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= / \ = USS CORTANA IRC LOG 240905.05 = / \ =

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SIM LOG 240905.05 TUESDAY JOINT SIM with Enterprise

Session Start: Tue May 05 18:45:44 2009
Session Ident: #USS-Cortana
03[18:45] * Now talking in #USS-Cortana
03[18:45] * Topic is ' 4=/\= 12 Welcome to the USS Cortana. 4 4| CO-Capt Nathanial Chardan. XO-LtCmdr Adian McDougal. 12Sim on Sundays 9pm EST. Double SIMing with Enterprise on Tuesday!! Trivia of the Week: TNG Star Levar Burton also hosted a popular kids show. What was it? 4=/\= '
03[18:45] * Set by CTac-Lt_Gregovich on Sun May 03 19:29:21
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[18:58] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> !start
[18:58] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[18:58] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
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[19:00] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> >::sits at the tactical spot on the bridge looking at the sensor readings wondering what the Admiral was thinking::
15[19:01] * CoCO-Capt_Chardan sets mode: +v EnsDavidson[EnASci]
15[19:01] * CoCO-Capt_Chardan sets mode: +o LtWilliamson[CoCMO]
[19:01] <+LTJGSteck[EnCEO]> ::Stands on the bridge monitoring the enterprise's subspace vibrations::
[19:01] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::The Captain sat silently in his ready room, reading over tactical analysis, compiled from the Cortana and Enterprise teams, when he sighed.:: +taps+ Commaders Kirk, Cooper, and Lieutenant Draven please report to my Ready Room.
04[19:02] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:02] <~CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO]> ::Standing at the other Engineering console, still working on that algorithmic program for the Enterprises shield frequencies::
[19:03] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> ::Viktor headed up to the bridge with a padd in his hand. A look of concentration on his face as he reread over a few things. A hand dropped to touch his badge:: +taps+ on my way.
04[19:03] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:03] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> FB>::looks at the empty fight deck, sighing as she realised those birds more then likely might not come back in one peice...But, at least it would give he some work to do::
[19:03] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> >::looks up from the tactical position and stands up:: +taps+ On my way
[19:03] <+LtCmdrWilliamson[EnCMO]> M> ::He stood in the Cortana's Sickbay, marking the differences between the two. The Cortana's sickbay was smaller, but essentially offered the same services.::
[19:03] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan sat in the cockpit of her fighter monitoring the situation. They had orders to observe but not engage.::
[19:03] <+TechLaBranche[EnFFT1SNCO]> is this including you Cooper in the 2 or 3
[19:04] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> ::Talari walked up behind him:: What's up, brother dearest?
[19:04] <+TechLaBranche[EnFFT1SNCO]> <<ignore that>>
[19:04] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> TL> ::Hearing the tap, Alanna responeded:: +Taps+ This is Cooper, on my way.
[19:04] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> ::Tiffany was back down in sickbay again, wasn't like she seemed to be gone from there much as she busied herself with whatever she could talk the nurse into letting her help with::
[19:04] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::steps into the ready room and looks at the Cortana's CO:: Yes sir?
[19:04] <+LtCmdrWilliamson[EnCMO]> Feeling abit homesick, doctor. ::He looked to his sister and smiled:: You have a very good staff here. And the free time has allowed me to catch up on my reports.
[19:05] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> ::was hopelessly lost, trying to find her way to the Cortana's Science labs::
[19:05] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> TL> ::Calls for the bridge::
[19:06] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> :: Stepping into the ready room he looked up then to Nathanial and then to Kirk with a nod of his head::
[19:06] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He nodded to Kirk:: Have a seat, we're waiting on two others. I think now is the appropriate time to talk about re-taking the Enterprise.
[19:06] <+LtCmdrKivicus[EnCsci]> ::stands in the back of the Cortana's bridge trying to stay out of the way::
[19:07] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> Q> ::Puts finishing touches on the French braid and heads for the bridge.::
[19:07] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::nods his head to Draven and grabs a seat:: We might need a schematic of Enterprise brought up Sir
[19:07] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> ::Getting off at the bridge, Alanna chimed at the Cortana's CO's readyroom::
[19:08] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> :: He too moved and grabbed a seat:: yes, that would most likely help.
[19:09] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He looked to the door:: Come in. ::As he activated his console, and brought up the schematic of the Enterprise that was stored in the database.:: We have Cortana's Security Forces, the Enterprise's Security and First Force available.
[19:10] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> TR> ::beams aboard the Cortana, and steps off the pad::
[19:10] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> :: She weaved around, a slight duck at times to not get caught still there moving to run scans on the machines to kill time. The nurse just shook her head and moved on::
[19:10] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::Walking in and seeing Kirk there she nodded to him first, him being an Enterprise crew, then to the two others.:: Yes, and I also received permission from Corbin to have one of my teams here aboard the Cortana. That's only two others besides myself. The other two teams are on the medical ships
[19:11] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> TL> ::calls for bridge::
[19:11] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift speeds off with CaptPierce[EnXO] inside towards bridge.
04[19:11] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:11] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift comes to it's destination and the door open.
04[19:11] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
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[19:12] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> ::she smiled as she found the lab and stepped inside::
03[19:12] * CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO] is now known as CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO-MS]
[19:12] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::stands up and looks at the schematic and points at several key points::these places would be the best to beam in
[19:12] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::Steps off, and enters the crowded Cortana bridge, looking toward the Enterprise officers:: Report
03[19:12] * TechLaBrancheMS[EnFFT1SNCO] is now known as TechLaBranche[EnFFT1SNCO-MS]
[19:12] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>::walks into the repair bay::
[19:12] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::That was news to him. The look he wanted to give of being offended was hidden carefully:: Have a seat then, Miss Cooper. ::He looked to Kirk:: How much personel are we talking about needing to beam over?
[19:13] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> ::walks out of the transporter room
[19:13] <+LtCmdrKivicus[EnCsci]> ::at Pierce:: Science are good to go Ma'am!
[19:13] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> ::She left her brother alone, heading into her office::
[19:13] <+TechLaBranche[EnFFT1SNCO-MS]> ::Sophie started wandering the medical ship looking for somewhere were she can help out.::
[19:13] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::Alanna raised an eyebrow at being called 'Miss' obviously not happy.:: I do have a rank, *Captian*.
[19:14] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::She took a seat next to Kirk::
02[19:14] * ~CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO-MS] ( Quit (Quit: DiNozzo - "He's standing right behind me isn't he?" Gibbs - Walks up and popps him in the back of the head. "Get your bag." -- "Always remember, AgentM is the Probie." )
[19:14] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Keeps a close eye on the situation ready to respond if ordered to.::
[19:14] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::nods at Kivicus:: Very good. Show me what you've been working on?
[19:15] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::looks over at the CO:: The maximum that you can Sir. Your CEO is looking to get the shields to change that way we have a 15 second window till we can get the shields down to do maximum boarding parties
[19:15] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USSTrooper> ::looks over and sees the Colonel walk into the bay:: Sir?
[19:16] <+LTJGSteck[EnCEO]> ::Turs to Captain Peirce:: We are 2 days from the location that we are recieving the enterprises Subspace vibrations from.
[19:16] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> :: There was a slight quirk as he listened to the exchange before looking to Kirk now::
[19:16] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper> should have a bird ready for me?
[19:16] <+LtCmdrKivicus[EnCsci]> ::moves around a crewman and pulls up the info:: We are trying see it the Enty has any reniforcements coming but we can't get a clean signal.
[19:16] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> ::She was looking around, trying not to get in the way of anyone::
[19:16] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::Now that he knew it annoyed Cooper, he'd keep doing it.:: We obviously need to control the bridge, engineering, and the armory, what else should we make a priority?
[19:17] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> ::Moore looked a moment and just gave Pierce a nod of respect and went back to what he was doing::
[19:17] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USSTrooper> ::raises a brow:: I didn't hear anything from the bridge... I should call up too....::is cut off by the Commanding officer walking in behind him::
05[19:17] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> Sci> off in the small conference room, standing back from the clear boards, then erasing and correcting her equations...
[19:17] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::shakes his head:: My double would have changed the armory codes by now. Bridge, engineering and the Fighter bays. we don't need them launching any fighters at us.
[19:18] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::Nods at Kivicus:: Thanks. ::Brow furrows as she turns to Steck:: Two days? Are you sure?
[19:18] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> The flight deck belong to the 311 Raptors should be covered too
[19:18] <+TechLaBranche[EnFFT1SNCO-MS]> ::Walking into sickbay she looked around thinking that she could lend a hand to help the medical staff even if it was just getting supplies it would allow the medical staff to concentrate on the patients::
[19:19] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> LtColHytel> It is alright Technician... Let him have his bird.
[19:19] <+LTJGSteck[EnCEO]> ::nodds:: Yes, ma'am. However we have a fighter recon squadron about 7 minuts out.
[19:20] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> ::She found OBrien in the room, and stood in the doorway, watching her a moment::
[19:20] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::looks to cooper and nods his head:: good thinking commander
[19:21] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> ::updated her notes on Corbin, including the fact he had been cleared to return to duty::
[19:21] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He nodded:: Then how about a three team attack. First Force to secure the Bridge, You security forces, Kirk, to engineering maybe with your Chief in tow, and Mr Draven will take some of Cortana's Security to the Flight Deck? And insert them, here, here, and here, respectively. ::He said pointing to the diagram of the Enty::
05[19:21] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> sci> ::looks through the boards at her:: May I help you?
[19:21] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::nods, a little frustrated at being so far away. At least they were headed in the right direction.:: Keep up the good work.
[19:21] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USSTrooper>LtColHytel> ::Places her hand on his shoulder:: You better bring that Bird back in one peice Colonel. I know where to find you. ::Said so in her oh so familiar tone::
[19:21] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> Sorry Ma'am, I am just looking. I can leave if it bothers you.
[19:22] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::Alanna noded at Chardan's suggestion.:: Keep in mind there is an armory on deck 11 that belongs to First Force. Only First Force members as well as Col Corbin knows the access codes- so we can always still get there.
[19:22] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>::sighs:: you ::turns to face hytel;;
[19:23] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> ::He nodded:: If we take over a couple Enginneering people, couldn't they get ahold of one of the computers and start locking out some of the rooms and levels also?
05[19:24] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> :: a crooked grin::no, you're quite welcome to observe, Ensign... I'm Lt OBrien...and you are? ::she walked around the boards::
[19:24] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::nods his head to the suggestions:: True we could, but i want to shut down the auto destruct as soon as possible if we do take over Engineering
[19:24] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> ::walks into a turbolift, after walking out of the transporter room.
[19:24] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USsTrooper>LtColHytel> ::chuckles:: Aye... Me. ::takes her hand off his shoulder, her looks hadn't changed much, for her hair, but that wouldn't be noticable, she had it up in a bun at the base of her skull::
[19:24] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan knew things could change in an instant but for now they were just shadowing until further orders were given. Waiting was always difficult even though she knew why it happened to be necessary.::
[19:25] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He nodded:: Depending on the situation, once you are in there, it'll be a rough ride, and you may not get any more support than what you bring with you. This is a "no-kill" mission. Stun settings only, even for Roberts.
[19:25] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> I am Calliandrea Davidson, the asst sci officer for the Cortana. I was on the planet when we were all picked up.
[19:26] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> Isn't it always a "no-kill" mission? ::Alanna asked::
[19:26] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::Alanna looked to Kirk, with a smirk, she had accidently sort of killed him once::
05[19:26] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::she stopped short of handshaking distance, putting a hand up in a 'just a moment' gesture, she walked quickly around the boards and began scribbling out a line of equations. Oh my god, that's it... that was the missing variable......
[19:26] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> ((oops, sorry, the Enterprise, blame it on working a killer shift at work today))
[19:27] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR> Understood Sir, Commander some of them are our people and we try to stun or have them drop their weapons. Will First Force be staying with the Colonel?
[19:27] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> ::she looked at it, her brain didn't work quite as fast::
[19:27] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> +taps+ Moore to Charden. The shield algorithm that Kirk and I came up with is ready.
04[19:27] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:27] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> I'm stressing it, because some people have a problem with forgetting that. The Colonel is going? ::He said questioningly::
[19:28] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> It's usually supposed to be, but things happen. ::He said to Alanna, but nodded to his Captian::
[19:28] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> ::She made a note to make sure Kissly was safe while they were doing their thing out in space::
[19:28] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> +taps+ Thank you, Commander. Be sure your Enty Counterpart looks it over.
04[19:28] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:29] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>its been a long time, colonel.....i'm just checking my birds, im not sidelined on this one
[19:29] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> Yes, Corbin is planing on being with us when we board I bealive, and I think it would be best if he said with me and First Force.
[19:29] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>+taps+Kirk to Steck, meet with Commander Moore and check the algorithm please
[19:29] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::Heads over to the Cortana Ops console and addresses the officer there:: Any word from the fighters yet?
05[19:29] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::looks through the boards again:: if you come around this side, it may help. :: warm smile ::
[19:30] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>:: nods his head:: Keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't get hurt Commander
[19:30] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> ::he blinked a moment..that was annoying..did he not put his faith in his work? Even though he understood the reasoning behind it because he was the Enterprises Engineer. Turning to look to Steck right next to him::
[19:30] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> UssTrooper>LtColHytel> It sure has been a long time.... ::looks over to the fighters remaining:: The scout is still out there, but there is still a few fighters here... ::she raised a brow and looked into his eyes:: I'm glad you are not sidelined. Which one would you like?
[19:31] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He kept his mouth closed about the Colonel's involvement. He would just forget he heard that.:: Any questions?
[19:32] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> I do have a question. Seeing that we are now so close to reaching the Enterprise, I request that my unit be permited to be armed. ::Alanna was doing her best to be respectful to the man who didn't seem to like her much::
[19:32] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> +Com+ D'varo to Cortanta we're on station and in place as ordered.
[19:34] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::Sighs as the officer's head shakes, and then the comm came through::
[19:34] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::looks over at the CO:: Sir, I also request to take our CEO and one of our medics just in case
[19:34] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> And with all honesty, I would pefer if I could take my whole unit when boarding the Enterprise.
[19:35] <+LTJGSteck[EnCEO]> +Taps+ ::turns to Moore:: Aye, Commander. I guess that we will be working together on getting on to Enterprise.
[19:35] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> Denied, Cooper. We're still two days out. But I do want your teams brought aboard. Accomodations are tight so they will have to share quarters, like others are. At 24 hours out, you may arm your people and brief them fully.
[19:36] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He nodded:: Who do you wish to take from Medical, Kirk?
[19:36] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> I didn't think we would have that much time to get that many people over to the Enterprise? ::He asked after hearing Cooper::
[19:36] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> TL ::calls for The Bridge
[19:36] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> TL ::calls for The Bridge::
[19:36] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::Alanna wasn't happy that she could only arm them 24 hours out, but it was better than what she expected out of him.::
[19:36] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>one of the reapers, ill need enough for myself plus six
[19:36] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> ::steps off the TL onto the Bridge::
[19:37] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> My unit isn't large. I would only be taking 4 people over including myself.
[19:37] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR> Lieutenant Commander Kivicus, hes a trained medic and also a computer whiz so he would be the best choice
[19:37] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>and i need your simulators, ive got fourty eight hours to train first force to fly
[19:37] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::Alanna told Draven::
[19:37] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> What I've done is Kirk gave me all of the enterprises frequencies its used over time. And taking those we have two different applications. One to pick the most viable one out of those, and then another set for the ones that haven't been used so that the computer can tune the phasers to those quickly. ::motioning to the console.
[19:37] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> ::
[19:38] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::Chardan nodded:: If you wish Kirk. If there is nothing else, you are dismissed to make your preparations.
[19:38] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> ::He nodded then hearing Cooper:: Was just wondering.
[19:38] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> ::She was halfway thru the scribblings, her brow furrowed in thought::
[19:39] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> RR> ::Alanna stood up first leaving the ready room, not liking the man anymore::
[19:39] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USSTrooper> LtColHytel> ::crosses her hands over her chest:: Well Colonel, you ask a lot of me. ::her expression was a little softer then the first time they served together:: But, I think we will be able to do that... Only cause you asked so nicely.
[19:39] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc]> RR>::nods his head to the CO and heads for the door:: LT Draven and Commander Cooper see you in the transporter rooms
[19:39] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::hears the garbled long range signal:: Open a channel? +comm+ Acknowledged, D'Varo. Keep us posted.
[19:39] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USSTrooper> ::looks at the woman:: Aye Colonel, we do have enough fighters for that...
[19:39] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> ::looks around the bridge, and waits::
[19:40] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan is listening to the conversation and watching the two Terran ships. Relaying the data back to Cortana.:: +Com+ Cortana take a look at the info I'm sending your way. Its rather chilling.
[19:40] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> RR> ::He stood up and nodded:: See you there.
02[19:40] * +LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc] ( Quit (Quit: )
[19:40] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> ::once entering the bridge, she saw that Carson was there she taped her combadge:: +taps+ Cooper to First Force Unit One. Please pack up and all of you relocate to the USS Cortana ASAP.
[19:41] <+LTJGSteck[EnCEO]> Well i wrote the program that the cycles the sheild frequances, so i dont think that i will be to diufficult for me to get the active frequances from the program.
[19:41] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> ::spots Commander Cooper, and goes to attention::
[19:42] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> Oh..well then if you wouldn't mind, add into the program for the one you wrote and we should have them by the balls.
[19:42] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>thank you, drew...+taps+corbin to first force team one, report to the trooper double time
04[19:42] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:42] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> <<+com+>>
[19:43] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> ::Tiffany moved around as she tested things. Spotting Eric, she smiled and moved over to him:: Even here, you don't take time off do you Sir.
[19:43] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> ::Hearing the comm, Alanna waved to Carson for him to follow her to the turbolift::
[19:43] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::He slowly stood making his way out of his Ready Room onto the Bridge looking around:: Report? ::He asked, expecting someone would give him a heads up::
[19:43] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USSTrooper>LtColHytel> ::nods:: Your welcome John. Keep in touch and keep safe alright? ::she raised a brow::
[19:43] <+LTJGSteck[EnCEO]> ::Chuckls:: How correct you ae
[19:43] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> CmdrDe'luvia>MS> ::he paused and waited..okay..colonel takes presidence:: +Com+ Understood. +taps+ Lets get moving people.
04[19:43] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:43] <+LtCmdrWilliamson[EnCMO]> M> ::That wasn't all true. Less on his own sitting at a station in sickbay. He had fallen asleep with his back to the room::
[19:44] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::Wants to report, but naturally allows Chardan's own staff to answer first::
[19:44] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> TL> ::Getting into the turbolift Alanna waited for Carson::
[19:44] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> ::follows Cooper into the turbolift::
[19:44] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> sci> ::as she noted what the equation was,s he looked over at OBrien:: Think it wil work?
[19:44] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> TL
[19:44] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> <<crap>>
[19:45] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO]> <<ignore that>>
[19:45] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> :: As she got closer and noticed Eric was dozing. She grabbed a blanket and lightly covered him up before sneaking back off::
05[19:45] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> SCi> 99.8% certain..
[19:45] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> ::Getting up from her desk, she walked over to Eric and smacked him upside the back of his head, but it wasn't a hard smack:: Hey, lazy bones, get up.
[19:45] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>::gives a nod:: technician, set up all simulators
[19:46] <+TnchRoex[EnFT]> USSTrooper> ::nods:: Yes Sir... ::gets to work on them::
[19:46] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::Seeing all eyes on her, she blinked and spoke up:: Fighters are in position and relaying a data stream from the ship, Captain. You should...probably see this in the ready room, Captain.
[19:46] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Continues to watch all the data coming in as it sends a chill up her spine.::
[19:46] <+LtCmdrWilliamson[EnCMO]> M> Tch! OW! ::He looked around, he had a blanket now...not sure where that came from, but he narrowed his eyes at Talari.:: Could you avoid, hitting me.
[19:46] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> ::he stayed back looking over Stecks shoulder::
[19:47] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> MS> TL> ::calls for the transporter room::
[19:47] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> *CmdrDe'luvia>
05[19:47] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::thinking out loud, her voice a hushed whisper ::: the question is... do i hand over this theory, knowing what the outcome might be...
[19:47] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> Didnt hurt.
[19:47] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> ::She jumped:: I didn't do it Sir! ::As he called Tcn first.::
[19:47] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> TL> ::Once Carson had gotten into the turbolift she and Carson quickly headed to the transporter room and beamed over to the USS Trooper.
[19:47] <+LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]> ::
[19:47] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> ::He nodded:: Transfer it there, and join me Captain Pierce ::He took a breath and turned heading back into his Ready Room::
03[19:48] * CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO-MS] ( has joined #USS-Cortana
15[19:48] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +o CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO-MS]
[19:48] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> ::Nods, first to Chardan, then to the Ops officer, making sure the command was acknowledged before following him in::
03[19:48] * CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO-MS] is now known as CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO-Trooper]
[19:48] <+LtCmdrWilliamson[EnCMO]> M> Did too, you know that's assaulting a senior officer, and worth some time in a brig. ::Rubbing the back of his head::
[19:48] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> ::Viktor headed on out and to the bridge and moved over to one of the stations, checking a few things there as he listened to the report. Before heading down to the Security level to get a few things more done up::
[19:48] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> ::a grin over at the tech:: Wanna see the scar I have that he caused when he pushed me off the roof when I was four?
03[19:49] * LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO] is now known as LtCmderCooper[EnFFU1CO-Trooper
05[19:49] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::she was pacing now, again, a habit..torn morally and ethically by her discovery::
[19:49] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> If you are going to pull rank, then I should really get you good, you think?
[19:49] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> ::Oh, now she was curious:: A sweet man like him.... he wouldn't do something like that.
[19:49] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan was paying close attention to everything in case the situation changed even more.::
[19:49] <+LtCmdrWilliamson[EnCMO]> M> Yes I would. She deserves it.
03[19:50] * TnchRoex[EnFT] is now known as TcnhRoes[EnFT-Trooper]
[19:50] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> ::She walked over to the tech and there was a four inch long scar along her hair line, she bent down:: see? He told me I could fly if I believed. Then told me I hadn't believed enough as I sat bleeding all over the patio.
[19:50] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> ::Once in the Ready Room, he didn't go behind his desk, instead turned his monitor to face him and would access the information:: Well...This was not unforeseen.
03[19:50] * PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO] is now known as PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO-SuperTroo
03[19:51] * PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO-SuperTroo is now known as PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO-Trooper]
[19:51] <+LtCmderCooper[EnFFU1CO-Trooper> TR1> ::Beaming aboard teh trooper with Carson, she taped her combadge:: +taps+ Cooper to Corbin, where on the Trooper can I find you?
[19:51] <@LtWilliamson[CoCMO]> M> Then convinced me not to tell our parents, took me to my room and tried to sew me up himself. His first operation.
[19:51] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> ohhh.... ::She blinked seeing the scar and then looked to Eric:: Now what did you go and do something like that for?
[19:51] <+CaptPierce[EnXO]> RR> ::nods, pursing her lips:: Question is, what can we do about it? We're still two days away.
[19:51] <+LtCmdrWilliamson[EnCMO]> M> I don't remember why exactly...::He smirked::
[19:52] <+EnsDavidson[EnASci]> Sci> Are you going to tell anyone?
[19:52] <+ColCorbin[EnCO]> USSTrooper>+taps+flight deck
04[19:52] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:52] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> Hmm... Seems I have a lot to learn about you. ::She chuckled softly::
[19:52] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> RR> Nothing. All we can do is get ready for it. Send the information to the rest of the fleet, priority one.
[19:52] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO-Trooper]> ::beams over on the Trooper with Cooper
[19:52] <+PO2Carson[EnFFT2SNCO-Trooper]> ::
[19:52] <@CoCO-Capt_Chardan> !end
[19:52] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


--------End of Transmission -------------

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