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= / \ = USS CORTANA IRC LOG 240905.17 = / \ =

SIM LOG 240905.17 Joint Log with crew of the Enterprise
Session Start: Sun May 17 19:26:51 2009
Session Ident: #USS-Cortana

01[20:00] <@CoXO-LtCmdr_McDougal> !ATTN
[20:00] <&ShipLCARS> =/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
[20:00] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::attn::
[20:00] <@CoCTac-LtMichaels> Nursing right now. I'm waiting for him to get a job.
[20:00] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> ::attn::
[20:00] <@CoCTac-LtMichaels> ::attn::
[20:00] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> ::attn::
[20:00] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ::attn::
[20:00] <~CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO]> ::attn::
[20:00] <~CmdrDeluvia[EnFFU1XO]> Moore> ::attn::
[20:01] <+CPOCorbin[EnDC]> :;attn::
01[20:01] <@CoXO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Captain your crew is at Attention ::attn::
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03[20:01] * CoCO-Capt_Chardan sets mode: +v Tiffany
[20:01] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::attn::
[20:01] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you, Commander
[20:01] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> ::attn::
[20:02] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> I want to welcome everyone to the Cortana this week, as we continue the joint SIMing with the Enterprise.
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[20:03] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> A few OOC items before we get started. First for those who have backlogs on the Cortana site, clear them out. Get them done and posted. If you log with someone on the Enty, please post it on BOTH websites.
[20:04] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> We have to bring up our log count, and getting all those backlogs out, would help.
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[20:05] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::looks aroun surprised
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[20:05] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Apparently there was a sever update.
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01[20:06] <@CoXO-LtCmdr_McDougal> [20:02] -Global- Attention Users, Omega will be restarting due to an upgrade. We do not anticipate the downtime to exceed a few seconds to a minute at most. If you wish to change servers, do so now. Restart in 3 minutes.
[20:06] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> <>
01[20:06] <@CoXO-LtCmdr_McDougal> Did we get everyone back?
[20:06] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Secondly, we have a visitor. Cadet Dicari is the ISD SimGuide Instrustor, and will be guest SIMing with us tonight, at the Operations station.
[20:06] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Instructor*
[20:07] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Anyone have any non-plot questions before we begin?
[20:08] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Okay...the briefing is incoming.
[20:09] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Tonight on the Cortana the ship battle is coming quickly to a close. The ships and fighters on the outside are begining to win just by sheer numbers. But onboard the Enterprise the fights are just begining. Each away team will have to fight their way towards their objectives, being held by Mirror Universe Marines. Please do not SIM taking your objectives. Leave that for the logs and Tuesdays SIM.
[20:10] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Please be conscious that you are logging and try not to step out of the bounds of that log. If you cannot SIM without stepping outside of your log, pick an NPC on board the Cortana and NPC out on the ship buring the ship to ship battle.
[20:10] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Please type Rawr!!
[20:11] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> rawr rawr
[20:11] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> rawr
[20:11] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> rawr
[20:11] <+CPOCorbin[EnDC]> rawr
[20:11] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> rawr
01[20:11] <@CoXO-LtCmdr_McDougal> rawr
[20:11] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> rawr
[20:11] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> rwr
[20:11] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> (brb
[20:11] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> rar
[20:11] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> (brb
[20:12] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> rawr
[20:12] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Any questions?
[20:14] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> No? Alrighty. This SIM will end at 9:10.
[20:14] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> !start
[20:14] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[20:14] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:15] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> computer red alert
[20:15] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The status change to 4,1RED ALERT as a loud klaxons sound and the lights dim.
04[20:15] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:16] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::reroutes all power from non-essential areas::
[20:16] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Cortana has taken most light damage. No hull breaches, minor power fluctuations, several power relays blown, but all vital systems are operating and shields are at 75%.
04[20:16] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:17] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::attempts to compensate for minor power fluctuations by bypassing power relays::
[20:18] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::relieved by OPs, Stormy moves to the science console again::
[20:18] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan checks her HUD as she looks for another target.::
[20:19] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Cortana was begining, however, to draw fighter fire. Which was begining to make life hard on the shields. Impact after impact was felt, as Inertial Dampeners began to lose functionallity.
04[20:19] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
03[20:19] * Brennel ( has joined #USS-Cortana
03[20:19] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +v Brennel
[20:19] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ME>+taps+ Kirk to Draven, can i get a status report ::called out and ducked under a console as a marine fired on him::
04[20:19] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:19] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> ::watching the power levels::
03[20:20] * CoXO-LtCmdr_McDougal is now known as CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT
03[20:20] * Brennel is now known as LTJGSteck[EnCEO]
[20:20] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::is shaken by the impacts on the ship::
[20:20] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
[20:21] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She was keeping a close tab on injuries, nothing major yet::
03[20:21] * ObsThomas ( has joined #USS-Cortana
01[20:21] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::Adian and her away team were firing back on deck 14 at the Marine's that were firing on them:: Don't they know we are the good guys!
[20:22] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::rockin and rollin in her seat, watching the sensor arrays for other ships joining the forray::
[20:22] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> ::Captain Chardan turned to operations.:: Contact the rest of the fleet, we need fighter support. Like little ants, they are. ::He looked back to Tactical:: Contiue our firing runs on the Sovereign class vessels, I want their systems taken down.
[20:23] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> Give me a SITREP. What ever you do draw them away from Cortana. ::Morgran addressed the other pilots helping defend the Fleet.::
[20:23] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> +Com+ Cortana to rest of fleet, we need fighter support
[20:24] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven>
[20:24] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::notes helm's seat has been vacated, quickly moves to the com and takes over::
[20:24] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan got the call from Cortana Ops:: +Com+ Roger that Cortana we're on it
[20:25] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> FIghters on their way sir.
[20:25] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
01[20:26] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::Adian looked to her team:: Alright we need to get past these jar heads.. You go left, I will go right and we will meet up on the other side.
01[20:26] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::It sounded good. ::
[20:26] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you. ::He looked to his Science Officer taking the helm seat, and noted the former helm officer unconscious and bleeding next to said console. +taps+ Bridge to sickbay, we need a medical team.
04[20:26] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:26] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::continues to compensate for power fluxuations::
[20:27] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> D14> +taps+ Draven to Kirk, We We almost got full control over the dec... ::Though he ducked as one of Enty's men took a shot at him, a couple of his men charged to try and take him down::
04[20:27] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[20:28] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::The nodded and rose to their feet crouching down.:: 1...2... 3!! ::the team split and Adian's team did a little football move trying to divide the Marines;:
[20:28] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> +taps+ On it. ::She gathered up a group and then headed to the upperside to pick up the injured officer::
[20:28] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Maneuvered her fighter to draw one of the opposing fighters away from Cortana. It would take another moment or two before Morgan could get into a position to target one of the bogies making trouble for the Fleet.::
[20:28] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> +taps+ Cmdr Moore Status reports on those power fluctations...
04[20:28] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:29] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::her hands moved over the console keeping the ship on the correct heading:: Helm is a little sluggish
[20:29] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ME>:: fires off a few shots at some of the marines firing on him:: +taps+ well at least you got that side because we are having a helluva time over here
04[20:29] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:29] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Cortana Rocked hard again, the fighters were being turned away thanks to the fleet fighters. But the two Sovereign class ships were turning their fire onto the Cortana. The Tactical Officer yelled "Shields to 45%!! Damage to propulsion, only half impulse and manuvering thrusters!!"
04[20:29] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:29] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> +taps+ I'm working on it. Aft-port thrusters are down, trying to reroute power.
04[20:29] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:30] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::is shaken violently in his chair.:: Attempting to reroute all available power to shields Captain.
[20:30] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
[20:30] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::hangs onto the console,planting both feet firmly on the floor:: +taps+ now...-pausing- now would be a good time.
04[20:30] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:31] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> ::her crew arrived with a stretcher and she moved to the downed helmsman, checking vitals. Once assured he could be moved, she directed he be placed on the stretcher and applied what first aid needed to be done immeidately::
[20:32] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan manages to gain a solid target lock and fires.::
01[20:32] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::As they charged, One Marine took aim and shot, getting Adian right in the shoulder. She fell back as one of the First Force dragged her back out of the way of fire::
03[20:33] * Sarasi (Sarasi@C79B1B32.44510FF8.6CEBFEF1.IP) has joined #USS-Cortana
03[20:33] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +v Sarasi
[20:33] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Get those damn damage control teams in there! ::yelling at one of the juniors:: Vaskez, swaps the secondary and tertiary EPS relays over and bypass the safeties. If we can't get those back up there won't be a ship to worry about fixing. ::sliding over to another console and spending a moment:: +taps+ check it now.
04[20:33] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
03[20:33] * Sarasi is now known as LtCmdrCooper[EnFFU1CO]
[20:33] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> D22> +taps+ You need more men up there? ::He darted and mnaged to come up behind one of the men, stunning them and dropping them to their knees::
04[20:33] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[20:34] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> D14> FF>+taps+ Man down! We need help on deck 14!
04[20:34] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:34] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::adjusts the dorsal thrusters to move up and avoid incoming fire, while keeping the ship level enough for ops to do his job:::
[20:35] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: A salvo from the Cortana, sent both torpedoes and phasers, into the badly damage and increasingly more desperate Sovereign class ships. After that salvo, the ship began to list. It's power readings and weapons and shields were down. But the Cortana took another hard hit from the port side from the other. The Tactical Officer yelled "We've lost port arrays and torpedoes are offline.
04[20:35] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:35] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
[20:36] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> ::She announced the patient stable enough to move to Sickbay and they headed back down to the medical deck::
[20:36] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ME>:: gets behind one of the consoles and catches his breath:: +taps+ nah, we are trying to erect a level 10 forcefield around engineering. You need your men to keep a hold of the flight deck
04[20:36] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:36] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> +taps+ Bridge! Port shields are down to 10%!
04[20:36] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[20:37] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> FF>+taps +Team 3 to Team 1, Man down, we need help on deck 14!
[20:37] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Helm, take us out, pull us back into the fleet. Let them cover for us. Operations, signal the fleet to finish the other, we are withdrawing from the immediate area. +Taps+ Engineering I want propulsion and shields.
04[20:37] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:38] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> ::She directed a second team go to the deck 14, to check out the downed man there::
[20:38] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> +Com+ Fleet you are instructed to finish the other. We are withdrawing from the immediate area
[20:38] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> Aye, Captain ::picking herself up and getting back into the conn chair:: adjusts thrusters moving the ship back and away from the fight...
[20:38] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> ((scratch that, I was misinformed))
[20:39] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> D22> +taps+ alright Kirk ::As men where stunned back, weapons where kicked to the side. He'd heard the tap from Adain and groaned. Motioning to two of his men to go.::
04[20:39] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:39] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> ::coughing:: +taps+ A little busy at the moment, cap. I'm working on it. ::motioning for someone to put the fires, and plasma fire out::
04[20:39] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[20:39] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::Adian looked to the guy that called for help:: I'm fine.. I';m fine.. come on.. let's go. ::She pushed herself up with her good arm::
[20:40] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::helps engineering out by rerouting as much power as he could to engineering::
[20:40] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> I'll get her puttering along towards the fleet sir... thrusters are all we have at the moment.
[20:40] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> +taps+ Bridge to sickbay, I need deck sweeps and an injury report in 15.
04[20:40] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:40] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::once back down in sickbay, she re evaluated the helmsman. Mostly superficial bleeding, she stopped that, then started IV fluids::
[20:40] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
[20:40] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan addressed Cortana Ops after getting the current SITREP.:: +Com+ Cortana be advised some of my fighters have taken damage. Working to escort them back to home base.
02[20:41] * @CoCTac-LtMichaels ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:41] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> +taps+ In a moment Captain, I have a patient to deal with right now. He's bleeding.
[20:41] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::ajusts to half impulse::
[20:41] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The fleet once signaled, moved to the Cortana, and let it pass while taking up the engagement with the other ship.
04[20:41] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:41] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> ::while directing one of the corpsmen to do as directed::
[20:41] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> Captain some of the fighters have taken damage, they are working on escorting them back to home base.
[20:42] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> +com+ Understood Lieutenant. We are withdrawing from the area ourselves.
04[20:42] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:42] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M>::Tiffany looked to Williamson:: I can help with that if want
01[20:42] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::When the two extra men arrived, they were able to secure Deck 14:: STand down! Your Surrounded! ::She called out to the Marines::
[20:43] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Ops, get with engineering, I need a damage report. Lieutenant O'Brien, see if we've heard anything from the teams inside the Enterprise.
01[20:44] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::Her left arm was held at her side, holding her rifle phazer with her right::
[20:44] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> Aye, Captain
03[20:44] * CoCTac-LtMichaels ( has joined #USS-Cortana
03[20:44] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +o CoCTac-LtMichaels
[20:44] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::moves away from the console and heads to the turbolift:: Aye aye sir
[20:44] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> TL>::gets on and makes his way down to engineering::
[20:45] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> E> ::once there he goes to the CEO:: Commander, is there anything I can do to help?
[20:45] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
01[20:45] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> +taps+ McDougal to Kirk
04[20:45] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:45] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> Sir, no reports from the teams inside the Enterprise.
[20:46] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Figther> ::Morgan kept a close eye on her fighters as they moved to withdraw. Addressing her pilots.:: +Com+ Stay alert as we head for the ship. We don't need any further surprises.
[20:46] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ME>::ducks behind a console:: +taps+ kirk here
04[20:46] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:46] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::glancing over her shoulder then looking back to the conn. silently offering up prayers for the teams::
[20:47] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you Lieutenant. Set a course for the rally point, and keep and eye on sensors, I don't want anyone following. I also want a status report from the fleet in 15 minutes.
01[20:47] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> +taps+ deck 14 secure.. what should I do with the marines?
04[20:47] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:48] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> Aye sir. :::sets course as the captain ordered, as evasive as possible::
[20:48] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::looked over at Skylar:: Go ahead and get the scans, then tell the Captain what is going on, please.
[20:49] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Um...Help get that coolant leak locked down. ::giving a look over to the side::
[20:49] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ Captain, Skylar will get the information you need. I am still working on your downed helmsman ::Who was starting to stablize::
[20:50] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> ::He looked around the bridge, to the officers present, then moved and sat in his seat:: Skylar? ::He said to himself.:: +taps+ Understood. ::He looked to Obrien.:: We have a Skylar?
04[20:50] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:50] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> +Com+ Once we land work with your ground crews to get a solid damage assessment and estimate on repairs. ::Morgan knew that would also help her pilot to continue to feel productive.::
[20:50] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> Yes Ma'am ::She moved to the nearest console and started running the scans, to check each deck for injuries::
[20:50] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> E> ::Starts to work on containing the coolant leak::
[20:50] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> :;glances back over her left shoulder:: i will check personal, sir.
[20:50] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
[20:53] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::the sickbay was a hub of activity as all manner of injuries came in. They were traiged and Williamson went from one to the other, most could be handled by others.::
[20:54] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::turned to face the conn again:: +COM+ Cortana to fleet... report your status... ::on the view screen she brought up fleet personal files and entered 'Tcn Skylar'::
04[20:54] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:54] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> ::He nodded, placing his head in his hand for a moment, just waiting now.::
[20:54] <@CoCTac-LtMichaels> E> ::enters engineering, eager to help repair the recent damages. He had seen the weapons had taken a big blow, and since that was his favorite system on the ship after the holodeck, he went to work immediately on seeing to the repairs::
[20:54] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::while she waited on reports from engineering, the fleet:: Sir... Tcn Skylar is from the Enteprise.
[20:55] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::hearing a yelp from a young corps man, she hurried over and quickly staunched a bleeder, applying pressure and calming the overly excited young man at the same time. ::
[20:55] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Ahh...That explains it. ::He chuckled alittle:: It's a big ship, but I thought I knew all the doctors.
01[20:55] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::She spoke to quickly, her deck was not secure as more marine's poured in and they dropped back to return fire. Adian did the best she could with only one arm working:
[20:55] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
[20:56] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ME>::fires a few shots at the marines still pouring in from the lower level of Engineering:: +coms+ Kirk to Cortana, We've made it to engineering but it might be a bit before we have control of the ship.
[20:56] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::he handed her the dermal regenerator, and she guided him in it's use, the bleeding stopped and pain killer given via hypo spray::
[20:56] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::crooked smile. it was nice to know the captain was a tad human::+taps+ Engineering... how long till we have more power, sir?
04[20:56] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:57] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> D22> ::Viktor And his crew worked to make sure the deck was under control::
[20:57] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> E> Got it locked down? ::motioning to the console behind him:: Lets work on the power distribution. ::sends up a report, shields over all 23%, 3/4 impulse availible now, torpedeo bays were still offline::
[20:57] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> +Com+ Cortana preparing to land back on the carrier and see to damage assessments
[20:57] <@CoCTac-LtMichaels> E> ::Lt. Michaels was hard pressed to find anyone not already busy in engineering, but there was one ensign who had apparently decided to work on some of the more non-essential systems. Ike quickly enlisted him to help fix the weapon systems::
[20:57] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> +Coms+ Cortana here, thank you Mr. Kirk. What about the rest of the teams.
[20:58] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> +taps+ Captain? The first round of casulties is slowing, we seem to have not taken it badly.
03[20:58] * Cat|BBL ( has joined #USS-Cortana
03[20:58] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +v Cat|BBL
[20:58] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> +com+ Thank you Lieutenant for your help. ::Spoken to Dvaro.::
04[20:58] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
03[20:59] * Cat|BBL is now known as TechRoex[EnFT]
[20:59] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::she waited for the captain to finish his communications:: Captain, incoming reports...::she read from the monitor:: The Enterprise is silent. The Second sovereign ship is now disabled with both ships being detained...
[20:59] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> reading over and signing off orders, making sure everything is dotted and crossed and that her crew men have covered it all::
[20:59] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> +taps+ ::He seemed to be popular:: Thank you Doctor.
04[20:59] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:00] <+TcnSkylar[EnMS]> M> ::After Tiffany ran the scans she took a deep breath:: +taps+ Skylar to Captian, your report Sir.
04[21:00] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:00] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> <>
[21:00] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan addresses her pilots.::
[21:00] <@CoCTac-LtMichaels> E> Ensign, start to work on the phaser power systems first. ::he would help the ensign as they worked to repair the phasers from engineering::
[21:00] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
03[21:00] * TechRoex[EnFT] is now known as ObsCat
[21:01] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> ::He nodded:: +taps+ Thank you. Please send the report to the bridge.
04[21:01] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:01] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> +Com+ Be alert and watch each others backs as we land.
[21:01] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> +taps+ ::To Cmdr Moore::thank you. ::sets the levers to 3/4 impulse, the ship responding slowly:::
04[21:01] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:02] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> +com+ Cortana to Commander Kirk, thank you for the update. Do you have a time table at all? Or an update on the other teams?
04[21:02] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[21:02] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> D14> Keep Firing! Watch out! Duck!
[21:03] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ME>+com+ Time table no, and from what i know Team 3 and 2 are still fighting for control of flight deck.
[21:03] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> +com+ Understood Commander, keep us posted. Cortana out.
04[21:03] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:04] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Morgan waited her turn to land then carried through with the rest of the procedure as an experienced pilot would. After she deal with her post-flight checklist she'd check on her pilots.::
[21:04] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Lieutenant O'Brien, update from engineering?
[21:04] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> Sir, We have 3/4 impulse powr.
[21:04] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::leaving the door to her office opena, and keeping an ear out, she started her report on what she did for this first round::
[21:05] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Weapons? ::He asked finally standing again::
[21:05] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> <
[21:05] <&ShipLCARS> 4,1 RED ALERT 
[21:05] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> Sheilds are at 23%
[21:06] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> they are working on fire power sir.
[21:06] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> Fighter> ::Once her fighter has come to a stop on the flight deck Morgan began her post-flight checklist.::
[21:07] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> !end
[21:07] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[21:07] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[21:07] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> !Attn
[21:07] <&ShipLCARS> =/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
[21:07] <@CoCMO-Lt_Williamson> ::attn::
[21:07] <+^1LtDvaro[EnSCO]> ::attn::
[21:07] <+Ops-Cdt_Dicari> ::attn::
[21:07] <+CPOCorbin[EnDC]> :;attn::
[21:07] <@CoCSci-Lt_OBrien> ::attn::
[21:07] <@CoCTac-LtMichaels> ::attn::
[21:07] <+LTJGSteck[EnCEO]> ::attn::
01[21:07] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> Captain your crew is at Attention
01[21:07] <@CoXo-LtCmdr_McDougal-AT> ::attn::
[21:07] <@CoCSec-Lt_Draven> ::attn::
[21:07] <@CoCEO-LtCmdr_Moore> ::attn::
[21:07] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you, Commander.
[21:08] <+LtCmdrKirk[EnCTcSc-AT4]> ::attn::
[21:09] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> I want to thank everyone fore the good SIM, both Enterprise, Cortana, and guests alike. Another reminder, to please get those logs out. If you are a Department Head you need to give one a week minimum. Please keep that in mind. Questions?
02[21:09] * +TcnSkylar[EnMS] ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:09] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> If there are no questions, I will see everyone on Tuesday.
[21:09] <&CoCO-Capt_Chardan> !dis
[21:09] <&ShipLCARS> Crew Dismissed!!



--------End of Transmission -------------

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