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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - O
ODN Acronym for Optical Data Network, the system of fiber-optics used in 24th century computer systems. Optical data transfer offers the advantage of a higher bandwidth than electrical connections and is therefore increasingly employed for long-range transmission as well as for local networks.
OkudagramsName of the computer graphic displays on the Federation consoles.
Olympic Class In the middle of the 24th century, the Olympic class was introduced as a class of medical supply and hospital ships, and has been used at least until the late 24th century. Olympic class ships have extensive medical equipment and mechanisms, but also weak armament, shields and only necessary scientific scanners and sensors. A unique feature of the Olympic class is the spherical saucer section, which hasn't been used since the Daedalus class, one of Starfleet's first starship classes, which had a main hull with similiar shape.
Omega Molecule Complex artificial molecule that can be employed for power generation. Not sufficiently contained, a single omega molecule can disrupt subspace within a range of several lightyears, so that warp travel becomes impossible. The omega molecule was detected independently by the Federation, the Borg and an alien civilization in the Gamma Quadrant, however, each time the attempt to employ it as a power source failed. The Federation issued the Omega Directive that obliges every Starfleet captain to destroy any detected omega molecule under all circumstances.
OsteotractorMedical tractor fields used to set and immobilize a broken bone prior to treatment with a Protoplaser. They act as a temporary cast during treatment.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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