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Lexicon: Star Fleet Terminology - R
RaktajinoKlingon coffee. Much stronger then coffee from Earth. Very popular with many Starfleet Officers. It is served ice cold.
RCSAcronym for Reaction Control System, also referred to as maneuvering thrusters. The RCS is a low-power propulsion system for low-velocity attitude and translational control. Depending on the starship type, the system consists of a number of thrusters mostly located at the edge of the saucer hull. Although the Star Trek RCS is based on a fusion reaction, its principle has not changed since the early days of space travel in the 1960's, and similar thrusters were attached e.g. to the hull of the Apollo spaceship.
Reflex-QuintronicsComputer technology incorporating duotronic drivers, isolinear optical chips, bio-neural gel packs and advances in Cytherian computer technology. This artificial intelligence technology responds to external stimulae on an instinctive level. One of the advantages of RQs is autorepair of damaged systems. However, even though these computers are equipped with artificial intelligence, the computers cannot make their own decisions; they're still restricted to their programs. Defiant-class starships are equipped with reflex-Quintronic computers
Regenerative shieldingShielding technology first employed for the prototype Prometheus and the Sovereign Class
Replicator Device which is capable of creating matter from raw matter. The working principle of this device is related to the transporter. The replicator diassembles and assembles matter in a similar way, the main difference is that its resolution is limited to the molecular level. The replicator works on a molecular base, which is sufficient to create food or articles for daily use. It is necessary to store suited raw matter, i.e. matter with the molecular composition required. in late 23rd century and 24th century ships waste is employed for this purpose. Up to 97% of waste on a starship can be recycled to consumables. The replicator has been around since the mid 22nd century, but wasn't installed on Star Ships until the latter part of the 23rd century due to the room needed to store the amount of raw matterial needed for the day to day use of hundreds of crewmen. Much of this problem was solved by harking back to the old Reconstitution technology of the mid 22nd century warp five starships. It suprized many in Starfleet that this old tecnological concept was ignored for so long. But as an engineer once said. 'Its hard to remember that you can light a fire with two stones when you've always used a laser match.'
Repulsor beam It is a modified tractor beam.
Rigelian FeverA deadly disease resembling the Bubonic Plague. The cure for this disease is the antidote Rytalyn.
RoleplayingIn roleplaying, participants adopt and act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities, motivations, and backgrounds different from their own. Roleplaying is like being in an improvisational drama or free-form theatre, in which the participants are the actors who are playing parts, and the audience. Like playing Cops and Robbers when you were a kid.

People use the phrase "role-playing" in at least three distinct ways:
A.the playing of roles generally such as in a theatre, or educational setting.
B. A wide range of games including computer role-playing games, play-by-mail games and Live Action Role play [LARP].
C. to refer specifically to role-playing games.

Rop'ngorA disease that affects Klingon children, somewhat akin to the terrestrial measles.
Rotating frequency Method of changing the phaser and deflector shield frequency at random. It is a tactic employed by the Federation, so as to prevent adaptation of Borg. It is one of the Federations key defenses against the Borg.
RunaboutVessel of small size, twice as large as a shuttlecraft, mainly used for mid-range personnel transport. Runabouts are equipped with warp and impulse drive, shields, phasers and optional photon torpedoes, while Repulse and Blackhawks have improved shielding and weapons. They are used for many purposes where a shuttle does not have the range needed, while a starship is either not available or is too large.
AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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