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tachyon eddiesPhenomenons of tachyons, which made the ancient Bajoran lightsail ship travel faster than light.

A tacyhon is a [hypothetical] subatomic particle that travels faster than the speed of light. Preditcted in 20th century by German physicist Arnold Sommerfeld; however, it was , Olexa-Myron Bilaniuk, Vijay Deshpande Gerald Feinberg and George Sudarshan who coined the name in the 1960s that advanced a theoretical framework for their study.

The law of General Relativity states that anything with positive mass cannot travel at lightspeed or above because the mass of an object increases when it approaches lightspeed. However, if an object has negative mass, the mass becomes more negative and the particle travels faster than light. Because Tachyons are composed of negative mass these particles loose energy as it gains speed and exceeds lightspeed. As it breaks the lightspeed barrier the particles give off a radiation [known as Cerenkov Radiation] Increasing speed. Loosing more energy

A tachyon's lowest velocity always slightly above light speed, but it can never go at lightspeed, as normal objects can not travel at lightspeed. This is mathematically acceptable, and is also supported by SR[1]and quantum mechanics. Tachyons are difficult to measure because they would violate time-order. In other words, two different people in two different places would see one tachyon do two different things, if they could see the tachyon at all.

For example: if one person sees a tachyon coming towards them, the other person sees the tachyon towards them as well. However, present mathematics and physics allow tachyons to exist under certain circumstances.


  • Tachyons are used in the Borg transwarp conduit.
  • A tachyon beam is used to scan a ship.
  • The domain of the Swarm is bounded with tachyon beams.
  • Romulan cloaked vessels entering Federation space are detected by a tachyon detection grid near the Neutral Zone.

*subluminal = slower than light
[1] SR = Special Relativity.

tactical display unit

The T.D.U. can be added to your standard tricorder. This unit will relay information from the tricorder to a monocular eye peice that covers the user's eye. The infomation presented to the monocular lense is a direct feed from the tricorder which would be attached to the waist line of the user. Attached to the user's weapon is a targeting laser. This laser will be represented on the monocular lense as a red crosshair. The tricorder offers no more information than it's setting is capable for. The lense has a slight green tint to it. Other than that it does not hinder the natural vision of the user. The TDU can be used with any Federation Phaser Rifle. It is not a standard use with a type 2 phaser. However, versions can be adapted to function with the type 2.
Telurian Plague A terrible disease that is incurable
tanium Material used in starship hulls. Different forms of tanium are encountered in The Federation. Star Fleet uses tritanium in their starship hulls, and a Delta Quadrant race called the Hirogen uses monotanium. Quadratanium is used by Dr. Noonien to build Data and Lore. Duritanium is also . Tanium is the basic element of the materials mentioned above. These materials are alloys of Tanium.
Tantalus Device Weapon in the mirror universe of the Terran Empire. It can make a person appear and disappear with the touch of a button. Speculation would suggest that displaced objects or people are shunted to a pocket universe by this device.
Temporal riftTime displacement in the space-time continuum.
Temporal shieldingStarship shielding that prevents chroniton torpedos from penetrating the ships deflector shields. Invented by the crew of Voyager in an alternative timelne.
Temporal VortexConnection between two different times within the same universe. It is produced by chroniton emission (chronitons). The Borg use a temporal vortex to alter Earth history.
Teplan Blight Viral disease Endemic to the humanoid population of a planet in the Teplan system, located in the Gamma quadrant. The disease was introduced by the Jem'Hadar, in 2171 for retribution to the planet's having resisted Dominion control. Spider-like lesions that appear blue at birth, and redden when death is imminent characterize the blight. Dr Julian Bashir developed a vaccine that eradicated the disease from unborn children, so that the next generation would be disease-free.
TerraformingGeneric term for technologies employed to convert an uninhabitable planet into a habitable world
Terellian Death Syndrome is a deadly disease which causes irreversible cellular degradation. Its initial symptoms are somewhat similar to that of Urodelan flu i.e. dizziness, blurred vision, and a stinging in the lower spine. If caught early enough most of the damage can be reversed.
Tetryons Particles which are stable in subspace but unstable in normal space. They are the main mediating particles of subspace interactions with normal space.
Tertiary Subspace ManifoldContinuum, part of subspace. Some creatures exist within a tertiary subspace manifold, a manifold being a term used to describe the form our own universe takes when viewed from a higher dimension. This is also called a deeper level of subspace; another universe which is connected to ours by subspace.
Thelusian Flu An exotic but harmless Rhinovius.
ThermionAn electrically charged particle, especially an electron, emitted by a conducting material at high temperatures.
Thermionicof or relating to or characteristic of thermions; "thermionic cathode"
ThrustersNewtonian starship propulsion system based on chemical reactions - just like 20th century rocket propulsion. Federation thrusters use hydrazine as fuel. Thrusters are much slower than impulse drive and are used, for example, at docking procedures.
Time travelUsually any movement through time that is not equivalent to the normal course of time, in particular a person's travel leading to the past or faster as usual to the future. Time travel to the past may be connected with paradoxes or causality loops, if an effect becomes apparent before the cause exists. Traveling at relativistic speeds will allow time travel to the future, however, with no return. A kind of time travel to the past is evident in the case of two correlated photons, when one photon immediately changes to a certain state, once the state of the other photon is determined. This is only possible with an FTL signal transfer or a wave function traveling to the past.
Timeship Vessel capable of traveling through time generating temporal rifts. The 29th century Federation timeships Aeon and Relativity are part of a Federation institution seeking and preventing manipulations in the timeline.
Torpedo Starship weapon that exists as a curved edged box charged with a high-energetic charge and is used to disable enemy ships. Torpedos can, not like phasers, also be fired at warp speed, because torpedos have a warp-sustaining engine. The Federation uses multiple sorts of torpedos; photon, quantum, hellfire, and tri-cobalt.
Tractor beamDevice used by Federation starships to tow other vessels. Apart from the main emitter and optional auxiliary emitters located around the hull, a small tractor beam emitter is located in each shuttle bay to control the landing procedure. Tractor beams are based on a subspace field assisted emission of gravitons, their direction can be reversed so as to push away an object.
TransceiverLong-range communications device that transmits and recieves com. signals.
Transporter Psychosis is an incurable rare medical condition. It is caused by a breakdown of neurochemicals during transport, affecting the body's motor functions, autonomic systems and the higher reasoning centers of the brain. As a result, the victim suffers from paranoid delusions, multi-infarct dementia, hallucinations (somatic, tactile, and visual), and psychogenic hysteria. Peripheral symptoms include sleeplessness, accelerated heart rate, diminished eyesight leading to acute myopia, painful spasms in the extremities, muscular spasms, and dehydration. The problem was eliminated by the introduction of the 'multiplex buffer'.

Transporter SuspensionTechnique which involved suspending the transporter patterns of people. Unfortunately, the suspension has a very nasty side-effect: cumulative cellular decay. This means that a person can survive only a few suspensions, before dying of cellular decay.
Transporter shock

A rare phenomenon wherein a person experiences dizziness, headaches, and disorientation after being transported, usually the result of a transporter malfuntion.. The effects wear off quickly..

Transwarp Fundamentally a generic term for technologies that overcome the limitations of conventional warp drives, in particular an experimental propulsion principle tested with the USS Excelsior NX-2000. The experiment failed, and the Excelsior as well as subsequent ships were equipped with a standard warp drive. Transwarp technology is also used by the Borg, however, it is not known if it is the same principle as in the USS Excelsior.
Transwarp conduit Transwarp drive used by the Borg. They're like custom-made wormholes that, once created, stay in place and can be used repeatedly. The conduits are opened by broadcasting a tachyon signature which sucks the ship in. The first step is bringing the ship on any speed higher than warp 2, using normal warp drive. Then a subspace field forms. The second step is to emit tachyons, which will open the subspace wormhole. They're beyond the ability of the Federation to create.
Treaty of AlgeronAround the year 2160 the Romulan Wars between Earth and The Romulan Star Empire ended with the signing of the Treaty of Algeron. This treaty established what is known as the Romulan Neutral Zone, an area of space approximately one light year across. The treaty was negotiated by sub space radio and stated that entry into the zone by either the Federation or the Romulans would constitute an act of war. Throughout the years, the Neutral Zone has been invaded several times by both sides but diplomacy has prevented conflict. The revamping and resigning of the treaty in the 2260s prevented the Federation from developing or using cloaking technology on Federation Starships. This began to change in the early 2370s. When the Gamma Quadrant Dominion became a threat, the Romulans loaned cloaking technology to the Federation for use in the Gamma Quadrant.
Tricobalt deviceExplosive device used on the planet Eminiar VII and later adopted for Federation starships. Tricobalt devices seem to be rather old-fashioned, yet efficient weapons, if they are employed to destroy targets with limited or no defensive shields. When used in slow moving missiles they can be effective angainst the Borg, for they don't consider them a threat until it's to late to block them. Fortunately tricobalt does not register on Borg sensors .
TricordrazineRefined version of Cordrazine lacking the paranoia side effects, but not revive as well.
TricorderHand-held sensing, computing and recording device for use by Starfleet personnel. The tricorder incorporates sensor and computer systems in a miniaturized version with limited capabilities, yet, sufficient for away missions. Considering the ongoing miniaturization of computer as well as sensor elements, it will soon be feasible to design a fully functional tricorder. However, it is questionable if there will be a need for such a device, at least in the near future, for it would be too sophisticated for a consumer product and not specialized enough for a scientific apparatus. A tricorder is commonly used by Operations, Engineering and Science personnel.
TrilithiumThis substance can be used as a solar inhibitor. Trilithium is used in a missle by Dr. Soren in the latter 23rd century, stopping all fusion reactions in a star. Trilithium is also used in Romulan Plasma Torpedo warheads.
TritaniumMaterial, alloy of tanium. Used in Federation starship hulls. Tritanium is 21.4 times as hard as diamond.
Turbolift Transportation system within a starbase or starship. The turbolift system consists of a network of turboshafts and turbolift cars. A turbolift is driven by linear motors and vacum tube tecnology. Extemely high speeds are possible and are compensated for the passengers by damping fields within the car. Fundamentally, the linear motor works in a similar way as a conventional cylindrical electric motor, where a rotor is located inside a stator. The linear motor has the stator unrolled, and the rotor is replaced by a simple magnet in the car that is free to move along the stator in the turbo shaft tracks. Propulsion is achieved by powering the stator so as to generate a traveling magnetic field. When in opporation the gravity field in the shaft is turned off to help facilata


AcronymsThe entrire Lexicon in Printer friendly form


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