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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - M
MagnetonMeasurement of the magnetic dipole moment of a particle. Magnetons are also used to scan ships. Magnetometric-guided charges - Devices, simular in concept to ancient Depth-charges, used by the Borg. Matter/antimatter reactor - Energy source, used by the Federation as warp core and power source on starships. Also used in phasers. Energy is produced by reactions between matter and antimatter particles. In Federation warp core M/AMRs, deuterium and anti-deuterium is used.
MedikitThe Physician's Medikit is a small, strap-on case designed to carry emergency medical supplies. A Standard kit should include hyposprays, a medical Tricorder, a neural Stimulator, a sampling kit and various medications. All doses of any drug type are contained in vials that must be inserted into the Hypospray. The standard kit may be altered to suit missions or situations, but must be altered before the mission begins. For example, if the doctor knows that he is going into a combat zone, he may replace the 3 vials of Panamyacin with more Hyronalyn or Analgine
Medical TricorderThe standard medical tricorder is a multipurpose technical and scientific instrument. It is a modified TR-580 with an extra external medical probe and scanner attachment. It has the following capabilities: Biosampler, Bioscanner, Chemscanner, Datalink, Environmental Analysis, Medscanner, Multiscanner, and Radscanner.

For its size, the Medical Tricorder can maintain and store vast amounts of data in its own memory, which it uses to help evaluate conditions on site. The Medical Tricorder has an external hand-held sensing device. This peripheral contains over 100 sensors, and the Tricorder contains a specialized medical database that provides detailed medical diagnostic tools in the field including tomographic and micrographic imaging. A small diagnosis wand fits into the top of the peripheral and is occasionally used by the physician to provide close high-resolution scans. Together, these sensors allow the Tricorder to make very detailed diagnosis on known species. On unknown species, it is limited to telling if the life-form is sick or dying. A detailed analysis is not possible in such a situation. Effective range is about three yards
Metaphasic ParticlesParticles, abundant in the rings of the Ba'ku homeworld, which emit metaphasic radiation.
Metaphasic RadiationRadiation caused by metaphasic particles. The metaphasic radiation from the planetary rings around the Ba'ku homeworld continually regenerates biologic cells, so the natural aging process of the Ba'ku is stopped. Humans can also feel the healing effects of the metaphasic radiation when they are on the Ba'ku homeworld.
Metaphasic shieldShield capable of protecting a vessel from the intense radiation and high temperature inside the corona of a star
Metryon cascade Mass destruction weapon used by the Haakonians that killed many of the inhabitants of the Talaxian moon Rhinax, and left the survivors suffering from a deadly blood disease, metrymia
Metryons ParticlesHigh levels of exposure can infect a humanoid with metrymia, a blood disease that causes its victims' cells to undergo fission. The Haakonians used a deadly weapon called the metryon cascade wipe out Rhinax, a Talaxian moon in the Delta Quadrant.
Mind Sifter Klingon device used to empty a brain of valuable information. Its side effects include brain damage.
Miranda ClassThis starship class was introduced in the late 23rd century as a successor to the outdated Constitution class and as supplement to the stronger, larger and faster, though slower-acting and more unreliable Excelsior class. The most remarkable feature of the Miranda class is the large roll bar, configurable for specific mission, which is used in a similiar form only in the Nebula class again. Thus, this class also has the most sub-types and modifications: three times the appearances of the ships were slightly changed, and a version improved particularly for combat missions was separated into the new Soyuz class. While the Miranda class constitutes a majority of the fleet together with the Excelsior class, its current tasks mostly aren't research, escort and combat missions any longer, but supply missions and feed jobs, since the Miranda class cannot compete in technique and performance with modern classes, but are still very reliable. The production of the Miranda class was adjusted in the late 24th century, while the class is at present slowly diminishing
Mirror UniverseA universe existing outside our normal four-dimensional space-time. This universe is and has probably always been similar to ours, but not quite the same. Normally, entropy considerations would not allow the two universes to develop in a similar way, once there are considerable differences established, for instance the totalitarian Earth Empire contrary to the democratic UFP. Nevertheless, there seems to be a possibly bi-directional connection between the two universes that keeps the development in parallel so as to provide the same characters on both sides for dramaturgic reasons. The number of potential quantum universes would be equal to the number of quantum transitions since the Big Bang or, in other words, quasi-infinite.
Multi-Layered Shielding SystemThe outermost layer manipulates graviton polarity creating a graviton flux disruption that prevents many know designs of threat tractor beam from locking on to the vessel. This layer also incorporates transport inhibitor technology, helping prevent an enemy from transporting aboard
Mobile EmitterDevice which enables the EMH of the starship USS Voyager to work in environments without holoprojectors. This device originates in the 29th century. Voyager has sent data on the emitter to Starfleet in datastream transmissions and Starfleet has designed smiliar, but not as advanced emitter of it's own. These have been distributed though out Starfleet
Mobile Surgical Frame (MSF)24th century medicine has advanced significantly over the past few years with the introduction of the EMH and the refinement of micro-surgery. However, we still have a long way to go in regard to planetary medicine. In the past, severly injured patients in the field had only two choices, wait to be transported back to a medical facility, or have an operation in a less-than-sterile environment. The MSF was designed to replace the latter option. Put simply, the Mobile Surgical Frame is the same as the Surgical Support Frame integrated into bio-beds on Starships, only on a portable scale. This technology will be invaluable to field medics and starship medical officers.
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