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USS Cortana SIM Report
241002.14 - 241002.20

The SIM Report contains the following:

SIM LOG: 241002.14

OOC From the C0
I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. Next week, we finish up this storyline, then we will hit about two weeks of RnR to meet and greet properly with the new crewmen, and then head into the next batch of the storyline.

I want to announce that I will be opening up the Intelligence Department on the Cortana. So if you know an experienced SIMer who wants to head that Department, please let me know.

Captain Nathanial Chardan


A few rule changes and some that need to be said again.

(These rules take effect 2/21/10)


All in all, we have a great attendance record. I would like to request that if you know for sure, or even have a suspicion that you will not be here, please contact someone. Call them to relay the message, sign onto the Cortana website, send a personal email. Somehow, as soon as you know or think you will miss, let me know. I plan storylines based on who will be here; if you aren't going to be here, I can work around that.
If you miss a SIM, and don't let someone know beforehand, or a member of the command crew within 24 hours afterwords, you will receive an unexcused. Three unexcused in six months, and disciplinary action will be taken.

First time: A verbal warning

Second time: A second verbal warning

Third time: An In Character Demotion.

Fourth (and last time): Being removed from the sim

When you request to be excused, just a short explanation is all that is needed. ie: I will not be at the sim on Sunday, I have something to do with my family. ie: I have to work. ie: I am sick.
To be counted as attending the sim, you must attend at least 30 mins. This is 50%. So if you are late, or have to leave early, try to be there for at least 30 mins.

Last, but not least. We understand that sometimes you have no way of knowing if your cable/internet service will go down and keep you offline. If this is the problem, this counts as an excused absence. You cannot control things such as this.


We are an IRC sim and logging is optional...sort of. If someone sends you a log and you don't wish to participate, please notify them and let them know this. Don't leave them hanging, wondering what is happening. If I tell a particular set or dept to log, I expect a log. If you don't like someone, too bad. Get over it and log. I am not asking you to be their best friend, I am telling you, as the Captain, that in order for a section of storyline to be done, YOU HAVE TO LOG. If you as a group or dept prefer to meet and do it in real time, so be it. Otherwise, you have one week to finish the log.

New Rule: You MUST log with each person in the sim at least once every six months. It can be a simple duty log, an R&R log, or something else. If you make an attempt to log, and you get no answer, contact me and I will either excuse it, or take care of it.


In order to participate in a sim, you MUST take the Basic Course and preferably the course related to your department. Any other courses are at your discretion. If you have a character, or another name on another sim, make sure you let us know when you take a course, and you will get credit for the course. Vice versa, when you take a course thru us, you can let them know and you will get credit.


If you are uncertain of something, ask a member of the command crew. If they don't have an answer immediately, they will find out for you



"No place is boring, if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film."

SIM SUMMARY 241002.14 Written by Lt Cmdr Talari Williamson
Capt Chardan and Lt Cmdr Moore are still infested with the ghost pirates, and are examing the contents of the Ferengi ship, which they have taken over and thrown everyone off of. An Engineering team got Chardan into a secret space, treasures were removed and then fiend that he is, Chardan pirate killed them.

Back on The Cortana, the medical team was treating the wounded, making notes, and dispatching them to their quarters, back to work, or keeping them in sick bay.

Beckerson goes to see the Romulans who are in Security, trying to find out what happened to them, they in turn want to know why "the capt" has taken over their ship. Jessie tries to get information.

Science and the rest of the crew is attempting to find out what happened to Chardan and Moore and where the ship is.

=========================================================== +

ATTENDANCE: SD 241002.14
Position /Rank /Name | Present at SIM? | Excused |

Capt Nathanial Chardan --Present
Cmdr Nicholas Moore--Present
LtCmdr Stormy O'Brien --Present
LtCmdr Talari Williamson-Present
LtCmdr Viktor Draven- Present
LtCmdr Adian McDougal-Absent
Lt Kialee Lishan- Absent,
Lt Jessie Beckerson--Present
LtJG Hoshiko Kosuke-Present
Ens Jora Jin-- Present
Ens Nitka Zar-Present

SIM LOG 241002.14
[18:11] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::attn::
[18:11] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> On the Cortana, rescue effort for the crew are complete. For those who are new to the SIM, you have just been brought up from a three day forced vacation on a planet, you were suddenly transported onto. For those who have been in on the plot since the
[18:11] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> begining, your goal is to lead the crew in finding the Romulan ship and stopping the possed crewmen.
[18:12] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> <<Sorry just got notified that my cousin put up some pictures of me when I was weeeeeeeeeeeeee little on her facebook and was>>
[18:12] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> All those on the Romulan ship please put [AT] after your nick.
03[18:12] * CO-Capt_Chardan is now known as CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]
[18:12] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Questions?
[18:13] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Any at all, especially from the new people?
03[18:13] * CEO-Cmdr_Moore is now known as CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]
03[18:13] * Me`Lonna ( has joined #USS-Cortana
15[18:13] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +o Me`Lonna
03[18:13] * Stormy is now known as XO-LtCmdr_OBrien
[18:13] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Raises::
[18:13] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Yes?
[18:13] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Raises Hand::
[18:13] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> Do we hav an OOC channel?
03[18:14] * Me`Lonna is now known as ASEC-Lt_Beckerson
[18:14] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> #USS-CortanaOOC
[18:14] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> thanks
03[18:14] * Selin ( has joined #USS-Cortana
[18:15] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Anything else?
03[18:15] * Selin is now known as Selin|Obs
[18:15] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> No sir.
[18:16] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Alrighty, if there is nothing else, this SIM will end at 9:15 CST, possibly alittle sooner depending on progression.
[18:16] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> !start
[18:16] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[18:16] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:18] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::On the ROmulan ship, Nathanial stood in the turbolift, waiting for it to open into the docking bay::
[18:19] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Stands next to a sedated patient recently recovered from the planet, making notes in his file::
[18:20] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::Looked around her previously quiet sick bay and sighed. It was going to be a long night. or two or five.::
[18:20] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> *>::walks her way to the turbo lift to security::
[18:20] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::More came back onto the bridge and gave a look and expected a status report without actually saying so::
[18:20] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> *Moore
[18:21] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::Nathanial was humming as he approached the Frengi freight ship. Having just stepped off of the turbolift, he looked the ship ovver, and stepped to the rear hatch, opening it, with a few keystrokes.::
[18:22] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> ::Jora was laying down on a biobed to be checked out after the un-scheduled vacation on the planet::
[18:22] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> TL> ::calls for security::
[18:23] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift speeds off with ASEC-Lt_Beckerson inside towards security.
04[18:23] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:23] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift comes to it's destination and the door open.
04[18:23] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:23] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> S> ::Viktor had taken a few off the bridge to come down and make sure everything was still running smoothly. Getting a report from one of his Lt that had been working on a few things.::
[18:23] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> Ok, staff listen up. Every person needs to be triaged and given oxygen as a precaution. Check every single patient over, o2 sats, for chemical burns, everything. Administer care as needed.
[18:24] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> Randomguy> The team is just now over there, sir.
05[18:24] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> +Taps+ All senior officers report to the bridge.
04[18:24] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:24] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> *>::Jessie walks into security looking to see what she can do for security:: hello commander
[18:24] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> Keep tabs on them. ::sitting down in the over exaggerated Romulan command chair::
[18:25] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> ::Hearing the page Jora slowly swung her legs over and off the side of the biobed. She then grabbed her head as the room began to spin::
[18:25] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::He stepped into the Frengi freighter and began looking around. He picked up a frengi padd, and began looking over the "claimed" manifest.::
[18:25] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> S> ::Hearing the taps he sighed and grabbed a couple padds:: Hello Lt. How are you doing? Walk with me for a few. ::He said as he started the path for the turbo lift::
[18:25] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> +taps+ It will be pretty impossible for me to be there Ma'am, we are kind of swamped down here in medical.
04[18:25] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:26] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> S>::nods:: aye sir
[18:26] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::follows orders, then sees Jin attempt to stand and walks over:: Feeling dizzy much?
05[18:27] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> +Taps+ Hmm. ::looking around the bridge:: do we have walking wounded who can fill the stations?
04[18:27] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[18:27] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> :::walks over to the helm and begins checking the last coordinates::
[18:27] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> Just a little if you could give me something for it that would be awesome. ::Jora said laying back down hoping the spinning would stop:: I need to get to the bridge. ::She added::
[18:27] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> +taps+ I don't know yet. We have just started to triage patients. Right now, I would say not at this moment.
04[18:27] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:28] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Nods, helping her to lie back:: I'm going to give you some oxygen, that should help with the dizziness.
[18:28] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::He tossed the manifest aside. The Frengi were definately not carry relief supply to Gorshi IX. He saw a few boxes, and upon opened them he saw Romulan issue disruptors.:: No wonder they were so suprised to see a Romulan ship.
[18:28] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> Thanks. ::Jora said with a small smile::
[18:28] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> *> so how are you doing? ::Draven asked with a slight glance over to Beckerson as he moved with a quickened pace::
05[18:29] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Alrighty then...::rolls up her sleeves and gets busy:: +Taps+ Cmdr Draven any progress on where our Captain and Chief Engineer transported too?
04[18:29] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:29] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::It just so happened he wanted a status report right then:: +com+ Charden, Report.
04[18:29] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:30] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> *> :nods:: IM doing fine sir, how aere you sir?:jessie asked as she walked with commander Draven::
[18:30] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> +com+ Just fishing through the Frengi freighter we captured. ::He took out his tricorder and began making structural scans of the freighter::
04[18:30] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:31] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Smiles, setting up O2:: You are welcome.
[18:31] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> How long will I have to stay here? ::Jora asked::
[18:31] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::She walked thru the maze of biobeds, making sure each patient had O2 and a padd for the medical staff to make notes on::
[18:31] <@Ops-Ens_Zar> *> ::Looks up hearing the message and frowns slapping a PADD against her waist:: (m) To the bridge ::strolls towards the turbo lift::
05[18:31] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> ::what she was finding did not look good at all:: on screen.
[18:32] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> Until you are better. ::Picks up tricorder and begins to scan Jin for injuries, burns and abnormalities::
[18:32] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> +com+ And your results? Which we already knew they were lying to start with.
04[18:33] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:33] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::looking at a crewman who seemed a bit 'green', then realized that was his nautral skin tone, she signed off on him, his O2 sats were normal and he was feeling relatively fine::
[18:33] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> Alright. ::Jora said taking a few deep breaths::
[18:33] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> *> I'm doing alright, thanks for asking. ::After taking the turbolift and making their way to the bridge he looked over to O'Brian::
[18:33] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> None yet, but am thinking we could try locating their warp trail.
[18:33] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> +Com+ Romulan style small arms. Most likely supplying some planetary rebellion. I'm checking now for hidden or shielded areas. ::He continued scaning::
04[18:33] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:34] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::another patient took his place, she administered O2 while doing a scan of the new patient::
05[18:34] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> +taps+ Thank you, Cmdr. Computer search for tacheyon emissions...
04[18:34] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:34] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> +com+ Understood, continue. ::he glanced to the person at Ops:: Active scan, we don't want to be surprised.
04[18:34] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:34] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> TL> L::rides the lift with Commander Draven and then she will go down after that::
[18:36] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Looks up from the tricorder:: Your O sats are rising. That is a good sign. ::smiles, returns to tricorder::
[18:36] <@Ops-Ens_Zar> TL> ::Enters the lift and calls for the bridge::
05[18:38] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Computer> Tacheyon emmissions at coordinates 161 mark 7.
[18:38] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> +com+ Chardan to Moore. I've found a shielded area behind a panel. I need a small engineering team to get through it.
04[18:38] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:39] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> TL> ::calls for security::
[18:39] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift speeds off with ASEC-Lt_Beckerson inside towards security.
04[18:39] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:39] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift comes to it's destination and the door open.
04[18:39] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:39] <@Ops-Ens_Zar> ::Enters the bridge:: Ensign Zar reporting as ordered. ::Glaces around and makes her way to operations::
[18:39] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> +com+ They will be there momentarily. +taps+ Moore to engineering team three. Stop what you are doing and beam over to Chardan's location now.
04[18:39] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:40] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::He headed over to his place and started working on scanning for more infermation they would need::
[18:40] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::to the patient:: Your O2 saturation is a bit low and you have some small radiation style burns on your hands. I am going to use the dermal regenerator to repair your skin, apply some salve and put you here until your condition improves."
05[18:40] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Ops recheck the coordinates 161 mark 7 for tacheyon emissions...please.
05[18:41] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> And welcome aboard Ens Zar. -gesturing to the Science Com-
[18:42] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> S>::walks into security again and looks over the padds to see what she has to do for security::
[18:43] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::Once the engineering team arrived, he nodded and indicated the panl and handed them his tricorder:: Get it open.
[18:43] <@Ops-Ens_Zar> Thank you- its been rather, eventful. ::Licks lips and slides hands across the Operations console. Brings up the sensors palette:: Rechecking coordinates for any sign of tachyon particle emissions.
[18:43] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> I am finding no other indications of severe injury at this time, Ensign. When your O sats return to normal, I will see about releasing you.
[18:44] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> Thanks ::Jora said giving the doc another smile::
05[18:45] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> +taps+ Lt Beckerson report. ::as she began laying in the coordinates at the helm console::
04[18:45] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:45] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> You are welcome. Try to relax? I must see to other patients.
[18:45] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> S>::leaves and heads for the brig to check on the romulans ::
[18:45] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> Alright ::Jora said closing her eyes and taking deep breaths::
[18:45] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::takes Jin's records to CMO, and waits for an opportune moment to speak:: Ma'am?
[18:46] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::hummed softly as she used the dermal regenerator on her patient, she looked up:: Yes/
[18:46] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ?*
[18:47] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::It took only a few moments for the panel to be removed, and then pulled back. The shielding though around the compartment, made it hard to see what was inside.:: Get the shield down.
[18:47] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> Ma'am, I am sorry to bother you, but Ens, Jin is asking to be released to the bridge. Would you have time to look over his chart?
05[18:47] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Romulan Captain B> none to happy as he sat on a bench speaking with his first officer:: what do you require to get us out of here?
[18:48] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> <<her>>
[18:48] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> ::walks over to the brig:: {{oh by romulans wonderful}}::looks at them sitting in their little cages like walking by each of them::
[18:48] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> Certainly, you can finish this while I do? ::indicating the patient sitting there quietly::
[18:48] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> Of course, Ma'am. ::Steps in::
[18:49] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::She took the padd from her AMO and looked it over quickly::
[18:49] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::Catching sight of something he paused and looked at it a moment longer:: Ma'am ::He said with a fleeting glance to O'brian and then back to the screen::
[18:50] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Smiles to the patient, picks up dermal regenerator and continues the process of mending the skin:: You are going to be fine.
[18:51] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::She looked at her patient:: She's right. Dr Kosuke, you may release your patient as soon as her sats are up
05[18:52] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> romulan captain B>::The Romulan Captain stands up:: Why have you commandeered my vessel? ::he demanded::
[18:52] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Nods understanding, without looking up from her work at a critical point::
[18:52] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::She applied a light covering of salve and gauze, as the patients skin would be tender, and upped her oxygen to 4 liters::
[18:52] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> Brig>::looks over at the romulans:: so does any of you have anything to say to me,::Jessie walks along the different brigs of the Romulans:
[18:53] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::Another few moments and the shield in the compartment was down and Nathanial took the tricorder back from the engineers, who began removing the items for Nathanial to look over. Nathanial saw the tricorder readings and then theobjects themselves, and something changed, in his look, his eyes went wide:: Interesting...
03[18:53] * Kiv ( has joined #USS-Cortana
05[18:54] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Romulan Captain. B>:: Eyed her contemptuously::our ship. where is it? why have you taken it. why are we in your brig. ::his anger barely contained::
[18:55] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> Brig>::looks at the one Romulan:: wel i dont know what happened to your ship i'll ask someone on the bridge and get back to you::Jessie said::
[18:55] <@Ops-Ens_Zar> ::Leans back in her chair as the sensors detail the readings:: Detecting a faint warp trail- also appears to be some residual tachyons present.
05[18:55] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Romulan Captain B> How is it you know nothing about it. Your captain ordered it.
[18:56] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::He looked to the engineering team:: I'll take the items, you two just close up. As they both turned to do so, he pulled his phaser, on stun and shot one in the back, dropping him immediately, and as the other turned and reached for one of the stolen romulan weapons, he fired and dropped him as well.
[18:56] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> :: ::*
[18:56] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> BRig>::Nods:: well there had to be a reason why he did it and im bout to find out:she said::
05[18:57] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> OBrien glanced to Ensign Zar Thank you Ens. Confirm coordinates 161. mark 3.
[18:58] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::He holstered the weapon, and brought his hand to his temple:: Oww...::Blood began a gentle drip from his nose, but stopped only after a few moments::
[18:58] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::as they finished up, she gently smiled at the patient:: it's only overnight, and you should be fine by tomorrow
[18:58] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Smiles quietly, and continues working::
[18:58] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> ::Jora was feeling much better the extra oxygen was doing wonders::
[18:58] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> +taps+security rto bridge, i dont know much bout a mmissing romulan ship , whats going on with that::she said before she tapped off::
04[18:58] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:59] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::his fingers tapped along the chairs arm:: What is taking them so long. Tactical scan the ship and scan the surrounding area.
05[18:59] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> +taps+ Go ahead Lt Beckerson...
04[18:59] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:59] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::She made notes on the padd, then placed it back, letting the nurse know this patient would be staying overnight, so to move her to a more private area for the time::
[19:00] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Is finished, and stands:: There you go. ::Smiles:: Excuse me, I must see to other patients. ::returns to Jin:: How are you feeling?
[19:00] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> ::He stumbled out of the hold of the Frengi freighter, and began making his way slowly to a console, and began tapping on it.::
03[19:00] * Kiv ( has left #USS-Cortana
[19:00] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> Much better. ::Jora said::
[19:00] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> +taps+ Bridge theres a romulan asking questions bout a missing ship would you like to fill me in on this: she as she was by the brig near the hallway::
04[19:00] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:02] <@Ops-Ens_Zar> ::taps the console:: Coordinates confirmed
[19:02] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::the nurses had triaged the rest of the patiets, sorting them by order of severity, Talari went to another biobed.::
[19:02] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> I am glad. ::Checks O sats, which have returned to normal.:: Much better. Are you feeling up to returning to the bridge?
[19:02] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: Nathanial was no engineer. He could not cover his tracks well and the pain was incredible. The Romulan Bridge would know he was trying to access the Engineering controls from the cargo bay.
04[19:02] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[19:04] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> +taps+ That explains the warp signature.... ::laying in the course as she spoke:: then to Cmdr Draven:: you have the bridge. We are searching for a Romulan vessel... ::to Security:: on my way.
04[19:04] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:04] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> This is taking entirely to long...+com+ Moore to Charden situation report.
04[19:04] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:05] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> Brig>::waits for an answer from the bridge, since Jessie is lost on this one:
[19:06] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> +taps+ Williamson to bridge.
04[19:06] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:06] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Yes Ma'am. ::tapped in a few more codes into the console before glancing over the bridge::
[19:07] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> +com+ ::His voice sounded pained:: Everything is going smoothly, just some...illegal gems...::Then his voice much clearer:: He lies!! The host is fighting, he is trying to vent the warp systems. ::Again in pain:: Get out! ::Nathanial kept working, overriding the Romulan protocols one by one::
04[19:07] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:07] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> +taps+ Draven here, what can I do for you? ::He said in responce back to Williamson::
04[19:07] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:07] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> Yes I am. ::JOra said sitting up slowly::
[19:08] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> +taps+ I am sending a few crew back up there to help fill gaps. we still have a few down here that will be staying overnight, and we are still assessing more.
04[19:08] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:08] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Removes the O2:: You are free to go, but please return if you experience any dizziness, disorientation, headaches, or nausea.
[19:09] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> M> I will and again thank you. ::Jora said sliding off the biobed and walking out of sickbay::
[19:09] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> You are welcome. ::Makes notes in his chart, and moves on to the next patient::
[19:09] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> Brig>::Jessie stood by in the brig looking over to the romulans::{{I bet none of them knopw im part betazoid i can still know if they were lying or wanting to know more answers}}
[19:09] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> *> +taps+ Ens Jin to the Bridge I'm on my way sir. :Jora said stepping into the turbolift::
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[19:10] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> ::steps into the turbo lift:::
[19:10] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> TL> ::Calls for Bridge::
[19:10] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift speeds off with CHelm-Ens_Jin inside towards Bridge.
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:10] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> +taps+ thanks, we need all our crew back we can get. ::He said before moving to
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:10] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift comes to it's destination and the door open.
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[19:10] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> TL> ::calls for Security::
[19:10] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift speeds off with XO-LtCmdr_OBrien inside towards Security.
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:10] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift comes to it's destination and the door open.
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:10] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Stepping off of the turbolift Jora walked straight for the Helm::
[19:13] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::She was pacing herself and went to sit down and rest for a few minutes::
05[19:13] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> :: walked quickly towards the brig apprizing the Ambassador of the situation via com badge::
[19:13] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::Spotting the Chief Helm he nooded:: Good to have you back with us. ::He offered to Jin::
05[19:14] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> ::then looked for Lt Beckman::
[19:14] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> +taps+ Someone get your ass down there and...Oh never mind I will do it. ::he got up quickly and hit the turbolift calling for the shuttle bay::
04[19:14] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:14] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> Thanks. ::Jora said taking a seat and looking over the coordinates and everything that was done while she was in sickbay::
[19:14] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Moves on to the next patient::
[19:15] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> Patient> ::groans::
[19:15] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: It would be too late. The Romulan ship, decloaked, and vented their warp systems, making the light up on the Cortana's sensors like the forth of july.
04[19:15] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:15] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> !end
[19:15] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[19:15] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[19:15] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Release Commander Re'Lesha and his first officer
05[19:15] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> !Attn
[19:16] <&ShipLCARS> =/\=Attention On Deck!!=/\=
[19:16] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::Attention::
03[19:16] * Selin|Obs ( has left #USS-Cortana
[19:16] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Attn::
[19:16] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::attn::
[19:16] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore[AT]> ::attn::
[19:16] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> ::attn::
[19:16] <@Ops-Ens_Zar> ::attn::
[19:16] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::attb::
[19:16] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::attn::
05[19:16] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> Your crew is at attention, Sir
[19:17] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Thank you, Commander
[19:17] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. TNext week, we finish up this storyline, then we will hit about two weeks of RnR to meet and greet properly with the new crewmen, and then head into the next batch of the storyline.
[19:18] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> I want to announce that I will be opening up the Intelligence Department on the Cortana. So if you know an experienced SIMer who wants to head that Department, please let me know.
[19:18] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Any questions or Comments?
[19:19] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> ::Raises::
[19:19] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Yes?
[19:19] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> i was wondering with the sms i get the logs but when i get a JL starter i dont see it in my e-mail
[19:20] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> I read the OOC ones now I'm hoping I didn't miss one
05[19:20] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> I'll get on that, Sir...and see if we can get it fixed.
[19:20] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> hrm...I do not know. I will look it over. Check your own options and see if something is unchecked that should be checked.
[19:20] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> hey whats the website address?
[19:20] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Anything further?
[19:21] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]>
[19:21] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Anything else?
[19:21] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> is that for the cortana sms website
[19:21] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> Yes
[19:21] <@ASEC-Lt_Beckerson> ok
05[19:21] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> in the mean time on the Database page - on the main ucip page, check and see if you are on the cortana list there...
05[19:22] <@XO-LtCmdr_OBrien> (oops that was supposed to be pm._)
[19:22] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> If there is nothing else, I will see everyone next week.
[19:22] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[AT]> !dis
[19:22] <&ShipLCARS> Crew Dismissed!!

Captain Nathanial Chardan
Commanding Officer

Cmdr Stormy O'Brien
Executive Officer /CSCI


Cmdr Talari Williamson
Second Officer/CMO

--------End of Transmission -------------

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