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= / \ = USS CORTANA IRC LOG 240909.06= / \ =

SIM LOG 240909.06
=/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
I think Moore is afk. Good evening everyone. Welcome
to the SIM tonight.
Do we have any nonplot questions tonight?
Alrighty, if there are none we will get on with the
* ShipLCARS sets mode: +m
12=/= Title: USS-Cortana | NCC-60616 =/=
12=/= Title: Stardate: 240909.06 =/=
12=/= Title: A New Begining =/=
12Tonight we pick up about ten hours after the previous SIM.
The Captain has called for a Senior Officers Meeting (Which includes
everyone even if you are an Assistant position). All departments
should be ready and able to report on their recent efforts in handling
the situation.
12You can either start by entering the Briefing Room (BR>) or
by alreadying being in there. Type RAWR when finished reading my very,
very short briefing.
12=/= Title: I like cheese. That will be all. =/=
12=/= End of briefing =/=
* ShipLCARS sets mode: -m
If there are no questions the SIM will end at 9:10 CST
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
M> ::Finishes compiling her notes and heds to the
briefing, as instructed::
BR> ::Lishan was already in the briefing room,
skimming over her own notes and reports::
BR> ::He made his way into the briefing room and
nodded to Lishan:: Lieutenant, evening. ::He said making his way into
the head of the table::
aCOps-Ltjg_Marlo> ::stands from his spot on the bridge
and moves into the breifing room, sitting down::
TL> ::Steps in and calls for briefing room::
BR>::is waiting in the briefing room for the
meeting to start::
BR> ::takes a deep breath, steps in, and quietly takes
a seat in the back::
*>::he was looking over his padd as he walked. Making
his way to the Ready Room for the meeting::
* Talari has joined #USS-Cortana
* ShipLCARS sets mode: +o Talari
BR> ::He would look around:: It looks like we are
missing medical.
BR> ::Stepping on in he moved and took a seat before
looking to the others::
* Tammi has joined #USS-Cortana
BR>::takes a peek to the back:: medicals here,
* ShipLCARS sets mode: +o Tammi
* Tammi is now known as XO-Cmdr_McDougal
BR> ::sits up, leans forward, looks around for the CMO::
BR> ::He lifted in his seat. He was expecting to see
the CMO:: Ohh, Didn't see you Ensign. I think we will get started.
BR> ::nods, lowers her head, shyly::
First I want updates from all departments on their
current progress with either finding Moore, or cureing our afflicted
officers. We will start with Medical.
BR> ::Adian slipped into the briefing room and into
her seat quietly. Putting her PADD on the table she would turn to
listen to the medical department
BR> ::eyeshifts, in the CMO's absence, the job of
giving medical's report had fallen to her, and was daunted by the
responsibility:: Sir, Medical is...well, we are doing the best we can
BR> Those contaminated by the virus number four, sir,
and another five who were also attacked have so far shown no signs of
contamination. Those that do are being held in the brig temporarily
until the biohazard forcefield in sickbay may be rebuilt.
BR> ::He sat forward a moment:: I see. Has there been
an engineering team assigned to make those repairs? ::He looked to
BR> ::Looking up from the PADD: Aye, Sir. They're
doing all they can.
RR> ::he glanced around, jotting a few notes on his
padd every so often::
BR> ::He nodded:: Excellent. Make it a priority. ::He
looked back to the AMO:: Ensign, do we have a timetable at all as to
when we will have a breakthrough with treating the afflicted.
BR> We are working on the problem sir, and are very
aware that time is of the essence. My services have been required in
main sickbay, but I am assured that when the data is analyzed...probabl
y in another few hours, we will be able to tell you more.
* Talari is now known as CMO-Lt_Williamson
BR> ::A nod:: I want only minimal staff in the sickbay
doing daily issues. Utilize the EMH if you must. But I want all senior
Medical members working on the problem.
* Stormy has joined #USS-Cortana
BR> Moving on. Are the transporters functional? ::He
asked, and felt silly for doing so, but when your Chief Engineer goes
rogue, who knows what he tinkered with.::
* Stormy is now known as CSci-Lt_OBrien
BR> Well... we where able to transport you and the team
back Sir. Save for testing it a few more times one can only hope it
* CO-Capt_Chardan sets mode: +o CSci-Lt_OBrien
BR> I want a full diagnostic of the entire system.
::He looked to Bjornson:: Do you have the information from what we
TR> ::a flash of light, a whisp of smoke floats upwards
over her dark red hair followed with a whole lot of grumble cuzzing
comes from behind the console. :: Don't connect the green wire with
the red... like the book says... ::giving the manuel a dirty look::
BR>Well, When we were on the planet we gathered
some information in the administration building.... An earth-based
company called Devion Interstellar was funding this colony to do
research on a new power source, but the material used was never really
identified, only labelled "test", perhaps there was a bad reaction
which caused the mutations, maybe we should follow up, and try to
locate a Marcus Devion, perh
perhaps he has more information on what we're
dealing with.
BR> ::We will, but once we recover Moore. He looked to
the Operations Officer.:: Do we have an update on weither or not, we
can continually use our deflector to give us ample time to perform a
full lifesign scan of the planet? The interference has limited us in
the past.
Moore. ::He looked*
aCOps-Ltjg_Marlo> BR> It will be tricky and sketchy so
far unless someone can come up wit ha way to boost things. The
Deflector itself is working fine.
TR>::notices it's awfully quiet in the transporter
room. stands up and looks around kicks the console. It was childish
but she felt better. :: she pulled the goggles off and flopped them on
the bare part of the console::
BR> ::As Viktor looked around a little he frowned
suddenly and rememebered he'd left Stormy in the transporter room.
Taking a minute to step back and out of the way:: +taps+ Viktor to
Stormy, you might want to get to the ready room for the meeting. ::He
said softly before moving back over to his place.
BR> Is it possible?
+taps+ I just noticed everyone was gone...on my way.
aCOps-Ltjg_Marlo> BR> I suppose it might be, if
Lieutenant Lishan can rig something to get more gain out of it.
BR> Then I want a plan within the hour. And something
we can implement soon thereafter. ::He knew he was asking alot. But
the more time Moore had the further along he would be.:: Any questions?
BR>::moments later the Chief Science officer walked in,
padd in hand and with black smoke rings around her eyes where the
goggles had been, she looks a little 'testy'as she nods to the Capt
and the XO while finding a chair::
BR> If there are no questions, you are dismissed.
Lieuteantn O'Brien please stay after for a few moments.
Q> ::she was busy with Kissly in her quarters and
would explain to the CO later::
BR> ::Quickly and quietly retreats to sickbay with much
work to do::
BR>::stands and exits the ready room::
BR> ::Nodding, he stood and headed off to get back to
BR> ::Adian nodded to O'Brien when she came in.::
aCOps-Ltjg_Marlo> BR> ::he stood and gave Lishan a
little nod saying he'd wait for her to start working on that and call
up to him o n the bridge when she'd made adjustments and him to test
BR> ::She got up from her chair, tossed her PADD on
the table nodded to Marlo and headed back to engineering to do
whatever was needed to do there::
BR> ::He watched as everyone filed out and looked to
O'Brien:: Your autopsy report...were you able to determine what race
the infected person was?
As I stated in the Autopsy report I sent to you sir,
the Alien was not alien at all.. He was half Terran and Ktarrian, Sir.
(human and K'Tarrian). The infection or virus forces
the body into a metamorphesis.
BR> ::He nodded:: Work with medical. We need a cure.
Perhaps these are members of the federation colony on
the planet.
Yes, sir.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
=/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
Captain your Crew is at attention.
Thank you, Commander.
Good Sim everyone. Any questions?
Are we going to get enough information to start finding
a cure? or at least on the right trail.
Include me on the next science or MEdical log. and
i'll point you.
Okkie dokie.
Anything else?
If there is nothing else. See you all next week.
Crew Dismissed!!



--------End of Transmission -------------

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