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= / \ = USS CORTANA IRC LOG 240907.05 = / \ =

SIM LOG 240907.05
01[20:03] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> !Attn
[20:03] <&ShipLCARS> =/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
[20:03] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> ::Attn::
[20:04] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> attn:
01[20:04] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> Captain your crew is at attention
01[20:05] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::attn::
[20:06] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you, Commander.
[20:06] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> I want to thank everyone for showing up this evening. I have a few items to cover before we start.
[20:08] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Firstly, joint logs. If someone starts one you guys need to respond. I know that logging is no longer required, but you need to respond to joint logs that are started.
[20:09] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Secondly I wanna remind everyone that there will be no sim next week.
[20:10] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Questions? Comments?
[20:11] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Okay, if there is nothing lemme put out the brief.
[20:11] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> =/= USS-Cortana | NCC-60616 =/=
[20:13] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> =/= Stardate 240907.05 =/=
[20:15] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> This week the shuttle containing the CEO, medical team, XO, and CSec has landed on the planet. And all members of the away team have been outfitted with environmental suits. The Medical team has been assigned with the job of finding a body to transport to the Cortana for autopsy, while
[20:16] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> the others are to find out what caused this catastrophy, at the power center.
[20:16] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Questions?
[20:17] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> no
[20:17] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> ::Raises::
[20:18] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes?
[20:19] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> Given the radiation levels, how much time will we have planetside in which to retrieve a body, return to the shuttle, and bring it back with us, knowing we'll be exposed to the radiation the whole time?
[20:20] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> I would say no more than two hours IC time.
[20:20] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> ::nods:: Thank you sir. ::Attention::
[20:21] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else? Last call.
[20:21] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> okay...Sean is afk. But once he gets back he's on the planet with you guys as well
[20:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Sim will end at 9:10
[20:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !start
[20:22] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[20:22] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:22] <~Angelus> <>
03[20:24] * Angelus is now known as CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]
[20:24] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Shuttle would land on the planets surface with only alittle turbulance.
04[20:24] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
03[20:24] * AMO-Ens_Kosuke is now known as AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]
03[20:24] * CMO-Lt_Williamson is now known as CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]
03[20:25] * XO-Cmdr_McDougal is now known as XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]
[20:25] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She waited for the shuttle to come to a complete stop before unstrapping herself::
[20:25] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::he grabbed his helmet and put it on before anyone opened the hatch::
01[20:26] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::Adian made a mental check as they landed. looking to make sure the teamn was ready.
[20:26] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She was completely suited and ready to go, just waiting for the ok::
[20:26] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::made sure her helmet was secured also before the commander opened the hatch. Looked to the CMO for orders::
01[20:27] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She looked to Cmdr Moore:: Ready?
[20:27] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She tested her air supply and then nodded towards the others:: Ensign, this is the beginning of your first adventure.
[20:27] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> Follow them
[20:29] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::nods::
[20:29] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::he nodded:: Yes, ma'am.
[20:31] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He stoo on the bridge and would look to the conn officer:: Open a channel to the team. +com+ Away Team this is the USS-Cortana, how is everything?
04[20:31] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:32] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::slings a medkit over her shoulder, checks the suit for any wear and tear while waiting for the team to disembark. Hears the comm and waits, knowing a senior officer will respond::
[20:32] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::he conceeded to Aidan as she was still the ranking officer, while he got his tricorder out and started to take readings::
[20:33] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::her own tricorder removed and ready to start, she looked at Kosuke, then followed as the ranking officers disembarked::
01[20:34] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> +com+ Away team to USS Cortana, we are fine, just landed and ready to start our mission
04[20:34] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:35] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> I'm getting strong reading from the epicenter 8 kilometers from here, which does seem to be consistant with the facility's main power room. Though I can't figure out what would have made a reaction like this if it over loaded.
[20:35] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +com+ Good. Keep my posted. Cortana out.
04[20:35] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:36] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> Then perhaps we should head in that direction?
01[20:36] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Well that is the direction you and I will head in. Doctors you need to look for bodies to send up to Cortana for autopsy.
[20:37] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> We only have one body bag, and we'll take the first body we see that is suitable for autoposy, that way, we won't take too many risks with radiation poisoning.
[20:38] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::turns to Lt Williamson:: Ma'am, recommend we limit our exposure to the radiation as much as possible. The higher the readings, the higher the likelihood of being affected.
[20:38] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> The further away from the epicenter that it is, the better the condition of the body. Or at least that's what should happen.
[20:39] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::he glanced to both medical officers as one of them should have a medical tricorder out or with them:: Any life signs? Just by chance being the ship is to far away to pinpoint any.
[20:39] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: There would be a smattering of bodies here and there. It was very obvious by visual and tricorder confirmation that were was an explosion here, of quite a large magnitude.
04[20:39] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:41] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::her tricorder had been taken out seconds after his and she checked:: none so far.
01[20:41] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She looked around as they walked.:: Look at the distruction..
[20:41] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::taps her tricorder repeatedly:: This tricorder appears to be malfunctioning. Perhaps it's the radiation?
[20:42] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She knelt by a body, and checked for a pulse, then rechecked using the tricorder.::
01[20:42] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She looked to the Ensign:: What's it doing? Not working or readings all over the place?
[20:42] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> The readings...make no sense, Ma'am. ::squints:;
[20:43] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She used the tricorder to do a once over on the body, no life signs. The body was a younger girl, late teens.::
01[20:46] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She hated seeing death. Knowing other members of the team felt the same way.:: We need to hurry. ::Said softly of course::
[20:47] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She looked up at the Ensign:: Kosuke, over here. This one is suitable. Help me with her please.
[20:48] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::repockets the useless tricorder and reports as ordered:: Yes, Ma'am. ::Takes the young girl's feet, prepping to roll her over into the opened body bag on the ground::
[20:49] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::his hand came out to stop them, unintentionally across Aidan's chest and then dropped as he tapped on it again:: There are bio-signatures..
[20:49] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She positioned herself by the girl's head:: On the count of three. Head up, ok?
01[20:50] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She blinked and almost slugged him in the arm, but realized it was unintentional. :: bio signatures? Where?
[20:50] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::purses her lips, focussed on the task to hand, but mostly out of concern for the dead:: Aye, Ma'am ::looks at Moore:: Sir?
[20:51] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She stopped in preparation of moving the body while she looked up::
[20:51] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> I can't pin point them. The radiation is messing with the tricorder locking on. But it is definately clear there are some, some where in the complex.
01[20:52] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> maybe if we get in the complex we can get a clearer signal?
[20:53] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::chimes in:: Perhaps there is an area shielded from the radiation?
[20:53] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> Possibly..::he tapped his comm badge:: +taps+ Moore to Cortana. Can you get any readings near us and specifically in the complex of bio-signatures? Have Lishan narrow the theta band and see if that helps.
04[20:53] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[20:53] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Excatly. I like her ::She smiled hearing Kosuke::
[20:54] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> *+com+
04[20:54] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[20:54] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::returns her attention to the body, mortified she'd spoken out of turn::
[20:55] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She smiled reassurance, then nodded as she counted, one head nod per number::
[20:55] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> Ready?
[20:55] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +com+ ::Static interference:: Repeat that away team. We are trying to cle--- ---- ---.
04[20:55] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[20:55] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She frowned hearing the Cortana cut out::
[20:55] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::he smiled to Kosuke a moment before he turned his attention back to the tricorder, but paused at the signal:: Um..that's not good..
[20:55] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> Time for us to move out.
[20:55] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> One.
[20:55] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::pause::
[20:56] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> Two
[20:56] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::Pause::
[20:56] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> Three
[20:56] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::rolls::
[20:56] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She lifted the girl by the shoulders and placed her in the bag::
[20:57] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> Commander. I recommend that we do not leave Williamson and Kosuke here by themselves at this point since communications are either down or affected by the radiation. That could include our own.
01[20:57] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Agreed. We need to stick together.
[20:58] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She was busy collecting samples for the science dept and looked up hearing her name:: We are going to take this young lady back to the shuttle.
[20:58] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> Medical team, arm yourselves and stick close to the shuttle. ::he glanced a moment and gave an apologetic look to Aidan for jumping ahead::
01[20:59] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She gave a smile and nodded to Moore::
[20:59] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: There seemed to be a pickup of wind around them. And with it, the sounds of debris being moved around. And Chittering.
04[20:59] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:00] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She slipped the tricorder away and looked again to Kosuke:: Let's get her back. This is spooky.
[21:00] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::nods:: Recommend we use the shuttle's tech to determine-- ::hears the rustling debris:: ---determine if this young lady has vital signs.
01[21:00] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::Hearing the sounds she listened and looked back to Moore:: Do you hear that?
[21:00] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::his eyes drifted around a moment and he nodded, speaking quietly:: Yes...back to the
01[21:01] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She went to grab a corner of the body bag to help the Dr's get it to the shuttle:: Hurry everyone.
[21:01] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She hefted the head of the bag up, waiting for her partner, before hightailing it back to the shuttle::
[21:01] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::Followed, girl's feet first, as ordered.::
[21:02] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The chittering would grow louder, as the wind would pick up. And suddently something came up behind their retreat back to the shuttle, and something would jump up onto Commander Moore's back and would immediately compromise his suit, he was losing atmosphere and air.
04[21:02] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:03] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::Uttered a not so nice profanity as the suit sounded an alarm and she turned instinctively towards Moore::
01[21:03] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Commander!
[21:03] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::he was about to move to follow taking up the rear and then he yelled out, instantly swatting at his back::
01[21:04] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She hurried to him and seeing him swatting at his back she started hitting his back also:: Doctors GO! Now!
[21:04] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::looked to the CMO to see if they'd continue to the shuttle, or stop and assist::
[21:04] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She waved her hand:: NOW, BACK TO THE SHUTTLE
[21:04] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: Whatever it was, was off of Moore and moving away, but Moore would be in dire straights with a compromised suit.
04[21:04] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:05] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> GET HIM BACK, WE CAN TREAT HIM ON THE SHUTTLE ::yes, she was shouting, but this was an extreme situation::
03[21:05] * Wench-MT ( has joined #USS-Cortana
01[21:05] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She tried holding his suit closed:: +COM+ Away Team to Cortana!
04[21:05] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[21:05] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She started pushing Moore to hurry to the shuttle:: MOVE IT!
[21:06] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::as they approached the shuttle, the body was not handled so gently, she grabbed an emergency suit, and turned back towards the other two, running towards them::
[21:06] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +com+ ::More Static, but audible:: Cortana here.
04[21:06] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:06] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::head shifts to the XO, then the CMO:: She was already helping one body. ::Follows orders back to the shuttle::
01[21:06] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> +COM+ Lock on Commander Moore and beam him to sickbay!
[21:06] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::once whatever it was had gotten off now he realized he couldn't breath. Clawing at his throat and gasping for air, would have to be forcefully moved to the shuttle in his panic::
04[21:06] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:07] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> NO!
[21:07] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> NO! He has been exposed to radiation, he'll possibly expose others.
[21:07] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> Please, beam him to the biohazard ward. The radiation will be contained there.
01[21:07] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> +COM+ BEam him eto the Biohazard Ward!
04[21:07] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[21:07] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::She looked to Kosuke and nodded as she corrected herself::
[21:08] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::breathes heavily, both in relief, and from finally being able to set down the body::
[21:08] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: Commander Moore would be beamed from the planet surface the biohazard ward of sickbay, where docotors bbegan suiting up to treat him.
04[21:08] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[21:08] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::She turned back to the shuttle, helping to secure the body::
01[21:09] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::As soon as Moore was beamed, she made sure all three were in the shuttle and closed, and locked the door:: Lock yourselves in as soon as the body is secure Doctors. We are getting our backsides out of her.
[21:09] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::picks up another tricorder and begins to take readings, checking for lifesigns on the body::
01[21:09] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> here***
[21:09] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::she then climbed into her own seat and buckled herself in::
[21:10] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::hears the order, and hastily takes the tricorder to her seat, reading the quick scan she'd been able to get after securing the body::
[21:10] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> <>
01[21:11] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Hang on Ladies. ::She locked herself in and hit the buttons, feeling the shuttle shake then rise from the planet::
[21:11] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !end
[21:11] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[21:11] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
01[21:12] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> !Attn
[21:12] <&ShipLCARS> =/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
[21:12] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::attn::
[21:12] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::attn::
[21:12] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke[AT]> ::attn::
01[21:12] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Captain yoru crew is at attention
01[21:12] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::attn::
[21:12] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you Commander.
[21:13] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Alright I wantg to see logs this week. Medical need to log with Moore to stablize him. And the shuttle needs to return. PLEASE log.
[21:13] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Questions?
01[21:13] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> ::raises::
[21:13] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes?
[21:13] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> ::raises::
01[21:13] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Any problems with the shuttle as we return? Anything hanging on it?
[21:13] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::raises::
[21:14] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> No.
01[21:14] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Thank you
[21:14] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Doctor?
[21:14] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> If I can't log because sarah is coming home tomorrow and I have three 12 hour days in a row, can someone NPC me?
[21:15] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> You can ask your AMO to log the medical team under your supervision if you like.
[21:16] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> thank you
[21:16] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Commander Moore?
[21:17] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Commander?
[21:17] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> I just wanted to say that if you all need help with the shuttle part just let me know and I can either add it in or just 'coach' and could you, sir, email me specifics about moores condition so I can log it correctly.
01[21:18] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> I can include you in the shuttle log and ou can help me if that is alright
[21:18] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson[AT]> Include me too please, I may be able to do some. Just don't know what the workload is going to be like.
01[21:18] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal[AT]> Of course.
[21:19] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
[21:19] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> If there is nothing else.
[21:19] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !dis
[21:19] <&ShipLCARS> Crew Dismissed!!



--------End of Transmission -------------

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