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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - Q
The Q

A super-race of immortal, omnipotent beings. They possess the ability of instaneous matter-energy transformation, supension of time, and time -travel. Other known abilities include re-arranging galaxies, astroid belts, the creation of alternate time lines, affecting universal laws and konstants, such as laws of gravity.

The only time that the Q were not able to perform such feats is when the Contiuum denys power to an individual.

TNG: Deja Q.
TNG: All good things
VOY: The Q and the Grey
VOY: Q2.

For more information see Search for Q Continuum
Q Continuum

is an extradimensional plane of existence inhabited by Q entities.

Also a title for those Q who rule the rest or at least try.
QuadUnit for the measurement of the amount of computer data, usually expressed in the multiples of 1000 (kiloquad), 1 million (megaquad) or 1 billion (gigaquad).
Quantum fissurePoint in the space-time continuum, being a keyhole to alternate quantum realities.
Quantum flux State of dimensional instability, or continual change. A subject tansported by a subspace transporter must be put in a state of quantum flux before transporting, which is considered to be very dangerous
Quantum singularity Also referred to as black hole. Romulan ships, like the Warbird, employ a quantum singularity as their power source, and the Hirogen communications network too. Basically, a black hole is supposed to accumulate energy, never ever emitting anything of it. Stephen Hawking, however, postulated that black holes do actually emit radiation, or shrink in terms of mass. This strange behavior is attributed to the quantum uncertainty. According to quantum mechanics, it is in no way prohibited that a particle/antiparticle pair is generated from nothing, as long as their lifetime is so short that it is not noticed. If this happens at the event horizon, one particle might fall into the black hole, whereas the other could escape. In this case it would seem as if the black hole does emit radiation, and the Romulans obviously take advantage of this effect.
Quantum slipstream drivePropulsion technology exceeding the capabilities of conventional warp drive. The quantum slipstream drive was introduced as the propulsion system of the faux Federation ship Dauntless. The technology is akin to Borg transwarp which can fold space to bridge large distances similar to a wormhole.
Quantum torpedoTorpedo that employs a release of energy from a quantum vacuum energy (also known as zero point energy) as a distructive force.
Quasars Extragalactic phenomenons dating from the early years after the Big Bang. Quasars are strong sources of radio- and X-rays. It's believed that they're powered by a super-massive black hole, centered in the nucleus of a young galaxy. The last quasars are dated from 600 million years ago, but most are dated much older. Galactic, quasar-like phenomenons powered by smaller black holes are called microquasars.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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