decays the further from the projection or source point. Sources from many directions would have to interact in order to create the forcefields. Usually there are several projectors situated around most areas of Starships and other vessels to make this possible.
FTLAcronym for Faster Than Light, applies to warp propulsion and 24th century computer systems.
Fusion reactor - Energy Power Unit which utilizes a fusion reaction, usually employing hydrogen/deuterium that is fused to helium. A fusion reactor is used to power the impulse drive of a Federation starship. The energized plasma generated inside the reactor is then accelerated, fed into a driver coil assembly and eventually exhausted, yielding the desired propulsive effect. The impulse reactor is also used as auxiliary power source for other ship systems. A similar technology is used to power the station Deep Space Nine. In a single atom scale, nuclear fusion can be achieved in particle accelerators. However, a technical implementation requires thermal activation of the fusion reaction, as it takes place inside the Sun and was developed for the thermonuclear bomb (H-bomb).
Galactic Energy BarrierEnergy field surrounding the entire galaxy at its boundaries. Multiple ships encountered it, destroying or disabling them. The galactic barrier also has weird effects on warp travel. It also marks the boundary of the Milky Way's gravitational well.
Galaxy ClassMulti-mission explorer introduced in the middle of the 24th century that is mainly used for scientific, diplomatic and combat missions. The Galaxy class was designed to be both a successor and replacement to the older Oberth and Ambassador classes. The special features of this class are the modular structure (modules can be exchanged or added), its enormous size and the possibility to separate the vessel into two completely independent ships the saucer module and drive section. After the 15 year long application phase of the Galaxy class, the ships are used for military tasks today because of their unsurpassed defensive capability. However, the Galaxy class cannot compete with the smaller and more maneuverable vessels of the Intrepid and Sovereign classes any longer.
Genesis ProjectAmbitious terraforming project in the last quarter of the 23rd century developed by Dr Marcus. Its key component, the Genesis device, was supposed to transform desert planets into habitable Class-M worlds. This process was determined by a transformation matrix. The proto type and all subsequent data were lost due to the attack by Khan Noonien Singh, A 20th century crimnal from that era's secret eugenics war.
Genesis DeviceShort range torpedo intended to test the Project Genesis terraforming process. The terraforming process involved a massive explosion that would reduce a planet to subatomic particles, which then reassembled according to a preprogrammed matrix.
Genetronic replicatorAn experimental medical device used to stimulate the genetic code of an individual into growing whatever types of cells are needed by the patients. It temporarily confers the advantage of Instant Regeneration on patients.
Genetic EngineeringGeneric term for modification of DNA, illegal in the Federation.
Gravimetric field Term used for a gravitonfield (graviton).
Gravimetric chargeA Photon torpedo charged with gravitons. It was designed to have an explosive force of 50 isotones, but has later been updated to 80 isotones.
Gravitic MineMine used in the 2300s and 2400s. It has an explosive force of 75 isotones. Weapon that damaged the Kobayashi Maru in the Star Fleet Academy simulation.
Gravitational EddiesGravitational eddies in a minor wormhole interfers with comm links between Star Ships. Gravitational eddies also causes some troubles with smaller vessles causing the hull of some shuttlecraft to breach if they get to close.
Gravitational Sinkhole It's a gravity well distorion that circumscribes a subspace pocket that includes a type-G sun with 3 planets. Inside the pocket is a temporal difference: 1 minute inside the pocket is equivalent to 0.4744 seconds in 'real time' . The star system in it is 'stuck' in subspace. The anomaly is 600 meters in diameter and out of phase with normal space (phasing). Such an anomaly is mono-directional: you can get into it, but under gravimetric forces, not get out of it. It's located some 50,000 lightyears from Sol. The sinkhole is collapsed now by an alien force.
Particle that carries gravity forces at lightspeed. A group of gravitons is called a gravimetric field.
Graviton Inverter CircuitThe mechanism after the antigrav's anti-gravitational lift. The graviton inverter circuit (GIC) reverses the energy characteristics of gravitons flowing out of a graviton generator. This reverses also the forces generated by the gravitons. GIC generates anti-gravity by reversing gravity flows. The anti-gravitons are then led to the surface of the antigrav. This kind of generation of anti-gravitons out of normal gravitons is much like the onboard antimatter generation on a starship, although the fundamental mechanism is different.
Gravity Generator Device based on the emission of graviton particles that provides artificial gravity in normally zero-g environments. Artificial gravity is an essential system, since it allows normal movement and enables an "upwards" and "downwards" orientation. Usually a network of gravity plating is employed, in order to provide a homogeneous gravity field. In case of an EPS failure, the gravity generators on Federation starships remain in service for up to 4 hours.
Gravity WellDistortion made by every object of mass. Bodies such as stars and planets cause a very small distortion. Black holes make giant distortions in space-time, causing phenomenons as Einstein Rings, discovered in the 20th century. Wormholes can be considered as gravity wells, so deep that they form a traversable tunnel.
Guardian of Forever Sentient Time Portal, created five billion years ago by an unknown civilization. The Guardian of Forever is a sentient computer device; It's life was centered around being asked questions. It resembles a torus of 3 meters in diameter.
Hailing FrequenciesA broad range of (subspace and normal radio) communication frequencies which is used to contact other Ships and Bases, Hailing messages are usually sent in multiple frequencies, including radio, in various languages, when an unknown alien ship is encountered.
Harmonic ChamberChamber in which harmonic waves stabilize Omega molicules.
HeadingFlight vector which is relative to the center of the galaxy. A heading consists of the two coordinates azimuth (horizontal angle) and elevation (vertical angle). Heading 000-mark-0 represents a direction towards the galaxy center.
HoloemitterDevice that projects photons and forcefields that make up a Hologram. These are not only on holodecks and holosuites, but most Federation ships have them installed in their Sick-Bay to allow the use of EMH systems. Some of the newer Starships in the fleet, like the Prometheus and Galaxy Dreadnought classes have them installed though out the ship to allow the EMH to treat wounded on any deck.
Hologram Esentually a collection of photons and force fields that take the appearance and feel of 'real' objects and people. They can be used for entertainment and practical purposes, such as the EMH.
Holomatrix Combination of all computer (sub)routines from a hologram. The holomatrix forms the personality (if a person is simulated), appearance and function of a hologram.
Holo-matterA simulation of matter using force field and holo-imaging technology within the holodeck. Disintegrates when removed from the holodeck.
Hyperonic RadiationA form of deadly radiation.
Hyperspace Concept of an additional spatial dimension, used to describe a folded 3-dimensional space. While the term hyperspace is not used in Star Fleet termanology often, in contrast to most other scientific groups, it is included in the wormhole theory.
Hypospray Medical device that allows subcutaneous or intravenous injections without syringe. The hypospray evoporates the medicament and ejects it under high pressure so as to penetrate the epidermis without damage.
IDFAcronym for Inertial Damping Field, a forcefield that is especially designed to compensate for acceleration forces within a starship. Several IDF generators are distributed throughout a Federation starship. Although the purpose and principle is similar, the IDF works independently of the SIF. Without the IDF, the crew would virtually be crushed when the ship accelerates. There is some times a micro-second response delay that causes crewmen caught unawares to go flying out of their chairs.
Impulse drive: Propulsion system for sublight speeds. In Federation starships, the impulse drive usually consists of a fusion reactor, an accelerator, a driver coil assembly and an exhaust director. The fusion reaction generates a highly excited plasma. This plasma can be employed for propulsion, or can be diverted through the EPS so as to supply other systems. The accelerated plasma is passed through the driver coils, thereby a subspace field is generated that improves the propulsive effect. The subspace field generated in the driver coils lowers the apparent mass.
Impulse speedSublight speed which is achieved with the impulse drive, usually measured in fractions of Cochranes. For impulse speeds above approx. 0.25c, relativistic considerations are inevitable.
: -
Indigo Children

The first Indigo children were discovered in the 1990s. They exhibit paranormal abilities from birth. Connected to the Spiritual realms. Advanced Intelligence at an early age. So named Indigo Children because of their indigo auras. These gentle, loving good natured children evolutions gift to the technologically advancing world. The idea was scorned by main stream science for nearly 120 years -some scientists felt it was a form of autism, Aspergers syndrome, non-verbal and behavioural learning issues.

In 2145 Dr. Rose Francis O'Brien and a team of researchers at Topeka University discovered the genetic coding in human dna strands for indigo children. Further testing demonstrated accellerated right brain growth, often with the same growth on the left side - in areas of the brain thought hard wired after a child turns 5. They continue to challenge the fields of science and medicine, the arts with new ways of thinking things through.

Easily frustrated by old schools of thought, unable to stand in line for short periods. Cruelly treated these children will develope extreme sociopathic behaviors , such as a sense of human superiority, alienation, and a "bizarre" paranormal identity.

Intrepid ClassIn the late 24th century, Starfleet built the Intrepid class as a science and escort vessel, which was intended to replace the outdated research ships of the Oberth class. Intrepid class starships are equipped with new, partially experimental technologies, which make the ships of this class superior to the most other vessels of this time, particularly regarding propulsion and computer systems. Nevertheless, the starships of this class are very small, much smaller than the powerful ships of the Galaxy and Sovereign classes. The Intrepid class is the only class of this time that has bioneural computer components, which partly replace the conventional isolinear systems. Another revolutionary feature is the class' warp drive, which is equipped with mobile nacelles, allowing the arbitrary alteration of the warp field geometry, and enables high warp up to the amazing maximum speed of warp 9.975. The maneuverability of the Intrepid class remains unsurpassed because it is the first Starfleet ship able to maneuver in an atmosphere and land on a planet. Also, the class was consistently used as an experimental platform for new technologies, such as the Emergency Medical Holographic Program installed in the sickbay and also used on newer classes like the Sovereign class, so that only few ships of the Intrepid class have been commissioned.
Inertial dampersStarship device that protects against the enormous G-forces that occur while the ship accelerates or decelerates. The IDs consist field generators, which produce a forcefield of standard 75 millicochranes, the inertial damping field (IDF). As the ship accelerates or decelerates, the IDF is distorted along a typical force vector. This makes the IDF absorb the G-forces.
Interphase GeneratorA cloaking device that manipulates the molecular structure of matter in a way that it is transferred to a parallel space. Matter cloaked with an interphase generator is not only invisible to conventional natural and artificial sensors, it is also able to penetrate normal matter. An interphase generator was installed in the USS Pegasus in 2358, although cloaking devices are prohibited in the Federation according to the Algeron Treaty.
Interspatial FlexureWormhole-like phenomenon in Devore space, in the Delta Quadrant. The interspatial flexure is very difficult to utilize, because it disapperears and re-appears at almost random locations.
IonAtom, electrically charged by 'missing' or 'extra' electrons around it.
Ion DriveImpulse drive, based on magnetic acceleration exhaustion of ions in a directed plasma stream. Invented in the nineties of the 20th century. Ion propulsion requires far less energy than propulsion by other engines, but is relatively weak. Jem'Hadar attack ships utilize ion drives.
Ion stormMassive movement of ions in space.
Ion TrailTrail of ions, left by any ship with warp or impulse drives. Many ships are detected because of their ion trail.
Isolinear ChipNanotechnical device that serves for data and software storage in 24th century Federation computer systems. Optical signal processing is employed in isolinear chips, and FTL signal transfer is enabled when installed in a starship's computer core. Isolinear chips also serve as portable storage devices.
IsotonUnit for the measurement of the explosive force of a weapon, like photon, hellfire, and quantum torpedoes. It represents an equivalent mass of explosives, given in ten teratons. a single photon torpedo casing can be armed to 80 isotons equivalent to 800 teratons of explosive power
Jefferies TubeService corridor in a Federation starship. A network of Jefferies tubes runs through each starship and provides access to the various conduits (EPS) and waveguides (ODN). Jefferies tubes are named in honor of Matt Jefferies, the ingenious designer of the original starship Enterprise.
Ketracel White An addictive isogenic enzyme also known simply as 'white,' a pharmaceutical used by the Dominion to control the Jem'Hadar. The supplies are controlled by the Vorta, under the Founders. One of its active ingredients is uridium bycantizine and a specific genetic defect must be in place before the need for Ketracel White arises.
LaserAcronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In a laser, the oscillator (a gaseous, fluid or solid matter) is embedded in a resonator, usually consisting of two mirrors. Continuous energy supply leads to an occupation inversion of energy levels within the oscillator, meaning that more electrons are in an excited (higher energy) state than in the normal state. A large amount of narrow-band light is produced, corresponding to electrons falling back to their normal states. A small part of the generated photons generates new excited electrons, while the major part is emitted through one of the mirrors which is semi-transparent. Laser weapons have been replaced by the more powerful phasers in the 23rd century, however, lasers are still in use as cutting and welding tools. The above descrition applies to 20th century lasers, and it can be supposed that their principle will not change until the 24th century.

Laser-Induced Fusion
Engineering term for controlled nuclear fusion in which the required ignition temperatures are created by powerful lasers. Laser induced fusion is used in the impulse drive engines of Federation starships, as well as in the power supply reactors on Starbases
LCARSAcronym for Library Computer Access and Retrieval System, the common user interface of 24th century computer systems, based on verbal and graphically enhanced keyboard/display touch screen input and output. The graphical interface adapts to the task which is to be performed, allowing for maximum ease-of-use.
Life supportDesignation for a number of ship systems necessary to maintain living conditions for the crew, namely atmospheric system, and EPS. The life support systems are distributed throughout the ship and redundant systems are available to provide maximum safety for the crew.
LightspeedPhysical constant which represents the speed of energy waves and massless particles in vacuum. Lightspeed is 299,792.458 km/s. The lightspeed-barrier cannot be broken by Newtonian propulsion drives.
Lightspeed BarrierAbsolute maximum speed for Newtonian travel. Because of relativistic mass increase and slowing time, no Newtonian-travelling object can travel at lightspeed or above. The only Newtonian systems that can travel at lightspeed are massless particles and energywaves.
MagnetonMeasurement of the magnetic dipole moment of a particle. Magnetons are also used to scan ships. Magnetometric-guided charges - Devices, simular in concept to ancient Depth-charges, used by the Borg. Matter/antimatter reactor - Energy source, used by the Federation as warp core and power source on starships. Also used in phasers. Energy is produced by reactions between matter and antimatter particles. In Federation warp core M/AMRs, deuterium and anti-deuterium is used.
MedikitThe Physician's Medikit is a small, strap-on case designed to carry emergency medical supplies. A Standard kit should include hyposprays, a medical Tricorder, a neural Stimulator, a sampling kit and various medications. All doses of any drug type are contained in vials that must be inserted into the Hypospray. The standard kit may be altered to suit missions or situations, but must be altered before the mission begins. For example, if the doctor knows that he is going into a combat zone, he may replace the 3 vials of Panamyacin with more Hyronalyn or Analgine
Medical tricorderThe standard medical tricorder is a multipurpose technical and scientific instrument. It is a modified TR-580 with an extra external medical probe and scanner attachment. It has the following capabilities: Biosampler, Bioscanner, Chemscanner, Datalink, Environmental Analysis, Medscanner, Multiscanner, and Radscanner. For its size, the Medical Tricorder can maintain and store vast amounts of data in its own memory, which it uses to help evaluate conditions on site. The Medical Tricorder has an external hand-held sensing device. This peripheral contains over 100 sensors, and the Tricorder contains a specialized medical database that provides detailed medical diagnostic tools in the field including tomographic and micrographic imaging. A small diagnosis wand fits into the top of the peripheral and is occasionally used by the physician to provide close high-resolution scans. Together, these sensors allow the Tricorder to make very detailed diagnosis on known species. On unknown species, it is limited to telling if the life-form is sick or dying. A detailed analysis is not possible in such a situation. Effective range is about three yards
Metaphasic particlesParticles, abundant in the rings of the Ba'ku homeworld, which emit metaphasic radiation.
Metaphasic radiationRadiation caused by metaphasic particles. The metaphasic radiation from the planetary rings around the Ba'ku homeworld continually regenerates biologic cells, so the natural aging process of the Ba'ku is stopped. Humans can also feel the healing effects of the metaphasic radiation when they are on the Ba'ku homeworld.
Metaphasic shieldShield capable of protecting a vessel from the intense radiation and high temperature inside the corona of a star
Metryon cascade Mass destruction weapon used by the Haakonians that killed many of the inhabitants of the Talaxian moon Rhinax, and left the survivors suffering from a deadly blood disease, metrymia
Metryons ParticlesHigh levels of exposure can infect a humanoid with metrymia, a blood disease that causes its victims' cells to undergo fission. The Haakonians used a deadly weapon called the metryon cascade wipe out Rhinax, a Talaxian moon in the Delta Quadrant.
Mind Sifter Klingon device used to empty a brain of valuable information. Its side effects include brain damage.
Miranda ClassThis starship class was introduced in the late 23rd century as a successor to the outdated Constitution class and as supplement to the stronger, larger and faster, though slower-acting and more unreliable Excelsior class. The most remarkable feature of the Miranda class is the large roll bar, configurable for specific mission, which is used in a similiar form only in the Nebula class again. Thus, this class also has the most sub-types and modifications: three times the appearances of the ships were slightly changed, and a version improved particularly for combat missions was separated into the new Soyuz class. While the Miranda class constitutes a majority of the fleet together with the Excelsior class, its current tasks mostly aren't research, escort and combat missions any longer, but supply missions and feed jobs, since the Miranda class cannot compete in technique and performance with modern classes, but are still very reliable. The production of the Miranda class was adjusted in the late 24th century, while the class is at present slowly diminishing
Mirror universeA universe existing outside our normal four-dimensional space-time. This universe is and has probably always been similar to ours, but not quite the same. Normally, entropy considerations would not allow the two universes to develop in a similar way, once there are considerable differences established, for instance the totalitarian Earth Empire contrary to the democratic UFP. Nevertheless, there seems to be a possibly bi-directional connection between the two universes that keeps the development in parallel so as to provide the same characters on both sides for dramaturgic reasons. The number of potential quantum universes would be equal to the number of quantum transitions since the Big Bang or, in other words, quasi-infinite.
Multi-Layered Shielding SystemThe outermost layer manipulates graviton polarity creating a graviton flux disruption that prevents many know designs of threat tractor beam from locking on to the vessel. This layer also incorporates transport inhibitor technology, helping prevent an enemy from transporting aboard
Mobile EmitterDevice which enables the EMH of the starship USS Voyager to work in environments without holoprojectors. This device originates in the 29th century. Voyager has sent data on the emitter to Starfleet in datastream transmissions and Starfleet has designed smiliar, but not as advanced emitter of it's own. These have been distributed though out Starfleet
Mobile Surgical Frame (MSF)24th century medicine has advanced significantly over the past few years with the introduction of the EMH and the refinement of micro-surgery. However, we still have a long way to go in regard to planetary medicine. In the past, severly injured patients in the field had only two choices, wait to be transported back to a medical facility, or have an operation in a less-than-sterile environment. The MSF was designed to replace the latter option. Put simply, the Mobile Surgical Frame is the same as the Surgical Support Frame integrated into bio-beds on Starships, only on a portable scale. This technology will be invaluable to field medics and starship medical officers.
NanitesNanotechnical devices developed by the Federation to work in microscopic environments, for instance on a cellular level in a human body. In 2366, nanites were discovered to have developed a consciousness.
NanoprobesMicroscopic devices that are programmed to convert (assimilate) a living organism to a Borg drone. Once injected to the blood stream, the nanoprobes take control of the organism and form the first Borg implants. It was amazing and disturbing how fast humanoids are assimilated. The mere injection of nanoprobes is obviously sufficient to change the whole metabolism in an instant and, moreover, form Borg implants that exceed the size of all nanoprobes combined by far. The nanoprobes are equipped with some kind of replicator that converts body tissue to metallic implants. The size of the nanoprobes is probably not in the nanometer range but slightly larger.
Nanosurgeon A suspension of nanotechnological assemblies that are typically used to survey cellular genetic damage and effect repairs. They report to, and are monitored by, the attending physician. Nanosurgeons are useful to repair additional damage that drugs or other materials cannot affect.
Navigational Deflector Device that deflects potential obstacles in a starship's flight path. The deflector dish usually produces a low-power static field for deflecting submicron particles and a concentrated main beam that pushes aside larger objects thousands of kilometers ahead of the ship. Deflector beams are indispensable at warp speed, for a submicron particle could penetrate and damage the hull. Miranda and Constellation-class navigational deflectors are small emitters that looks different from other designs.
Nebula Clouds of gaseous substances; dust or many different chemicals, with a typical measurement of multiple lightyears. Typical nebulas are composed of hydrogen, helium and bits of oxygen and other trace elements.
Nebula ClassStarship class constructed in the middle and late 24th century which resembles the Galaxy class in shape and structure, but is somewhat smaller and less complex. In contrast to its "sister class," the Nebula class does not achieve its multi-mission ability by universal configuration, but by an exchangeable module on the upper saucer section.
NeurolinkAllows a healthy "donor" to take over autonomic functions for a patient suffering from brain stem damage. One link is attached to the head of the "donor" and the other on the head of the patient. Upon activation, the autonomic functions of the donor control the patient's heart rate, blood pressur and, respiration
Neurostimulator This device "jumpstarts" the Central Nervous System of patients who have suffered some form of neuro-synaptic failure. This is useful to treat a patient who has suffered CNS shock from the high settings of a Phaser.
NeutrinosParticles, with almost no mass, travelling at almost the speed of light. Predicted in the 1930's by the famous quantumphysicist Enrico Fermi, and found in 1956. Stars produce hundreds of billions of neutrinos per second. Cloaked ships also emit neutrinos.
NeutonThe neutron is a powerful tool for the study of condensed matter (solids and liquids) in the world around us, having significant advantages over other forms of radiation in the study of microscopic structure and dynamics. Neutron scattering gives detailed information about the microscopic behaviour of condensed matter, playing a major role in shaping the experimental and theoretical understanding of materials ranging from magnetism and superconductivity to chemical surfaces and interfaces.

A neutron is an uncharged (electrically neutral) subatomic particle with mass 1,839 times that of the electron. Neutrons are stable when bound in an atomic nucleus, whilst having a mean lifetime of approximately 1000 seconds as a free particle. The neutron and the proton form nearly the entire mass of atomic nuclei, so they are both called nucleons.

Neutron RadiationNaturally occurring. Emitted from older classes of the Klingon Bird of Prey, neutrons not contained within an atomic nucleus have a half-life of about 15 minutes.
Neutronic MineBorg weapon. It spreads neutrons over 5 lightyears. The explosive force is 5 million isotons.
NeutroniumVery cohesive material made of densely-packed neutrons, held together by gravity. The material neutron stars are made of. The Doomsday Machine's hull was made of it, as well as the outer hull of a Dyson sphere.
Norway ClassThis small starship class, commissioned in the middle 24th century, is mainly used for escort and combat missions because of its durable structure and extensive, strong armament. A peculiar feature is the structure deviating from the typical design, which consists of a triangular saucer section, but not a large drive section. Instead, the main hull and warp nacelles are connected by a type wing, making the Norway class remarkable.
NovaBurst of energy in the last phase of the life of a light star. A nova can cause a star to reject its outer layers. The people of Sarpeidon travelled back in time to escape when their sun, Beta Niobe, went nova in 2269. Atavachron, the Fabrina sun went nova. The survivors are now living on the giant worldship of Yonada. In the latter part of the 25th century they should reach their new home world
Nova ClassIn the 24th century, Starfleet commissioned this class of small science ships, which are primarily used for planetary investigations due to their size, short distance warp drive and small defensive capability.
Nullifier Cores Energy sources onboard of cloak capable ships. Nullifier cores dissipate the energy they use, so the energy emissions are harder to detect from outside the ship.
ODN Acronym for Optical Data Network, the system of fiber-optics used in 24th century computer systems. Optical data transfer offers the advantage of a higher bandwidth than electrical connections and is therefore increasingly employed for long-range transmission as well as for local networks.
OkudagramsName of the computer graphic displays on the Federation consoles.
Olympic Class In the middle of the 24th century, the Olympic class was introduced as a class of medical supply and hospital ships, and has been used at least until the late 24th century. Olympic class ships have extensive medical equipment and mechanisms, but also weak armament, shields and only necessary scientific scanners and sensors. A unique feature of the Olympic class is the spherical saucer section, which hasn't been used since the Daedalus class, one of Starfleet's first starship classes, which had a main hull with similiar shape.
Omega Molecule Complex artificial molecule that can be employed for power generation. Not sufficiently contained, a single omega molecule can disrupt subspace within a range of several lightyears, so that warp travel becomes impossible. The omega molecule was detected independently by the Federation, the Borg and an alien civilization in the Gamma Quadrant, however, each time the attempt to employ it as a power source failed. The Federation issued the Omega Directive that obliges every Starfleet captain to destroy any detected omega molecule under all circumstances.
OsteotractorMedical tractor fields used to set and immobilize a broken bone prior to treatment with a Protoplaser. They act as a temporary cast during treatment.
PADDAcronym for Personal Access Display Device, a hand-held access terminal to a computer system. PADDS are equipped with a display and touch sensitive areas and have limited built-in memory and computing capability. They are employed to establish uplinks and downlinks to computer systems and may serve as transporter locks-ons. Apart from Starfleet, PADDs are used by most other advanced civilizations. Since it is a non-expensive prop, different PADD designs exist for virtually every civilization in the galaxy. Still, the user interface is similar for all of them, indicating that a common standard was found for ergonomic design. This might explain why no one has ever difficulties in using alien PADDs, let alone reading their letters.
Pattern BufferPart of the transporter system, usually located on the deck below the transporter platform. The pattern buffer is used for short-term storage of the matter stream, thereby providing a delay necessary to compensate for relative velocity (Doppler compensator, filter out hazardous organic materials (biofilter) or transfer the pattern to another pattern buffer in case of a transporter malfunction.
Pattern enhancer Device that improves transporter pattern recognition in case of electromagnetic disturbances. The pattern enhancer is a cylinder with a length of approx. 1m and was introduced in Starfleet around 2369. Usually three pattern enhancers are employed in a triangular formation around the object that is supposed to be beamed.
The Phage A rapidly advancing, adaptive and highly resistant disease which has decimated the Vidiian population by consuming bodies, destroying genetic codes and cellular structures.
Phase shiftGeneric term for a movement to a state outside the normal space-time continuum. Phase shifts are frequently created using either an interphase cloaking device, a phase discriminator, an unknown type of phase shifter or a chroniton based device. Usually phase shift seems to be an essentially temporal displacement, while the interphase generator might be based on a spatial shift or parallel space.
PhasedState or property of matter and energy. Things can be offset slightly in a time-like dimension from our phase of the universe. The idea being that two obejects have different phases we can't interact with each other without using special particles or fields. Dark matter can make objects continually phase in and out of our universe.
Phased matterIntermediate state between matter and energy. The matter stream generated in the transporter as well as for excited matter produced in the warp and fusion reactors, where it seems to be the same as plasma.
Phaser Acronym for Phased Energy Rectification, energy discharge weapon used by the Federation. Energy stored in the Phaser is released within a short time and directed towards the target, unlike the usually constant energy output of lasers. The phaser's function is based on the rapid nadion effect, where nadions are subatomic particles that allow to liberate strong nuclear forces. Shipboard phaser banks are attached to the outer hull of a starship in form of small apertures or domes in the 23rd century that are extended to segmented strips and finally rings in the 24th century. Phaser beams travel at light speed, and the maximum efficient operation range is 300,000km. Hand-held phasers are available in different sizes, ranging from small Type 1 and larger Type 2 to Type 3 phaser rifles
Phaser ArrayLiner Arrays of phaser emitter crystals. Ship borne weapons. These were introduced on the Ambassador Class in the mid 2320s, replacing the older Phaser Ball Emitters as a ship's primary weapons system. Improvements over Phaser Ball Emitters are shorter recharge times, shorter cool down times (heat is spread out over several emitter crystals instead of one Ball Emitter), thus improving power yields and ranges.
Phaser Ball EmitterPhaser emplacement on early (2200-2300) Federation Starships. Ball turret enplacements normally housed in twos. Phaser Ball Emitters had longer cool down, longer recharge times, and shorter ranges than modern Phaser Arrays.Phase Transition Coils - Parts of a transporter, in which phased matter is converted back to normal matter.
Photon torpedo Matter/antimatter annihilation weapon used by Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, and others. A Starfleet photon torpedo contains deuterium and magnetically constrained antideuterium tanks, target guidance and a warp sustainer. In contrast to phasers, photon torpedoes can be used at warp speed.
Photonic MissileBorg weapon similar to photon torpedoes. Plasma - Ionized gas, often regarded as the forth state of matter besides the solid, fluid and gaseous state. Consisting of charged particles, plasma is electrically conductive. Due to this property and the fact that the excited electrons in a plasma are on higher energy level than bound electrons in other forms of matter, plasma is suited to transport energy. In particular, plasma is employed to provide the necessary power for the warp drive and other systems of a starship. The EPS serves to distribute plasma throughout the ship. The continuously occuring relaxation of excited electrons from a higher to a lower energy level becomes obvious in a characteristic glow.
Plasma Infusion Unit An instrument used for transfusions of blood, blood plasma, and/or electrolytes into patients that need them. It is used the same way blood transfusions in the 20th-century. The Plasma Infusion Unit also provides filtration of the material to be delivered.
Plasma injectorsPart of the warp drive that injects matter in the matter/antimatter reactor.Plasma Torpedo - Used by Romulans, Gorns, and Krazzle. Shaped plasma charge that uses ionized gas and trilithium. Original Romulan plasma torpedoes were pure plasma that dissipated the further it traveled, with a destructive power at close range of five photon torpedos, dissipating in strength to zero as it travels. The current design doesn't suffer from this draw back, however it's destructive force is only slightly more then a Photon torpedo
Polaric ionsUsed as a power generation system by an alien species. Very unstable, caused a disaster on the planet, killing all life and vegetation on the planet's surface. The Federation prohibited experiments with polaric ions in 2268.
Polaron beamBeam of polaron particles. Primary beam weapon used by the Dominion. The Borg use polaron beams for scanning. The Swarm uses polaron beams to set the shielding of a ship at a rotating modulation, which makes a ship a lot easier to detect. They also use it as a lattice, connecting each ship with each other.
Polaron torpedoesProjectiles using polaron particles as an energy source in the warhead. Primary torpedo weapon used by the Dominion and The Order.
Portal Portals are like wormholes, gateways to other parts of the Galaxy allowing nearly instantious traval which could take years at high warp. Portals were designed and built by Iconians, whom also built smaller personal sized portals. Positronic Brain - Neural network type employed as central processing units for androids of the Soong series and Provoc race. The the brain is made up of a positronic network which allows rapid processing of information. It is an extremely complicated piece of engineering and is very difficult to recreate.
Primary hull Another name for the saucer section on a starship and starbase. Probe - Device fitted with a number of general purpose or mission specific sensors that can be launched from a starship for closer examination of celestial objects or for reconnaissance. Most Federation probes are about the size of a photon torpedo, and some of them actually use a torpedo casing. Probes are a logical consequence considering that the resolution of the built-in long-range sensors is limited and that there is a signal decay over long distances.
Prometheus Class The Prometheus class is small, comparable with the Intrepid class, and was commissioned in the late 24th century. Being used for escort and battle missions, ships of this class are equipped with regenerative shielding, an ablative armor similiar to that of the Defiant class and have an unique multi-vector attack separation capability, which is an advancement of the Galaxy class' saucer separation function. This experimental tactical device permits a separation into several autonomous ships followed by the assault formation of the these single "parts".
Protomatter An unstable form of matter used by David Marcus as a short cut in the construction of the Genesis Device: because of the instability of protomatter, the Genesis Planet began to age geologically at an accelerated rate. The resurrected Spock-child also began to age very rapidly, allowing Spock to regain his katra at about the same age as he was when he died. Primary reactant in the Hellfire Torpedo
Protostar Very young star, still forming out of a nebula.
Pulse phaser cannon Phaser weapon used in Defiant, Raptor and Titan class starships as well as all Federation Fighters. This system takes a large amount of phased matter from warp or impulse engines, then it's bundled in a solid shell which fires rapidly at attackers. The pulse phaser cannon is more powerful than a conventional phaser.
Q ContinuumRealm of the Q entities.
QuadUnit for the measurement of the amount of computer data, usually expressed in the multiples of 1000 (kiloquad), 1 million (megaquad) or 1 billion (gigaquad).
Quantum fissurePoint in the space-time continuum, being a keyhole to alternate quantum realities.
Quantum flux State of dimensional instability, or continual change. A subject tansported by a subspace transporter must be put in a state of quantum flux before transporting, which is considered to be very dangerous
Quantum singularity Also referred to as black hole. Romulan ships, like the Warbird, employ a quantum singularity as their power source, and the Hirogen communications network too. Basically, a black hole is supposed to accumulate energy, never ever emitting anything of it. Stephen Hawking, however, postulated that black holes do actually emit radiation, or shrink in terms of mass. This strange behavior is attributed to the quantum uncertainty. According to quantum mechanics, it is in no way prohibited that a particle/antiparticle pair is generated from nothing, as long as their lifetime is so short that it is not noticed. If this happens at the event horizon, one particle might fall into the black hole, whereas the other could escape. In this case it would seem as if the black hole does emit radiation, and the Romulans obviously take advantage of this effect.
Quantum slipstream drivePropulsion technology exceeding the capabilities of conventional warp drive. The quantum slipstream drive was introduced as the propulsion system of the faux Federation ship Dauntless. The technology is akin to Borg transwarp which can fold space to bridge large distances similar to a wormhole.
Quantum torpedoTorpedo that employs a release of energy from a quantum vacuum energy (also known as zero point energy) as a distructive force.
Quasars Extragalactic phenomenons dating from the early years after the Big Bang. Quasars are strong sources of radio- and X-rays. It's believed that they're powered by a super-massive black hole, centered in the nucleus of a young galaxy. The last quasars are dated from 600 million years ago, but most are dated much older. Galactic, quasar-like phenomenons powered by smaller black holes are called microquasars.
RaktajinoKlingon coffee. Much stronger then coffee from Earth. Very popular with many Starfleet Officers. It is served ice cold.
RCSAcronym for Reaction Control System, also referred to as maneuvering thrusters. The RCS is a low-power propulsion system for low-velocity attitude and translational control. Depending on the starship type, the system consists of a number of thrusters mostly located at the edge of the saucer hull. Although the Star Trek RCS is based on a fusion reaction, its principle has not changed since the early days of space travel in the 1960's, and similar thrusters were attached e.g. to the hull of the Apollo spaceship.
Reflex-QuintronicsComputer technology incorporating duotronic drivers, isolinear optical chips, bio-neural gel packs and advances in Cytherian computer technology. This artificial intelligence technology responds to external stimulae on an instinctive level. One of the advantages of RQs is autorepair of damaged systems. However, even though these computers are equipped with artificial intelligence, the computers cannot make their own decisions; they're still restricted to their programs. Defiant-class starships are equipped with reflex-Quintronic computers
Regenerative shieldingShielding technology first employed for the prototype Prometheus and the Sovereign Class
Replicator Device which is capable of creating matter from raw matter. The working principle of this device is related to the transporter. The replicator diassembles and assembles matter in a similar way, the main difference is that its resolution is limited to the molecular level. The replicator works on a molecular base, which is sufficient to create food or articles for daily use. It is necessary to store suited raw matter, i.e. matter with the molecular composition required. in late 23rd century and 24th century ships waste is employed for this purpose. Up to 97% of waste on a starship can be recycled to consumables. The replicator has been around since the mid 22nd century, but wasn't installed on Star Ships until the latter part of the 23rd century due to the room needed to store the amount of raw matterial needed for the day to day use of hundreds of crewmen. Much of this problem was solved by harking back to the old Reconstitution technology of the mid 22nd century warp five starships. It suprized many in Starfleet that this old tecnological concept was ignored for so long. But as an engineer once said. 'Its hard to remember that you can light a fire with two stones when you've always used a laser match.'
Repulsor beam It is a modified tractor beam.
Rotating frequency Method of changing the phaser and deflector shield frequency at random. It is a tactic employed by the Federation, so as to prevent adaptation of Borg. It is one of the Federations key defenses against the Borg.
RunaboutVessel of small size, twice as large as a shuttlecraft, mainly used for mid-range personnel transport. Runabouts are equipped with warp and impulse drive, shields, phasers and optional photon torpedoes, while Repulse and Blackhawks have improved shielding and weapons. They are used for many purposes where a shuttle does not have the range needed, while a starship is either not available or is too large.
Safety protocolSubroutine that prevents a holographic projection system from creating harmful objects, substances or situations which may cause a user's injury or even death
Saucer Section - The main hull of most federation star ships. It has the Main Bridge and most residential and science labs located in it. Saucer section can also be used as a term to describe the saucer areas of a starbase
Saucer separationDisconnection of engineering hull and main hull (saucer) of a Galaxy-class starship. Saucer separation is employed in emergency situations, e.g. in order not to endanger civilians in a battle or in case a warp core breach is inevitable. A number of other starship classes can perform saucer separation as well, however, in most cases reconnection is not possible without the facilities of a drydock
Scalpel There are three varieties to choose from, traditional cutting blades with a monomolecular edge, laser scalpels that cauterize as they cut, and nanotech scalpels that separate tissues along cellular lines without damage. Each has different uses. Laser scalpels help the surgeon because of bloodlessness, but can dazzle anyone unwary enough to look into the beam, even though the scalpel can only cut within its focal length. Monomolecular blades require no power supply and quickly slice through most matter with minimal effort. Finally, Nanotech scalpels cause minimal disruption of tissue but operate slowly. There is current research in an experimental scalpel that utilizes Transporter technology.
Self Sealing Stem BoltDevice with a self sealing stem. The bolt, once in place, emits a sealant on both sides of the object it has bolted together to create an air and moisture tight seal. Used mainly in the Bajoran farming communities on water pumps . It does have other related applications.
Self-replicating mineExplosive device, equipped with a matter/antimatter warhead and a replicator system. Deployed in a shell, the self-replicating mines are able to fill in gaps by replicating new mines. The mines were first deployed in 2373 to prevent the Jem'Hadar fleet from entering the Alpha Quadrant through the Bajoran Wormhole.
SensorCollective name for a variety of devices for gathering data about electromagnetic radiation and particles and for chemical, biological and medical analysis. External sensors are attached to the outer hull of a starship. Among them are navigational sensors which determine the ship's position and velocity and scientific sensors for astronomical observation, planetary surface analysis and remote lifeform analysis. Internal sensors are used to control life support and detect hazardous environmental conditions as well as to track potential intruders. Finally, sensors are also included in tricorders and other hand-held devices which can perform similar tasks, however, their range is limited.
Shield FrequencyValue that represents the energy of a deflector shield. Expressed in Hertz (Hz). An energy weapon(Directed beams or Torpedos) can penetrate the shield when it utilizes the same frequency as the shielding.
ShuttlebayFacility on a starship where shuttlecrafts can land, be stored and maintained. The space door is usually closed, and is replaced by a forcefield when a shuttle is about to land or to be launched. This forcefield can be penetrated by the shuttlecraft itself, while it prevents decompression of the shuttlebay. Each shuttlebay is equipped with a tractor beam generator in order to facilitate the landing procedure.
Sickbay Overhead Sensor ClusterThis is a arrangement of sensors located above the primary Bio-Bed in sickbay. It augments the sensors of the Bio-Bed, and also provides an emergency containment field to prevent contamination.
SIF Acronym for Structural Integrity Field, a system of forcefields built up around and within a starship in order to counterbalance acceleration forces and gravitational forces. The SIF actually keeps the spaceframe in one piece. Many Federation starships structures cannot sustain the gravity of a planet, and the Intrepid Class would virtually fall apart, while coming through the atmosphere without the SIF.
Slingshot effect Time travel that occurs if a starship approaches a star at high warp and then sling shots around.
Soliton wave Method of warp travel without shipboard warp drive. The soliton wave is generated by a stationary generator on a planet and directed towards the ship in order to accelerate it to warp speed. A second wave generator at the destination is required to dissolve the wave generating a counterwave with matching frequency, phase and amplitude. The concept of the soliton wave seems to be quite similar to conventional warp propulsion, considering that a wave is nothing but a traveling field. Notwithstanding the simpler ship construction, soliton wave propulsion is questionable, since the ship is dependent on at least two wave generators, so it would only be useful for frequently used trade routes. Moreover, the wave that is hard to control once it is released and cannot be dissipated in the worst case.
Sovereign ClassAt the end of the 24th century, Starfleet commissioned the Sovereign class, a starship class equipped with the newest technology and an unusually large potential at defensive, propulsion, and scientific sensor systems, what makes this ships of this class as universally applicable as the substantially larger Galaxy class vessels. Nevertheless, the ships of the Sovereign class, which have a very elongated saucer section, were designed for enhanced functionality and performance and not for comfort and extensive fittings. Thus, these ships rarely assigned to diplomatic missions and do not support families, but are used to accomplish escort, attack, and long-distance research missions. The class is particularly well-built for these tasks because of its highly developed defensive systems and the extraordinarily fast warp drive, which is only slightly slower than the Intrepid class, which, however, is much smaller
Space Time Continuum

Spacetimes are the arenas in which all physical events take place - for example, the motion of planets around the Sun may be described in a particular type of spacetime, or the motion of light around a rotating star may be described in another type of spacetime. The basic elements of spacetime are events. In any given spacetime, an event is a unique position at a unique time. Examples of events include the explosion of a star or the single beat of a drum.A space-time is independent of any observer.[3] However, in describing physical phenomena (which occur at certain moments of time in a given region of space), each observer chooses a convenient coordinate system. Events are specified by four real numbers in any coordinate system. The worldline of a particle or light beam is the path that this particle or beam takes in the spacetime and represents the history of the particle or beam. The worldline of the orbit of the Earth is depicted in two spatial dimensions x and y (the plane of the Earth orbit) and a time dimension orthogonal to x and y. The orbit of the Earth is an ellipse in space alone, but its worldline is a helix in spacetime.The unification of space and time is exemplified by the common practice of expressing distance in units of time, by dividing the distance measurement by the speed of light.

The origins of this 20th century scientific theory began in the 19th century with fiction writers. Edgar Allan Poe stated in his essay on cosmology titled Eureka (1848) that "space and duration are one." This is the first known instance of suggesting space and time to be different perceptions of one thing. Poe arrived at this conclusion after approximately 90 pages of reasoning but employed no mathematics. In 1895, H.G. Wells in his novel, The Time Machine, wrote, "There is no difference between Time and any of the three dimensions of Space except that our consciousness moves along it." He added, "Scientific people…know very well that Time is only a kind of Space."While spacetime can be viewed as a consequence of Albert Einstein's 1905 theory of special relativity, it was first explicitly proposed mathematically by one of his teachers, the mathematician Hermann Minkowski, in a 1908 essay [1] building on and extending Einstein's work. His concept of Minkowski space is the earliest treatment of space and time as two aspects of a unified whole, the essence of special relativity. The idea of Minkowski space also led to special relativity being viewed in a more geometrical way, this geometric viewpoint of spacetime being important in general relativity too. (For an English translation of Minkowski's article, see Lorentz et al. 1952.) The 1926 thirteenth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica included an article by Einstein titled "space-time".[2]Spaceframe - Skeletal structure of a starship. The spaceframe of a large vessel is usually designed to provide sufficient mechanical stability while the ship is at rest in orbit or open space. Stability during acceleration by propulsion systems or gravity can only be accomplished through the SIF. Mechanical stability is a decisive obstacle when designing large structures such as a Galaxy-class starship. Simply inflating all dimensions of a smaller starship by a constant factor is not possible, considering the fact that the volume will increase by the third power and the cross-section only by the second power. Hence, a strength deficit occurs if an object is scaled up, and a strength surplus if it is scaled down

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Spatial vortexWormhole-like phenomenon, crossing an expanse called 'The Void'. The vortex has since been closed.
Starbase Extensive Starfleet facility which serves for maintaining and resupplying starships, for recreation and exchange of ship crews, for research, for medical supply, as a military base, as a place for interstellar trade and for administration as well as a base of operations for the sector. Starbases are either partially located on a planet surface, most are large space stations.
StarshipDesignation for a large type of space vessel with warp drive, or any other ship capable of FTL travel
Stardate The system for time measurement commonly used in the Federation, yielding a continuous date instead of e.g. DD:MM:YY format. The stardate obviously serves as a common standard within the Federation, taking into consideration different day and year durations on different planets that would make such references useless if applied to other planets. The system of stardates refers to the Julian Date, which was introduced for easy calculation of time differences for astronomy and consists in a continuous day count. The 24th century system is quite easy, because an increase of 1000 corresponds to one year, 100 a month,10s and 1s a day. Decimals refer to hours, minutes and sometimes seconds and nano-seconds when there is a need for it
Stasis Field Generator This device is used in emergencies when a patient cannot be stabilized and requires treatment that is not immediately available. It significantly slows all biological activity within the perimeter of the field, placing the patient in a sort of suspended animation. The patient will not be aware of any passage of time while under the influence of a stasis unit, since the biochemical activity of the patient's brain is effectivelyhalted
Sub light speedSpeed lower than lightspeed.
SubspaceA domain outside normal three-dimensional space, rather than another dimension. Effects of mass/energy transition to subspace allow FTL velocities and are used by the warp drive, computer system and subspace radio. According to the ingenious subspace field law by 20th century physicist Jason Hinson, subspace is "a continuum that exists in conjunction with our own space-time continuum. Every point in our universe has a corresponding point in subspace. Also, at every point in our universe, subspace has a particular frame of reference."
Subspace fieldSpecial type of forcefield that extends into subspace and is able to change its structure or geometry. A subspace field facilitates propulsion and signal transfer. The subspace field strength is measured in cochrane units. Above a subspace field stress of 1 cochrane, the subspace field becomes a warp field, allowing FTL travel of starships and signals. Like the definition of subspace itself, the subspace field is better explained by 20th century scientist Jason Hinson. According to his law, a subspace field generator produces a subspace distortion that is counterbalanced by subspace itself, so the actual subspace field is the resulting field of both. The impact of a subspace field is that any mass within the field partially "submerges" into subspace, allowing propulsion of a starship with less energy expense.
Subspace radiation Form of radiation, emanating from subspace. Subspace Resonator - Field-manipulation device that is appearently able to create warp fields. A subspace resonator was given by the Enterprise-D crew to a disabled Romulan science vessel to make it possible for the ship to return home, although slowly.
Subspace riftIntrusion of subspace into normal space. Subspace rifts can be formed by cumulative exposure of warp field energy to certain areas of space.
Subspace RuptureLarge anomaly that attracts matter into a central vortex, the same way as a black hole does. Subspace shockwave - Powerful energy front caused by massive discharges of energy, like in explosions. The explosion of the Klingon moon Praxis formed a subspace shockwave, causing severe damage to the Klingon homeworld, as well to the USS Excelsior, who was in the neighbourhood at the time. The shockwave severely damaged the ozone layer of Qo'noS and slowly depleted the planet's oxygen resevoir, making life on Qo'noS impossible within 50 years of 2293. The Klingons found a solution for this, but have never revealed it to the Federation.
Subspace Weapon Weapon whose destructive force is based on the disruption of subspace. Subspace weapons are outlawed by the Federation because of their irreparable damage to subspace, however, the Son'a have employed such a weapon.
Surgical Support Frame Surgical Support Frames attach to Bio-Beds providing aid and assistance during surgery and emergency life support. Littered with biosensors, the SSF has a large display of the surgical area.
Symbalene Blood Burn a deadly and extremely contagious disease that could kill a Human in a few minutes. The pathogen caused the vascular lining to literally boil away. Initial symptoms included a critical rise in body temperature and blood pressure, followed by extreme pain in the extremities, rupture of capillaries, and death. Although extraordinarily contagious and capable of acting across mass populations, not even the Symbalene blood burn could kill an entire planetary population of four billion in under a week.
Tachyon eddiesPhenomenons of tachyons, which made the anceint Bajoran lightsail ship travel faster than light.
TachyonsAny particles that travel faster than light. Predicted in the 20th century by professor Arnold Sommerfeld. General relativity says that anything with positive mass cannot travel at lightspeed or above, because the mass of an object increases when it approaches lightspeed. However, if an object has a negative mass, the mass becomes more negative. Thus, as a tachyon loses energy, it gains speed, and exceeds lightspeed. When it breaks the lightspeed barrier, it gives off a radiation known as Cerenkov radiation. This takes energy away from a tachyon and causes it to go faster and faster, continually giving off more and more energy. The lowest velocity of a tachyon is slightly above lightspeed, but it can never go at lightspeed, as normal objects can not travel at lightspeed. This is mathematically acceptable, and is also supported by relativity and quantum mechanics. Tachyons are difficult to measure because they would violate time-order. In other words, two different people in two different places would see one tachyon do two different things, if they could see the tachyon at all. For example, if one person sees a tachyon coming towards them, the other person sees the tachyon towards them as well. However, present mathematics and physics allow tachyons to exist under certain circumstances. Tachyons are used in the Borg transwarp conduit. A tachyon beam is used to scan a ship. The domain of the Swarm is bounded with tachyon beams. Romulan cloaked vessels entering Federation space are detected by a tachyon detection grid near the Neutral Zone.

Tactical Display Unit
The T.D.U. can be added to your standard tricorder. This unit will relay information from the tricorder to a monocular eye peice that covers the user's eye. The infomation presented to the monocular lense is a direct feed from the tricorder which would be attached to the waist line of the user. Attached to the user's weapon is a targeting laser. This laser will be represented on the monocular lense as a red crosshair. The tricorder offers no more information than it's setting is capable for. The lense has a slight green tint to it. Other than that it does not hinder the natural vision of the user. The TDU can be used with any Federation Phaser Rifle. It is not a standard use with a type 2 phaser. However, versions can be adapted to function with the type 2.
Tanium Material used in starship hulls. Different forms of tanium are encountered in The Federation. Star Fleet uses tritanium in their starship hulls, and a Delta Quadrant race called the Hirogen uses monotanium. Quadratanium is used by Dr. Noonien to build Data and Lore. Duritanium is also . Tanium is the basic element of the materials mentioned above. These materials are alloys of Tanium.
Tantalus Device Weapon in the mirror universe of the Terran Empire. It can make a person appear and disappear with the touch of a button. Speculation would suggest that displaced objects or people are shunted to a pocket universe by this device.
Temporal riftTime displacement in the space-time continuum.
Temporal shieldingStarship shielding that prevents chroniton torpedos from penetrating the ships deflector shields. Invented by the crew of Voyager in an alternative timelne.
Temporal VortexConnection between two different times within the same universe. It is produced by chroniton emission (chronitons). The Borg use a temporal vortex to alter Earth history.
TerraformingGeneric term for technologies employed to convert an uninhabitable planet into a habitable world
Terellian Death Syndrome a deadly disease which causes irreversible cellular degradation. Its initial symptoms are somewhat similar to that of Urodelan flu.
Tetryons Particles which are stable in subspace but unstable in normal space. They are the main mediating particles of subspace interactions with normal space.
Tertiary Subspace ManifoldContinuum, part of subspace. Some creatures exist within a tertiary subspace manifold, a manifold being a term used to describe the form our own universe takes when viewed from a higher dimension. This is also called a deeper level of subspace; another universe which is connected to ours by subspace.
ThrustersNewtonian starship propulsion system based on chemical reactions - just like 20th century rocket propulsion. Federation thrusters use hydrazine as fuel. Thrusters are much slower than impulse drive and are used, for example, at docking procedures.
Time travelUsually any movement through time that is not equivalent to the normal course of time, in particular a person's travel leading to the past or faster as usual to the future. Time travel to the past may be connected with paradoxes or causality loops, if an effect becomes apparent before the cause exists. Traveling at relativistic speeds will allow time travel to the future, however, with no return. A kind of time travel to the past is evident in the case of two correlated photons, when one photon immediately changes to a certain state, once the state of the other photon is determined. This is only possible with an FTL signal transfer or a wave function traveling to the past.
Timeship Vessel capable of traveling through time generating temporal rifts. The 29th century Federation timeships Aeon and Relativity are part of a Federation institution seeking and preventing manipulations in the timeline.
Torpedo Starship weapon that exists as a curved edged box charged with a high-energetic charge and is used to disable enemy ships. Torpedos can, not like phasers, also be fired at warp speed, because torpedos have a warp-sustaining engine. The Federation uses multiple sorts of torpedos; photon, quantum, hellfire, and tri-cobalt.
Tractor beamDevice used by Federation starships to tow other vessels. Apart from the main emitter and optional auxiliary emitters located around the hull, a small tractor beam emitter is located in each shuttle bay to control the landing procedure. Tractor beams are based on a subspace field assisted emission of gravitons, their direction can be reversed so as to push away an object.
TransceiverLong-range communications device that transmits and recieves com. signals.
Transporter Psychosis is an incurable medical condition. It is caused by a breakdown of neurochemicals during transport, affecting the body's motor functions, autonomic systems and the higher reasoning centers of the brain. As a result, the victim suffers from paranoid delusions, multi-infarct dementia, hallucinations (somatic, tactile, and visual), and psychogenic hysteria. Peripheral symptoms include sleeplessness, accelerated heart rate, diminished eyesight leading to acute myopia, painful spasms in the extremities, and dehydration.
Transporter SuspensionTechnique which involved suspending the transporter patterns of people. Unfortunately, the suspension has a very nasty side-effect: cumulative cellular decay. This means that a person can survive only a few suspensions, before dying of cellular decay.
Transwarp Fundamentally a generic term for technologies that overcome the limitations of conventional warp drives, in particular an experimental propulsion principle tested with the USS Excelsior NX-2000. The experiment failed, and the Excelsior as well as subsequent ships were equipped with a standard warp drive. Transwarp technology is also used by the Borg, however, it is not known if it is the same principle as in the USS Excelsior.
Transwarp Conduit Transwarp drive used by the Borg. They're like custom-made wormholes that, once created, stay in place and can be used repeatedly. The conduits are opened by broadcasting a tachyon signature which sucks the ship in. The first step is bringing the ship on any speed higher than warp 2, using normal warp drive. Then a subspace field forms. The second step is to emit tachyons, which will open the subspace wormhole. They're beyond the ability of the Federation to create.
Treaty of AlgeronAround the year 2160 the Romulan Wars between Earth and The Romulan Star Empire ended with the signing of the Treaty of Algeron. This treaty established what is known as the Romulan Neutral Zone, an area of space approximately one light year across. The treaty was negotiated by sub space radio and stated that entry into the zone by either the Federation or the Romulans would constitute an act of war. Throughout the years, the Neutral Zone has been invaded several times by both sides but diplomacy has prevented conflict. The revamping and resigning of the treaty in the 2260s prevented the Federation from developing or using cloaking technology on Federation Starships. This began to change in the early 2370s. When the Gamma Quadrant Dominion became a threat, the Romulans loaned cloaking technology to the Federation for use in the Gamma Quadrant.
Tricobalt deviceExplosive device used on the planet Eminiar VII and later adopted for Federation starships. Tricobalt devices seem to be rather old-fashioned, yet efficient weapons, if they are employed to destroy targets with limited or no defensive shields. When used in slow moving missiles they can be effective angainst the Borg, for they don't consider them a threat until it's to late to block them. Fortunately tricobalt does not register on Borg sensors .
TricordrazineRefined version of Cordrazine lacking the paranoia side effects, but not revive as well.
TricorderHand-held sensing, computing and recording device for use by Starfleet personnel. The tricorder incorporates sensor and computer systems in a miniaturized version with limited capabilities, yet, sufficient for away missions. Considering the ongoing miniaturization of computer as well as sensor elements, it will soon be feasible to design a fully functional tricorder. However, it is questionable if there will be a need for such a device, at least in the near future, for it would be too sophisticated for a consumer product and not specialized enough for a scientific apparatus. A tricorder is commonly used by Operations, Engineering and Science personnel.
TrilithiumThis substance can be used as a solar inhibitor. Trilithium is used in a missle by Dr. Soren in the latter 23rd century, stopping all fusion reactions in a star. Trilithium is also used in Romulan Plasma Torpedo warheads.
TritaniumMaterial, alloy of tanium. Used in Federation starship hulls. Tritanium is 21.4 times as hard as diamond.
Turbolift Transportation system within a starbase or starship. The turbolift system consists of a network of turboshafts and turbolift cars. A turbolift is driven by linear motors and vacum tube tecnology. Extemely high speeds are possible and are compensated for the passengers by damping fields within the car. Fundamentally, the linear motor works in a similar way as a conventional cylindrical electric motor, where a rotor is located inside a stator. The linear motor has the stator unrolled, and the rotor is replaced by a simple magnet in the car that is free to move along the stator in the turbo shaft tracks. Propulsion is achieved by powering the stator so as to generate a traveling magnetic field. When in opporation the gravity field in the shaft is turned off to help facilata
Ultrasonic shower Personal cleaning system in crew quarters aboard Federation starships. Besides ultrasonic showers, old-fashioned bathtubs and water showers are usually available as well.
Universal translator

Device employed for communication among beings who speak different languages. The universal translator performs a pattern analysis of an unknown language based on a variety of criteria in order to generate a translation matrix. Is used in comjunction with Starfleet commbadges.

Urodelan Flu is a relatively harmless viral disease. Symptoms include blurred vision, dizziness, palpitations, and a stinging sensation in the lower spine. Urodelan flu is characterized by a slightly irregular K-3 cell count, elevated intravascular pressure, and heightened electrophoretic activity.

Most Humans are naturally immune to Urodelan flu. An exception was Reginald Barclay, who contracted it in 2370. Dr. Beverly Crusher attempted to cure it by activating the immunity gene with a synthetic T-cell, inadvertantly causing a condition later known as Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome.

VerteriumcortenideMaterial of which the inner and outer surface of both the warp coils and impulse driver coils are made. Veteriumcortenide produces subspace fields when interacting with plasma. Verteriumcortenide is a composite which consists of verteriumpolysilicate, polysilicate, silicium, and monocrystalline cortenum.
Verterons:Particles associated with subspace interactions. They inhibit the formation of subspace fields, damaging or rendering devices which use subspace useless. Verterons infest the wormhole near Bajor. A protouniverse intruding into our own subspace was kept contained by an energy field, but verteron pockets in the wormhole threatened to release it, destroying a runabout and perhaps even the worm hole. Verterons and subspace do not mix well.
Vinculum:Borg device, serving as central processing unit in Borg ships. It's responsible for the neural links between drones, which forms the Collective. It also searches actively for signs of individuality among Borg drones, wiping it out, bringing order to chaos. The vinculum also identifies Borg drones who left the Collective and re-assimilate in the Collective by creating a subspace link with the neural implant of the drone. The neural patterns of the drone are then adjusted. The link cannot be severed without chronical neural damage. The vinculum is hard to de-activate because it has the ability to re-route its internal circuitry.
VISOR:Acronym for Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement, The VISOR was not only sensitive to the visible spectrum, but to a wide range of electromagnetic radiation. By 2373, the VISOR has been replaced by bionic eye implants, which perform the same function but are far more atheistically pleasing.
WarpForm of faster than light travel that is used by many species around the galaxy. It covers normal warp, that is used by the Federation, and transwarp, that is faster and is used by civilizations one step higher than the Federation.
Warp CoilToroid or split toroid element that generates a subspace field, when energized by a plasma stream. A set of several horse shoe shaped warp coils is combined in a warp nacelle. Plasma injectors serve to adjust the activation sequences of the warp coils in a way that a propulsive, asymmetric warp field is formed.
Warp CorePart of the warp drive in which power is generated through a controlled annihilation of matter and antimatter, also referred to as matter/antimatter reaction chamber. The complete warp power generation system including the warp core, matter and antimatter injectors and constriction elements, is called matter/antimatter reaction assembly. Matter and antimatter stream are combined in the dilithium crystal inside the warp core, resulting in a (warp) plasma stream. A failure of antimatter containment is commonly referred to as warp core breach. In this case antimatter can get in contact with matter, leading to a disastreous explosion that most probably will destroy the ship. In case of a containment failure, the warp core offers the possibility of an emergency shutdown. If the shutdown does not work, it is possible to eject the warp core. It's an optimistic assumption that in case of a pending warp core breach there is enough time left to try the emergency shutdown and finally eject the warp core and that the remaining time can even be exactly determined. It usually comes to an either/or decision on the part of the Chief Engineering Officer.
Warp Drive Common name for Continuum Distortion Propulsion Drive Non-Newtonian propulsion system used by the Federation to travel at speeds higher than lightspeed. A powerful, asymmetric subspace field is established around the ship by the warp nacelles. The field is composed of nested layers, each pushing against the one beyond it. This drives the ship forward, at a speed faster than light. First, matter and antimatter react with each other in the warp core. The annihilation produces large amounts of high energy gamma radiation. The radiation then is condensed into a plasma state, which carries the full energy (matter is easier to conduct than radiation). The power transfer conduits transfer the plasma to the nacelles. Injectors feed the plasma into warp field coil segments. The coils generate subspace fields by the interaction of the exotic materials, verterium and cortenide, with the plasma. The coils are energized at specific time intervals, creating multiple field layers. These pulses also cause the push of the nested fields, moving the ship forward. The warp field wraps around the ship in a two-lobed bubble, as seen below at warp field. The shape of the ship determines the efficiency of the field, explaining why starships have such a sleek design.
Warp Factor Figure that describes the speed of a ship or signal traveling faster than light.
Warp FieldSubspace field with a subspace distortion of at least 1 cochrane. A starship enveloped by a warp field is able to travel faster than light, without relativistic limits being violated. The asymmetrical warp field used by Federation starships is propulsive itself without an additional exhaustion necessary. This is accomplished by sequentially activating the warp coils. A symmetrical, non-propulsive warp field is used for 24th century starship computer cores, where it allows faster than light travel of electrons or photons within the field limits.
Warp NacellePart of the warp drive that holds the warp coils, plasma conduits and injectors, usually in a separate housing. Almost all Federation starships employ an even number of nacelles, arranged symmetrically to the longitudinal axis. While most vessels have two nacelles, a number of starships (for instance Constellation class, Cheyenne class, Europa, and the USS Prometheus) are equipped with four of them. The Freedom class, on the other hand, is one of the very few ship classes with a single nacelle and the Galaxy Dreadnought and Intimidator classes sport three. Support pylons connect the nacelles to the ship's hull and supply the warp coils with plasma through power transfer conduits. Usually, a Bussard collector is attached to the front end of each warp nacelle. Romulans and Klingons use warp nacelles similar to the Federation type.
Warp ParticlesThey are used to open a subspace breach in the event horizon (black hole) of ablack hole. Fields and particles are different ways of looking at the same thing. You can even consider soliton waves (cohesive waves which don't disperse) as being made up of a special soliton particle, or sound to be carried by a 'phonon' particle, and it makes some calculations much easier than considering the wave or field classically. warp particles refer to the specific particles making up a warp field, or the entire class of particles which partake in subspace reactions (tetryons, verterons, etc).
Warp Propulsion SystemPropulsion system of starships that allows faster-than-light (FTL) travel, also referred to as warp drive. The main components of a Federation warp propulsion system are matter and antimatter storage, injectors, constriction segments, warp core, warp plasma conduits, power transfer conduits, and warp coils. The controlled annihilation of antimatter and matter inside a dilithium crystal in the warp core generates the energy necessary for a warp field and also supplies most of the ship's systems. The propulsive warp field is generated by the warp coils. The warp drive was first successfully tested by Zefram Cochrane in 2063, however, other civilizations such as the Vulcans had discovered warp drive a long time ago.
Warp SignatureSpecific property of the warp field of a starship. Races are often identified because of their warp signature. Hirogen ships are identified because of their 'dicyclistic warpfield'. Ferengi ships are identified of their single-lobed warp field. Federation starships have double-lobed a warp field.
Warp speed Speed obtained by warp drive and is usually higher than lightspeed.
Warp Sustainer Engine Propulsion system of a photon, hellfire, quantum, and tri-cobalt torpedoes- but not Tricolbalt missles- allowing warp flight for a short period after the launch during warp speed fighting.
Wormhole Space-time anomaly that connects two points that may be far away from each other within normal space. Wormholes are either natural phenomena, or they have been constructed by superior lifeforms or accidentally generated because of warp drive malfunctions. Only one stable wormhole is known, leading from the Bajoran system to the Gamma Quadrant, allowing starships to cross the distance of 90,000 LY in an instant. This wormhole has been artificially constructed by supernatural beings whom the Bajorans refer to as the Prophets.
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