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Angelina JolieXia-Kela was born Morgaine Laurent in May 1199 bce near Brest, France. Xia was the 7th daughter of poor French farmers, married when she was 14 and became mother of 5 healthy boisterous and rowdy boys and 4 girls of the same cloth as their brothers…Her home was loud and merry. In her 26th year her husband was conscripted to the Kings Navy leaving Xia and the children to work her parents farm and wait for his return. Xia's mortal life was full of hard demanding work that she met with grace, dignity and thankfulness…rising each morning before dawn to attend Mass, and setting the bread to rise, milking the cows and preparing the morning repast before she and the children spent a hard day in the fields and tending the animals…

Xia possessed a quick mind and a ready wit and did well enough in the markets of village so she was able to provide her children with warm furs to sleep in, and cloth to make them new clothing each season… …Xia dreamed of seeing each child married to good mates, of the grandchildren to come…she was content in her world… it was a good life. Her neighbors and family saw Xia as a strong, virtuous and kind. It was to Morgaine they turned in times of need.

It was just after the first harvest (Lamas) that a man over took her on the road to mass in the hour before dawn. No one heard her screams as she battled for life. She "awoke" in the forests of Zaragoza, Spain with no memory of her prior life; terrified of the beast that over took her each night. Xia survived by drinking rodents and whatever else she could catch.

It was the Comte Jacque Ragazy's Chief Steward who caught the woman stealing chickens from his barns. Xia fit the stereotype of Grangel at the time; disheveled, undisciplined, dirty little farm girl with was clueless about the powers she had been given. Against his better judgment the Comte put the Gangrel to work in his household and had one of his chylder teach Xia about the kindred. What ever the Comte's seneschal gave her to do was done quickly and without complaint. When work was done she learned to speak Castilian from the other servants in the house.

It was Xia's way with the horses and the patient way she instructed the stable boys to care for them…the fact she could go near them without them trying to trample her that earned the respect of the Comte's household. The hell spawned beasts of the count followed her like puppies everywhere she went in the grounds of the compound. She rode a horse better than his seasoned soldiers. Xia was content and satisfied with caring for the Comte's stock.

It was luck, pure happenstance that Xia ever picked up a weapon. -Horseplay lead to a battle with practice swords, which caught the eye of the Comte and the next evening Xia found her life changed again. She was trained in the use of the sword and bow, in the process the swordmaster discovered the woman understood tactics and picked up native language German with ease…. He convinced the Comte to have her educated and train her further. Xia was a natural soldier taking well to the rigorous training. Although her benefactor felt she was hopeless in proper etiquette Xia learned enough to be passable in court.

With the passage of time Xia leaned from the captain of artillery the fine art of demolition, from Ragazy himself she learned tactics, investigation, her feral appearance made her look intimidating, Ragazy taught her to capitalize on it.

Xia had the run of the compound and its lands the only thing denied her were the secrets of clan Tremere and access to the chantry. And so she learned many things in her first 122 years in relative safety hidden in the hills of Zaragoza. In that time Leonardo Da Vinci created his magnificent works and dreamed of things to be, Joan of Arc lead the armies of France and was burned at the stake for heresy, Columbus discovered the New World, Michael Angelo painted the Sistine Chapel, Charles III invaded Italy. Spain conquered the kingdom of Naples, Nostradamus was born, St Augustine penned his works from his cell, Martin Luther Posted the Ninety-five Theses and Machiavelli wrote The Prince. Magellan returned from his circumnavigation of the globe changing the trade routes forever and the Comte adopted the Gangrel woman as his chylde. In this time Spain drove the remnants her dispelled Moorish masters and in the process shattered the secrecy of the Comte's compound forcing them to relocate to Paris.

As she became his trusted enforcer, Xia discovered she was in the presence of the Tremere Jacque St. Germaine and remained in his service until the end of the 14th century when her Gangrel blood became restless. A restless Gangrel was like a tempest in a teapot- Xia was picking battles out of boredom. her sire observed. St Germaine released Xia from his service giving her letters of introductions to the Tremere representative in the Inner Circle of Camarilla. The Justicars soon employed Xia as an archon and Princes hired her as an enforcer in return Xia learned many secrets, excelled in Protean picking the brain of the Gangrel Justicars <insert name here> and other Gangrel archons who have taught her the various levels of her clan's discipline. Her work with the Camarilla has taken her all over the western world and into China.

She served 150 years as a member of the True Black Hand until Enoch was destroyed and the true hand scattered. Her status within The Hand and rank are unknown. She gathered knowledge of the Sect like a sponge becoming somewhat of an expert on its history. A circular scar covers where the brand was nothing remains to mark her a member of that sect.

Is she in contact with that ancient mage turned Tremere -her adopted sire? Again no one knows for certain but her loyalty is to the Camarilla.

The Camarilla has sent her to help the Prince.