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USS Cortana SIM Report for the weekending 241002.27

The SIM LOG contains the following:

OOC From the Command Team
NEWS: Rule Changes
PLOT SUMMARY of the SIM and Logs posted
EXTRA THIS WEEK: Brining everyone current in the Story Line

Greetings all! Thanks for a great SIM this week.

Welcome to our new members! Welcome aboard the Cortana. Ens Jora Jin, Ens Nitka Zar and Ens. Jessie Beckerson.

You'll find lots of information about the ship and crew on the website There are classes to be taken at the UCIP Academy that are informative and helpful as well. Find the Academy pages here:

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask one of the Command Team, either on the IRC Capt. Chardan can be found hanging out as "Sven" or and Lt Cmdr O'Brien 's nick is "Stormy". Lt Cmdr Williamson isn't on as much as she'd like. But you can contact by email here.

In the News: this week is the new and modified rules that went into effect on February 21, 2010.

This week should be the last episode of Something's Wrong in the Kitchen. There will be two weeks of R&R to get to know the new crew and develop some subplots.

IDEAS for SIM plots, Short sub plots are needed and welcome. We appreciate your input. You can send them to

See you tonight!

Lt Cmdr Stormy O'Brien
A few rule changes and some that need to be said again.
Posted by Captain Nathanial Chardan on Sunday, February 14th, 2010 @ 06:58pm
Category: General News
(These rules take effect 2/21/10)


All in all, we have a great attendance record. I would like to request that if you know for sure, or even have a suspicion that you will not be here, please contact someone. Call them to relay the message, sign onto the Cortana website, send a personal email. Somehow, as soon as you know or think you will miss, let me know. I plan storylines based on who will be here; if you aren't going to be here, I can work around that.
If you miss a SIM, and don't let someone know beforehand, or a member of the command crew within 24 hours afterwords, you will receive an unexcused. Three unexcused in six months, and disciplinary action will be taken.

First time: A verbal warning

Second time: A second verbal warning

Third time: An In Character Demotion.

Fourth (and last time): Being removed from the sim

When you request to be excused, just a short explanation is all that is needed. ie: I will not be at the sim on Sunday, I have something to do with my family. ie: I have to work. ie: I am sick.
To be counted as attending the sim, you must attend at least 30 mins. This is 50%. So if you are late, or have to leave early, try to be there for at least 30 mins.

Last, but not least. We understand that sometimes you have no way of knowing if your cable/internet service will go down and keep you offline. If this is the problem, this counts as an excused absence. You cannot control things such as this.


We are an IRC sim and logging is optional...sort of. If someone sends you a log and you don't wish to participate, please notify them and let them know this. Don't leave them hanging, wondering what is happening. If I tell a particular set or dept to log, I expect a log. If you don't like someone, too bad. Get over it and log. I am not asking you to be their best friend, I am telling you, as the Captain, that in order for a section of storyline to be done, YOU HAVE TO LOG. If you as a group or dept prefer to meet and do it in real time, so be it. Otherwise, you have one week to finish the log.

New Rule: You MUST log with each person in the sim at least once every six months. It can be a simple duty log, an R&R log, or something else. If you make an attempt to log, and you get no answer, contact me and I will either excuse it, or take care of it.


In order to participate in a sim, you MUST take the Basic Course and preferably the course related to your department. Any other courses are at your discretion. If you have a character, or another name on another sim, make sure you let us know when you take a course, and you will get credit for the course. Vice versa, when you take a course thru us, you can let them know and you will get credit.


If you are uncertain of something, ask a member of the command crew. If they don't have an answer immediately, they will find out for you.

Capt Chardan (as the evil ghost pirate): "Violence lacks a touch of creativity."

The Cortana is trying to catch up with the Romulan ship that has the ghost pirates. (Our Captain, CEO, AEO, and others. See below. )

SICK BAY: Medical personnel were attending to the less seriously injured, and waiting for test results. Jora was the most urgent at the time and Kosuke was seeing to her, making sure she was fine. Talari was attacking a pile of PADDs, updating medical records.

SECURITY: O'Brien went to see the Romulan Capt down in the brig. She discusses the fact that the Capt took over their ship and why. The Romulan Capt believes it was planned and nothing O'Brien says will change his mind. Beckerson expresses her concerns about the Romulan to O'Brien. The Romulan Capt is released and Beckerson accompanies them on a walk from the Brig.

BRIDGE: Lt.Cmdr Draven and Ens Jones (NPC) found the warp trail of the Romulan ship and started to trail it. It was faint, the ship was cloaked, but it was a start.

SIM LOG 241002.21
(File attached.)

When the Cortana departed from DS9 on a routine mission to take cargo containers full of supplies to a new colony outpost and escort Ambassador Green and her entourage to meet up with the Romulan delegation to help for negotiations between the Klingon and Romulan Empires.

Just after the Cortana left dock at DS9 when a crewman in Cargo Bay 4 heard odd noises and came to find Chief Bjornson went to check it out. Spirit beings were hitchhiking in the containers… and one by one they took over 333 members of the Cortana Crew…including Captain Chardan, Cmdr Moore, Lt Lishan, and Cmdr Bjornson. The ghost pirates gained the knowledge their host bodies had, and shut down life support to incapacitate the crew and civilians on board they couldn't take over. While the 'pirates' celebrated having bodies and all the sensations that go with them…they plotted their next move.

Crew started passing out from lack of oxygen all over the ship including sick bay where the quick thinking Dr Kosuke grabbed a re-breather, and then gave one to Dr. Williamson…Dr. Williamson took care of the patients, getting masks to them. And Dr. Kosuke located O'Brien and Ambassador Green in the turbo lift she brought them masks. Stormy tried to override the commands given to Cortie to turn life support on to no avail. Back to sick bay they went. Time to move the patients and themselves to where whomever was in charge of the ship would not see them…they got rid of com badges and Stormy ordered the computer to delete their life signs.

While the medical staff and patients moved through the Jeffries tubes towards the Gym where they could set up another temporary sick bay, the Pirates continued their take over of the ship, beamed the rest of the crew to a near by Class K(?) planet. The Romulans arrived to escort the Ambassador to the Meeting and the Pirates took over their ship and put them in the Cortana's brig ( for more story read the past logs). Then the Pirates shut down Cortie and began a destruct sequence. Racing against time and uncertain of what obstacles faced them Draven and O'Brien raced to Engineering where they could manually shut down the Self-destruct sequence.

The Pirates set sail on the Romulan vessel locating their first target - a Ferengi Freighter.

Awards: none this week

none this week.

New Crew Members: 3


SD 241002.21

Position Rank & Name PresentAt SIM Excused Logs: Feb 1 - 24
Commanding Officer Capt Nathanial Chardan No Yes 0
Executive Officer Lt Cmdr Stormy O'Brien Yes 2
CMO/2nd Officer Lt Cmdr Talari Williamson Yes 0
CHELM Ensign Jora Jin Yes 4
CSEC Lt Cmdr Adrian Mc Dougal Yes 1
ASEC Ens Jessie Beckerson Yes 0
CTAC Lt Cmdr Viktor Draven Yes 3
Ops Ens Nitka Zar No No (1) 0
CEO Cmdr Nicholas Moore Yes 0
AEO Lt Kialee Lishan No No (1) 0
AMO Lt JG Hoshiko Kosuke Yes 4

FEED BACK: tell me how this format works with your email. If you can't read it, I'll change formats.

Lt Cmdr Stormy O'Brien
Executive Officer


Cmdr Talari Williamson
Second Officer/CMO

Lt Cmdr Stormy O'Brien
"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
Specialization is for insects."
-Robert A. Heinlein


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