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= / \ = USS CORTANA IRC LOG 240903.22 = / \ =

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SIM LOG 240903.22
[18:08] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !attn
[18:08] <@Guest518A1> =/\=Attention On Deck!!=/\=
[18:08] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> ::attn::
[18:09] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !add 100 XO-LtJG_McDougal
[18:09] <@Guest518A1> 12User XO-LtJG_McDougal added to userlist at level 100 (Crew Op Level + join message).
[18:09] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> ::attn::
[18:09] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> ::attn::
01[18:10] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> ::attn::
03[18:10] * XO-LtJG_McDougal is now known as LtCmd_McDougal
03[18:10] * LtCmd_McDougal is now known as XO-LtCmdr_McDougal
[18:11] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Captain! Your crew is mostly at attention
[18:11] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::attn::
[18:11] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you Commander.
[18:11] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::attn::
[18:12] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> I would like to welcome everyone to the SIM tonight. A few problems with MIRC aside, everything is going well.
[18:13] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> I have a few issues...We need to take a vote as to weither or not we will sIM on Easter Sunday or not?
[18:13] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> I do not think I will be here, My Aunt is coming over.
[18:13] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> I will have company, but will be able to SIM, it's up to others. I'll go with the majority.
[18:13] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> I should be able to as far as I know right now.
[18:14] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> Its Easter. I wont be able to be here :(
01[18:14] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> I will not be here.
[18:14] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> I've already spoken with Ich, he wasn't sure if he could make it.
[18:14] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> So the majority says we will not play on Easter.
[18:14] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> Maybe Steph could have the baby that weekend?
[18:14] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> I will be here, but with two many not being able to.. I would say no.
[18:15] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> It's possible.
[18:15] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Alright, no SIM on Easter.
[18:15] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> He's due on the 19th anyhow.
[18:16] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Secondly, it's been proposed that we allow a second hour for SIMMing. It's not possible to make us start later. Several of us, cannot stay later for one reason or another. What about earlier?
[18:16] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> I could try, but I put the little one down right before we start. If she is up, I get called away and can't answer ask Draven mun
[18:16] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> Makes it hard if Sarah has computer related homework.
[18:16] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> can vouge for that.
01[18:16] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> newp. can't do any earlier.
[18:17] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> Maybe a second night every other week?
[18:17] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> We have Wed nights Sam.... Or we did
[18:17] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> We were supposed to be doing Wednesday nights but no one shows
[18:17] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> I usually have to work on Wed nights.
[18:18] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> I was here Wed played with myself though :(
[18:18] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Alrighty, no later. I will try and find a good third option to propose, as should everyone else. We're open to anything.
[18:19] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Any questions before the briefing?
[18:19] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> No? okies.
[18:19] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> I don't have it loaded into the bot. So ebar with me just one moment.
[18:20] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> =/\= Time and Again...Part 11 =/\=
[18:21] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> When last we left the crew, the temporal aliens had revealed themselves upon learning that the Cortana could now see them. It is begining to move towards the Cortana weapons charged. We are at Red Alert, You will begin where you were. The Shuttles are still out in the open.
[18:21] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Questions?
[18:22] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Yes
[18:22] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> What was the name of my ship again? I'm sorry
[18:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes?
[18:23] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> started with a D
[18:23] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Demaris?
[18:23] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Damacoles
[18:23] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
[18:24] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> No? the SIM will end at 9:25 CST
[18:24] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !start
[18:24] <@Guest518A1> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[18:24] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:24] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Computer red alert
[18:24] <@Guest518A1> ACTION: The status change to 4,1RED ALERT as a loud klaxons sound and the lights dim.
04[18:24] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:25] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> ::She looked to the technican:: How are the other shuttles doing?
[18:25] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Lovely..Why did we have to get this running and there actually BE a ship out there.
[18:26] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She stumbled a bit, then steadied herself on a biobed as she looked around. Constantly making sure that her crew was ready, she did wonder what was going on::
[18:26] <@Guest518A1> ACTION: The Temporal Alien ship is coming about on the Cortana in the process, firing it's energy weapons at the shuttles. Hitting Draven's shuttle craft, and narrowly missing the Damacoles.
04[18:26] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
01[18:26] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>Murphey's Law?
[18:27] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> Damn it! Aim for that ship Techinican! I want to see it blow!
[18:27] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Evasive action! ::Nathanial shouted to his Helmsman:: Give covering fire to protect the shuttles. Ensign Higgins, Coordinate with the shuttles, we need to get them inside ASAP.
[18:28] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> A-1> ::He'd quickly taken the controls. His partner setting the weapons.:: "Crap, fire back" ::He snaped as the ship jerked and spun, working to maneuver and get back::
[18:28] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> ::Seeing it hit Viktor's ship she tried to push it out of her mind who was in the ship. She gripped the controls and took aim::
[18:28] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> (At the alien ship)
[18:28] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> ::Higgins prompted the shuttles, trying to get through:
[18:29] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::the crew sprang into action, preparing for casualties that would be coming in::
[18:29] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Damn Murphey..always has to butt in. ::smirking a little bit::
[18:29] <@Guest518A1> 4,1 RED ALERT
01[18:29] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E> there has to be a way to use this *thing* to our advantage.
[18:30] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> A-1> "Damage?" ::He asked his partner and as he checked the scans. Draven took aim and fired at the oncoming ship. Praying weapons wasn't on the list of damage::
[18:30] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> We already are, at least we can see them.
[18:30] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> +com+ Higgins contacts Draven's shuttle and the Damacoles
01[18:31] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> Helmsmen> keeps up a barrage cover fire for the shuttles.
[18:32] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> +com+ Damacoles here ::She
04[18:32] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:32] <@Guest518A1> ACTION: The Cortana moved to Cover the Shuttles, fireing a volley of torpedoes to snatch the Alien ship's attention.
04[18:32] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:32] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Though...what could we do. ::sitting down infront of the console behind the glass across from the warp core:: I wonder if we can use it to put us out of phase..
01[18:32] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>my thought exactly.
[18:32] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> A-1> +com+ This is A-1 ::Draven said making out something though the static words::
04[18:32] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:33] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> We don't even know if it has that capability though.
[18:33] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> +Com+ Lt McDougal, the Cortana is providing cover, bring the shuttle back if possible
[18:34] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> +com+ A-1, do you read me? Bring the shuttle back to the Cortana. d
[18:34] <@Guest518A1> 4,1 RED ALERT
[18:34] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> +com+ Will come in as soon as the other two shuttles are safe.
04[18:34] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:35] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> +Com+ read you loud and clear, Lt McDougal
01[18:35] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>:: standing at the doorway::: why not? it's just a short hop in time.
[18:37] <@Guest518A1> ACTION: This did not go unanswered. The Alien ship fired back with a volley of it's own hitting the Cortana's shields. Delivering system damage, and power structure fluctuations. But the shields are holding.
04[18:37] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:37] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> A-1> +com+ Will work on it ::He was hoping it would fo though. ::
04[18:37] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:38] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He looked back to the Ensign:: Are the shuttles on board yet? ::He steadyed himself as the Cortana was hit::
[18:39] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> +Com+ Shuttles get back to the Cortana. I will cover you
04[18:39] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:39] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> Negative, Captain though they are enroute
[18:39] <@Guest518A1> 4,1 RED ALERT
[18:39] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> A-1> "Hold tight" ::He said to his partner as he circled them around, Manuevering to try and dodge the fires. He wasn't thrilled about going back before the Demical. Though he knew the Damage wasn't going to take much more. And set themselves back up for the ship::
01[18:40] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> Helmsmen>::whiteknuckles the console answering fire with fire:::
[18:40] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +taps+ Bridge to Engineering. Once the shuttles are on board we're going to try to make a run for it. We aren't even touching them.
04[18:40] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:40] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> ::he huffed and looked over the shields status:: Stop blowing holes in my ship!
[18:40] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> +taps+ Understood. Just tell me when so I can put everything including the sink into the engines.
04[18:40] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:40] <@Guest518A1> ACTION: Wounded began to come into sickbay. A few plasmaburns, some electrical burns, a few bumps to the head from the sudden impact.
04[18:40] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:41] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ Williamson to Bridge......or engineering.......or anyone who can tell me if we have a report on injuries yet.
04[18:41] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
01[18:42] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E> ::still holds on to the doorway, even after the ship rocks and rolls::
[18:42] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> +com+ Are the shuttles in?
04[18:42] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:42] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> ::he looked around a moment:: +taps+ Nothing down here that can't wait for the more seriously wounded.
04[18:42] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:42] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He went to his console:: +taps+ I'm seeing injury reports on deck 4, sections 12 and 18.
04[18:42] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:43] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> A-1>::Slowing the engines as he pulled the shutle into the docking area. He started the shut down procedures:: +com+ A-1 is docked
04[18:43] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:43] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ Sending people now.
04[18:43] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:43] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::She directed a nurse and corps man to each section, each going with a backboard and stretcher, to be transported back, after being triaged::
[18:44] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Stormy. ::motioning her over to the console next to him:: See if you can calculate what we'd have to do to link the device with our phasers.
[18:44] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> +com+ On my way in.. ::She turned the controls to head back to the Cortana::
04[18:44] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:44] <@Guest518A1> 4,1 RED ALERT
01[18:45] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>::joins Moore at the console::hmmm... lets see...
[18:45] <@Guest518A1> ACTION: As the two ships exchanged blows, the Cortana was taking the worst end of the bargin. The ship is being repeated hit with the alien's energy weapons.
04[18:45] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:45] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> Captain, the Damacoles shuttle is on it's way in
[18:46] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> ::She saw the Cortana hit and turned again Aiming for the alien's ship and firing repeatedly::
01[18:46] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E> one of us should check for injured crew down here tho. ::glances up at Moore::
[18:46] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> About damn time! ::He looked to the helm.:: Set a course away from here. Once the Damaocles is on board we are leaving.
[18:46] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> If it can detect them then why couldn't we get it to fire on the same phase variance they are...Crap! +taps+ Shields are failing, Captain. ::shifts taking power from the auxlilary communications and into the shields::
04[18:46] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:47] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> SB> ::As they docked,he looked to his partner:: "Run full scans on the inside of this thing, I'mma look over the outside he'll want a report"
[18:49] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He moved to his chair and sat, and blinked looking over the tactical sensors.:: +com+ Damacoles, this is the Captain. I am ordering you to break off your attack and get inside.
04[18:49] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:49] <@Guest518A1> 4,1 RED ALERT
[18:49] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> damn it! +com+ Yes Sir!
04[18:49] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:49] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::she turned and got her shuttle the hell out of there and into the shuttle bay::
[18:50] <@Guest518A1> ACTION: Before the Damacoles, could get inside the Alien ship fired upon it, knocking out shields, navigation, weapons, and communications.
04[18:50] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:51] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::She was getting a report of minor injuries from the other decks and those who could would be brought in. Bumps, bruises, and other small things::
[18:51] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> ::as everything when blanke she started swearing:: Techinican! Prepare for Impact! ::She was calling out as precautions here:: +com+ Damacoles to Cortana!
04[18:51] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:52] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He saw the damage to the runabout, and shook his head:: Ensign, get a transporter lock on Commander McDouagal and her co-pilot, beam them both out.
[18:53] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Go on. I'll see what I can cook up and not blow us up at the same time. They're working on doing that good enough for us. ::hands running over the console quickly to try and reroute power through the device and sensors. Bypassing the secondary ODN and EPS relays in the phaser control junctions:: I hope this works. +taps+ Bridge try another shot with the phasers. One array only.
04[18:53] [@Guest518A1 SOUND]
[18:53] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Damacoles> She hit the control panel with her fist:: Work baby come on!
[18:54] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> SB> ::He was keeping an eye out for the other shuttle. Trying not to get to worried, her co-pilot was a good one, but dammit, they should be here. He looked to his partner as he gave him the report::
[18:54] <@Guest518A1> 4,1 RED ALERT
03[18:56] * Guest518A1 is now known as ShipLCARS
[18:56] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> TR> ::Her and the Technician appeared in Transporter room 1. She looked around and said a prayer::
[18:59] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He looked to his tactical officer:: Fire the selected phaser array. Helm, once it's fired, jump to warp.
01[18:59] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>:: turns swiftly walks through Engineering, checking on the crewmen::
[18:59] <@ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT
[19:00] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She was quickly assessing and assigning patients as need be, they were brought in, assessed and placed. Each one getting vitals and a quick once over by the medical crew::
[19:00] <@ShipLCARS> ACTION: The phaser shot was effective, it did do considerably more damage than usually, but the relays to the array no longer function. The Cortana turned and jumped to warp.
04[19:00] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:00] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> TR> ::Looking to the techinican. Get to your post. I am going to the bridge. ::She turned to leave the transporter room and was rocked as they umped to warp::
[19:00] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> SB> ::Once the report was done. he headed to to make his way to the transporter room to take it up to the bridge::
01[19:01] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>::grabs on to the railing of the catwalk::
[19:01] <@ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Alien ship did not give chase. But it did leave a message.
04[19:01] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:01] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> ::he groaned a little bit with the array burning out:: I hope it at least did something..
[19:01] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> captain, a communication, text only was sent to our computer base
[19:02] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He looked up to the Ensign.:: Transfer it to my console, please.
[19:02] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> ::He grabbed ahold of the side as the ship switched to warp:: "Dammit" ::He muttered and then reaching the transporter room, Took it up::
[19:03] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::She stumbled again as they jumped to warp:: Damn, I wish they would tell me when they are doing that.
[19:03] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> TR> ::She made sure that everyone was alright, a little bump to her head, no big deal. Leaving the transporter room she went to the turbo llift::
[19:03] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> TL> ::Steping on:: Bridge
01[19:03] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>::returns to the console where Moore was standing:: what did you do???
[19:03] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::Sickbay was bustling, but nothing serious was brought in::
01[19:04] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> :: Before he could answer ::No injured or no one is reporting any injuries in this department.
[19:04] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::Once it was transfered, he looked it over and shook his head:: +taps+ Bridge to Engineering. I want a report and what exactly you did to the phaser array along with the damage report.
04[19:04] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:04] <@ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT
[19:05] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::She stepped off the Turbo lift and on to the bridge. Walking over to the Captain::
[19:05] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> I made them think twice but at the expense of a phaser array. +Taps+ I tied the device into our phasers. I could go into all the technical jargin but I doubt you want to hear it right now. Damage report will take a minute or two.
04[19:05] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:05] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> B>::Stepping onto the bridge slowly, he glanced. A slight twitch to his jaw seeing her. He looked to the captian and then to the screen::
[19:06] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +Taps+ I meant what I said. I want the report on a padd in three hours, Commander. Bridge out. ::He looked to Adian:: Go to my Ready Room and wait there.
04[19:06] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[19:07] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E> did it fry the device as well? :::looking the device over::
[19:07] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Yes Sir
[19:07] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::Turning she saw Viktor and gave him a quick nod before walking to the Ready Room::
[19:07] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ Williamson to the Captain
04[19:07] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:07] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Power levels look normal. It still seems to be functioning. Looks like its fine.
[19:08] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> +taps+ Yes, sir.
04[19:08] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:08] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> ::He nodded back to her. But wasn't about to say a word yet::
[19:08] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +Taps+ Chardan here, go ahead Doctor. ::He said slowly standing::
04[19:08] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:09] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::once in the Ready room she lowered to a chair and dropped her head in her hands::
[19:09] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> RR>*
[19:09] <@ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT
[19:09] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Computer stand down alert.
[19:09] <@ShipLCARS> ACTION: The status change to 9GREEN ALERT as the loud klaxons sound goes away and light return to normal.
04[19:09] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:09] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ With the exception of a few, injuries are to be expected. We had one person who suffered a broken leg due to having a piece of furniture fall on him, an ensign with a slight head injury and an apparent heart attack. A full report with names and injuries will be sent to you.
04[19:09] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:10] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Would you like to look over the data from what I did while I get that report up and teams starting repairs?
[19:10] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +Taps+ Thank you Doctor. ::He looked to Draven:: Mr Draven, you have the bridge. ::He would turn to go into his Ready room::
04[19:10] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:10] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She slowly released the medication into the vein of the heart attack and then nodded as the casting began on the broken leg::
[19:11] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> "Yes Sir"
01[19:12] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E> yes, sir.
[19:12] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He entered the Ready Room, and would slowly sit down, his eyes on Adian a moment:: Want to tell me why it took you so long to land?
[19:13] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> RR> :Hearing the door she quickly rose:: I was making sure the other shuttles made it in first Sir.
01[19:13] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>::moves to take the console and begin scaning the data ::
[19:13] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> RR> It takes mere minutes to land every shuttle we have...we spent 20, waiting for everyone to get in. Did I order you to fire on the Aliens?
[19:14] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> B> ::He moved around the bridge and stopped by helm to get a general idea of what the heck happened::
[19:14] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> RR> No Sir. I saw them firing on Lt. Draven's ship and almost missing me, so I fired, and when they fired on the Cortana I just returned fire.
[19:15] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> ::he moved around barking orders to repair teams, putting the major sets of them on the burnt out array, while also getting an inventory of the damage::
[19:16] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> RR> I was...a Fighter pilot, then a helmsman. I understand what it feels like to fly and dog fight against an enemy ship...the thrill...the sense of duty...Don't...let it happen again. My orders need to be followed.
01[19:16] <@CSci-LtJg_OBrien> E>::noting their earlier data agreed on how the device would connect with their phaser array. Mutters:: it should have worked..hmmm...
[19:16] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> RR> Yes Sir, I just wanted to protect my crewmates.
[19:18] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> ::There, that didn't take to long:: Ensign. Watch things down here for a few minutes. ::Moving to Stormy:: You going to be alright down here? I'm going to run this report up to the Captain.
[19:18] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> B>::A nod to the helmsman and thanks before he headed around to check on each, keeping an eye on the screen::
[19:18] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> RR> You were not trying to protect your crewmates...You were trying to protect Draven. Dismissed, Commander.
[19:19] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> RR> ::She pulled her shoulders back:: Yes Sir! ::Turning she left the ready room and stood there for a moment not kmowing where to go::
[19:20] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !end
[19:20] <@ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[19:20] [@ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:21] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::as those that were able to, left Sickbay, and the others were being treated, she sat down starting her report::
[19:21] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> !Attn
[19:21] <@ShipLCARS> =/\=Attention On Deck!!=/\=
[19:21] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::attn::
[19:21] <~CEO-LtCmdr_Moore> ::attn::
[19:21] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> ::attn::
[19:21] <@Ops-Ens_Elizabeth> ::attn::
[19:21] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Captain! Your crew is at Attention! ::attn::
[19:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you.
[19:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Great SIM everyone. We have 24 hours IC to log with this week.
[19:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Questions?
[19:23] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> no?
[19:23] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Yes
[19:24] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes?
[19:25] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Miss McDougal?
[19:26] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> I'm sorry I froze.
[19:26] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Should I start where she left the ready room for a log?
[19:26] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> If you like.
[19:27] <@XO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Thank you
[19:27] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
[19:28] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> No? Alrighty. See everyone next week.
[19:28] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !dis
[19:28] <@ShipLCARS> Crew Dismissed!!



--------End of Transmission -------------

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