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241003.28 - 241003.31

In this weeks' SIM REPORT:

-OOC From the Command Team
OOC From the C0
Once again, Easter Sunday -April 4, 2010 is a non-SIM night.

Logs are due regarding getting the shuttles ready.

Everybody have a safe and happy Easter!

Captain Nathanial Chardan
Cmdr Stormy O'Brien
LtCmdr Talari Williamson

Samantha on Monday, March 29, 2010
Swan on Tuesday, March 31, 2010

Hope your special day is awesome!


Kudos to Swan. 5 JL posts for the month of March. Keep up the good work.


Attendance Clarification: If you are in the room to be counted as 'present' you must participate
in the group activity within the Cortana Channel. If you are present and choose NOT to participate
in the Cortana Sunday SIM it is the same as an unexcused absence UNLESS you cleared it with
Sven, Samantha or Stormy.

LOA /ELOA Clarification: If you are on a Leave of Absence for a specified amount of time. ELOA
means it is an extended specified amount of time. IF you are participating in other SIMs while
on an LOA from the Cortana it is the same as an unexcused absence. It is an automatic strike
unless you clear it with Sven

QUOTE OF THE WEEK Written by Lt Cmdr Talari Williamson
AMO Kosuke, upon arriving in Medical: " Dr. N'Tel, could you please see to Ens Bayshore, injured
while climbing on a rock wall? Dr. Rajaan, could you please examine 1lt Marshall who thinks
he IS the rock wall, and see if you can get a consult with Cmdr McDougal?"

SIM SUMMARY 241003.28 Written by Lt Cmdr Talari Williamson

The crew woke up and each went about getting ready for the day ahead.

Draven and McDougal had a discussion about their engagement.
Jin completed all pre flight checks; Engineering also completed their pre flight checks.

The crew was called to the briefing room to hear about the next mission. The Cortana and crew
are going to look for the person responsible for Moore turning into a fish person. Volunteers
were solicited to lead two away teams to take shuttles down to the planet. Draven volunteered
to take a team, Jin offered piloting skills. Williamson is to assign medical personnel to each shuttle.
She will not be allowed to participate, due to her pregnancy.

Shuttle Crew One: Chardan, O'Brien, Kosuke and their crew
Shuttle Crew Two: Draven, Jin, Lishan and their crew


Awards: None this week

Promotions: None this week

New Crew Members: 0 for the month of March -- Invite a friend!


SD 241003.28
Position /Rank /Name | Present at SIM? | Excused |

SD 241003.28

Capt Nathanial Chardan-Present
Cmdr Nicholas Moore-Absent, Excused
Cmdr Stormy O'Brien-Absent, Excused
Lt Cmdr Talari Williamson-Present
Lt Cmdr Viktor Draven-Present
Lt Cmdr Adian McDougal-Present
Lt Kialee Lishan-Present
Lt Jessie Beckerson-Absent, LOA
Lt JG Hoshiko Kosuke-Present
Ens Jora Jin-Present
Ens Nitka Zar-Present, Obs in the room, Unexcused
Posts/Logs Count March 28 - March 31

CO_Capt_Nathanial Chardan --2-
XO_LtCmdr_Stormy O'Brien -7-
2 X0/CMO_Lt Cmdr_Talari Williamson -6-
CHELM_Ens_Jora Jin -2-
CNS_Lt Cmdr Adian McDougal -2-
CSEC/CTAC_Lt Cmdr_Viktor Draven -2-
ASEC_Lt_Jessie Beckerson -0-
Ops_Ens_Nitka Zar -0-
CEO_Cmdr Nicholas Moore -1-
AEO_Lt_Kialee Lishan -1-
AMO_LtJg_Hoshiko Kosuke -5-

SIM LOG 241003.28

[18:08] <CO-Capt_Chardan> -= ATTENTION ON DECK =-
[18:08] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::attn::
[18:08] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::attn::
[18:08] <LtCmdr_McDougal> ::attn::
[18:08] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Attn::
[18:08] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::attn::
[18:08] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::Attention::
[18:09] <CO-Capt_Chardan> I want to thank everyone for coming tonight
[18:10] <CO-Capt_Chardan> I have only one announcement tonight, please pass along birthday wishes to our CMO, who is turning an undisclosed age this monday.
[18:11] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> It's not undisclosed, it's confidential
[18:11] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Any other announcements or questions before we start?
[18:12] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Okies dokie, breifing incoming
[18:13] <CO-Capt_Chardan> =/\= USS-Cortana | NCC-60616 =/\=
03[18:16] * Sven2 ( has joined #uss-cortana
[18:16] <Sven2> The Cortana is in final preparations to leave Alpha Fleet HQ. Once the ship is on it's way, all senior officers will be called in for a briefing, concerning the next mission.
02[18:16] * CO-Capt_Chardan ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:17] <Sven2> Any questions or comments.
03[18:17] * Sven2 is now known as CO-Capt_Chardan
03[18:19] * Thomas ( has joined #uss-cortana
03[18:19] * Thomas is now known as ObsThomas
[18:19] <CO-Capt_Chardan> If not, this SIM will end at 9:10 CST
[18:19] <CO-Capt_Chardan> =/\= Start Sim =/\=
[18:21] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> Q> ::Sleeps::
[18:22] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> Q> ::She couldn't get comfortable, with Kissly's foot in the middle of her lower back, but she tried to avoid actually waking up::
[18:22] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> Q> ::Jora starts getting ready for the day finally being cleared by Star Fleet medical she was able to return to light duty::
[18:23] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> ::Sneaking out of bed, Viktor headed for the main room and grabbed a drink from the replicator before heading to plop down in his chair to try and wake up more::
[18:23] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> Q> ::finally the need to go the bathroom got her out of bed and she stretched as she went about her early morning routine::
[18:24] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> Q> ::Once ready Jora walked out of her quarters and to the turbolift::
[18:25] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> TL> ::Calls for the bridge::
[18:25] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q>:: She had been tossing and turning all night. Finally she pushed herself up out of bed after dislodging the cats and took a shower. Once she was dressed she silently left her room into the main room and stopped seeing Viktor there.:: I'm sorry did I wake you?
[18:26] <CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He came onto the bridge from his Ready Room, he looked to the officer on duty:: Status on our disembark?
[18:26] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Stepping off the lift she crossed the bridge and took a seat at the helm relieving the BS officer::
[18:27] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> Final preps are being done as we speak ::Jora said looking at her data::
[18:27] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> No... ::Like he would admit it if she had?:: I just figured it was time to get up. I need to check on my crew soon and releave them.
[18:28] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q:: She walked over and kissed his cheek:: Want me to make you some breakfast?
[18:28] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> E> ::She double checked the console readouts she'd been working on and nodded to herself making a few corrections here and there as needed::
[18:29] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Excellent. ::He moved to slowly to his seat on the bridge and sat, checking over a few things himself::
[18:29] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> Q> ::She was dressed, and went to get breakfast. Her information had been incorrect and indeed, maternity uniforms existed, even if they were butt ugly and shapeless::
[18:30] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> ::He smiled and shook his head:: Not this morning, we slept to late for that.
[18:31] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Jora started doing her pre-flight checks so far everything was looking good:: +taps+ Bridge to Engineering could you run a diagnostic on the warp field? ::Jora asked::
[18:32] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q> I had trouble sleeping last night. A few things just keep bothering me. ::She put a smile on her face:: Alright I am going to go to my office and maybe meet you for lunch if you don't get tied up?
[18:33] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> E> +taps+ Engineering here. I was just getting ready to run one. ::punches in the last of the information:: It will take aproximately one hour to complete.
[18:33] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> ::He reached out and lightly took her wrist:: What's bothering you? Your not having second thoughts are you?
[18:34] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> +taps+ Alright thanks. ::Jora said as she finished her pre-flight checks::
[18:34] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> Q> ::She got her daughter up and took her to day care for the day, then headed to her office::
[18:35] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Ensign Jin, open the ship wide communication, please? ::He said finally standing::
[18:36] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q> ::Surprise on her face:: I would never ever have second thoughts about you Viktor.
[18:36] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> Alright.. so what's bothering you? ::He sat up a little and took a drink as he released her wrist::
[18:37] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> Aye sir ::Jora said as she hit a couple buttons:: Channel open ::She added::
[18:38] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::as she entered the sickbay, the day shift was just coming on, the night shift handing off the information, she smiled as she proceeded to her office, today would be the day she got thru all the rest of the padds and cleaned up::
[18:39] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q> I will talk to you later about it alright? But I promise, it has nothing to do with you and I or the way I feel about you.
[18:39] <CO-Capt_Chardan> All hands to your stations, the Cortana will be disembarking within the hour. All senior officers and their needed staff to the Briefing Room.
[18:40] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> ::He eyed her some, about to push it a litle more. The announcement interupted that.:: Alright, you better. ::Came his response as he stood up.:: Time for work
[18:41] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> Ens Jones NPC> ::Walked over to relieve Jora as she was apart of the senior staff::
[18:41] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q> ::She smirked:: You need to put your uniform on first.
[18:41] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::or maybe not, she sighed as she turned around to head to the briefing room::
[18:41] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::Jora stood up and allowed Jones to take over while she goes into the briefing::
[18:41] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> Q> ::Opens one eye as the announcement finishes and unsuccessfully attempts to terminate the wake up call by tapping the chrono alarm key::
[18:42] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> You get going.. I'll probably still be ready before you. ::And with that, he headed to go get dressed so they could get going::
[18:42] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> E> ::She muttered something under her breath and grabbed the nearest engineer to her:: Take over for me. ::and heads to the turbo lift::
[18:45] <CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He adjusted his uniform and made his way towards the briefing room, walking in and making his way to the head of the table.::
[18:45] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q> Ha ha! ::She sat down and put her boots on:: I'm ready!
[18:45] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> TL> ::Calls for the Bridge::
[18:45] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q:: Oh wait! ::Running in to her room she started pinning up her hair::
[18:46] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> Q> ::Greets, feeds and thanks the fish before sluggishly shrugging into a uniform, running her hands through her hair and slipping into duty shoes::
[18:46] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Q> ::It didn't take him long before he was ready and heading for the door:: Come on Adian! ::He opened the door::
[18:46] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::She waited for the Turbo lift, when it arrived, she took it to the bridge, and then went to the Ready room, waiting at the doorway:: Is it safe to enter?
[18:48] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Q> I'm coming! I'm Coming. ::And she did she came flying out of her room and darted past him out the door::
[18:48] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::Heading with Adian for the turbo lift, they took it on up. Her hand in his as he tugged her some to the ready room::
[18:49] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> *> ::makes way to TL, steps in:: Sickbay.
[18:49] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::She stepped from the turbo lift not long after Williamson and headed to the ready room, raise an eye brow at the CMO before slipping past with barely a nod::
[18:50] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> RR> ::her attempt at a joke fell flat, she also entered and went to sit down::
[18:50] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> *> ::Steps off TL, makes way to sickbay::
[18:50] <LtCmdr_McDougal> TL> Do I look as nervous as I feel? ::She said as she played with her engagement ring aroundher finger::
[18:52] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Scans room. No CMO, a few waiting patients, and staff standing around staring at each other. Goes to the main desk and begins reading charts::
[18:53] <CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He looked up from the padd, and noted if everyone was there.:: is everyone here?
[18:53] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> *> No reason to be nervious... ::He said softly as they moved in and stepped into the Ready room::
[18:53] <LtCmdr_McDougal> *> ::She nodded and put that smile on her face as they entered::
[18:57] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Alright, let's all be seated...::He would move and would press a key near his chair a star chart would appear:: We are heading towards the Sathus system. Two Class M planets and we are going to search them.
[18:58] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> Dr. N'Tel, could you please see to Ens Bayshore, injured while climbing on a rock wall? Dr. Rajaan, could you please examine 1lt Marshall who thinks he IS the rock wall, and see if you can get a consult with Cmdr McDougal? Thank you. ::turns to the replicator.:: Tea, Jasmine, hot, sweet.
[19:00] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Starfleet intelligence has tracked the leader of the former corperation, that was responsible for the disater that turned Commander Moore into a...well a fish person. And claimed the lives of that planets inhabitants.
[19:00] <CO-Capt_Chardan> He is on either of those planets...But that was as close as intel has gotten to track him.
[19:03] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> M> ::Sees the patients being seen to and reviews the reports she'd submitted to the CMO about the crew that had been invaded and taken over.::
[19:03] <CO-Capt_Chardan> The problem becomes any sign of a starfleet vessel near those planets he will run. The plan is, we must prepare two shuttles that have been placed in our docking bay, and take them incognito to these planets with two teams on board.
[19:05] <CO-Capt_Chardan> I need a volunteer to lead and select two members to be on the second team. I will be leading the first team with Stormy, to one of the planets.
[19:05] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> I'll take a team. ::He said as he listened::
[19:06] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> I would like to volunteer my piloting skills ::Jora said::
[19:07] <CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He nods:: Draven pick a third you will take Jore to pilot your shuttle.
[19:08] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Jora*
[19:10] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> RR> ::She took a few notes, about getting ready for any injuries that may occur whil they are on the planet::
[19:11] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::He pondered a moment:: I think I'll take Lt Lishan.
[19:12] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::raises a brow and nods::
[19:12] <CHelm-Ens_Jin> <<Going to have to leave before SIM ends dinner>>
03[19:12] * Me`L|Out ( has joined #uss-cortana
[19:12] <CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He nods:: Williamson I want you to assign medical personel to each group. Is there anything else?
03[19:12] * Me`L|Out is now known as Me`Lonna
[19:12] <LtCmdr_McDougal> *> ::Adian looked to Viktor, then back to the captain::
[19:13] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> RR> Have each person on the away team come to sickbay for a biohazard suit and oxygen.
[19:17] <CO-Capt_Chardan> ::He nodded:: All of you will be sent information on the planet...if everything goes right we will arrive in the system in one week. You are dismissed, unless you have a question.
[19:18] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Which Medical personal is going with each ship?
[19:18] <CO-Capt_Chardan> Doctor Williamson will make those assignments.
[19:18] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> I'll make up teams and get that information to you by the time we arrive at the planet.
[19:18] <LtCmdr_McDougal> Will you be going Doctor?
[19:19] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::Thought a moment, and then shook her head:: No.
[19:19] <CO-Capt_Chardan> =/\= END SIM =/\=
[19:20] <CO-Capt_Chardan> =/\= ATTENTION ON DECK =/\=
[19:20] <CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::attn::
[19:20] <LtCmdr_McDougal> ::attn::
[19:20] <AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::attn::
[19:20] <AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::Attention::
[19:20] <CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::attn::
[19:21] <CO-Capt_Chardan> I want to thank everyone for coming this evening.
03[19:22] * NoWay (~SECRET@822574D5.92231768.1302EC57.IP) has joined #uss-cortana
[19:22] <NoWay> ?
03[19:22] * NoWay (~SECRET@822574D5.92231768.1302EC57.IP) has left #uss-cortana
[19:22] <CO-Capt_Chardan> This week will be free logging getting ready. I would like to see a log preping the shuttles please.
[19:26] <CO-Capt_Chardan> if there is nothing are dismisse


Captain Nathanial Chardan

Commander Stormy O'Brien

Lieutenant Commander Talari Williamson



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