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=/\=241004.11 - 241004.17 =/\=

The SIM Report contains the following:
SIM LOG: 241004.011
OOC From the C0
REMEMBER: I would like to see a travel log from both shuttle teams. You may even set down planetside if you like, but go no further. Those left on the ship, pleas edo what you want concerning logs, I won't require them from you.

Our Crew recieved this following Evaluation from Alpha-Fleet:

From "the Alpha Fleet 3 Month Assessment "241004.14
P a g e | 4

"Evaluation: Green"
"While the Cortana is not a large sim it is both consistent and good quality.
Having participated on the sim I can say it was interesting and enjoyable.

It's a good reminder that you don't have to have a ton of people to run a
quality IRC sim. Keep up the good work."

Admiral Jolias Enor
Alpha Fleet Commander

Good work, everyone.

Captain Nathanial Chardan


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Everybody remember where we parked.
-James Kirk, Star Trek IV

SIM SUMMARY 241004.11 Lt Cmdr Talari Williamson

The briefing cleared up several points regarding the new plot line.
Team One: Draven, McDougal, Lishan, Jin (Pilot).
Team Two: Chardan, O'Brien, (Pilots) Kosuke, Beckerson
Each one also has one doctor and two nurse NPCs, as well as various security.
The shuttles were preparing to go down to the planet, all gear stowed safely and securely. The teams assembled. Moore is in charge onship and Williamson is also onboard, her condition keeping her from going. More questions about the assignment of team members, and then the shuttles were on their way, due to arrive 12 hours hence.

Awards: 0
Promotions: 0
New Crew: Ensign Ben Gannon
Returning Crew: Lt Cmdr Stefan Bjornson

LOA: Lt Jessie Beckerson begining 241004.18 - 241004.26
ELOA: Ens Nitka Zar

ATTENDANCE: SD 241004.11
Present: 10 out of 14 active members

Position /Rank /Name | Present at SIM? | Excused |
CO_Capt_Nathanial Chardan Present
XO_Cmdr_Stormy O'Brien Present
2 X0/CMO_Lt Cmdr_Talari Williamson Present
CHELM_Ens_Jora Jin Present
CNS_Lt Cmdr Adian McDougal Present
CSEC/CTAC_Lt Cmdr_Viktor Draven Present
ASEC_Lt_Jessie Beckerson Present
Ops_Ens_Nitka Zar LOA
CEO_Cmdr Nicholas Moore Present
AEO_Lt_Kialee Lishan Present
AMO_LtJg_Hoshiko Kosuke- Present

Ensign Ben Gannon - joining us soon.
Lt Cmdr Stefan Bjornson -returning soon
Cadet Tatewin - joining us soon.
LOGGING COUNT 241004.11 - 241004.16
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Total posts this month: 26

CO_Capt_Nathanial Chardan -2-
XO_LtCmdr_Stormy O'Brien -4-
2 X0/CMO_Lt Cmdr_Talari Williamson -4-
CHELM_Ens_Jora Jin -3-
CNS_Lt Cmdr Adian McDougal -3-
CSEC/CTAC_Lt Cmdr_Viktor Draven -4-
ASEC_Lt_Jessie Beckerson -0-
Ops_Ens_Nitka Zar -0-
CEO_Cmdr Nicholas Moore -1-
AEO_Lt_Kialee Lishan -2-
AMO_LtJg_Hoshiko Kosuke -2-
Vice Admiral Gabriel Damon -1-

SIM LOG 241004.11
Session Start: Sun Apr 11 17:58:33 2010
Session Ident: #USS-Cortana

05[18:00] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> !attn
[18:00] <&ShipLCARS> =/\=Attention On Deck!!=/\=
[18:00] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::Attn::
[18:00] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::attn::
[18:00] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> ::attn::
[18:00] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::attn::
[18:00] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::attn::
[18:00] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::attn::
03[18:00] * @CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal ( has left #USS-Cortana
[18:00] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::Attention::
05[18:01] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> Captain, your crew is mostly at attention
[18:01] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Thank you.
[18:01] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> I want to thank everyone for coming tonight.
[18:01] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Do we have any nonplot questions or comments before i type out the briefing?
03[18:02] * CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal ( has joined #USS-Cortana
15[18:02] * ShipLCARS sets mode: +o CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal
[18:03] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> okies, if not, then brace for the briefing.
[18:03] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> =/\= USS-Cortana =/\=
[18:04] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> It is 20 minutes before the shuttles departures for their respective planets. The teams are being assembled in the shuttle bay for one last briefing, before they depart. The attire is civilian clothing as this is a covert op.
[18:05] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> If you are unsure as to wwhich team you are on, please ask now, or forever hold your piece
[18:05] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::raises::
[18:05] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> ::raises::
[18:06] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::raises::
05[18:06] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> ::raises::
[18:06] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> ::rasisers::
[18:06] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Kosuke is on my team, Beckerson is on mine, McDougal and Jin with Draven, and Stormy with me.
[18:06] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::raises::
[18:06] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> ::raises down::
[18:06] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes?
[18:06] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> Sir, How many shuttles are we taking, and how many people are on the Away Team?
[18:07] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> < #USS-CortanaOOC >
[18:08] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Two shuttles...with four played charries on each.
[18:08] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ~raises~
[18:08] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes?
[18:08] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> I thought Lishan was on mine too
[18:08] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> ::raises::
[18:08] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Umm...she is.
[18:08] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> ::raises::
[18:09] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes Commander?
[18:10] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Counsellor?
[18:10] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Umm...Beckerson?
[18:11] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> are phasers allowed on the mission?
[18:11] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> I think that Stormy and Adian should switch eshuttles.
[18:11] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> Sorry I thought you were looking to someone else.
[18:11] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Hand phasers only, and they should be concealed.
[18:12] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> I've made the appoints the way i wanted them for a reason. If you have an IC concern, bring it up at the briefing.
[18:12] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> appointments*
[18:12] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::raises::
[18:13] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> Alright and what about the hazmat suits we were assigned to wear.
[18:13] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> They will be un-needed for the begining, they are there as a safety percausion, in case of an accident.
[18:13] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::raises::
[18:13] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes Moore?
[18:14] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> Williamson is in command correct? Just wanting to double check.
[18:14] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> No, by rank you are next.
[18:14] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::nods::
[18:15] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Kosuke?
[18:15] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> I am running the medical stuff on board.
[18:15] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> Sir, are the other nurses the CMO asked us to bring and the extra security Draven will be bringing also be coming along?
[18:16] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> So far as I know, yes. And they can be played by their respective medical and security PCs.
[18:16] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
[18:17] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> If there is nothing else. Please either start in the shuttle bay (for those that are going) or get there soon after the start.
[18:17] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> This Sim will end at 9:15 CST
[18:17] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> !start
[18:17] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim Start -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[18:17] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:18] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> SB> ::Continues to coordinate with the medical teams to insure proper coverage for everyone aboard, O2, hazmat suits, DNA samplers and medical supplies::
[18:18] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::Lishan was already in the shuttle bay, stowing the last of the equipment she'd need and double checking everything::
[18:18] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> SB> ::The captain was already in the shuttle bay, a pack over his shoulder, dressed down in civilian clothing. He was smiling as he waited for everyone.::
[18:18] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::The CMO hit her comm badge, and informed the bridge that she would like updates every 15 mins, unless something drastic happened::
[18:19] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> SB> ::She looked to Kosuke:: All the medical packs are ready and set. I can't tell you how many times I went over them ::laughing softly::
[18:20] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> ::After getting a few more things taken care of, he stepped back into the shuttle bay and glanced around::
[18:21] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> SB> ::Moore was just double checking and then moved over to Chardan to give him the reports PADD:: Everything looks set. Have fun.
[18:21] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> SB> ::Jora is in the shuttle going over pre-flight stuff::
[18:21] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> SB> ::Nods, graciously:: Thank you Ma'am, that was very kind and thorough. ::Hands over a padd:: Here are the medical files you will need. It required an extra trip back to sickbay, but I am certain everyone on the teams is listed.
05[18:21] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> ::O'Brien was on board near the science com, long auburn braid, casual civies. pack over her shoulder::
[18:22] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> SB> ::He looked around a moment:: Can I have the shuttle teams assemble outside?
[18:22] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> SB> ::She took the Padd and did a quick review:: Thank you Kosuke.
[18:22] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> SB>::looking for the capt and getting on the right shuttle::
[18:22] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> SB> ::Stnding up Jora headed out of the shuttle::
[18:23] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> SB> ::moving to head out of the bay and for a lift::
[18:23] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> SB> ::has a pack over her and heading towards the capt in civilian clothing::
05[18:23] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> ::she followed the group outside:::
[18:23] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> SB> ::hearing the CO's announcement, looked toward the bay doors, wondering what sort of 'outside' he meant, and then proceeded to his location::
[18:23] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> SB> ::She headed toward where the captain was::
[18:25] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> SB> ::Looks to McDougal:: We will need to disguise the medkits if we are to carry them::
[18:25] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> SB>{{i wonfder what kind of mission were heading for}}::she sees the cqapt and gets in the shuttle::
[18:25] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> SB> ::Once he noted most were gatherred, he would set his pack down and take out a padd. Offerring it to Draven.:: I am giving Draven a padd with the latest intel of the planet his team would be going too, as I could get us from Starfleet.
[18:25] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> <wonder*>>
[18:25] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> SB> He glanced around as he headed over to the Captain and others.
[18:25] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> TL> ::calls for the bridge::
[18:25] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift speeds off with CEO-Cmdr_Moore inside towards the bridge.
04[18:25] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[18:25] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> SB> ::made way to where the Captain was standing::
[18:25] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: The Turbo lift comes to it's destination and the door open.
04[18:25] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:26] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> SB> She followed over to where the Captain was::
[18:26] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> SB> ::Taking that padd he looked it over as he listened::
[18:27] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> You are to intergrate with the planetside ports that are indicated on your padds. You are merchants, workers, laborers. We're looking for someone who does not want to be found.
[18:28] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::Steps off the lift:: Make sure those shuttles are monitored. Keep transporter locks on the teams as best you can for as long as you can. ::Moving to sit down in the center chair:: +taps+ How you doing down there, Williamson?
04[18:28] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:28] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> Got it Sir.
[18:28] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> We have little to no details on him, beyond the fact, he runs these places from under them...pick your way up the ladder far enough and you'll see the head of the snake..
[18:29] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> Ops> Aye, sir.
[18:29] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> You will be reporting back to Moore, he will be overseeing the operations of the mission, since the teams will be unable to contact you.
[18:30] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> contact each other*
[18:30] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> But finding him is not enough. We have to bring him to justice, we need pure samples of the element he has been experimenting with, that can be linked back to him and those he employs.
[18:31] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> +taps+ I am currently overlooking the information the Capt left for me, preparing for possible medical emergencies and I have already checked on Kosuke's patients. I am where I should be Sir.
04[18:31] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:31] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Once you have the proof, you will need to have it shuttled back to the cortana, so that Doctor WIlliamson can validate it.
[18:32] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::that wasn't exactly what he meant, but that will do:: +taps+ Thanks for the update.
04[18:32] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:32] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Any questions
[18:32] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> ?
[18:32] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::raises::
[18:32] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes, Doctor?
[18:32] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> ::raises::
[18:32] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> How will we report back to the commander? May we use our communicators?
[18:33] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> The Cortana will be too far away. The shuttles are equipped with a communication device that can send and receive encode messages from the Cortana.
[18:34] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke> ::Nods:: Aye, Sir.
[18:34] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Anything else?
[18:34] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::She looked at Stormy::
[18:35] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> SB> ::JUst listened to the briefing::
[18:35] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> SB>::raises hand::
05[18:35] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> ::Glanced to the Capt:: Sir, there is concern over us being on the same shuttle.
[18:36] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> SB> ::She raised her hand too::
[18:36] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> sb>::Hearing Stormy he lowered his hand::
[18:36] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> And that concern is?
[18:36] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> :raises hand::
[18:37] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> Having the Co and the Xo on the same shuttle if something happens.
05[18:37] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> Regulations and Security, Sir. Briefly, if i may, the Captain and XO should not both off of the ship at the same time.
05[18:37] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> Or on the same shuttle for the same reasons.
05[18:39] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> Ultimately it is your call as always, sir.
[18:39] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Should something happen, Commander Moore is perfectly capable of handling the Cortana to return to Starfleet. Lieutenant Commander Draven is perfectly well equipped to lead his own away team. And since I need a science officer, O'Brien being the head of the department still. I thought it wise she come as well.
[18:39] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> SB> ::She glanced over to Viktor::
[18:41] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> SB> ::Though he wasn't thrilled with the idea still, he would not argue with the Captain, he had his reasons it seemed. Feeling eyes upon him he glanced over to Adain and offered her a nod. Working to keep his personal feelings quilled for now~
[18:41] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> The ship is not in danger, and the shuttle teams are not in any more danger than they would normally be, no matter who I assigned.
[18:42] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Are there any further concerns?
[18:43] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> ::raises::
[18:43] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes, Beckerson?
[18:43] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> SB> ::raises::
[18:43] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> is the person were looking for on our padd besides the assignment were given on the planet?
[18:45] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Not by name, or at least his real name. The name he went by is irrelevant here. This person has been careful...Careful enough to destroy a planet and it's population and no one know anything more than the name of his former fake company to rake in starfleet funding for his energy reasource.
[18:45] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Lieutenant Lishan?
[18:46] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson> ::nods at ATTN::
[18:47] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> ::She glanced between Draven and McDougal:: I believe there may be a.. conflict of interest on Draven's team that you may have mistakenly overlooked?
[18:48] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> , Sir
[18:48] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> ::Now...he was getting upset. He looked to Draven and McDougal:: Do you intend to go at it like wild targ, while on this away mission?
[18:48] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal> SB> ::Her cheeks turned bright red hearing the captain:: We.. we haven't even.. ::OH lord she was not comfortable discussing her sex life or lack therefor of one::
[18:49] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> SB> ::This brought a slight raise of brow as he glanced to Lishan and then to Adain. Then hearing the Captian he frowned.:: Not at all Sir. ::His face became expressionless now save for the slight grit of teeth with that comment::
[18:50] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> M> ::She re inventoried everything she would need for a possible emergency and prayed for a safe return of both shuttles::
[18:50] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> SB> This mission has the potiential to become very dangerous. ::turning to Draven:: Could you put McDougal in harms way as easily as you would another person?
[18:50] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Excellent. Then I see no problem, with them going on the same boat.
[18:50] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Is there anything else?
05[18:50] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> ::raises::
[18:50] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> Yes, Commander?
[18:50] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> SB> ::Jora just listened and was hoping that they could get going soon::
05[18:51] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien> Can we go now? ::wicked grin::
[18:51] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> SB> ::Hearing Lishan he glanced to her and spoke softly:: I will do what I have to
[18:51] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> A good suggestion. Load up. I'll see you when we are successful. +taps+ Chardan to the bridge. Commander we are loading up now.
04[18:52] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:52] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin> SB> ::Jora turned and headed back into the shuttle and took a seat in front of the nav console::
[18:53] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> +taps+ Understood. Those shuttles are still overloaded, but you're the boss, boss. Awaiting launch sequence notification.
04[18:53] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:53] <@CO-Capt_Chardan> <<PLease add to your tags T1 <Draven's> or T2 <Chardan's>
[18:53] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven> SB>::Draven looked over to Beckerson and stepped over to him speaking softly:: you keep them safe. ::His voice held clear he was dead serious::
03[18:53] * AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke is now known as AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke[T2]
03[18:53] * CO-Capt_Chardan is now known as CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]
03[18:53] * CHelm-Ens_Jin is now known as CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]
[18:54] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan> SB> ::She had her doubts but nodded at Draven's words and waited to get this mission, over with::
03[18:54] * XO-Cmdr_OBrien is now known as XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]
03[18:54] * CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven is now known as CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven[T1]
[18:54] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> SB> Alright everyone ready? ::Jora asked smiling::
03[18:54] * AEO-Lt_Lishan is now known as AEO-Lt_Lishan[AT1]
03[18:55] * CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal is now known as CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal[T1]
03[18:55] * ASec-Lt_Beckerson is now known as ASec-Lt_Beckerson[T2]
[18:55] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> S2> ::He would step into the shuttle, setting his bag down. He would make his way to one of the two pilot seats and settle himself down::
05[18:55] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> :: Followed the Captain onto the Shuttle Bay and slipped into a piloets seat::
[18:56] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal[T1]> ::Adian turned to Viktor, saluted him before entering in the shuttle and finding her seat. Strapping herself in::
[18:57] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson[T2]> ::jessie steps into the shuttle with the others and finds a place to sit at::
[18:57] <@AEO-Lt_Lishan[AT1]> ::She took her seat in the shuttle::
[18:57] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke[T2]> S2> ::Makes certain she has everything she needs and boards the shuttle, carefully stowing her gear away, and takes a seat::
05[18:57] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> ::glances over her shoulder to see if everyone is on board and strapped in::
05[18:58] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> ::to the Captain::: everyone is on and accounted for. Lets fire this bird up.
[18:58] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke[T2]> S2> ::takes a deep breath, straps in::
[18:58] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> S2> ::He looked back as well and nodded seeing everyone in:: Alright...::He pressed a key on the console:: +com+ This is shuttle two to Cortana, doors are closed and we are ready to go.
04[18:58] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[18:58] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> ::Jora hit a couple of buttons and brought the shuttle to life:: Listen to that bayb purr! ::Jora said looking back to see that everyone was here::
[18:59] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> ::he glanced and got a nod:: +com+ Both are cleared and free to depart. Good luck.
04[18:59] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
05[18:59] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> ::pulls up the navigator::
[19:00] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> ::Tapping a few more buttons Jora had the shuttle hovering just above the ground and waiting for the shuttle with the captain to leave first::
[19:00] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> S2> ::He looked to O'Brien and motioned to the console:: It's all yours Commander. ::Chardan was a pilot and helmsman before he became a Command level officer, so he was comfortable letting others fly as long as he could watch::
05[19:00] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> ::flipping switches and checking the 2nd pilot con:: Ok then.
05[19:02] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> ::set the thrusters to lift them from the shuttle bay and get them clear of the ship:::
[19:02] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> ::Jora also pulled up her nav program and made sure she had the right coordinates and everything::
05[19:02] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> :: and waits for Shuttle 1 to launch::
[19:03] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> <<Gonna end the SIM early. Ending in Five minutes.>>
[19:03] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven[T1]> s1>::After getting settled on his shuttle he glanced to Jin:: You ready to fly this thing? ::He said as he took the seat next to her::
[19:03] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson[T2]> ::looks around at the others that were strapped in and nodded::
[19:03] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal[T1]> ::Adian closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to relax. When she felt herself relaxing she took her PADD and started to review everyone's medical records on her team::
[19:03] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> S1> ::With the shuttle bay doors open Jora glided the shuttle out into space::
[19:04] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> S1> Yes sir I am! ::Jora said grinning::
05[19:05] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> ::released the moorings::: once shuttle 1 was cleared, she engaged the thrusters :::Here we go....
[19:05] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> S1> Shuttle 1 to Cortana we're clear
[19:05] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke[T2]> S2> ::bites her lip in trepidation and reminds herself to breathe::
[19:05] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven[T1]> S1> Alright then. ::His finger hit to console to get permission to disembark::
[19:05] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> S1> Alright course laid in permission to go to warp? ::Jora asked Draven::
[19:06] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson[T2]> ::she looks over in the shuttle::{{oh boy here we go}}::chuckles after saying that to herself::
05[19:06] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> S2>::pushing the joy stick forward slowly the ship lifted off, gaining some speed to clear the ship. ::Cortana, Shuttle 2 is cleared.
[19:06] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> S2> Please...just don't scratch my ship...::He looked out the window to the Cortana::
[19:07] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson[T2]> ::chuckles hearing the capt say that::
[19:07] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> S2> Let's get going...get us a course and jump to warp, we're about twelve hours away at max warp.
05[19:07] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> Yes, Sir. new paint job and all. i understand. :: Set the control to 1/4 impulse. and away they went::
[19:08] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> S1> Alright engaging warp. ::Jora said hitting some buttons:: Engaging!
05[19:08] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> The course, sir? -adjusting the con--
[19:09] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven[T1]> S1> Your driving. ::He said as he relaxed some, though kept watch on the help and screen before him::
[19:09] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> S2> ::He imputted the course:: Course is laid...engage when you are ready.
05[19:10] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> ::her fingers moved over the console controls:: Warp in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. engage
[19:10] <&ShipLCARS> ACTION: Both shuttles set out for their respective planets. Leaving the Cortana to stand silent watch, unable to follow. But things really never go as they are planned. Or do they?
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:10] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> !end
[19:10] <&ShipLCARS> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sim End -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
04[19:10] [&ShipLCARS SOUND]
[19:11] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> !attn
[19:11] <&ShipLCARS> =/\=Attention On Deck!!=/\=
[19:11] <@AMO-Ltjg_Kosuke[T2]> ::Attention::
[19:11] <~CEO-Cmdr_Moore> :;attn::
[19:11] <@CSec|CTac-LtCmdr_Draven[T1]> ::attn::
[19:11] <@CMO-LtCmdr_Williamson> ::attn::
[19:11] <@CHelm-Ens_Jin[T1]> ::attn::
[19:12] <@ASec-Lt_Beckerson[T2]> ::attn::
[19:12] <@CNS-LtCmdr_McDougal[T1]> ::Attn:
05[19:12] <@XO-Cmdr_OBrien[T2]> The Crew is at attention, Sir.
[19:12] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> Thank you, Commander. I would like to see a travel log from both shuttle teams. You may even set down planetside if you like, but go no further.
[19:12] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> Those left on the ship, pleas edo what you want concerning logs, i won't require them from you.
[19:13] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> Questions?
[19:13] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> If there are no questions i will see everyone next week.
[19:13] <@CO-Capt_Chardan[T2]> !dis

RESOURCES: From Stormy O'Brien
Gilso Star Trek Schematics:
Star Trek Wiki



Captain Nathanial Chardan
Commanding Officer

Cmdr Stormy O'Brien
Executive Officer /CSCI

Cmdr Talari Williamson
Second Officer/CMO

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