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SIM LOG 240907.19

Session Start: Sun Jul 19 18:08:44 2009
Session Ident: #USS-Cortana
03[18:08] * Now talking in #USS-Cortana
03[18:08] * Topic is '4=/=12 Welcome to the USS Cortana. 4 4| CO-Capt Nathanial Chardan. XO-Cmdr Adian McDougal. 12Sim on Sundays 9pm EST. Trivia of the Week: What is one of the only two moons in our solar system that is larger than Mercury. 4=/='
03[18:08] * Set by Angelus on Sun Jul 05 17:04:58
[18:09] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> Captain your crew is at Attention
[18:09] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::Attn::
03[18:09] * Stormy is now known as CSci-Lt_OBrien
05[18:09] ::attn::
[18:10] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you Commander.
[18:11] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> I have no announcements OOC, this way. Does anyone have any nonplot questions?
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[18:12] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Okay, no non-plot questions. Lemme get the briefing in.
[18:13] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::attn::
15[18:14] * CEO-Cmdr_Moore sets mode: +o CSci-Lt_OBrien
15[18:14] * CEO-Cmdr_Moore sets mode: +o CSec-Lt_Draven
[18:14] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> =/= USS-Cortana | NCC-60616 =/=
[18:15] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> =/= Star Date - 240907.19 =/=
[18:17] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> This week we are picking up about an hour after the shuttle team arrive back on the Cortana. Cmdr Moore is still in sickbay, and the body from below has been brought into the morgue for autopsy. The ship is currrently not on alert, but the story of the...creature attacking Moore has spread around the ship.
[18:18] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> All senior officers are to be at their posts and performing their duties examining any scans coming from the planet.
[18:18] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Questions?
[18:18] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> !
[18:19] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> is the shuttle, Doctors and McDougal still in decontamination ??
[18:19] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> No.
[18:20] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> << #USS-CortanaOOC >>
[18:20] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
[18:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> If not, then we will begin. SIM will end at 9:10.
[18:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !start

18:22] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

04[18:22] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:24] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> Dr. Green> M> ::Monitors Cmdr Moore's condition::
[18:24] <@CTac-LtMichaels> ::Lt. Michaels would be at the tactical console on the bridge, running routine scans on the planet and surrounding space and analyzing the results of those scans as they were logged::
02[18:25] * @CTac-LtMichaels ( Quit (Client exited)
[18:25] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::Adian was on the bridge sitting in her chair, with a PADD in hand reviewing the away mission again::
03[18:25] * Ichabod ( has joined #USS-Cortana
15[18:25] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +o Ichabod
03[18:25] * Ichabod is now known as CTac-LtMichaels
[18:25] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He sat on the bridge looking around at the bridge officers. His eyes stopping on McDougal:: What the medical report on Commander Moore?
[18:26] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She was keeping an ear out for updates on the Commander, and using a PADD to document the mission::
[18:26] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::She looked over to the Captain:: he is still in sickbay, but I have not had the chance to check on his status yet. I can do that now.
[18:27] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> ::Viktor was checking out the notes of everything that had gone on. A couple of guards where outside of where the creature was being kept::
[18:27] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> (grr.. brb
[18:28] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::She tapped her com badge:: +taps+ McDougal to sickbay
04[18:28] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:28] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He nodded:: Do so, please. +taps+ Bridge to Lieutenant O'Brien.
04[18:28] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[18:28] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> +taps+ O'Brien here, Sir.
[18:29] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> M> ::Restocks the medkits until further orders are received. looks up, hearing the tap, wondering if she should respond::
[18:29] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> M> ::laying still unconcious and hooked up to the breathing apparatus::
[18:29] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +taps+ I need any planetary survey results you've been able to finalize. Including any information you have on the creature that attacked Moore.
04[18:29] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:29] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ Sickbay here
04[18:29] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:30] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> +taps+ How is Commander Moore doing? Has he regained conciousness?
04[18:30] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[18:30] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> +taps+ I will have that information momentarily, Captain.
[18:30] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She went from her office to the biobed where the patient lay, and checked his vitals::
[18:30] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ He's still unconcious.
04[18:30] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[18:31] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> *> +taps+ We are having some difficulty getting the creature to show up on the scans sir
[18:31] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> Dr. Green M> Aye, Ma'am. His condition is stable for the moment, we're monitoring him carefully.
[18:31] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> +taps+ Thank you, please keep me updated Dr. Williamson.
04[18:31] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:31] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She checked his eyes, the pupils dilated and then she did basic reflex checks::
[18:33] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +taps+ Alright. Anything else you find out, please let me know. ::He looked back to Tactical.:: Are there any ships in the area?
04[18:33] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:34] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::She looked to Captain Chardan, waiting till he was done before reporting about Commander Moore's condition::
05[18:34] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> *>::takes a gander at the view screens and reads them off to the captain:: +taps + The planetary atmosphere is in the state of flux, which is interfereing with the tachyon waves... we do not have much geological information, and our data bases contain zip on our current 'guest'.
[18:36] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +taps+ Consult with sickbay then. Get any informatiion you may need from the autopsy.
04[18:36] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[18:36] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> +taps+ yes, sir.
[18:37] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> Captain?
[18:37] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes, Commander?
[18:38] <@CTac-LtMichaels> No, sir, no ships are on scanners.
[18:38] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> Commander Moore is still unconcious at this time.
05[18:39] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> *> ::glances over at Mr. Addison:: let me know when you get that amplifier working for the Tachyon waves... ::Addison nodded::Stormy headed out the door but not before stopping to grab a sample kit::
[18:39] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ I am going to do the autopsy on the girl we brought back, if anyone would like to join us, please meet me in twenty minutes.
04[18:39] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:41] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She went back into her office to get her PADD, then came out, looking around:: Ensign, would you like to assist me with the autopsy?
05[18:42] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> +taps+ on my way...
[18:43] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::The monitor on him started to beep an alert that his stats or at least one of them had dropped to the warning level::
[18:43] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> M> ::Blinks:: a strong word, Ma'am, as autopsies give me chills, but yes I will help you the best I can.
[18:44] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She stopped and bit her lip, this was not a time to smile, but the Ensign took things so literally. Then looked over at the warning beep and put her stuff down to check on Moore::
05[18:45] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> ::strolls at a quick pace, moments later she's at the entrance to sick bay. Quickly checking for quarantine symbols, seeing none she walks inside:::
[18:45] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> *M>
05[18:45] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M><>
[18:46] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> ::He was trying to make since of what was going on, tossing a padd off to the side at times::
[18:47] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> M> ::His blood pressure was dropping and his blood oxygen levels had plumetted to 12% and still falling. He started to gasp, unconcious or not, for air::
[18:47] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> M> ::Ordered to assist the CMO, follows her when checking on Moore::
[18:48] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> Oh crap. ::her instincts kicked in, get air to him as quickly as possible, she checked his O2 sats and then called for more help::
05[18:49] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M> ::pales::and keeps out of the pro's way::
02[18:49] * @XO-Cmdr_McDougal ( Quit (Ping timeout)
03[18:49] * XO-Cmdr_McDougal ( has joined #USS-Cortana
15[18:49] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +o XO-Cmdr_McDougal
[18:49] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> *73%
05[18:50] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> ::the nurses brought the crash cart post haste to the doctors::
[18:51] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She did the old fashioned thing and actually listened to his lungs to see if any air was getting to him::
05[18:51] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M>NPC NURSE1> checks the level of the charge available :: NCP NURSE2:: waited for orders before proceeding::
[18:52] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> Dr Green> M> ::returns from supply, sees her patient and the CMO tending him:: Dammit, he's crashing, we'll have to repair the alveoli, recommend we prep him for surgery, Ma'am.
[18:52] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::She grabbed her tricorder and scanned him, his O2 sats had stabilized, but were dangerously low at 65%::
05[18:53] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M> npc nurse 1> paddles are ready. Dr. Williamson..
[18:53] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She grabbed an oxygen mask, took out the nasal cannula and placed it over his mouth and nose, turning the O2 up from 2 liters to 3, then 4, then 5 and finally 6 liters a minute.::
[18:54] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> We don't need the paddles, his heart is still beating.
[18:55] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> Damn it, no oxygen is getting to him, the tank is full open
05[18:55] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M>Nurse 1> ::the young ensign blushed:: she put the paddles down and began to prep him for surgery:::
02[18:55] * @CTac-LtMichaels ( Quit (Client exited)
[18:55] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> Dr. Green> M> Ma'am, it's the alveoli, they were damaged, we need to prepare him for surgery or his lungs will continue to malfunction.
03[18:56] * Ichabod ( has joined #USS-Cortana
15[18:56] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +o Ichabod
[18:57] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She regloved and then looked to the other doctor:: What exactly are we operating on?
[18:58] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::she kept the tricorder on her patient:: His alveoli are fine. His lungs are fully inflated, his heart is beating.
05[18:58] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M> npc nurse 2> ::sets up the respiratory surgical tray, and makes ready any necessary breathing apparatus::
[18:59] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> Dr. Green> M> The alveoli, the valves were the blood gasses are exchanged. They're damaged, and require more regeneration and ...::hears the report:: What?!
[18:59] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> He's just not breathing.
05[18:59] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M> nurse 2:: looks up arching a brow ::
[18:59] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ Commander McDougal, come in please?
04[18:59] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:00] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> +Taps+ McDougal here
04[19:00] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:00] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::The alarm wasn't sounding any longer, although sats still showed the patient was at 65%::
[19:00] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> +taps+ Could you come to sickbay immediately, we have a situation.
04[19:00] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:01] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::She dropped her PADD in thec chair::+taps+ On my way
04[19:01] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:01] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> She hurried to the transporter and called for it, stepping in and calling for sickbay.
[19:02] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::slowly, she was turning the oxygen down, and his sats stayed at 65%::
[19:04] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::Stepping off the TURBOLIFT! she ran down the hallway into Sickbay:: What's up?
05[19:04] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M> npc nurses:: kept the equipment near by, just incase, ::nurse 2> searches the readings for a clue...
[19:04] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She did a scan of his lungs:: He's not breathing. But he's not needing to breathe.
05[19:05] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M> OBrien>is it an illusion?
[19:06] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> ::She did what any logical being would do, she checked the machine::
[19:06] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> M> ::She frowned:: His red blood cells have enough oxygen??
[19:06] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> For the time being.
[19:06] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> He's not processing oxygen.
[19:07] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> M> ::She checked his fingertips to see if they were turning blue::
[19:07] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> M> ::no he wasn't. Infact his stats continued to drop until he was borderline cardiac arrest::
[19:07] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> Dr. Green> M> ::Steps back, degloves, obviously not needed::
[19:07] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> M> Have either of you seen anything like this before?
[19:08] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> No, but then again, my specialty is not pulmonary.
[19:08] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> His fingertips are blue..
[19:09] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> M> No, Ma'am.
[19:09] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> Do you think that.. alien could have injected something into him?
[19:09] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> M> It's possible. Ensign, draw blood, let's see what's in his system
[19:10] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> M> Aye, Ma'am. ::preps to do so::
05[19:10] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> M> another way to find out. ::moves from where she is grateful to sometihng to do, anything to keep her mind off what was happening to Moore::
[19:11] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !end
19:11] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

04[19:11] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:11] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::attn::
[19:11] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> +taps+ Alright. Anything else you find out, please let me know. ::He looked back to Tactical.:: Are there any ships in the area?
04[19:11] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:12] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> (whoops)
[19:12] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !attn
[19:12] <&ShipLCARS> =/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
[19:12] <@AMO-Ens_Kosuke> ::Attn::
[19:12] <@CSec-Lt_Draven> ::attn::
[19:12] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> ::attn::
[19:12] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> ::Attn::
05[19:12] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> ::attn::
[19:13] <@Ichabod> ::attn::
[19:14] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you all again for showing up tonight. Commander Moore will send out a log this week that NEEDS to be posted by next SIM, for everyone in Sickbay...which is everyone but myself Ich and Draven
[19:15] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> And what about the fact that Iwill be gone from Tues to Sun and prolly won't be able to get on?
[19:15] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::attn::
[19:15] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> I will be back next Sun am, and will try to post before the sim, is that ok?
[19:16] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Do what you can. There are others in sickbay to hellp Mr. Moore.
[19:16] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> I can't promise I will be able to log,
[19:16] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> Deb will NPC me.
[19:16] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> I am in the process of moving and losing internet because of it.
[19:17] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> Stormy*
[19:17] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
[19:18] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> *raises*
[19:18] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> Oops. ::raises::
[19:18] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes?
[19:19] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> If those involved would like, specially since Williamson wil lbe gone tues on, we could just go ahead and log it now.
[19:20] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> Do it in IRC so it will be quick and done and its taken care of.
[19:21] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Are you guys good with that?
[19:21] <@XO-Cmdr_McDougal> I will do what I can right now.
[19:21] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
05[19:21] <@CSci-Lt_OBrien> Yeppers.
[19:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> If there is nothing more...
[19:22] <&CO-Capt_Chardan> !dis
[19:22] <&ShipLCARS> Crew Dismissed!!
04[19:22] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
03[19:22] * @AMO-Ens_Kosuke ( has left #USS-Cortana
[19:22] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> Actually..all of you needed have AIM or AOL don't you?
[19:22] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> IT would be much easier for me to log and edit if we did it there.
[19:22] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> We had to remove AIM
[19:22] <@CMO-Lt_Williamson> It was messing with my computer.
[19:23] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> damn.
03[19:23] * CO-Capt_Chardan is now known as Sven
[19:23] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> #Cortanalog
03[19:23] * CSec-Lt_Draven is now known as Wench
03[19:23] * CSci-Lt_OBrien is now known as Stormy
03[19:24] * CEO-Cmdr_Moore is now known as Angelus
[19:24] <~Angelus> Dun worry about nicks those wil lbe edited out.
05[19:24] <@Stormy> Welp... So when we doing this scene?
[19:24] <~Angelus> now
03[19:24] * CMO-Lt_Williamson is now known as SamanthaFaye
05[19:25] <@Stormy> I missed that.
05[19:27] <@Stormy> Hey Guys...where are we playing?????
[19:27] <~Angelus> if you get in the room maybe
[19:27] <~Angelus> calm down
[19:28] <~Angelus> =P
05[19:29] <@Stormy> I am calm.
02[19:31] * &Sven ( Quit (Quit: )
[19:34] <~Angelus> spleen
02[19:35] * @SamanthaFaye ( Quit (Quit: )
03[19:35] * XO-Cmdr_McDougal is now known as tammi
[19:35] <@tammi> I can try to be here tomorrow night but no promises.
05[19:37] <@Stormy> i'll do my best. 9ish EST?
[19:37] <~Angelus> That should work.
[19:37] <@tammi> Okies
[19:40] <~Angelus> (=^_^=)
02[19:40] * @tammi ( Quit (Quit: "I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I am allllllll out of bubble gum" Roddy Roddy Piper)
03[19:44] * @Wench ( has left #USS-Cortana
Session Close: Sun Jul 19 19:55:55 2009



--------End of Transmission -------------

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