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= / \ = USS CORTANA IRC LOG 240909.20= / \ =

SIM LOG 240909.20
* CO-Capt_Chardan sets mode: +o AEO-LtJg_Lishan
Captain, most of your crew is at attention
Thank you, Commander. Hopefully the others will catch
I want to welcome everyone to the SIM this evening. I
have a few non-plot announcements to back.
First off, This evening/early this week. Everyone who
has submitted an application will be called upon to meet and speak
with me, about their application and some follow up questions. I
should have a decision shortly thereafter.
Secondly, I have in the essentials made up my mind
concerning the 2XO position. So for the moment we will call it closed
and I will announce it next week as well.
* ShipLCARS has joined #USS-Cortana
* ChanServ sets mode: +o ShipLCARS
And lastly, I am pleased to announce our CSec will
also be taking upon herself the role of CTac, in addition to her other
Or rather his...
* CMO-Lt_Williamson has joined #USS-Cortana
* ShipLCARS sets mode: +o CMO-Lt_Williamson
12Computer recognizes CMO-Lt_Williamson. Authorization codes
12CMO-Lt_Williamson = Lieutenant Talari Williamson, Chief
Medical officer.
Alrighty. Any questions about any of that?
* CSec-LT_Draven is now known as CTac|CSec-Lt_Draven
Okay, briefing.
=/= USS-Cortana | NCC-60616 =/=
=/= Stardate - 240909.20 =/=
Briefing: This week, we join the crew about 8 hours
after the previous SIM. Elements from the Flotilla the Cortana is a
member of have arrived planetside, delivering not only the needed
medical equipment to treat more, but providing a larger presence in
the system so that the recovery effort can continue planetside.
There is currently no alert sounded, Bridge Officers
Science are to be on duty on the bridge working with the flotilla on
ways to permanetly dispose of the planetary radiation. Medical will be
in charge of treating Moore, everyone else may start on duty or off.
Any questions?
If there is nothing, the SIM will end at 9:15 CST.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
M> ::Makes a final check to make certain all necessary
equipment to treat Moore has been sent to the correct location::
M> ::suiting up and she pulls the EMH to assist
with the treatment of the prisoner::
B> ::Viktor headed to the lockdown area with Lt
Penzak. Releaving the other two officers that had been keeping watch
on Moore.::
::Nathanial stood on the bridge, the Flotilla CO on
the viewscreen and Nathanial had sent him all of the results of their
previous attempts to at least clear the radiation temporarily::
::is at his station on the bridge, reviewing some
planetary readings::
*>::back in the science lab, studying the readings
she'd gotten earlier from Moore::
E> ::Lishan was in Engineering tweeking the systems
here and there where they needed them, or doing anything else that
needed to be done::
S (not B)> ::Taking a few moments to get a report
from one of his men. He nodded and looked over to Moore a bit::
S> ::he hissed at Draven a bit. Still sitting on the
floor though::
::Once the briefing to the CO was done, the man
disappeared from the viewscreen. He looked back to Bjornson.::
Commander, I need you to head to the science lab. I will contact
Lishan O'Brien as well, but we need to do abot of terraforming, on a
large scale. Obviously we cannot fix the planet until the people are
healed. But Starfleet wants no time wasted.
M> ::Tested the oxygen and then called to Kosuke::
Ensign, are you going with me
::He withheld his comment on why they wanted no time
wasted...big mistakes usually require big cover-ups::
Aye sir. ::turns and enters the turbolift::
S> :: Viktor walked along the outside of the area
some as he studied Moore a bit more:: Man... you have issue's. ::He
couldn't help but to say with a slight smirk::
S> Shut up!
TL>::calls for deck 6::
ACTION: The Turbo lift speeds off with
COps-LtCmdr_Bjornson inside towards deck 6.
+taps+ Bridge to Lishan and O'Brien. I need you two to
meet with Commander Bjornson in the science lab, we need all three of
your minds to tackle the problem of re-terraforming the planet itself.
I'm not looking for a mircle...just an begining.
ACTION: The Turbo lift comes to it's destination and
the door open.
XO's Office> :: Adian looked around her office and
then to the PADD in front of her. Applying her thumbprint she rose
and took it with her to head to the bridge.::
M> ::Nods:: Hai, Ma'am. ::zips up the suit and grabs
helmet, following.::
TL>::exits the turbolift and walks down the
corridor towards the lab::
S> ::He chuckled and then moved to lean against
the wall some. Figuring someone else would be back down to mess some
more with Moore::
+Taps+ message recieved, Sir. We will do our best.
::she had the tubes, etc needed to find out exactly
what they would need to do to start treating the
*>::Enters the science lab:: lieutenant, how are
things going?
*> Cortie: on screen, please.
S> ::he clawed at the force field quickly::
::stormy turned to him:: Not quite as well as I hoped.
We're dealing with a gamma radiation that's joined up with an unknown
TL> ::as the lift arrived, she waited for Kosuke to
join her and then headed to treat their patient::
E> +Taps+ On my way, Sir.
*> Has the anesthezine been added to the atmosphere
inside Moore's enclosure, ma'am? ::Looks worried, not wanting to end
up a patient a second time for the same injury::
S> ::Seeing Moore, he aimed his phaser towards
him:: Now now.. site and be a good patient
<<*geodesic radiation.>>
*>::nodded:: and what information do we have
about that test material?
TL> I ordered it. Has it been added? I'll double
check when we get there.
S> ::his tongue flicked out a bit and he hissed::
*> ::She calls for the Tubolift to take her to the
science lab::
*> ::nods, continues to follow orders.:: Thank you,
*> Not enough information, Cmdr, We keep running into
the perverbial brick wall.
::Stepping up on the bridge she looked around and
moved towards the Captain.:: Any Word Sir?
::as they arrived, she stepped off the lift and
turned to Kosuke.:: I was here the other day with Stormy and he was
pretty bad. The mutations have continued and he's pretty banged up
from trying to get out. Are you sure you want to help?
*> ::arriving at the Science Lab, she nodded to each
of them and stepped off to the side to listen to what the ideas were
so far::
*>::just then her assitant walked over to join them::
We found something ma'am. it's aparently a new source of energy... but
again, ma'am the particular type of particles responsible for this new
energy is not introducing itself.
*> ::nods:: I am a doctor, Ma'am.
You are also someone who was attacked by him. It's
natural to have some trepidition.
::He looked to McDougal:: We've beeen given the task
to make a start on terraforming, until Starfleet can sanction it to a
private union. And Moore's treatment should have started...I'm waiting
on an update.
*>Assistant >it's very unstable.
*> And yet another brick wall... i like challenges.
::the newest results appeared on the viewscreen:::ideas?
She took a deep breath.:: Sir if you have a few
moments, I would like to speak to you privately in your office.
S> ::just because he took another swipe and then looked
like he was slowly getting drunk. Wavering back and for before he
layed down::
Sec> ::She walked in, setting her various
implements down, as she picked up a padd::
S> ::squeezes the helmet, waiting 'til the last
possible moment to put it on while waiting for orders::
Sec> ::verified the chemical/drug had been added,
then walked closer to the forcefield, visually assessing Moore:: He
appears to have been sedated Kosuke.
S> ::H e watched Moore closely before giving a
glance to Williamson:: Ma'am. ""He said with a nod of his head to
S> ::nods:: Hai, Ma'am.
Sec> Has he been giving you any problems?
::He looked to his XO and nodded:: Alright. ::He
nodded to the senior officer on the bridge and moved to his Ready
S> ::his talons clawed into the carpet a bit then they
eased up as he was finally out. Though someone might want to check
his fingers, they were in terrible shape::
::she looked closer at the chain of particles. :: the
material resembles dilithium. hmm...
S> ::looks up at the much taller CSec, and around the
room, as she'd never been here before::
S> no more then the usual that find themselves
locked up.
S> ::glances to Moore's nails::
::She followed him into the ready room and held that
PADD tightly in her hand. She had thought long and hard about this,
but it was still not easy on her.::
Sec> ::She sent in the EMH to give Moore a more
thorough evaluation:: ((no pun intended))
*>:: her assistant left them to ponder the new
information. Stormy glanced over to Lishan and then Bjornson. :: your
Sec> EMH ::took vitals, and blood, then transmitted
this information to the medical personnel via a padd he had. Using
his tricorder, he took readings of Moore from head to toe and
everywhere in between. His fingers could be repaired, as could the
minor scrapes he had received.::
*> None right now, Ma'am. If I may though?
::motioning to the data readouts that she couldn't quite see from
where she was::
::she turned the screen to both Lishan and Bjornson
could see it better.::
RR> ::He moved to his desk and took a seat.:: What can
I do for you?
Sec> ::She took the blood samples and looked to
Kosuke:: Are you ready to go in? This is your information, you are
more qualified then I to treat him.
RR> Sir, Captain, I have thought about this long and
hard. ::She passed the PADD to him with her resignation:: I am going
to resign as your executive officer.
Sec> EMH:: Used the dermal regenerator to heal, or
start healing the various areas, paying special attention to his
S> ::Zzzzzz::
S> ::Hearing go in, he frowned a little though
gave a nod to his partner who stepped towards the console. Flipping
his phaser on he looked to the Dr's.:: You won't go in alone.
RR> ::He sat for a moment in abit of shock. He would
reach and take the padd from her.:: Why...what brought this on?
S> ::nods:: Hai, Ma'am. ::Takes the padd, reads the
information, engages the helmet, and observing all the hazard
protocols, enters the chamber::
*>::traces the line of the chemical compound now
showing on the view screen.:: This may be a concentrated form of
dilitium in it'a natural state. ::taps her fingers on the console the
screen rests on::
sec> ::She looked at the security officer:: You'll
need to wear a hazard suit, or risk radiation poisoning.
S> I don't want her in there alone.
Sec> ::she had her own suit, on, but would be
helping from outside the chamber in the assist capacity::
RR> Sir I do not feel that I am qualified enough for
this position. I do not have the experience needed to be the second in
command. When you were on the away mission, I prayed for your safe
return because I was not confident in my ablities to take over if
something happened to you. I have the desire, please do not get me
wrong about that, but not the expereince to put things into action.
Sec> I didn't say for her to go in alone. I said
your officer would need to put on a hazard suit. We have them with
us, it should take him all just a few minutes to get it on.
*> Science was never my strong point.. You will have
to explain what I am looking at.
RR> I knew that when I first made the appointment.
You've only been in the position for a few months...This is not
something that comes easily, or without trials. Are you sure about
S> ::Sets to work, activating the monitors and
S> Alright, give me one. ::He glanced to the
other Dr.:: One moment ma'am ::He said and then moved to start
getting suited up::
Sec> ::She handed the suit and helmet to him,
helping him get in and adjusting it to fit him, testing the o2 level::
Just breathe normally.
S> ::twitches a little But! At least his fingers were
healed up::
S> ::Once suited, he stood a moment and breathed
easily so she could test things::
S> ::looks out through the forcefield:: Beam in the
rest of the equipment? ::flinches at Moore's unexpected movement::
RR> Yes Sir, I have been thinking about it for quiet
awhile Sir. I appreciate your confidence in me , more than you will
ever know. But I think I need to get some more experience before I
can honestly be a good XO, and I don't want to just be a good XO, I
want to be a very good XO.
*>Well I've got an idea of how to rid the
atmosphere of the radiation, as soon as we figure out a way to
disperse it.. It would be up to you to alter it at a molecular level..
Cortie load images of dilithium crystals in molecular
equation format. ::almost instantly the image appeared on the screen::
Currently most vessels in the federation and across the universe, use
Dithium crystals to power their ships... :: she used a stylus to point
out the chain that was dilthium:: this
Sec> It's working. Just move as normally as you
can, this will protect you from any radiation. Don't take it off
while in the chamber.
S> Alright. ::He nodded to penzak who then beamed
him on into the forcefield with the Dr. and Moore::
RR> This is not going to help your career. And I don't
fancy the message I will receive from your father concerning
this...but if you are sure. It will be approved once we reach Deep
Space Nine again.
S> ::his tongue of course constantly flicked out but it
was rhythmic and constant. Though he gave a few whimpers were and
there, as if he were dreaming::
S> ::activates the laser scalpel, and stands over
Moore, making a one inch incision::
RR> I hope that Star Fleet will eventually understand
why I did this, And I will speak to my father before we get to Deep
Space Nine. We have developed a better relasionship since his
retirement. I hope he will understand why also.
RR> So...Commander...what will you do?
I'm not sure excatly yet sir, but I was thinking
maybe Counselor.
S> ::incision made, carefully uses a small sudermal
injector to insert the nanites:: Inserting nanites. ::watches screen
for effective placement::
RR> ::He sighed a moment.:: You would make a fine,
Counsellor. ::He set the padd to the side.:: Is there anything else?
Cortie, please over lay the results that Ensign Ring
found. ::the image they had looked at earlier lay over the dilithium
crystal molecular structure:: see how they ae simular? ::again
tracing the chain of molecules::
RR> No Sir that is all for now. Thank you for
everything Sir.
I think if we unarmed a few torpedos and and
modified them to release a formula at key points in the atmosphere it
may be possible to clean up the whole planet. :: looks to
O'Brien::Have they found a cure for Moore's condition? maybe we could
use that on a larger scale.
Sec> ::She kept her eyes on the monitors outside of
the chamber, and uses the padd to record every little thing they do::
RR> ::He watched her a moment, he would give anything
to be empathic, but he simply nodded:: Dismissed Commander.
Sending torpedos without knowing exactly what we are
dealing with may not have the affect you are hoping for Cmdr.
*>::nodded to OBrien:: yes, it should be much
like dilithium... they were trying to create a new fuel source.. it is
probably just much more compacted... I'm sure they were trying to make
less material pack more of a punch
S> ::watches on the monitor as the nanites do the job
they were programmed for, just like in the successful simulation she'd
run countless times.:: I think it's working.
S> ::He stayed nearby, ready to defend if Moore
decided to wake up. Penzak too kept a close eye on those inside the
forcefield, ready to beam them out instantly if needed::
RR> Thank you Sir. ::Turning she left the Ready room
and walked to her office to pack what little personal items she had in
As for curing Cmdr Moore, I cannot say yet. Lt
Williamson has not reported yet.
*> ::nods:: I could most likely rig up some torpedo's
to do that. We'll need to send out a specialized probe to get a
better idea of the atmosphere as well as soil sample first though.
*>It was just a theory, I'm not saying to fire
off any explosives or anything, but release sort of a counter-acting
substance. I don't see any other way to do this on a planetary scale.
S> ::working until he started convulsing and then
flopped flat and his heart rate went to zero! was until then.
Or was that part of the process?::
Sec> +taps+ ::She contacted both the Capt and
::canted her head, just a little:: that might just
work, Cmdr. However, this substance is extremely unstable...once we
know what it is then we can take action.
S> ::As Moore started flopping around. He held
his phaser at the ready, a hand went to the Dr. ready to pull her
RR> ::He looked as he was tapped:: +taps+ Chardan here
+taps+ We started treatment of Moore. The effects
are varied.
S> Ma'am? Recommend we add .5 more ppm anesthezine to
the atmosphere? He should not move with an incision in his chest.
unless of course, y'all are into fireworks on a very
large scale. ::wry smile, even with the smile she appeared a little
frustrated::: we need answers.
Sec> ::She made the adjustments to the
anesthezine:: Done.
*>Well, there is a man named Marcus Devion, from
earth... he was funding all of this research, It's possible that he
would have some more technical data on the substance
S> ::nods:: Thank you, Ma'am. ::Eyes Moore:: Stay!
RR> ::He smirked:: +taps+ Varied? I'll want a report
when it's done.
Sec> ::The EMH secured restraints on Moore around
his upper arms and lower legs::
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
=/=Attention On Deck!!=/=
::nods:: you might want to try to get that data, Cmdr.
Thank you, Commander. A few quick notes, since we ran
I want any who have applied who can stay for awhile
and talk with me to do so. If not I will catch you during the week.
I need logs to get finished, and any loose ends
wrapped up. I need Moore healed because next week, is the awards SIM
on DS9.
It will happen weither or not the logs are done. So
this will be a busy week all around.
questions or comment?
-chuckles- guess his dress whites wouldn't fit over the
fins n stuff. -smirks-
If there is nothing. I will call those who can stay
back one at a time,
Crew Dismissed!!

Commander Moore
Chief Engineering Officer Reporting.



--------End of Transmission -------------

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